Peeing with Suzy Ch. 03

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I had just reached Suzy’s front door and was about to ring the bell when the door swung inwards.

“Oh God! You give me a fright!” said Suzy’s mother stepping out through the opening.

“Sorry!” I said in the way of an apology, moving to one side to let her pass. She seemed flustered and I guessed she was in a rush.

“Can’t stop,” Suzy’s mother said “I’m running late. Does Suzy know you were coming round? She’s still in bed.”

“Yes, we organised it last night.” I replied.

“Well go on in and make yourself at home. I’m sure you won’t mind waking her up.”

I watched the retreating form of Mrs. Harris as she left me by the open door. She was an attractive woman, her good looks still strong in her forties. Her tight fitting black pants did wonders for her slender thighs and firmly rounded buttocks and I realised that my gaze had locked on to them without conscious thought. Suddenly I remembered the pee I had squirted out of my pussy just a couple of days ago, straight into Mrs Harris bedroom bin. I wondered what she would say if she knew what I had done and for several seconds I fantasized about Suzy’s mum sat in a bottomless squat over her bedroom bin. In my imagination I conjured up a stream of honey coloured pee jetting out from the base of her hairy muff and decorating the innards of the bin with her hot piss. The imagery was wonderful; substituting my own experiences of squirting my pee into her rubbish bin with the mental image of Suzy’s mum doing the same.

Shaking my head from side to side to dispel this pleasing fantasy I pushed the door further open and entered into Suzy’s home. I closed the door quietly behind me and listened intently for sounds of movement. Nothing! The house was completely still with only the distant sound of a ticking clock disturbing the quite. The hallway was a large affair, like the rest of the posh house and my footsteps rang out hollowly as I made my way to the kitchen at the rear of the building. Once there I wasted no time and grabbed a glass from the drainer and helped myself to several large glasses of water. I definitely wanted to be ready for whatever today would bring. My fantasy of Mrs. Harris following my exploits of peeing into her bedroom bin combined with my recent naughty adventure at the house on the way, had turned my nipples hard whilst butterflies of excitement were dancing in my belly. Sitting down at the dinning room table I grabbed a magazine from the nearby shelf and started to flick through the pages. My mind wasn’t really on what I was reading but the idea was to try and pass some time whilst the drinks in my belly reached my bladder. The very idea of having Suzy’s house to myself whilst my friend was in bed was almost too much to bear. Already I could feel the pressure growing in my bladder, my need to pee growing every second helped along no doubt by my racing imagination.

Having discarded my panties after my early morning piss in a strangers backyard, meant that I could feel the movement of air between my legs as I swung them back and forth on my chair. The absence of underwear around my bum and pussy was a real turn on in itself, a fantastic realisation that there was bursa escort nothing to stop my peeing at any time I chose. Just to experiment I spread my legs wide, my short skirt hitching up my legs in the process. I couldn’t see my exposed blond muff due to the dining room table blocking my view, but by the simply feel of the air around my vagina told me I was in a perfect position to have a pee. I experimented in my head wondering what a delicious rush it would be like if I really did take a piss like this. Finally I couldn’t help myself and I took a quick squeeze, not so much as to start peeing but more to have my piss rush to my pussy lips before recalling it back to my bladder. For a moment it worked and for a split second I was on the verge of taking a piss whilst sat at the dining room table. I desperately wished I could see myself from a vantage point under the table, my creamy legs spread wide and my blond muff perched at the edge of the chair just desperately ready to take a pee all over the floor.

I tried again, the thrill of my near pee a fantastic rush. Once more I could feel my urine flowing through my body and down to my waiting pee hole. ‘What it would really be like to have a pee right now?’ I wondered. My self control wavered. I really wanted to find out. ‘Maybe just a quick squirt? What harm would there be in just having the tiniest of leaks over the dining room carpet’. Before I knew it I had actually gone through with my naughty desire and I suddenly felt my pee hole opening and the first of my piss squirt emerging. ‘NO!’ my subconscious yelled as between my legs a hot shooting stream of my piss sprayed downwards towards the hidden carpet. A subdued pattering noise came from under the table as the first of my pussy shower landed on the floor. I simply couldn’t hold back now, my urgent need to pee having found its relief. The pattering noise grew in strength as my toilet at the table continued. I could feel the strength of my piss shower as it gushed from the base of my golden haired muff, the warmth of its passage radiating against my bare legs.

If nothing else, I had been right in the fact that taking a piss at Suzy’s dining room table would be an awesome experience. However I was now also petrified of discovery. I struggled to bring my piss shower under control, trying to seal shut my open pee hole. For every second that passed and my pussy stream continued to rain downwards over the carpet, the bigger the mess would be. Finally I managed it. Desperately I climbed out of the chair. I was now on the verge of resuming my pee at any second. I had no idea that my bladder would fill so quickly from my recent drinks. Not even having the time to inspect the damage under the table I had just made with my impromptu toilet, I stood in the dining room hopping from foot to foot in a desperate cross legged attempt to stop myself from resuming a new pee directly over the thick pile carpet. I really, really needed to resume my pee with no chance to stop and ponder a suitably fun and naughty place to go. Neither could I even make to the downstairs loo for a slash in the toilet. No, rather I needed to go right there and then. Inspiration came çanakkale escort in a flash. Right beside me was the dog basket, a large wicker affair filled with several blankets. Fortunately Bonnie the dog must have been in the garden which meant that there was nothing to stop me squatting down over her blankets and releasing the desperate urge in my bladder.

