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She always sat on the back of that ugly beat up car, a rusted box, drinking her beer. I passed her every evening, coming home. She was usually barefoot, her jeans tattered at the bottom. Some days she smoked as she drank, other times it was just the beer, watching the few cars that passed her on that backroad. I knew her name, hell, every guy in town knew her. We had all loved her in school, wanted her. She was Homecoming queen, Prom queen, student this, that. She had smiled, waved as expected when she won, but there was something behind that smile that seemed gone, hollow. I had pictured her in my mind many times, her cheerleaders outfit being pushed up by me, not that asshole jock she married. My hands had played across her tan skin, lips kissing hers, hands fumbling into her panties. I usually came at that image, drifting to sleep with sticky fingers.

Now she lived down a quiet stretch from me, married to Mr. Asshole, still beautiful, but sad looking too. Every day she was there, a drink or cigarette her friend, just looking at us. I never stopped, never had the nerve. I started to count on her being there. If she was gone I panicked a little, wondering what was wrong, if she had left him, left me also. She would always be back, her feet kicking in the wind, a tune where only she heard the beat.

It happened so quickly I almost missed it. She waved as I drove past. She waved at me. I didn’t wreck, luckily. My eyes were so far behind me trying to see her I just clipped the tree with my side mirror, the spring snapping it back hard, scaring the shit out of me. I jerked the truck back hard, too fast now…fuck…, fishtailed, then went straight again. I was embarrassed, sweating with adrenaline. Great, just great… she waves and I damn near kill myself. I didn’t turn around. I jerked off that night, alone in the bathroom, my wife sleeping. I pictured her waving, her smile. She was naked now, her breasts tan, no lines. Her hips swayed as she walked to me, she smiled as we touched, she seemed electric. Her hands were cool, delicate as they touched me. I came when she pushed her hands inside my jeans.

“Damn” I thought, “Fifteen years, and I still can’t go all the way with her.”

She was not there the next day, or the next. I started to think that she had wanted to say something to me, but after watching my near crash had thought better of it. Each evening as I came around the bend to her I sat up straighter, then slumped again, alone. The third day she was there again. Sitting on that heap, drinking again as a misty rain started to drizzle on her. She waved at me again. I stopped clean this time, I wanted to talk to her, know that this was real. I parked close to her, started to get out. She walked up to me, pushed me back. “Wait, not here. I wanna get in. We can go on down to mine, he’s gone on a trip with his loser buddies. He called from Florida. It’s all Marlins and strippers by now.” She climbed in my truck, her hand never leaving the beer or the cigarette clutched tight in one small fist. ” Do you remember me, from school I mean?” I asked her.

“Honey, I remember EVERYONE from school. You too, even if you never seemed interested enough to ask me out” she smiled wanly at that, like she was going back there in her head, then she shook a little, smiled at me again.

“Hell, you know I wanted to ask you out, but you were always with Mr. Sports, and I liked walking without a cane” I said.

She laughed at me, not mean, just a giggle. Then more, louder, finally she spilled a little of her beer as she shook, her T-shirt wet now. Damn, right on her breast, right there.’ Thanks, I’m hard now’ I thought.

“I’m sorry, it’s not you. It’s just thinking about him, how many times I fucked around behind him then. I wished you’d asked me. I stopped after we got married. I wanted to be a wife then, no foolin’ around. Then he found out I couldn’t have his litter. He never looks at me sober anymore. Fuck, he doesn’t look at me much of anyways now.” She looked away at that last part, her hand covering her mouth. The cigarette blew smoke into the bottle, then she sucked down another drink.

She just looked straight ahead. I tried to process everything that I had just heard, put it together somehow. He never touched her anymore? What the fuck? Cause she didn’t have his damn kids? Like I said, asshole then, asshole now. I didn’t have kids, but that was by choice. I didn’t touch my wife cause I got tired of the slap on my hand that usually followed, or the boring routine if she didn’t. She sat quietly, sipping her beer as I drove to her home. It was sat far back from the end of the road, no one else around her for a mile. I have to admit it was beautiful. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri With the money he made playing ball it should have been. I still smile remembering watching him blow out a knee running down a routine ground ball. Fucker, he didn’t appreciate her then, didn’t now. Now he sold real estate, took trips without her. I wondered how anyone could let her out of his sight without breaking.

