Pt:6:(Roy and James) Getting to know Each Other:

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Pt:6:(Roy and James) Getting to know Each Other:
“Beep Beep Beep,I think,”What the Fucks that”,realising I had,nt disarmed the house alarm system,James with his tongue down my throat & his finger almost in my Bumhole,I had to gather all my strength to push him away from me, “James,Fuck Off,The Alarm”,I reached up to the alarm and put in the code,just in time before the sounders went off & waking half the neighbours up,would be very popular.
James had me back against the wall again,tongue down my throat,felt him push my trousers & underpants off my Ass, his hands taking a hold of my Buns,next he was hoisting me up over his shoulder,giving me a slap on one cheek & kissing the other,I managed to reach out & hit the light switch for the Hallway & the Stairs up to the bedrooms,slapping my Ass James was galloping up the stairs,”Wheres your bedroom Roy,I,m gonna Fuck the Hole off you”,”Right,end door left,& thats ****”,I shouted,”Well that,s what you want is,nt it”,”Yes”,I shouted,”But I,d like to know what I,m going to be ****d with”,”You,ll soon find out”,he replied.
Next we was in my bedroom,James had knocked the light on,he chucked me down onto my bed,a big double,he pulled off my shoes & socks,chucking them down on to the floor by my bedside cabinet,trousers & underpants were next then my jacket & top,I was laughing aloud at him,thinking,”He,s made up his mind he is going to Fuck me”,Hahaha.
He illegal bahis siteleri now had me Naked,he rolled me over,face down,somehow he had me pinned down whilst he got undressed,his knee across my neck,next I was being hoisted over his shoulder again,him taking a gentle bite on my Bum,getting a good hold with his teeth & growling,”Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr”,I could,nt stop myself Laughing at him,”Hahaha”.
“Wheres your bathroom”James called out,”Common as shit” I replied,”Bathroom,Fucking,En Suite,that door in the corner,you Fucking Divvy”,I said,jokingly.
He was through it in no time & I still had,nt even caught a glimpes of his Cock,he stood there looking at my shower unit,”You posh Fucker,that is massive,drying area as well”,he gave my Ass,one almighty Whack,”Arrrrrrggghhh”,I let out, “You Posh Little Fucker”,he said again,putting me down on my feet in the shower tray,turning me around facing the tiled wall,not letting me get a look at his Cock,he pushed my face into the tiles,he reached foreward & turned the shower on,I got the cold water down my back,”Arrrrrrgggghhhhh”,I let out,”Shut up Baby”,James said,the water warmed up,I felt James,s Cock slide up & down the Crack of my Ass,I Shaped myself to take it,all excited,even though I did,nt know how big he was,I Dished my back,spread my feet,making my Buns Protude back towards him,Buns spreading,I felt his Cock risksiz bahis veren siteler stroking across my Rosebud,thinking,”I,m close to belonging to James,although I knew in my mind I was already his”.
I knew now he was Big,his Bellend pressing against my Rosebud & starting to open my Hole,he did,nt ram it in me,just a Gentle,Firm,Positive Pressure,Balls,Fucking Deep,”Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh”,I screamed,I,d had some Big Cocks in me,but I,m sure not this big,my mouth was wide open & i,m sure my eyes were going to pop out of my head. James just lay against me,not moving,just gently nibbling on my ear,”You Okay”he muttered”,Fuck,James,you,re Fucking massive”,He started moving it about inside of me,moving from side to side on my back,then an in & out motion,he was being gentle with his movements,my Little Cock was now starting to Harden again to his movements inside of me,after going Soft,Rapidly,on his Penetration into me.
James started to speed up his movements to the point were he was really Fucking me & was Luvving it,I had reached back, my hand behind his head & was Kissing him,Lips on Lips,this was Love,I wanted him so much.
His hands teasing my Nipples,I got all the sensations shooting into my Glan,I let out,”James,I,m Cumming”,I had,nt touched my Cock but I was going to Shoot,I was shooting my Load up the tiles & I was also having casino siteleri an Anal Orgasm,I was screaming with the Pain & the Ecstasy of all that was happening inside of me.
James started to make moaning noises,his hands moved down from my Nipples,taking me tight around my stomach, his one hand clutching my Little Cock & Balls,I was Cumming in his hand,it felt like James was thrusting into me, Deeper & Deeper,then he stopped,pressed into me as Deep as he could,he was growling & moaning,I felt him Shooting his Love Juices into me,mixing it with my Anal Juices,he had really worked my Prostate gland.
I felt him gently pull out of me,still Rock Hard & so was I.He turned me to face him,both of us Kissing,his hand finding my Cock & me finding his,it was beautiful,I wanted to taste him before the shower water washed away all those Love Juices,i went down into a squatting position,taking him in my mouth,Oh! he tasted so nice,Salty,Sweet & Savoury,it was beautiful,working my own Boipussy,feeling all the Juices running out of my Hole,after a while James pulled me up onto my feet,we Kissed for a while & telling each other how good it was & how much we Loved each other.
We stepped out of the shower,turning it off,I grabbed two bathtowels,giving one to James,he wrapped it around me & lifted me,up into his arms,the towel feeling soft to my wet body,James gave me a Kiss on my lips then he smiled at me, “Babe,I have.nt done with you yet”,& I knew he had,nt,as he carried me,both of us still wet from the shower, towards the door into my,(Our),bedroom,giving me gentles Kiss,s & telling me how much he Loved me.

Well that,s it for now,more to Cum.
Luv from Us2.
James and Roy.xxxxxxxxxxx.

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