Rekindling Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.



Ty struggled to open the hotel door. The volume of his swearing increased each time he tried, and failed. Having indulged in a few drinks while they were out hadn’t helped, so when a particularly virulent combination of words slipped out, Hunter pushed him out of the way.

“Move. Let me try.”

“Yes, Mommy,” Ty mocked.

Hunter read the instructions, turned the card over and was rewarded with a bright green light. He opened the door and pulled Ty in behind him. This time Hunter cornered Ty against the door and groped him as they kissed. They were oblivious to anything other than each other. Hunter could detect a tint of the whiskey Ty had enjoyed while they were out. It’s such a wonderful match for his usual masculine flavor.

Ty’s muscular chest pressed against him ratcheting up Hunter’s lust, and this time he controlled their fun. His hands slid under Ty’s shirt, located the hard nipples on the corners of his pecs and clamped his fingers down over the nubs of flesh. Ty’s growl had Hunter grinning as he dragged Ty into the bedroom and pointed to the corner Jacuzzi that overlooked the strip.

“Cool. We can play in the fuckin’ hot tub.”

Hunter leaned closer, closed his teeth on Ty’s ear lobe and let out a low snarl.

“That makes me horny as hell,” said Ty.

“Maybe I’m going to fuck you. What would you think about that?”

Ty’s face morphed into a massive smile. “Do it! “

Hunter chuckled and swatted Ty’s butt. “Go get the tub started, and I’ll order room service.”

“Works for me.” Ty tugged on the tail of the form-fitting shirt he was wearing and pulled it over his head. He moved to the hot tub with a slight wobble that made Hunter grin. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a drunken frat guy in my bed. He chuckled to himself and scanned the menu. One of the specials caught his eye, and a broad grin spread across his face. I wonder if they’d add a little something extra.

Hunter felt particularly smug as he joined Ty. Clothes were draped across chairs, wadded into balls on the floor and Hunter thought a pair of briefs might be hanging from a dresser handle. The sprawl of clothing around the room didn’t seem to affect Ty as he lounged in the rapidly filling Jacuzzi. He glanced up and winked at Hunter. “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Hunter unbuttoned his shirt and smiled as Ty leered at him. The lust on Ty’s face pushed Hunter to tease out the moment. He started his hips swaying to a silent rhythm and opened his shirt slowly, one tantalizing button at a time. The final fastener slid free, and the shirt drifted open as Hunter wet a finger from each hand and traced them slowly over his hard nipples.

“Shit, babe. You’re so hot.” Ty fondled himself as he took in the private show.

Hunter turned his back toward his husband and arched his body as he sawed his shirt downward until it slipped from his grip and fluttered to the ground. Hunter gyrated as he opened his jeans, and let them slide down to expose the top of his ass. As he danced, his jeans worked their way lower until it was obvious Hunter had gone commando. With a last shimmy of his butt, Hunter’s pants fell to his ankles. He chuckled as he fought with his socks and shoes for a few moments before leaving them in one of the islands of clothing scattered around the room. Soon his pants flew through the air to land artfully across one of the chairs.

“Woohoo! Bring it, babe!”

Hunter tossed his hair back and winked at Ty, his last inhibitions evaporating. With his hands on his thighs, he swayed lower until his butt almost touched the floor. He rose and turned to Ty, his hard cock bobbing in front of him as he climbed into the sarışın porno hot tub. The jets of water rose around his calves, the heat seeping into them. He moved across the tub, straddled Ty, and walked forward until his cock was inches from Ty’s mouth.

Hunter gripped Ty’s shoulders and pulled him forward. “Suck me.”

Ty wrapped his hand around Hunter’s cock, sending his dick into a new level of stiffness. Ty leaned forward, kissed the exposed tip and then slid his tongue into the foreskin and slowly swirled it around Hunter’s rim. He gripped Ty’s head, reveling in the intense pleasure created. Hunter began thrusting his cock forward in tiny increments, gently face fucking Ty. Hunter’s enjoyment was building, when a knock at the door shook both of them from the moment.

“Damn! Room service. Hang on,” said Hunter.

Ty relished the scenery as Hunter climbed out and snatch one of the plush white robes to wrap around himself. As he walked to the door, Ty wondered how he was going to hide the cock that had slapped against his navel when Ty released it. He listened to the conversation coming from the other room.

“Yeah, sure. Anywhere’s fine.”

He heard the soft metallic sound of a cart moving and another voice that he couldn’t make out.

“Thanks. Here.”

Ty let out a soft chuckle. Hunter never has worked out how to slip someone a tip without being obvious. The door closed, and the lock slid home. Seconds later, Hunter wheeled the cart beside the bed. He turned to Ty, removed the robe and tossed it across a chair. Ty was disappointed to see Hunter’s rampant erection had subsided.

Hunter paused for a minute. “What’s wrong? You look disappointed.”

Ty winked at Hunter. “I was hoping you left the guy all hot and bothered with glimpses of your boner.”

Hunter gave Ty a sneaky grin. “I tied it against me to keep that from happening. Come on. I have a surprise for you.” He held out a towel for Ty and helped him dry off.

