Panties and My Wedding Day

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I have always had a fascination with panties that I could never really explain. Even when I was a young girl and didn’t understand what sex or masturbation was, I knew that I enjoyed trying on other girls and women’s panties. There was just something about the feel of having on panties that didn’t belong to me that gave me butterflies and a feeling that I was being a little naughty. Too this day I still remember the first time I tried on a pair of panties that didn’t belong to me and what I felt like as I slid them up my legs and onto my privates. They belonged to my older sister and I could feel her wetness as they touched my skin. I now know that it was a head rush and I actually started to get a little bit wet from the feeling.

As I have gotten older and learned about sex and my own sexuality I have come to realize that I am a pervert and that I enjoy being this way. Not you have to understand that I have no desire to have sex with the woman who’s panties I try on, In fact it is just the opposite. For me it is a complete turn off to even think about sex with a woman. The closest I come to something like that is sneaking a peek from time to time at a woman in her panties and wondering what they would feel like if she took them off just so I could try them on. And I have on more than one occasion gotten very wet just thinking about it when I was in a locker room with other women.

I even tried once to have sex with my roommate in college just to see what it might be like, and so that I could try on her wet panties knowing that I was the reason that they were wet. She was bi and I had often listened when she thought I was asleep while she had sex with one girl or another that she had brought back to our dorm room to play with. I would always play with myself while they had their fun fantasizing about what each girl’s panties would feel like at that moment if I tried them on. Of course it didn’t work out for me but I did at least get a pair of her panties to keep as a consolation because she knew about my little secret.

Even now that I have graduated from college, gotten married and have had two beautiful daughters and a husband that loves me very much I still have the same feelings that I have always had. The difference is that my husband enjoys my addiction as much as I do, and we share it all the time. The difference now is that instead of only being able to enjoy it from time to time I now indulge myself on a regular basis. And as a result my sex life is better than a lot of women I know could ever imagine. Most of my girlfriends know about me and are perfectly willing to lend a hand whenever I ask them to, which, needless to say is almost daily for one or another of them.

My husband and I have also discovered that we both like the idea of seeing the other with someone else knowing full well who that person is spending the rest of their lives with. For me the best is watching him with one of my girlfriends as they enjoy themselves with her still wearing her panties until they are very wet and them her putting them on me herself after they are done and her watching as my husband gives me a good workout in her panties. Of course we discovered our shared kink while we were still dating and I suggested that we try it just to see what it was like.

The one that I enjoyed the most, and the one that I intend to tell you the reader about is actually our wedding day. For sure it was the one that I will remember for the rest of my life, and I masturbate regularly while I thing about it.

I was always closer to my older sister than I was to my three younger siblings so even though there was five years between us we always did things together. She is the one who taught me about sex and sexuality, as well as masturbation. And, of course she has known for a number of years about my hobby. Which she supported by slipping me either a pair of her worn panties, or a pair that she had borrowed from one of her girlfriends.

By the time I got married I had already shared my husband with her several times while her husband was out of town on business trips. So it was no surprise to her when I asked her to be my matron of honor. The difference between the two of us is that at that time I was only able to have sex with one man at a time without feeling like a complete whore and losing all confidence in myself and my own sexuality. While she on the other hand, was never satisfied with less than three ordu escort or four lovers at any one time.

When the joyous finally day came, I woke early as planned so that I had plenty of time to do all the things that were needed to get myself and the other girls in the wedding party ready for the afternoon. My sister and I had already laid the plans for the day and made sure that there was going to be plenty of time for the wedding present that she was giving to the newly weds. She had decided that she was going to fuck my future husband in the brides room with me watching and her wearing the panties that I was to wear down the isle. But, she had added a little bonus in that she put them on the morning before the wedding and had spent a good portion of the day with several different men between her legs making sure that my panties were well broken in and ready to keep me wet until the end of the reception. Which wasn’t too hard, considering the fact that she had been doing this sort of thing for me for several years. She even planned to have sex with her husband just before she left the house that morning to make sure that they were still wet with man juice when she pulled them off and put them on me as she was getting me dressed.

When we finally arrived at the church to start getting dressed the brides room was a mad house. With eight women trying to share one room to get dressed in formals and the matching lingerie which I had picked out for each girl I soon realized that I should have opted for the larger room that had originally been offered to me by the preacher’s wife for us all to get ready in. it was tight at first but as each of the girls finished getting ready she would leave the room to allow the rest of us more room. I had already planned for my sister and I to be the last to get ready so that we could put our plan into action without anyone being any the wiser.