When we stopped she slid to the door, turning to look at me. I felt like I was being appraised, studied. It felt a little unnerving. She looked at me like I imagine I look at girls at a strip club. We talked about what we had both done since school a thousand years ago. She told me she had wanted to go to college, but he wanted her home, available to travel to see him when he wanted while on the road. She said after the first year that was less and less, the women on the road new, always pushing him. She said she did not mind really, he was lousy in bed, but she did like spending his money.

I just followed her, picturing how her mouth would look open, saying ‘yes’ to me. I drank with her, after six feeling a little like I was swimming, like she was talking to me under water. I blinked once, then saw that she was next to me. I never saw her move, she was just there. When she leaned in this time I didn’t cum like in the dream, I just settled into the kiss, alcohol I guess making me bolder that in the past. It was what I had thought about, but firmer, the tongue pushing inside my mouth more insistent. She licked me, my hands bunching in her hair as I felt that buzz start in the back of your mind when you haven’t breathed in enough air. We broke then, gasping a little. I saw her smile at me then, her eyes a little dreamy, wiping her chin where it had gotten wet.

“I’ve watched you for a while, thought about this. I asked around town what your situation was. You never seemed connected to us in school. Not in a mean way…, just gone. I always wanted to know why .” She leaned over, kissing me again. As she did this I tried to comprehend what the hell she meant. I was a shy goof in school. But if that came across as mysterious, great.

“I think you’re still cute” she said.

I felt, then heard the zipper going down, her hand tugging my belt up, off. My stomach jumped then, that fluttery feeling you get just before a hand slips in, your mind screaming YES, wanting it to happen. If I had been a little more sober I might have actually cum when she pulled me out, instead I simply watched her smile, then look me dead in my eyes, her gaze never leaving me as she went down, till finally her head tilted to suck me in. Her lips were sealed tight, then she pushed, like I was opening her. Her tongue slipped around my shaft, her mouth filled with saliva. It felt like she was boiling in there. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, fighting that toe curling feeling, wanting to shoot off now. Her head beat a steady up and down, her hands on my knees. It was the most supremely satisfying moment of my life .

She kept sucking, using her mouth only. I had never known that it could be like that. Always good before, but now I felt desire, not just to please me, but to please herself by doing this. I knew what it was to be wanted finally. Every bob kept bringing me closer, each time she stopped and swirled her tongue over the tip, giggling, I felt like another person, out of body, watching, amazed. I warned her I was close, that I was so close. Then she did something my wife had never done. With no pause, she simply reached up, her hand on my mouth, telling me quiet. I erupted at that.

Every fantasy moment I had had with her spilled out, her lips never leaving me, drinking me as I screamed. I usually make no sounds other than a quiet hiss. With her I screamed, my hips pushing, trying to get as deep in her as I could. I think I slipped into her throat then. It’s hard to tell when you are fighting to stay conscious. She kept sucking, wanting it all. Satisfied there was no more, she looked up then, eyes watery, makeup running. I leaned down, to kiss her. She seemed a little startled, started to say that she still had some of me in her mouth. I didn’t care. I felt her passion rising, felt her wanting when I slipped my tongue in, tasting myself. She grabbed me harder then, kissing more frantically than before, pulling me down on top of her. I pulled up, trying to catch my breath.

“Nobody ever did that with me, I mean, not after I…” she seemed so startled, but smiled just the same.

I cut her off with another kiss, this time I was the one digging in her mouth, my hands cupping her breasts. I felt her up like I had wanted to all those years ago, squeezing, pulling. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She had no bra on, so I flipped her t-shirt up. I suckled her, my teeth grazing the nipples. They puffed up, engorged. Perfect. Perfect. I circled them, my hands never off her, lifting, holding. She started to breathe harder, pulled me tighter. My leg slipped between hers, our jeans rubbing. The more I bit, pulled on her nipples, the harder she humped my leg, her hands holding the back of my head.

