Reclaiming Manhood

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With a thud, Jack found himself on a nearby couch nestled in the corner. Surrounded by thrashing bodies, Jack’s cock began to harden through his jeans. His eyes took in the scene of a woman being violently taken from the behind while leaning on a nearby table. He shifted in his seat, being at a swingers club was new for him. Jack’s palms began to become damp, he was more fearful than excited by the scene.

He wasn’t always so sheepish. In fact as a young boy he was very charismatic. People would flock to him because of the confidence he exuded. Now at age 34, the young blond haired male had little to show for it. Jack stood average height with a slender build. His blue eyes weren’t a vibrant, a reflection of his dying marriage. He sighed glancing up from his clammy hands to the various couples around the room.

He dialed into the scene. Creating stories of the lovers that kept him occupied and grounded into his seat. His mind wondered and he couldn’t notice the manicured hands massaging his shoulders. “You look so tense.” She called out from behind him. Jack stiffened up once it registered with him what was happening. She massaged deeper into his flesh with circular motions. Jack’s heart began to race as she spoke into his ear, “I bet I can even you out.” Her tongue tracing the formation of his right ear. Jack clenched his jaw, fighting the urge to moan. Her soft lips began to nibble his ear lobe. “Mmmm.” he let out.

“Do you wanna play a game with me” she asked leaving smooth kisses along his neck.

“O-okay.” Jack’s answer was fragile and full with unsureness.

“I’m going to venture my hands down your body,” she began to explain “I’ll ask you ‘are you nervous?'” And if you say ‘no’ I’ll continue but if you say ‘yes’ I’ll stop.” she began to suck on the sensitive flesh of his neck. Jack nodded in agreement to her game. He spread his legs open as if inviting her to relieve him of his sexual frustration.

Her hands slipped from his neck to the cotton fabric of his sweater. “Are you nervous?” Her question was met by a shake of his head. She went further to the reaches of his naval but Jack refused to give in. Her tongue slowly circulating on a small area of his neck. Her Sakarya Escort hands retreated from his body. “But I didn’t say ‘yes’.” Jack announced without looking back for his seductress. From the corner of his eyes Jack could see the full figured woman strolling over from behind the couch. The mocha skinned woman stood an inch away from him. Jack’s eyes widened in horror of the busty full figured woman.

“No this …this isn’t happening.” his words came out shuffled as he took in the real image of the beauty. Her full lips curved into a smile. She was dressed in a pencil skirt with a white see through blouse. Her hershey kiss nipples poking through the fabric. She began to unbutton the garment, much to Jack’s desire. She stood in front of him, her high heels helping to tower over him. She began to kneel, wedging herself between his legs. Her hands reached out to his waist and began to caress them. “Are you nervous?” She asked biting the bottom of her lip. Jacks hands moved swiftly over his eyes and then grabbed at his hair. With no answer she moved to his thighs. Her hands began to massage the area, she looked up for his answer. Jacks heart began to pound out of his chest. This was not his intention when he came. With a short shrug she began to undo the buttons of his pants. His cock rose eagerly from the confines of his jeans. Jack’s veins on his cock shown bright in comparison to his pale skin. The young woman looked in awe at his manhood.

“I hope it taste as good as it looks.” She announced before lowering her mouth on the precum covered head. Jack clutched the material of the couch. With every flick of her tongue he felt his orgasm nearing. She had bobbed her head twice before a hot stream of man fluid shot into her mouth. Jack grunted, his orgasm coming quickly and washed over him with embarrassment. Once the fluid was completely in her mouth she leaned up. Jack watched as she swallowed it fully. When the last bit was licked from her lips she rose to her feet and disappeared into the crowd. Jack leaned forward and rested his face in his hands.


It had been a week since Jack had attended the swingers party. He was stumbling in the hallway of Sakarya Escort Bayan the hospital. His eyes positioned downward, counting the tiles that went pass. “Dr. Conway please head to the staff room, Dr. Conway.” The speech sounded along the hall from the speaker. He was directed to the staff room.

