Purple Plug

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Cindy was in the bedroom closet, getting dressed. Since it was 90 degrees, she put on a simple cotton dress.

“Where are you going?” asked Daddy.

“Daddy, I am going to the concert with Grace and Laurie.” Cindy replied.

“You are, huh?” Daddy said, blocking her way out of the closet.

“Yes, silly, I told you that yesterday. Cindy said back, gently pushing on daddy’s chest.

“Daddy gently took her shoulders and guided her towards the bed.

“Daddy, cut it out, I need to get going.” whined Cindy.

“So, babygirl”, said Daddy, “let’s review. You TOLD me you were going to the concert, yes?”

“Yes, I told you last week.” Cindy replied, a bit confused.

“But, you didn’t ask me.” said Daddy, sternly.

“Oh.” pouted Cindy. “I didn’t think I had to ask, you have a meeting anyway.” protested Cindy.

“Ha ha, nice try babygirl.” teased Daddy. “Of course you can go my love, but you always need to ask permission.” Daddy held her close and stroked her hair.

“So, I am going to have to give you a reminder. Stand up and bend over the bed babygirl.” demanded Daddy.

“Come on daddy, I can be good, please!” pleaded Cindy.

“Go on. No arguments.” Daddy pulled her up to standing, and then turned her around and bent her over.

Daddy lifted up her dress, and pulled down her panties and took them off.

Smack! Smack, Smack. Daddy gave her some light, playful spanks.

He pulled her up and hugged her. She hugged him back.

“So, I know you have been really working hard to get better and challenge yourself. So, as I reminder of what you are supposed to do, and I bit of a challenge, I have something for you for tonight.” said Daddy.

He walked around to the nightstand. He canlı bahis took out a new anal plug and the lube.

“Daddy?” asked CIndy nervously. “That is different from our jelly one.” Cindy whispered. She felt her heart pounding and started fidgeting.

“Yes, it is babygirl. It is designed to stay in your bottom longer.” Daddy said. “So you will be wearing this during your concert tonight.” asserted Daddy.

“But daddy, I don’t think I can do that! That is not fair!” Cindy protested.

“Well, ” said Daddy, “I can change your challenge to a traditional punishment if you want.”

“And that would be what?” Cindy asked, with a bit of attitude.

“Babygirl, you stalling and on the verge of being disrespectful to your Daddy.” Daddy said sternly. “You can handle this my pet.” said Daddy as he soothed her hair and pulled her close.

“So here. Here is your jelly one. Here is the new one. Same size, different shape and material.” explained Daddy.

Cindy looked at the new plug. Daddy was right, as usual. This one was thick silicone, the tip was rounder, but the same length. This one also had a cute purple jewel base.

She suddenly had nervous butterflies in her tummy. ” I guess I can handle it.” whispered Cindy.

“That’s my girl!” Daddy said. “Lay down on your tummy.” said Daddy.

Cindy laid down, still with nervous butterflies. Daddy got on the bed behind her. He put lube on his finger and got close to Cindy. He whispered in her ear to relax and then gently put his lubed finger in her bottom.

He then told her to be ready. He gently slide in the plug into her bottom. Cindy gasped, as she did with the jelly one.

“All set. How does it feel? asked Daddy ” A bit heavier, but ok. ” said Cindy. Cindy then bahis siteleri sat up on the bed while daddy gave her directions.

“That’s my girl. Remember, leave it in until the concert is over. If you have an emergency, obviously, take it out. Take extra lube with you just in case. Oh, and no touching yourself. Understood?” asked Daddy.

“Yes daddy.” replied Cindy. She kissed Daddy goodbye, then stood up to leave. Oh my. Her plug settled a bit, and she was aware of the plug hitting all the walls of her rectum. It was an odd feeling. She gathered her things, and left.

Cindy drove to the concert and was really getting aroused by the plug in her bottom. Sitting with it was different than standing. Each time she moved or did something different, she felt the plug.

She finally found a parking spot and texted her friends to let her know she was there. She got out of the car and began walking through the crowd with her chair and her cooler. She could feel the plug move with her. She could feel her wetness suddenly increase in her pussy. Her panties were damp. Her whole pussy felt swollen as she walked gingerly towards her friends.

“Hey girl! Are you ready for the concert?” This should be fun!” exclaimed Grace.

“Good to see you ladies. ” replied Cindy. “I can’t wait!.” Cindy texted Daddy to let him know he got there.

“Good girl. I can’t wait to take that plug out of your sexy bottom and replace it with something bigger.” texted Daddy back.

Cindy felt herself blush. She set up her chair and sat down. She was really aroused, and when she sat down it felt like she was pushing the plug further up her ass.

Cindy made idol chit chat with her girlfriends, and opened a beer. The band came out, and pretty soon, they were bahis şirketleri singing along to their favorite songs. As the band continued, Cindy had a second beer.

About 20 minutes later, Cindy was still seated in her chair, and she felt a little dizzy. She decided to call it an early night. The band was almost done.

She said her goodbyes, and stood up to fold her chair back up. Folding up a chair is easy, but the simple task was more difficult to Cindy. Bending over to pick up the chair meant the plug moved and felt like it was going further in. Standing up to leave meant the plug shifted again, and felt like it was going to fall out. Cindy had to concentrate on squeezing the plug. As she was walking out, she realized that she had to go pee. The two beers she had went right through her. Cindy felt really nervous. She had never peed while she was plugged. On top of that, she had to use a port a potty. Ugh.

She really had to go, and the plug was not helping. The port a pottys were located in a row by where she came in. Ok, let’s do this. Why was she feeling so tipsy? Maybe it was the heat.

She entered in pulled up her dress. She squatted down to pee. When she peed, she noticed that the bearing down motion was also causing her plug to come out a bit. She reached back and held the plug and continued peeing. She felt like an acrobat. Finally she was able to pee more. She wiped herself, washed her hands and exited.

It was a long uncomfortable walk back to the car. She felt like she was walking funny. She had to still squeeze the plug tight and walk. She finally got to the car, and texted Daddy to let him know she was on the way home.

“How did you do with the plug?” Daddy texted back.

“OK-it was hard not to touch myself or take it out.” Cindy sent back.

“You are a good girl for doing what I asked.” Daddy sent back.

“Come get your reward.” Daddy replied. Daddy had sent a picture of himself on the bed, naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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