I could hear her whispering, “yes… yes… sweet” was all she said.

I pulled the nipple in my mouth up, out. She crushed against me, her hips frantic. I knew she was cumming then. I felt like a God, I wanted more.

I dropped down to her floor, my hands tugging her jeans off, her own hands struggling to help me. She kicked them off, standing with her hands on her hips, her breathing ragged. She had nothing under the jeans either. I went around her hips, my hands digging into that sweet ass, that perfect heart shape. She was there, right in front of me after all this time. Her pussy, hers. My god, I was drooling at that point. Then I saw something I have never seen before or since. She had shaved her labia, only a small triangle of hair above her lips. As I watched, they parted, like time lapse photos of a flower, the wetness making her look polished. I reveled in her, lips locked in sucking her down. I slipped fingers in her as I ate her, first just one, then as she bucked at me, cried out ‘yes, yes’ I slipped another, then a third.

I twisted then in her, reached around to her g-spot. She came yelling my name, then again. I was holding her up by then, greedy to keep going, but she started to pull away. I kept sucking, my fingers fucking her deeper. My other hand had been tentative, teasing her anus. When I slipped a finger inside her back passage, it went in like a hot knife slicing into butter, no resistance. I thought she had moaned before, screamed. I was wrong. She started cumming in rolling waves, her hands beating on me, her words just gibberish and cursing now. Then it hit me, full in my face. No other woman, never, ever. She squirted on me, it was scalding hot with her body heat, in my mouth, on my face. I knew what it was, had heard of it, now it was real. I got hard again at that moment, faster than I had since I was sixteen.

She fell down then, just a little heap of skin on the floor, her hands covering her mouth as she rode out the waves. I was soaked. My shirt, stained from the liquid she had just given me. It looked like I had been dunked in a bucket. I felt myself growing harder, also I needed to pee from the damn beer. I stumbled up, my pants still on, just undone from her sucking me. I knew that I could not use her bathroom if I was that hard, I could never bend it down that far.

“I’ll be right back” I kissed her and stepped outside.

She had a stand of trees just off the side of her home, so I went over to them, fishing it out to relieve myself. Like a cat she had silently padded up behind me, still naked from the waist down. I jumped when I felt her hands on my hips.

“What are you doing out here, why’d you go?”

” I have to pee honey, but you made me hard again, I…I can’t get it down so I was just gonna pee out here” I said.

“oh…oh…OHHHHH…”she giggled again then.

“Uummmmmm…let me…lemme…hold it when you do it…K?” she whispered in my ear, her hand snaking around me. I had thought I was hard before, wrong. ” I wanna feel it, He’d never let me do this, hold it I mean. Do it…do it…do it…pee”

I trusted her, trusted her voice. We all pee, every day, but the hottest woman I have ever known had a hold of me when I did it. Her hand on me was that same cool touch of my dreams, the heartbeat thrumming in my cock making me jump a little still, tense up. I relaxed, let go. She seemed to enjoy holding me, making me shoot up, down. I got harder still. The beer gone she laughed, shaking me like I told her, her grip hard on her new toy. She turned me a little then, bending at the waist, sucking me back in her mouth. Back into that liquid velvet heat, deep in. She popped off, a loud suck as she did it, smiling at me. She held my prick then like you do a dog’s leash, pulling me to the porch.

She squatted down, taking my shoes, socks, pants off. I stripped off my shirt as she worked below. We were both naked finally. It was warm still but not as hot as it usually is. The rain started falling in a drizzle, cooling us even as the humidity went up. I shivered as I started to sweat. She simply went to her bench, her head on the pillow there. She had her ass up. She swayed her hips, waving güvenilir bahis şirketleri them in invitation. I didn’t have to asked twice. I thought her mouth had been tight, sucking. It was nothing like the feeling of spearing inside her, going in till my balls hit her clit as she pushed back. It was hotter inside too, it seemed hotter than a normal woman.

