Police Play

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Sarah Keen was a twenty two year with bright blue eyes, long blonde hair, and no real ambition. She loved traveling whether it was by plane, car, boat, or train. Today was a sweltering day, somewhere in the middle of July. Sarah had decided to take drive to release herself from the sweaty heated filled alcove she called home. The sky was a nice baby blue with cotton clouds slowly passing by her ruby red jeep.

“It’s too damn hot…” Sarah groaned squeezing tightly at the black stirring wheel. Only if it could rain or the air wasn’t as thick, maybe then she could cool off. Tossing her head to the side lazily she watched as cactus dripped with sweat into the golden sands of the desert.

She had always loved driving through the empty high way pass in the desert, feeling the cool wind brush against her heated flesh. The other best thing about that long and lonely pass was that no one really drove through it. It was so long and torturous with the sun’s frightful gaze directly on the passersby.

But Sarah was prepared for the sun’s hot glare. She wore her black shades are if she were modeling them, her white tank top squeezed her double d’s in a way that made her nipples hard. Wearing a bra was too much trouble, so she often went without one.

It didn’t matter if her nipples rubbed roughly against the white cotton tank, they needed their freedom too. She hoisted up her shorts again.

Sarah groaned at the fact that her shorts weren’t that well fitting, they were tight and went as far down as to her upper thigh. The thong she wore showed through, Sarah never bothered trying to zip her shorts up, she tried it once and nearly zipped her thong into her pussy. And it wasn’t easy trying to pull them out once they got sucked in to her tight slit.

Sarah sighed fanning herself, and reached down into her cup holder for her diet cherry pepsi. She took the can to her lips and pushed her head back as the cool bubbles raged down her dry throat in need.

Though it was only for a few seconds, Sarah nearly ran off the road. She made a hard turn to straighten her jeep back onto the lane, but it made to hard of a jerk spilling the remnants of coke all over her tank.

“Shit.” Sarah murmured this under her breath and slowly pressed her foot on the breaks, she stopped dead in the center of the road. Her entire tank was soaked in diet pepsi goodness. It was such a waste.

Thinking she opened her door and hopped out, her brown cowboy boots hit the hot pavement with a small whack. Sarah kept her gym clothes in her car in case she this happened, there was a black bag in back with a similar white tank.

Clapping her hands together she clicked on the car remote, opening the trunk she smiled at the bag and then frowned. There as a metal lock on the bag. Originally the bag had two felt straps and a zipper, but ever since someone stole her entire gym bag once she had a different bag with a different security system.

The black bag was not made of flimsy material, but a hard leather, the lock itself was incased in leather, once she canlı bahis opened the lock she would be able to pull the small silver ring it was attached to, one pull snapped it open.

But now it was the matter of where the key was. Sarah key it close by, but where? She started to dig under the seats and event underneath the bag itself. She finally remembered she left the key on the dash where she could access it easily.

Triumphantly she found it there and headed to the trunk, but there something caught her eye. A vehicle slowly approaching her in black and white, the red and blue sirens high pitch shrieks alerted her. Police offers patrolled the desert path sometimes.

But this was her first time ever seeing one there. The car itself had finally stopped in front of her, a man emerged. Dark navy hat and uniform to match, wasn’t he hot with all that fabric? How was he not bursting into flames?

Sarah paused with her key in her hand as the officer approached her with his hands on his belt, he had a shaved head, brown stubble was all she saw when he took his hat off, no shades with emerald green eyes. His body was built and his height, well he towered over her.

“Ma’am.” He spoke in a deep smooth tone “Do you know that you’re blocking off the road?”

Sarah wanted to roll her eyes, no one was there besides him and her. Squinting her eyes she read the name tag, Magma. That was an unusual last name.

“Officer Magma.” Sarah her pouty lips frowned “There’s no one on the road. I just needed to get to something in my bag.”

Officer Magma looked behind Sarah looking at the leather bag, casually taking glimpses of her nipples through her soaked tank, they were bulging out towards him, they looked like beautiful pink gumdrops.

But he resisted his urge to grab them, god she was hot. Officer Magma felt his dick harden against his pants just from looking at her tits, they were gigantic.

He cleared his throat “Ma’am even if no one is driving on the road you can’t just park your car here. I’m going to ask you to step to the front of the vehicle.”

Sarah sighed and did as he said.

“What’s in your hand?” Magma asked, he saw a glint of silver, he had to make sure it wasn’t a weapon.

Sarah opened her hand revealing a silver key “Is it illegal to have a key?”

Officer Magma shook his head “No Ma’am. But to be sure I need to do a body search, so please bend down against the hood.”

Sarah felt embarrassed as she placed her hands and face on the hood of her jeep, her ass sticking out to the officer.

Officer Magma peered down at her shorts if he couldn’t even call them that, he was in awe of her pink thong sticking off from the shorts. Magma shook his head and got back to focus. He ran his hands along her shoulders at first and down her arms.

When he start to clench her tits together Sarah blushed, he pressed his hard hands through her tank and onto her nipples, her pussy was tensing at his touch. He rolled her nipples in his hands through her tank and roughly pulled on them.

Magma was bahis siteleri getting harder and bigger, but her tits felt so good in his hands. He had to have more.

“Miss, I think it’s best if you take off your clothes so I can give you a full search.”