As soon as everyone else had left the room we began to undress so we could put on our lingerie and dresses ourselves. As soon as my sister slid off her too tight and too short mini-skirt I could see the wet spot that had been left by her husband on the front of the panties that I was to wear and the panties that I was wearing were immediately soaked to say the least. We both decided to take the time to masturbate knowing what was to come. When we were both completely ready she slipped out of the room and went to get the groom, which after all was the whole reason for her to wear my panties for as long as she did before the ceremony.

When they returned she immediately bent herself over the table that was in the center of the room and I pulled the back of her dress above her hips so that my future husband would have a full view of her backside and my panties. He immediately realized what was going on and stepped up to do his part. As a dutiful bride I unzipped his tuxedo pants and pulled out his beautiful cock, knowing that this was my wedding day and I was about to guide my grooms cock into another woman.

I slipped him into my mouth to finish getting him hard and to get him wet enough for him to slide completely into my sisters waiting pussy with just one push. Big sis didn’t realize that something like this was coming and wasn’t ready for what was coming when I pulled my panties to the side and opened her lips to guide my stud’s hard-on into her waiting hole. But, he knew exactly what I expected him to do when I looked into his eyes and smiled the evil smile that he was accustom to seeing when I was being naughty. I guided the head of his cock to my sisters opening and then pulled my hands away so that it would not get in they would not get in the way of his first thrust.

As he took hold of her hips to ensure he could keep her from moving if she realized what he was going to do he looked down at me and smiled and then slammed himself into her as he always did with me when he had me bent over on all fours. When he slammed his cock into my sister I knew he had hit bottom because of the way she reacted when his hips met her shapely ass. It didn’t take long for them to get into a rhythm after she had recovered from the initial shock of being taken so completely so quickly. As soon as I was sure that they were going good I stood up and whispered into his ear that I was wearing the panties that she would be wearing when we walked down the isle and she was wearing mine. And, that I was going to let him rize escort watch me play with myself to make sure that when she put them on they would be nice and wet for her.

With that realization he doubled his efforts to make sure that she had a good hard orgasm so that my panties would be plenty wet as well. He wanted to make sure that plenty of both their juices were soaked up by my panties before I got the chance to put them on. I had placed a chair opposite the table my sister was by this time pinned to so that I could be sure that both of them could see me as I brought myself to orgasm while watching them. As I watched my big sister be taken by my soon to be husband I watched both their eyes so that I could at least try to time my orgasm with theirs. Which didn’t really work that well because by the time I sat down to take care of myself I was already so close to exploding that it only took a few minutes for me to explode into what was to be the first of many really wet and mind blowing orgasms.

We all knew that we didn’t have to worry about my sister getting pregnant because she had found out a couple of years after she got married that she couldn’t have kids due to female problems when she was in high school. As she was being pounded from behind she began to beg for my stud to give her his man juice. With each push she would repeat the request and with each push they would get closer to that time. As I continued to play with myself after my own orgasm I could hear the sounds of their activity and it made me work even harder for a second orgasm which I knew I was perfectly capable of since it took at least two times of me getting off to me to be satisfied enough to begin to worry about my lovers needs.

When I finally saw the orgasmic look on my studs face and the look of complete satisfaction on my sister’s face I knew that it was time of phase two of our plan. My husband to be pulled out of my sister and began to put himself away while my sister stood up and headed over to where I was sitting. When she was standing in front of me she pulled the front of her dress up so that I could watch as she rubbed her freshly taken pussy to make sure that there was a good amount of my husbands seed in the crotch of my panties before she put them on me. At that point my groom knew it was time for him to go because he would not be allowed to watch as my sister pulled my panties onto my waiting pussy and for me to put her panties on her. Because up to that point I had never allowed him to watch because I wasn’t ready for him to know just how much I truly enjoyed that one simple act and it was one of the few things that was still completely for my own enjoyment.

After the door to the room was closed she knelt in front of me and slid her hands up my thighs to the waist band of her panties so that she could slowly pull them off of me. This was a ritual which we had repeated many times in many different places as she prepared me for what ever pair of panties she had for me to wear. As she slid her panties off my hips I lifted myself off the chair enough that she could pull them off my but and down my thighs. She got a full view of my still wet and sticky pussy and she smiled knowing that she had played a big part in getting me that way.