I started pumping as hard as I could with no thinking then. I was not even there with her. I felt like I was somewhere else, looking back at me fucking her, my hands gripping her hips so I wouldn’t die. Each time I pushed in my hips slapped against her ass, soft, the skin pale where her suit covered her when she tanned. It looked like she was still dressed. I pushed harder, tried to get deeper.

” Slap it…slap my ass as you fuck me” she said, grunting on each pump. She never let her gaze leave my eyes.

I hit her ass a light slap, saw her flush, buck harder. I hit her cheeks again, harder, then another harder. Each time I did it she flushed again, the red handprints now accompanied by her yelp, the ‘yessssss’ she squeezed out between clenched teeth. I started to feel it coming, the pressure. I pulled out, now shiny myself, slapping her with the wet cock that she has just been fucking. She spun around, pushing me down violently on the bench, bent over again sucking me, tasting her cream on me, moaning with each draw of her cheeks. She crawled on my lap, her hand reaching in to guide me. Joined again we fucked harder, more frenzied. Now in rhythm, I watched as she kept repeating her motion. She would sense when I was close, stop, suck me, climb back on. The rest of the time she kissed me. I was buried in her and she kissed me with more tenderness than I have ever known, even when I felt like she was trying to crawl inside my mouth as she pumped herself on me.

“I want something from you,” she gasped out “something I’ve wanted but never done. I’ve never trusted Him, never wanted Him to do it.”

She bounced off me then, leaving me waving in frustration. She stood again with that laser stare, daring me to look away. She dipped her fingers inside. When they were coated she turned. I saw her fingers disappear in her cleft. I knew what she was doing, lubing. She back up to me, her ass so close to my cock. Spreading her legs she grabbed my right hand now, taking my fingers in hers, pushing them it. I was hers, completely. She held my wrist, fucking my hand, getting me wet. Still holding my wrist she pulled me out, left me in mid air. She reached back, spreading her ass open, inviting me with her eyes as she looked over her shoulder at me. I pushed into her again, the muscle relaxing so easily as I fucked her ass, all three fingers coned to push deep. She never looked away.

Again I felt her hand on my cock, only now she stepped back, tilted her hips a little, my hands holding her open. For the first time for either of us, I settled into her ass. It was fucking, but something else. She opened to me, drew me in like her pussy never could. Each part of me that slipped in was caressed, loved like a fist grasping me. I heard steam from somewhere, realized we were both hissing in delight as the tension filled her, sucked me. I was in her where no one else had been. She leaned back then, her legs spread wide. She felt tiny to me as I held her up, bouncing her in tempo. I have no idea how long we fucked that way, I think days. She had her hands inside her cunt, beating the orgasms out, the fluids on my thighs, my balls wet with her as she came. The arm wrapped around my neck got tighter each time her hand got her off. My hands were cupping her behind her knees, still bobbing her to ‘fuck me, fuck me,… fuck,… fuck.’

I was shaking, my muscle control gone as I felt myself shooting in her, ropey shots of semen that seemed to start at my feet. Each spasm made her moan, telling me ‘yes baby, cum,…cum’, her mouth on my ear purring. Not made for it, her passage squirted me out, the cum pooling on her cheeks, my cock, pubic hair. She stood up, unsteady on her legs. She reached down, her fingers in the sticky white mess on my lap. She drew her fingers up, strings connecting us. She tasted it, smiled at me. She drew another, then leaned in, kissing me as before, pushing it into my mouth, amazed still that I wanted her to.

She came back outside after getting us one more drink. I sat on her lawn, letting the rain hit us as she kissed me till I stopped shaking, laughing with me then. We finished the beer as the rain tried to fill the bottles again. Inside we dressed as best you can when you stop every five seconds to kiss, grope another person. But I had to go home, she had to let me.

She promised me she would be there tomorrow, that she would wait for me. We met again, then again. It’s regular now. I find places on her that she didn’t know she had, she draws out fantasies from me that I have never whispered even in my own head. I have no idea where her road leads. I’m just going till it runs out.

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