Plans for Tonight Ch. 01

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“I have big plans for tonight,” I tell my wife as we are making dinner.

“Is that so…” she says with that sly look that so turns me on.

Little does she know what is in store for her. I hope my recent purchase is something we will both enjoy, but we will get to that soon enough.

We have a lovely dinner, staring into each other’s eyes, holding hands between bites, both caressing our feet on the other’s legs. She has such beautiful legs, muscular and strong. How I love to run my hands across them, massaging every inch. And her feet… Amazingly sexy. So often when we drive somewhere she puts them up on the dash, or drapes one out the window. I can hardly control myself.

When we finish dinner, we take everything into the kitchen and she starts washing the dishes. Our counter is at just the right height that she must bend forward slightly to reach the faucet. Just that little lean makes her ass jut out. Both cheeks just barely visible under her loose shorts since she always goes commando around the house. I cannot help myself as I take her right cheek into the palm of my hand and give it a gentle squeeze. This makes her push back against my hand and wiggle ever so slightly. I lean forward so I can reach her neck. She loves it when I nibble just below her hairline. Goosebumps soon show up everywhere. I now have both cheeks firmly in my grasp, and move towards her left ear. For some reason, the dishes are no longer getting washed at all. This is a very good sign.

When I get close to her ear, I gently tug on the lobe with my teeth, and whisper into it that I love her. Sweet talk always gets both of us going. Running my tongue behind her ear, I tell her that she drives me crazy. At this she starts to grind her ass into the front of my shorts. She knows full well that she is making an impression. The front of my shorts can hardly contain my arousal.

Reaching in front of her now, I lift her shirt slightly to run my hands across her belly. She has the sexiest belly button I have ever seen. The slightest brush with my fingertips sends shivers through her body. Oh how I love to get that kind of reaction, it makes my blood boil. I ever so slowly raise my hands up to her ribs, getting closer and closer to her breasts. The underside of them is so sensitive, but I have to be careful not to tickle, that can change the mood so quickly. I reach the curve of her tits, where her t-shirt is stretched tight across them. Slowly I lift her shirt so I can get access. Still nibbling on her neck and whispering in her ears, the dishes are now the last thing on her mind.

I get her shirt lifted away from her glorious chest, and make small circles around her nipples. They harden and poke out at my attention. Her nips are incredible, areolas the size of silver dollars, and her nipples bigger than the largest gumdrop. Way more fun to take into my mouth than candy could ever be. As I gently caress them, a low moan starts deep in her throat. canlı bahis This is when I start to drive her crazy. When she reaches a certain point of excitement, everything becomes hyper sensitive. I can hardly wait.

As I lift her shirt over her head, she turns to face me.

“What do you think you’re doing,” she asks.

“I thought it was pretty obvious what I had in mind,” I say with a smirk.

“You don’t get to do anything until you tell me what you have planned,” she demands.

“Ah, but that would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it,” my attempt at a sexy smile probably comes across as funny at this point.

Giggling now she throws her arms around me, “You know I love you so much.”

“I do, and I love you even more,” never have I uttered anything more truthful.

“I don’t really like surprises, but you’ve been a really good boy lately, so I guess I can go along, for now.”

Well, that’s certainly better than no. Hopefully I can keep her excitement right on the edge so my surprise will really push her over the top. I pick her up in my arms and twirl her around. Not the easiest thing to do, being as my attention is taken by the boobs squished against my face. Oh, the things we must endure…

Not setting her down, I carry her to the bedroom. Kissing her neck, and brushing my beard across her boobs. Sometimes this puts her into a giggle fit, other times into a sexual frenzy. Fortunately, it is the latter this time.

“Lick my nipples,” she says as she grabs a handful of hair, pulling me close as I lay her on the bed. Since I always do as she says, I am happy to oblige. I run my tongue around the hard nubs on each side of my face, but not actually touching them. The little bumps around her nipples contract, and she arches her back to try and get one of them into my mouth. This is one spot I can really tease her. My hands now start to move across her stomach. Around the sides, across her ribs, and slowly dip into the waistband of her shorts. Good thing for me this pair is just an elastic band, and not one of those you have to untie. Fumbling with a knot can really test your fortitude at a time like this. So I gently reach under her shorts, but as I start to reach lower, I hit a tickle spot.

She is not having any of that. She raises her hips and whips her shorts off. Throwing them over her head with her foot, “You are not supposed to tickle me, remember?? ” Just when I am having so much fun, too. But that won’t stop me from at least a few stops up and down her body. Sometimes just the right amount of tickle combined with a sexual sensation can drive her wild.

Completely naked now, she spreads out on the bed.

“What are you going to do to me??” she asks, her cute little angel face disguising how excited she is.

“Let’s just say I have a little something extra for us tonight,” if everything goes as planned.