They moved to the bed, and Ty peered at the contents of the cart. The strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream he understood, but—

“Finger paint?”

“Edible paint. I’m going to paint you.”

Ty’s jaw dropped at the leer on Hunter’s face. “Really? What do they taste like?”

Hunter smiled mischievously, dipped his finger into one of the jars and held it out to Ty. “Try it.”

He leaned forward and touched his tongue to the deep red paint on the end of Hunter’s finger. His senses filled with the essence of sweet berries. “Pretty good. Tastes like strawberries.”

Before Hunter could react, Ty grabbed his hand and sucked his finger into his mouth. His tongue whirled around, nursing contentedly until no speck of paint remained. He released Hunter with a smack of his lips. “Delicious. What else you got?”

Hunter laughed and pushed him on the bed, then crawled on top and ground his crotch against Ty. “If you’re good, maybe I’ll let you play later, but I want to paint you first.”

“Paint me? Like one of your canvases?”

Hunter let out a chuckle. “That art degree had to come in handy somewhere besides helping the kids with their finger paints.”

Ty grinned and put his hands behind his head, his body practically humming at the thought of Hunter’s touch. “Okay, paint me, baby.”

Ty stifled a moan when the bristles flicked over his nipple again. Hunter had worked for close to an hour. An hour of foreplay so intense Ty stopped him a few times to let the fervor die down. The brush halted, and Ty relaxed, in time for Hunter’s hot tongue to flick across his nipple. The heat from the firm nub spread and Ty groaned. He gazed down into Hunter’s smiling face as he flicked his tongue against the tip of Ty’s nipple.

“Sorry, had a little mistake I needed to erase.”

A deep rumble came from Ty’s chest. “You needed to erase a lot around my nipples, and my dick.”

“Hey, it’s not easy to paint a cock.”

Ty settled back with a moan, his eyes fluttering shut. He’d never believed the butterfly kisses of the paintbrush could cause such heat in his system. His dick had been achingly hard the entire time, and he was certain the drool from his cock had spoiled at least part of the paint job. sert porno The heat of Hunter’s fingers blending colors in strategic spots added to the sensory overload.

Hunter stopped, and Ty opened his eyes. Hunter gazed down at him with limitless pride. Hunter was always his greatest supporter, his biggest cheerleader, it wasn’t that he ever lacked support, but somehow this time the expression was different.

Their eyes met, and Hunter moved off the bed. Ty noted Hunter was equally hard and leaking clear honey.

“Come on. I want to know what you think,” said Hunter.

He pulled Ty to a full-length mirror, stood quietly and chewed his lip while Ty got his first view of the work.

“Oh my God…” Ty whispered. The image in the mirror wasn’t the crude smeared paints he’d somehow expected, and he was mortified to realize he’d given Hunter very little credit. The reflection he saw was an amazing piece of abstract art, and his body was the canvas.

Ty blurted. “I figured you’d have eyes at my pecs and my cock sticking out of two huge lips.”

Hunter started chuckling and collapsed against Ty shaking with laughter. Once he could speak again, Hunter squeaked out. “I guess I could’ve went that direction.”

Ty grabbed his husband in an embrace, then jumped back with a look of horror.


“I don’t want to mess it up.”

Hunter started laughing again. “I think it’s meant to get messed up. I just wanted you to see it.”

“Hey! Take my picture.”

“Really? Like this?”

“Exactly like this. This is one of the hottest fuckin’ things I’ve ever seen.”

Hunter shrugged, grabbed his phone and aimed it at Ty. “Ok, hold still.”

Ty grinned and flexed his body. The tensed muscles set off the image in ways Hunter never anticipated. There was a flash, then another, and another.

“Hey, what’re you doing?”

“Well, I wanted to make sure I had enough pictures to share with all our friends.”

“Share my ass.”

Hunter stepped close, grabbed Ty’s butt and pulled them together. “Nope, not ever sharing your ass.” Hunter dropped his eyes and gazed at his work. “Pretty good job if I do say so myself.” Hunter reached down and tangled his fingers in the hair on Ty’s crotch. “This damn jungle was tough to deal with though.”

Ty laughed and held Hunter tight. “You love it, and you know you do. Now, I want my turn.”

“You want to paint me?”

Ty picked up the bowl of chocolate sauce and grinned. “I think my painting is more like our son’s. But it’ll still be fun.”

He dipped his finger into the chocolate and then smeared thick sauce over each of Hunter’s nipples. Rewarded with a gasp, Ty leaned in and began licking the chocolate off Hunter’s taut chest.

By the time Ty cleaned both nipples, Hunter’s moans echoed through the suite. Ty grabbed one of the strawberries and ran it through the chocolate. Cradling it between his fingers, he offered the treat to Hunter. His teeth sank into the berry’s red flesh, and he winked as he chewed slowly, his eyes locked on Ty.

Once he swallowed, Hunter dipped a berry into the sauce and offered the coated fruit to Ty, who bit into the combination and savored it. Far beyond the food, he loved the sensations of Hunter’s fingers trailing across his face. Trading back and forth they fed each other from the small bowl of strawberries. Once they were gone, Ty ran his finger through the chocolate and lifted it toward Hunter’s lips. His mouth parted, but Ty dropped his hand and smeared the chocolate along the curve of Hunter’s cock.

