Pixie Pt. 01 Ch. 03: Submission

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This was, I concluded, silly. Here I was, in the hotel room of a woman I had met only an hour earlier. I was naked, my small, stiff nipples coated with my own pussy juice. I was kneeling, by the door, waiting for her to come to her room.

What if she was a serial killer? Or a white slaver? My imagination ran riot in one direction. The growing wetness between my legs showed where the other part of my imagination was going. Pixie, I thought, Oh, my goodness, every time she called me that, I had squirmed with erotic humiliation.

There was a click as the door opened. Too late to back out. I looked up.

In came Emily. From the vantage point of my knees, she looked even more gorgeous than face to face at dinner. That dress really suited her. Fluted at the waist, hugging her generous bosom, I longed to dive under it.

She smiled when she saw me.

‘I knew you’d be here. My little Pixie wants to be a dirty little girl. I am here to make sure you are.’

Her smile made my heart leap.

‘You really are so tiny, exquisite, like a little porcelain dolly’.

She looked intently at me.

‘Would you like to be my Pixie dolly?’

‘Yes, Miss, I would love to be your Pixie dolly.’

Smiling, she unzipped her dress. Sliding it off her shoulders. As she did so, her smooth, white flesh appeared, the tone emphasised by the black bra straps which were revealed. As she shrugged it off, I gasped. Her bra hardly concealed a pair of the most gorgeous breasts I had ever seen. I gasped.

‘Oh, yes, I see my dirty little Pixie likes big tits. I suppose bursa escort that’s natural, given that you have none. Don’t worry my little one, you will get to feast on them soon.

She slid the dress down. Her long, slender legs were show-cased by black nylons, with a suspender belt. From what I could see from her black knickers, she was clean-shaven. Be still my beating heart, I thought. She looked like classic period Jayne Mansfield.

All of a sudden, the room seemed hot. Or was that me?

Smiling, looking straight at me, she unhooked the bra, freeing those magnificent breasts (36C I would later discover). Her nipples were thick and hard – and long.

As she bent to remove her knickers, her breasts swayed. I felt as though I just wanted to be smothered in them. I urgently needed to touch myself, but didn’t.

Standing there in her knickers and stockings, she beckoned.

‘Here, Pixie, leap up into my arms.’

The invitation was irresistible. There was a level, and she knew it, at which that was the most humiliating thing to ask an adult woman to do. But how could I resist?

I can’t say I asked that question of myself. I leapt into her open arms.

My legs open, my wet pussy pressed against her tummy. Her hands gripped my bum. My face was firmly lodged between her glorious breasts. She squeezed my bum. I could almost have come at that moment. I felt the warmth of her body engulf me. My arms went around her neck, as I pushed into her ample breasts. My pimples were, frankly, an embarrassment.

‘Is my little Pixie a wet bursa escort girl then?’ Emily almost cooed, her hand firmly squeezing my little bum.

I looked up at her, gazing into her eyes adoringly.

‘Oh, yes, Miss Emily, I was made to be your dirty, wet little Pixie.

Just saying, and owning the words made me so wet.

‘My darling, from here on, you are MY little Pixie.’

The warmth of her body against mine made me melt into her. It felt as though all the reality there was, was encompassed by her flesh.

‘You are my filthy little Pixie, let’s see how you like this bed!’

Saying that, she carried me to the bed, my opened pussy rubbing its wetness against her tummy. I buried my head between her breasts, loving the way they moved as she strode to the bed. She threw me onto the bed, as though I was a rag doll. It was that, above all, which turned me on. I had always protested when my size was used to talk down to me, but here, well, my goodness (or should that have been badness?).

‘Legs, up!’

I raised my legs, pushing them back, grabbing my ankles. I was conscious that it was not only my pussy which was exposed and open to her.

Through my legs, I could see her approaching the bed. There was a big purple feeldoe sticking out of her pussy. It must have been ten inches, and it was thick. I shivered.

‘Please be gentle, miss, I only have a small, tight pussy.’

Pushing me back, she positioned the girl-cock against my wet pussy. She was grinning.

‘Who has got a wet cunt? Who is a filthy bursa eskort little leaking Pixie?’

‘I am, miss. Dirty little Pixie.’ Quite why I was blushing, given my position, who knows, but I felt my face colour.

With no further ado, she pushed forward. I felt my lips widen. I was so wet that she had no trouble driving it right in, deep, opening me, plugging my needy pussy. Grabbing my thighs, she began to fuck me. Hard. Deep. Fast.

I grunted. It was partly the effort of holding onto my ankles, but mostly the effect of her girl-cock fucking me hard.

If I had known more, I’d have been impressed at the strength of her cunt muscles in keeping the girl-cock on target. As she fucked me, it was clear, not least from her juices leaking onto me, that she was aroused too. The bulb was pushing into her, and there was a clit-tickler attachment.

‘Fuck, you are such a slutty little Pixie. I am going to have your ass next.’ So saying, I felt her finger circle and then push against my asshole. It was already lubed by my girl goo, and her finger slid in, meeting little resistance.

I heard a voice,

‘Fuck, oh, fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m coming.’

It was my voice. The sinews in my legs tightened, by tummy rippled, and I fucking well came harder than I ever had before. I am not a squirter, but I swear I almost was. Or maybe the extra wetness was hers, because the moment I moaned, she did so too.

My legs fell down, I couldn’t hold on, didn’t want to. She was so deep into me, that I just wanted to feel her body on mine. I was shivering, the after-shocks continuing to give me mini-orgasms. I could feel her full, heavy tits pushing into my tiny ones.

‘Enjoy that, Pixieslut?’

‘Yes, miss,’ I moaned, ‘your Pixieslut enjoyed pleasing you.’

‘Good girl.’ I shivered. ‘We shall have fun.’

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