This gets her to squirming as she tries to imagine what might be in store, bahis siteleri and what I mean by extra. But before she can think about it too much, I start to caress her legs. Starting just above her knees, I run my hands down the tops, working my way towards her feet. I so enjoy rubbing and kissing them. If she is in just the right mood, I can sometimes run my tongue between all her toes and suck each one in turn. As I start to give her a foot massage, I can tell it’s one of those nights. Simply running my thumbs from her heel to the ball of her foot elicits a tantalizing moan. As I start to make circles, increasing the pressure as I do so, her eyes close and her tongue darts out to lick her lips. I am definitely in the right spot. I work on her foot until her moans start to lessen, they I gently run my tongue between her toes. This gets an entirely different kind of moan going, so I suck on her middle two toes, then swirl my tongue between the others. She is almost panting now. This is only the first foot. I slowly move to the other, repeating the process. I can tell everything is warming up nicely.

Finished with her foot massage, I slowly work my way up her legs, kissing and nibbling every inch. When I start to get close to her inner thighs, I can see she is getting very aroused. Her outer lips are swollen, and I can see her juice beginning to trickle out between them. Right at the top, her clit is just starting to peek out, ready for my attention. But this is the best part, slowly working my way closer and closer. She moves to try to get her pussy in my mouth, but I pull back.

“Not yet my love,” I whisper, not even sure if she can hear me.

Her excitement has grown so strong. Closer and closer my tongue gets, leaving a wet trail on her skin. She can’t take it any longer and grabs me by the hair, forcing me to her center. But still I tease, not letting her pull me all the way in. I gently take each lip between my teeth, ever so lightly pulling them apart, exposing her pink moistness even more. I blow softly across her clit, and this drives her mad. Raising her hips and pulling me in, I relent, I have teased her enough. In one quick motion, I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, as far as I can. I pull it out just as quickly, and lick upwards across her throbbing clit. Taking it into my mouth, my lips surrounding it, I suck gently. This is her turning point, she screams out as her orgasm overcomes her. Thrashing her hips against me, I keep my mouth glued to her clit. If I can just keep contact with it, just a second more, there, I start to lick and thrust for all I am worth, and she explodes in another mind blowing climax, this one so strong it almost throws me off of her. But I stay close, so I can kiss and nibble her lips and clit as she slowly calms down from the two quick orgasms I gave her.

“Oh my god, that was incredible,” she utters when she catches her breath.

“Hopefully that’s just the beginning,” I say smiling bahis şirketleri up at her from between her legs.

At this point, she normally tries to pull me to her, wanting my cock inside her. Sometimes I let her, but not tonight. My smile takes on a devilish cast, as I lower my mouth back to her pussy. She tries to move away, but I have her legs trapped in my arms. My tongue traces a line from the top of her triangle of hair, straight to her clit. As soon as I part the lips and run my wet tongue across it, the passion hits her full force again. Now she is pushing against my face, wanting me further inside her, aching for me to bring her to another climax. I use the tip of my tongue to slide up one side of her clit and down the other, and then flick it back and forth. Up and down again, then I draw little circles around it as I move my mouth to cover it all. Gently sucking in so I have it fully exposed, I hold it until she starts to moan.

Now I lash into it again, licking from the wetness of her pussy, to the top of her hood. Sometimes just the tip of my tongue, or sometimes as much as I can stick out. So the full width is now forcing in between her lips. This is when I start to use my fingers as well. Slowly dipping them into her, just beneath my tongue, her juice flowing all over my middle finger. As I insert it into her, she raises her hips, wanting me to reach her G-spot. I slide it in and curl the tip up; I feel the slightly different skin inside her that marks her spot. Just as my finger reaches it, her moans beg me to go faster. Knowing she loves this part, I now push two fingers inside her. Reaching her G-spot again, I can now wiggle my fingers on her spot, and I am still running my tongue up and down her clit. This is driving her absolutely crazy now, but I still have another trick.

My free hand, no longer needed to hold her in place, has reached up and gathered some of her wetness. Just enough to get my fingers nice and wet. She is starting to writhe beneath me, moans escaping her lips. I start to spread her juice across her asshole, slowly and gently. Softly pressing my finger into her, just a little at a time. Pulling back out to gather more of her precious liquid, and sliding back in even further. Her head is now thrashing back and forth, right on the edge of orgasm. Two fingers on her G-spot, my tongue on her clit, and another finger now sliding in and out of her ass is more than she can take. The flood gates burst open, as her climax rips through her. Screaming out my name, she grabs my head and thrusts her hips into my face, forcing her clit into my mouth. My fingers are now so deep inside of her, and her muscles ripple in time with her ecstasy.

This is exactly what I am after; she is so turned on now that my extra surprise will send her to the moon. But keeping her in this state while I get it ready will be tricky, so as she starts to come down from cloud nine, I keep licking and nibbling on, in, and around her pussy. Just to make sure her excitement doesn’t falter. If I can get her right on the edge of another barn-burner of an orgasm, and then get out my little surprise, this will surely be a night to remember…

To Be Continued.

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