As soon as she had slipped my feet out of her panties she stood once again in front of me and began to slide my panties off her own hips. The anticipation was maddening for me as I knew what was to come. When she stepped out of my panties she reached out and took my hands to pull me up from the chair so that she could put the panties on me and bring us that much closer to the time when we would stand in front of over five hundred people knowing full we were both wearing panties that were so wet that if either of us sat down any time soon we would leave a very evident wet spot on the backs of our dresses.

She knelt again in front of me and held the panties out for me to step into. As soon as both of my stocking covered feet were in she began to pull them up my legs and into place covering my wet and well shaved pussy. When I felt the wetness in my pretty white panties for the first time I nearly exploded for a third time just knowing what they had already been put through and what they were soon to go through. Then it was my turn to do the same for my sister, which I must say was even more exciting for me since I knew that this would be the first sakarya escort time for her to wear a pair of panties that only I had worn and prepared just for her on this most special of days. Big sis was fond of shaving herself as well but she always left a patch above in the shape of an upside down triangle to remind her of her womanhood or so she said.

When her panties finally touched her bare lips I could see the look of ecstasy in her eyes and I knew that I had her hooked on wearing panties that I had soaked special for her. When I finally got her panties settled into place I let her skirt fall into place and we embraced for the first time after this most special of bonds between us had been formed.

She still had her arms around me when mom came through the door to make sure that we were both ready and to give her customary approval of what we were wearing. It is probably a good thing that she stopped wanting to see what was underneath our outfits when each of us had graduated from high school. She probably figured that she had raised us well enough to know what was acceptable and what was not for any given occasion. When she came through the door we gave each other one final peck and separated to that she could look us over. With a big smile on her face she gave each of us a hug and kiss on the cheek and told my sister that it was time for her to join the rest of the girls out by the door.

Once we were alone she admonished me about what she thought was the soon to be newly weds giving my sister a show, which I had already expected. Then she took me by the hand and led me out the door to my father who was waiting to escort me down the isle and give me to his new son-in-law. As we walked toward the back entrance of the church were I was to enter I could feel the wetness between my legs and a slight trickle down the inside of my thigh were the panties were starting to lead because of the amount of wetness in them and the fact that they were being squeezed by each step that I took.

The wedding went off without so much as a hiccup and my new husband and I were soon in the back of a limo with his hand buried beneath my skirt working me toward yet another orgasm, as I whispered in his ear what had already taken place in the panties I was wearing. When the time came for us to leave a chair was brought outside for me to sit in while the groom removed my garter for him to throw to the waiting men who were there and still single. What he didn’t realize until it was too late was that in order for him to get too my garter he would have to give all the men behind him a full view of his new wife’s soaking wet white lace panties.

As soon as we were safely back inside the limo he had me on my back and my skirt was above my waist with him preparing to enter me for the first time as my husband. I am quite sure that the driver enjoyed the show that we gave him. When we arrived and the hotel we had planned to stay at over night before leaving for two weeks in Hawaii he got an even better show since I had to sit up and fix my dress before I could get out of the back of the car or I would have to show everyone close by what my dress was hiding. Much to his surprise he got to see all that my skirt covered including me pulling my panties back into place over my now semen covered lips. As he and my husband took my hands to help me out of the car he gave me an approving smile and told us both to have a nice night and that he would see us in the morning.

Once I was lying in bed in nothing but my panties ready to finally go to sleep my new husband told me that he wanted me to wear the shortest skirt that I had brought with me in the morning and his favorite pair of panties under it so that we could give the driver yet another show as a small way of saying thank you for all the kindness that he had shown us. The outfit which he was suggesting would of course allow anyone who saw us see exactly what kind of panties I was wearing because the skirt was so thin you could see right through it and the panties he wanted me to wear made me look like a little girl because of the designs on them.

Too this day my sister, my husband and I relive that day each year the day before our anniversary and too this day it is just as special as it was the first time. My only hope is that we never get to old to enjoy ourselves in the same way.

Of course, this is a work of fiction from the perverted mind of the author. I have intentionally left out any reference to names simply because I didn’t want any reader to be offended by the use of a particular name. I hope that all who read it enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Best wished


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