Sarah turned around and stared at him “Is that necessary?”

“Yes, I assure you it is. Please turn around.” Sarah turned around and got a full view of his dick print. He started by pulling her tank off, the coke and sweat together made her tits so sticky and warm. The officer proceeded by pulling her shorts all the way down.

Her thong was so small and lacey, her pussy was dripping with anxiety. The officer rubbed his large hands onto her perky breasts. He rubbed them and flicked them.

“Ahhh…” Sarah moaned, the feel of his hands toiling with her tits was driving her wild. Magma rubbed his thumbs at the center of her areolas, he pulled her nipples hard, making her moan even louder.

Her nipples themselves should have been considered dangerous weapons being so erect, he began pushing her thumbs into her nipples, he felt the opening of her areolas start to suck her in.

“What are you doing?” Sarah asked, this a new sensation altogether for her, her nipples were sucking his fingers tightly.

“Checking for weapons.” Magma said, he soon removed his fingers and began to lap around her breasts with his tongue, sucking one roughly, it was delicious tasting of cherry coke, he keep tonguing over them sloppily.

Sarah groaned and started rubbing her clit through her thong, he swatted her hand away and began sliding them down.

Her pussy was so pink and puffy, he rubbed against it with his hand causing Sarah to quiver.

“Relax.” He told her, he looked into her deep blue eyes “Does this key really open your bag?”

“Mhmm.” Sarah could barely speak with him rubbing her. Officer Magma took the key and rubbed it against her pussy lips.

“No.” Sarah wanted to protest, but she was getting so horny and hot from his touch she couldn’t respond fast enough when he started pushing the key in and out of her tight hole.

“Your pussy is so tight.” Magma felt her vagina tighten around his hand and the key each time he pushed inside her. Sarah felt flushed as he violated her over and over again.

“Please don’t teach me.” Sarah told him, she rubbed her hand on his dick print “Put it inside now.”

Magma smiled “Bend over on the hood.” Sarah did as she said with her butt up to him, he saw her beautiful throbbing rosebud and her pussy that he’d violated leaking violently.

Magma pulled out his firearm and rubbed it against her pussy lips, the cold metal against her plushy warmth caused her extreme pleasure.

“Don’t put that in me.” Sarah said, a gun was still a loaded weapon.

“It’s okay, no bullets.” Magma shoved the entire gun into her tight cunt causing her to arch her back, he pulled and pushed it, the gun covered with her pussy juices made him hot, Sarah just stayed against the hood of the car moaning in need of more.

He soon bahis şirketleri removed the gun and spread her ass cheeks with his hands. Her asshole was so cute, he wanted to take it with his large cock, but he needed to warm her up first.

Sarah had no clue to what was happening behind her. Magma took out his baton and shoved it into her ass, full length and all.

“Oh god!” Sarah groaned gripping the hood of the car, her ass felt as if it were ripping

in two, it was so long and hard she nearly came from it.

“Mhmm, I have to check you all over.” Magma pulled out his dick, it was ten inches and the veins were bright with color as he moved the baton in and out of her tight ass.

“Ahhh.” Sarah’s ass tightened around the baton taking it deeper into her, Magma couldn’t resist any longer and rubbed the head of his cock as her entrance. It was so wet and warm, he didn’t hesitate to shove his entire girth into her at once.

Sarah felt her eyes roll around in her head as he felt her pussy and ass with pleasure. He pushed his cock all the way in hitting her cervix several times as he moved the baton with him. Sarah tightened with each hard movement.

“I’m cuming!” Sarah screamed feeling the wave of juice squirt out of her pussy. She felt herself grow weak as she laid her head down on the hood of the car and breathed heavily. She was really hot now.

Magma pulled his cock out of her pussy, her steaming hot cum dripping off him had him even hotter for more of her body. He pulled the baton out and leaned behind her to whisper in her ear.

“Spread your ass for me.” He said against her ear. Sarah didn’t want to resist so she used her hands to spread her ass cheeks out of the way. Magma rubbed her anal hole softly, lubing it with her own cum. Sarah wanted him in her ass so badly that she used the tips of her finger to spread the hole open for him.

With such a welcoming Magma pushed his dick into her restricting hole.

“Yes…” Sarah moaned, his length slithered up her ass until it hit a wall. Magma moved in slowly as first, hitting her ass from behind felt so good, the moisture in her ass gave him more room to fuck her even harder.

Magma picked Sarah up and turned her around while he sat them both on the ground with him still deep inside her ass.

“Watch me fuck you.” Magma said pushing his dick harder and faster inside her ass, Sarah groaned rubbing her nipples, it felt so good, she didn’t want him to ever stop. She started fingering her pussy the further and faster he went the further and faster she went.

Magma’s cock was pulsating, throbbing inside her ass, he couldn’t move as fast now because of how tight her ass was squeezing him. Magma bent her over on the ground, she held her hands down not caring as he pump his cock against her walls.

“Cum in my ass!” She yelled, he pumped her harder and longer, feeling the euphoria build inside him and them a wave hit inside Sarah’s ass, it was warm, before he even pulled out his cum was dripping down onto her pussy lips. Magma pulled his cock out of her.

Sarah fell to the ground, his cum still dripping from her ragged body, she sat up and licked the tip of his cock clean rubbing her tongue up and down his long member, cleaning it as a thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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