“Ah, fuck,” moaned Hunter.

Ty slowly squatted in front of Hunter, whose thick cock was dripping chocolate and precum. He leaned forward and took Hunter’s foreskin between his teeth, and tugged. He teased and chewed on the tantalizing bit of flesh until Hunter was bracing himself against Ty’s shoulders to keep from collapsing.

Ty sucked more of Hunter’s chocolate-coated dick into his mouth and cleaned it carefully with his tongue. Hunter’s tight hold on his shoulders and the scent of masculinity surrounding them drove Ty’s building lust to new heights.

He grabbed Hunter’s waist and held on as he pushed his face down Hunter’s length. sex hattı porno His cock pressed slowly deeper until Ty’s throat convulsed at the intrusion. Working slowly, he lasted a few more seconds before coming off Hunter with a gasp.

Hunter let out a shaky laugh. “I’ll give you points for persistence, but you never have been able to take me all the way.”

Ty teasingly stroked Hunter’s cock. He loved the curved monster coming from Hunter’s slender groin. Fascinated as always, he slid back the soft skin until the deep red crown was fully exposed. Ty pressed his lips against Hunter’s dick and sucked the sweet nectar drooling from its tip.

The trembling of Hunter’s body signaled his building heat. Ty gripped Hunter’s cock tight, stood and kissed him. “Babe, I really want to try docking again.”

“But we never get it to work, we just end up with a big mess.”

Ty snorted. “Who cares? We don’t have to clean up. I’m so fucking horny it won’t take much.”

Hunter smiled and returned the soft kiss. “Ok, just don’t get pissed if it doesn’t work again.”

Ty kissed Hunter. “I promise, pissy Ty won’t show up.”

Hunter pulled them tight against each other and planted a lingering kiss on Ty’s lips. “Come on, big boy. I’m horny as hell.”

Their cocks slid over each other as they rubbed their bodies together. After a few minutes, Ty pulled back, panting for breath. “Let’s do it. I’m so fuckin’ close.”

Hunter pried his stiff cock away from his stomach and peeled the skin back to expose its perfect crown. Ty adjusted his stance, then touched the tip of his dick against Hunter’s. The spark of fire between them was so strong he struggled for control. Hunter slid his foreskin over Ty’s hardness, the heat ripping a gasp from Ty. Scalding heat flowed through his body as Hunter closed his fingers around Ty’s dick and held the foreskin in place.

“Oh shit. That’s fuckin’ amazing.” Ty swallowed hard, his body on the verge of losing control as their cocks slid together in Hunter’s foreskin. Ty rocked his hips and their crowns bumped together inside the scorching hot sheath.

“Ah fuck. I can’t believe how good this is.”

“Easy, you can’t buck or it all goes to shit.”

Ty twitched as he struggled for control. “Damn, wish I still had mine.”

Hunter chuckled. “We’ve had enough trouble getting docking to work, I think double docking might be too much.”

Ty’s chuckle quickly changed to a gasp when they collided again. The tight movement built with heat radiating from Ty’s groin. He heard soft grunts from Hunter and knew they both were ready to pop. Hunter began to shake, then Ty’s dick was flooded with hot jizz. Hunter emptied his nuts and in the process drove Ty to his climax. He sagged against Hunter as his muscles turned into jelly. The skin ballooned even farther as Ty added to the mixture in Hunter’s foreskin.

The shake of Ty’s body broke Hunter’s grip, and their cocks separated. The blended semen trailed between them, pooling on the floor. Ty dropped to his knees and sucked Hunter’s foreskin between his lips. He nursed the remaining mixture, running his tongue around the head to catch the last bit. The bittersweet concoction of their love was the perfect counterpoint to the sweet chocolate. Ty ran his tongue over Hunter’s softening cock until Hunter grabbed him and held him immobile.

“Stop! It’s sensitive.”

Ty rose, grabbed the back of Hunter’s neck and pulled their mouths together. With a flick of his tongue, he fed Hunter some of their mixture. Hunter responded as Ty had hoped, hungrily searching for more. Their tongues dueled for a several long delicious minutes until Ty broke the kiss with a sigh of resignation.

He winked at Hunter. “Not bad for our first day in Vegas. I think we worked through a bunch of hot fantasies.”

Hunter glanced at the clock and smiled. “Technically, it’s day two. But yeah, that was some of the hottest sex, ever.”

“Okay, we better put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, clean the paint off me and wipe up a little before we crash. Tomorrow’s a busy day.”

Hunter gave Ty a teasing pop on the cheek. “And we are checking on the kids in the morning. And we’re leaving the room for more than food.”

“Yes, sir. Whatever you say, sir.”

Hunter slapped Ty hard on his butt and then laughed at his groaned reply. “Damn! You’re an animal. You’ve got your rocks off twice today, and you’re still ready for more.”

Ty winked at him. “I’m always ready for more with you, babe.”

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