With my skirt hitched up around my waste and my wide naked bum cheeks hung over the dog basket, I immediately started to take a hot squirting shower of clear piss directly over Bonnie’s blankets. The feeling of relief was absolutely incredible but at the same time I could feel my cheeks reddening at my situation. Between my legs, my golden shower cascaded to soak the sheets below in an rapidly growing damp stain. I really wanted to stop but I knew I would have to release a certain amount of pee out of my pussy before I was able to move to a new location for a new place to squirt my piss. I miserably wondered what would happen if Suzy was to put in an appearance now and catch me in the act of pissing into the dog basket? I doubt she would be thrilled as she loved her dog and here was me using her basket as a kitty litter. Still, on the other hand I was now having another naughty pee and recently the act of simply peeing outside of a toilet bowl was getting to be fantastic fun.

I stared down at the sight of the flowing clear stream connecting my pussy with the blankets inside the basket. They were now covered in an incredibly large damp stain made by my pee. ‘Just a couple more seconds now,’ I told myself as I began to really enjoy the sensation peeing into the dog basket. Finally I sealed shut my piss hole and stood up from where I had just been urinating. Taking an appreciate look at the size of the stain on the dog blankets I suddenly remembered my initial piss at the dining room table. Quickly I moved over the large dark wooded affair and stared underneath at the spot in front of the chair I earlier been occupying. I breathed a sigh of relief. The damp stain of my piss on the carpet was not obvious at all. The thick dark blue material was hiding the most obvious signs of dampness from view. I reached forwards and patted my hand over the floor until I found the warm wetness where my pee stream had washed over it whilst I had pissed from my perch on the chair.

Clambering back up I took a deep breath to steady my nerves whilst I checked my bladder to see how much pee I left stored inside me. ‘Where should I pee next?’ I wondered. This really was such an incredible opportunity and I really wanted to make the most out of it. I was still really conscious of the fact that what had happened the other day with Suzy might have been nothing more than a quick naughty fad on Suzy’s behalf. She may not suspect in the slightest what an influence she had made on her friend. Wandering into the kitchen I spied the disk washer and eagerly walked over. My skirt was still hitched up around my waist so my blond haired muff and round bum cheeks were still exposed to the open world around me. Opening the dish washer I reached inside and selected a cup at random. I took it out of the machine and whilst didim escort slowly and deliberately descended into a squat over the tiled floor. I then moved the china up to my waiting pussy.

My first squirt of piss into the cup was almost involuntary but the following thick flowing stream of hot urine was definitely not. I watched eagerly at the spectacle going on between my thighs as I filled one of the Harris’s household kitchen cups with a sample of my clear piss. Watching the level of my pee rise up inside the china container, I managed to stop before my urine overflowed the brim and spilt out onto the floor. Gingerly I stood up and placed the piss filled cup on the kitchen counter. From inside the dish wisher I then took another cup and repeated my early process of squatting down ready for another pee into a cup. This time as I started my new dirty toilet into one of Suzy’s family cups I fantasised firstly about Suzy drinking from this very cup I was now peeing into, and then about her mother doing the same. In my mind I could see Mrs. Harris’ red lips as they moved to embrace the china cup edge before taking a sip from the very cup I had now squirted some of my pee into.

It didn’t take long to fill this new cup with another helping of hot female piss and as I finished my pee into its piss filled insides I wondered what I should do next. Placing the second pee filled cup next to the first, I went back to the dish washer. Standing with my exposed pussy held up to the half open door suddenly gave me a wonderful idea. ‘Why not simply do the whole lot in one go?’ With that, I immediately started to take a standing piss directly into the dish washer. My clear stream of urine erupted from my pussy hole and immediately formed a strong hissing spray of piss into the metal device, showering all over the pots and pans inside. Giggling like a little girl I moved my pussy around to cover as much as possible with my squirting spray of hot pee. The result was great fun to say the least. My clear squirting stream of pussy piss hosed down the inside of the dish washer moving from one item to another as I stood and did my toilet into its insides. Knives, forks, cups, plates, just about everything managed to come under my raining relief of body warmed pee. Needless to say, I enjoyed every second of vandalising the Harris’s household kitchen utilities with my spraying pee shower.

By the time I was convinced that I had managed to pee over every single item I had been stood with my pissing pussy up to the dish washer for around ten seconds. After emptying the two cups I had peed into down the sink plughole I placed them with their stained brethren inside the dish washing machine. With a deep sigh of contentment I pushed my skirt back into place. I was then about to leave when it suddenly came to me that I might as well be prepared in the hopeful thought that Suzy would want to participate in some more fun filled pee games. Not wanting to taste my own piss I took a glass from the drainer and washed it out before filling it to the brim with water which I then gulped down. I managed another half a glass before I could drink no more. With a big grin on my face I returned the cup to the drainer. I had had my naughty fun now so it was time to wake up Suzy. My only hope now was that if Suzy didn’t want to pee in naughty places again, then at the very least I would get a chance for another naughty piss somewhere in her lovely home.

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