Reporter’s Dilemma Pt. 09

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After relaxing in the afterglow Brad said softly, “Baby, would you like to go out for dinner?”

Feeling her stomach make a hungry rumble, Caroline said, “Oh yes, I’m so hungry, nothing like good, hot sex to work up an appetite!” she finished, with a giggle.

They went to one of their favorite steakhouses for dinner, and the smells of freshly cooked beef made their mouths water. Brad was watching Caroline more than his menu. There was such a thing about her, she was positively glowing with a new sense of lust and eagerness for sex. The shine in her eyes, the hungry way she would look at him, taking charge and demanding her satisfaction, had brought his lust and eagerness for hot fucking out of hibernation.

Caroline looked up at him, and purred, “Get a nice juicy steak, eat up all that Vitamin E, so your cock will be all hard and ready for me later!”

Just a couple of hours later, Caroline showed off the crotch-less red panties that she had bought, and with Brad flat on his back, he got a close-up look at her smooth, well-waxed mound as Caroline lowered her steaming snatch down on to his mouth, purring, “Lick me, baby, lick my cunt, make me all hot and wet for your hard, eager cock!”

Brad had improved markedly in oral sex since Caroline had taken charge and taught him how to eat her pussy, and she crested quickly, humping and moaning atop Brad’s mouth, her need for another orgasm setting her lust rolling, and she lay back, spread wide, ready and eager.

“Fuck me, baby, stuff my pussy, ram my cunt, and make me cum all over your dick!”

Brad quickly obeyed, and Caroline let out loud growls of pleasure as her pussy eagerly swallowed his cock, oh yeah, this was how she liked it, with his rabbit fuck style gone, and her doing her wifely duty (no longer was it a duty, it was all pleasure now) of servicing his cock often, he would last a long time, especially after painting her bowels with his cum. She lay back, pinned to the bed, enjoying the feel of Brad fucking her back into the mattress, watching her husband as they humped back and forth, she pushed her hips up in time, eager to get stuffed to the brim every time. Caroline got the long, hard boning that she adored, she came 3 times, her cunt eagerly massaging his cock, as Brad’s cock finally let go, she crested to a 4th climax, feeling his pulse deep inside, filling up her needy hole with a final volley.

In the afterglow, Caroline realized that her 3rd feature was being filmed tomorrow. Instead of feeling dread, she felt a sizzling excitement, her lust was prickling at her, refusing to let go, making her tremble with what scenarios would be played out on her willing body. She felt a nuzzling, Brad had noticed how revved up she still was, and with his newfound skill at licking her cunt brought into play, pinned by his agile tongue, Caroline enjoyed a noisy, squirting release, howling with pleasure as her body shook through one more riveting climax.

They slept so late that Brad had to jump out of bed, no time for hot morning sex, he had to rush off to work. Caroline took a long hot shower and got herself ready. She was no longer the timid wife, who would never complain when she wasn’t getting hot, lust-filled sex. Her mentality had shifted, now she wanted sex, she wanted cocks, escort izmir the movies she made for Taco Busters had fueled her lust, striking the match, and the fire of rekindled lust had seized her. Brad had been a happy recipient of the burning heat.

She was right on time, Gregor smiled as he saw it all over her face. The glow, the lust re-awakened, and she listened eagerly as Gregor outlined the plot. She was going to get her ass and her pussy fucked at the same time. Caroline felt her body sizzle with lust, the idea of two cocks jammed in both her holes, oh, she was going to be stuffed like a Christmas turkey.

The got the action going, as she straddled Lance’s body, his 9-inch lance nudged against her lips, and with a loud growl of pleasure, she drove her wet, steamy pussy down, squealing with pleasure as she impaled herself, the surge of his 9 inches being powered up into her. He pulled her body down, so her ass stuck up, cocked to the perfect angle. He grasped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, and Caroline felt a slather of lube being spread between the cheeks, a finger running over the rim of her ass, then probing inside, spreading it all around.

This is it, she was thinking, I’m gonna get my very first dual penetration. Gregor, being the director, was the lucky one who would take her ass, and Caroline felt his 8 inches of hard, burly meat, as it pried open the tight rosette of her ass hole, moving slowly through the tight anal ring, pushing slowly. Even though she was no longer an anal virgin, her ass hole stung with pain as the cock invaded her back door, and she let out a shriek as she felt herself being filled up. With one last thrust, and another squeal, Gregor’s cock bottomed out, and she was feeling incredibly stuffed, aching at the twin penetrations. They began slowly fucking her in tandem and within a minute she began moving with them. She felt her lust starting to sizzle, oh fuck, it felt so good.

She cried out, “Fuck, oh fuck, feels so good, fuck my holes, let me have it!”

“Oh fuck yeah, virgin tight ass, nice.”

“Oh yeah, so hot and wet, gonna love pumping my load right up your nice tight cunt, baby.”

They set up a faster rhythm, fucking her body in tandem, and Caroline let them use her. The sting of her ass hole penetration had lessened, and the pleasurable feeling of cocks fucking her lower holes at the same time, feeling them rub against each other through the thin wall separating them, made her body sizzle. She was shaking, almost delirious with pleasure as her body took on the two hard cocks.