Jack made his way to the staff room at the end of the hall. He opened the door slowly to reveal the head doctor on call. “Ahh Jack you’ve made it,” Dr. turner announced “Please meet our new doctor of psychiatric medicine.” Dr. Turner motioned for the person to come from beyond the door leading to the lockers. Jack eyes widened, before him she stood in a white coat. The same woman who had serviced him many nights before was emerging from the other room. He stared at the lush lips that had gave him so much joy many nights ago. “This is Doctor -.”

“Hi I’m Doctor Maureen Collins”, she announced “FRIENDS call me Momo.” A wicked grin appeared on her full lips.

“And this is Jack Conway, we are all going to be friends here.” Dr. Turner announced before leaving the room. Maureen kept a small smile on as he exited the door. She walked to the door, gliding her hand over Jack’s crotch as she did so. She twisted the handle to the locked position for safe measure.. Jack stayed stiff as she walked passed him back to where a table stood.

“This is bad,” he announced “we have to follow protocol on this.” Jack began to ramble, going through multiple scenarios. But none were going to be as tantalizing as she was envisioning. Maureen leaned against the table and began to undo her blouse. She moved her shirt open to reveal her lilac bra. It fell to the floor quickly as she undid the front latch. The sound of the garment hitting the floor drew his attention. She locked eyes with him and began to hike her skirt up.

“I’ve already tasted you,” she began to scoot on to the table spreading her legs “now come and taste me.” One olive covered fingernail drifted from the curve of her hip to the moist folds of her cunt. Jack motioned towards her and then jutted back.

“No..I can’t,” he announced before an uneasy look took over his face. She looked at him puzzled before Escort Sakarya making her way off the table. “It’s not that I don’t want to,” he turned from embarrassment “I don’t know do…that stuff.” She looked to him from the corner of her eyes. Maureen placed both hands on the table and stuck her ass out for him.

“I don’t have time to teach you,” her words encouraged him to face her again “so I guess you’ll have to stick it in.” Her words came off as playful and inviting. Jack stumbled to her, it had been a long time since he had entered a woman. He was estranged from his wife of 10 years. He looked to the gold band on his left hand and then to her wet pussy. His hands made quick work of his buckle, button and zipper. He held his girth in his hand, massaging the smooth skin. A pinch of worry cascading over his face. Smack! Her hands collided against the chocolate skin of her bottom.

“See…you won’t hurt me.” She teased. With her words, he crept in her. Moving his cock deeper in her as if gliding pass enemy lines. Maureen moaned softly. Her breast rocking with every thrust he pushed inside of her. Jack became more fluid in his movement. What started off as inconsistent rocky thrust became more confident and smooth. Maureen’s ass clapped against his thighs. He paused shortly, noticing a familiar tingle in the base of his cock. Maureen giggled as she looked back at him. “Fuck me Jacky,” she begged “we’ll work on your stamina.” Jack nodded and began to push deep inside of her. Maureen gasped and held on to the table. His cock began stabbing deep within her slick womb. He reached to her hair and began to tug at her strands. Maureen smiled slyly, his grasp set a fire inside of her.

He winced, that urge starting up again. Jack knew he only had a few strokes left before he busted. He reached down to spread her cheeks apart, his cock pistoning in and out of her eager pussy was enough to set him off. Her pussy’s juices were producing a coat on his cock. “Fuck.” Jack growled loudly as he came deep within her. Maureen moaned into the surface of the table. Her hips still rocking on his stiff manhood until it began to soften. Jack backed away, pulling his cock from her juicy insides. A thick cloud of cum spilling from her pussy and on to the tiled floor.

“Mmm Jacky,” she purred resting her sprawled body on the table “how does reclaiming your manhood feel?” Jack smirked as he gripped the waistband of his pants. His wetted cock clinging to the side of his leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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