The room filled with the grunts and growls from the guys as they did her, Caroline’s cries of pleasure, and the wet liquid squelch as her juicy pussy was being pounded, overflowing, gushing juices around Lance’s cock. She could feel her orgasm approaching, having her holes plundered, seeing the cameras in close, filming every plunge, recording every grunt, growl, and cry of pleasure, shoved orgasm at her. Caroline let out a scream of raw sexual pleasure as her orgasm grabbed her full force. Her pussy and her ass tightened down on the cocks fucking her and started pulsing with orgasmic contractions, becoming the ultimate gripping holes.

“Yeah, oh yeah, so fucking tight, fuck, fuck FUUUCCCCKKKK!”

“Gonna izmir escort bayan fill you, baby, tight hot cunt, yeah, YEAH!”

Lance and Gregor jammed in their throbbing cocks as deep as possible, Caroline’s pussy and ass were now stuffed to the max. She could feel their cocks throbbing, and she felt the gush of hot, wet sperm being pumped into ass hole and her pussy, oh fuck, she was cumming again, cumming like crazy, she let out another scream of pleasure, oh fuck, it was too good, the feeling of both holes being plundered, then getting a thick coating of hot cum pumped into her. She felt the tightness of her holes milking at the two stiff cock, sucking their loads out eagerly, until they slumped down, exhausted for the moment.

She wasn’t done yet, soon, she was sitting on Brad’s 10-inch cock, while Greg’s 9 inches probed her asshole. This time, her shriek was one of pleasure, as both cocks took her. Oh yeah, the second time was even better, now that her ass had been pried open, it was still a tight fit, but her shriek was more of pleasure when Greg’s 9 inches wedged in between the grip. Caroline reveled in the sensations as pussy and ass hole were pumped in unison. The sounds and smells of lust-filled the room, and her body was sizzling. When Brad’s grunts and growls sounded, and she felt the rush of hot, wet cum being splattered all over her cervix, she flew into orgasm. The tight clamp of her asshole took Greg with her, and he let out a roar of pleasure, as Caroline felt the hot, wet spray hosing down the tight darkness, her holes rippling, milking both cocks for all they had.

Once more, she was set up for another double fuck, and her body was a seething mass of wanton, hungry lust, she was more than eager for another double filling. This time, she perched herself on Peter’s 9-inch cock, and she purred as she felt Chad’s 10 inches being stuffed up her ass hole. The sperm filling her tight ass hole made for great lubrication, and Caroline was eager to voice it for the cameras.

“Fuck, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I’m a little cream pie slut, and I want the juiciest, wettest cream pies to fill both holes, FUCK ME!”

Caroline’s body was virtually vibrating with pleasure, with her ass filled with two thick loads, it was a smooth, enjoyable ride as Chad thrust his glistening tool in and out, the tight grip of her ass hole was spread open again and again by his 10 inches of plunging rod. Caroline was making non-stop moans, grunts, and cries of pleasure while Peter rammed his shaft up her pussy. The feel of those two hard shafts stuffing her, rubbing against each other inside her body was unbelievably fucking great, Caroline could feel her ass hole and pussy throbbing with the fucking they were taking, and she imagined what it looked like. She couldn’t wait to get the download link, so she could have her own copy, she knew she’d be masturbating wildly to the movie. Seeing in her mind’s eye, her body being used for such carnal lust, and her wanton slut side taking it all like a living fuck doll, orgasm raced at her again, and the tight clamp of her pulsing holes as she crested grabbed the cocks fucking her ass and pussy, and they quickly unloaded a wet spray deep inside her.

Just before they pulled out, Gregor said, “Ready to show your cream izmir escortlar pies baby?”

Caroline nodded eagerly, and as Chad pulled his spent cock out of her ass hole, she pulled herself free of Peter’s cock, and saw the cameras positioned, ready for her. She quickly squatted over the cameras pointing up, and another camera moved in on both sides, for a second view, she grinned, the first cameras are going to get such a coating. She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, she could feel the hot cum ready to spill out of her ass hole, while Gregor reached down, spreading her pussy lips apart to show that cream pie, ready to go.

Caroline growled, “Oh yeah, look at my cream pies, so thick and juicy, just for you guys, would you like to stick your tongue in, and suck all the cum out of my cream pies? Get ready for a wet, juicy, close-up view!”

Caroline tightened up, squeezing, feeling little zings of a well-fucked ass and pussy pulsing along her tight walls, and a huge rush of cum shot out of both holes, flooding the camera lens filming her anal cream pie, while the camera just under her pussy got big globs of cum splattered all over, quickly obscuring that camera view, as she bore down with both holes.

Caroline had really been filled up, 3 big loads fired up her ass hole and her pussy, she felt bolts of lust running through her as she squeezed hard, hearing the dull splatter as thick ropes of cum were squeezed out of both of her well-fucked holes. Caroline reveled in it, unlike her first time when she had felt incredible shame from shooting out her cream pie. Even the wet, spluttering farting sounds her ass hole and pussy made sent thrills through her.

She was chanting softly to herself, “Slut, cream pie slut, fuck doll, little horny cream pie whore”, over and over, as she kept up the squeezing, the cum streaming out of her, a huge smile on her face. She was eager to shoot out every bit of cum, thinking of all the horny guys watching her, how many would be stroking off, and shoot their loads off right at that moment, wishing that they were unloading into her tight holes. She kept the squeezing action going until every last dribble of cum had been emptied.

Her lust was running away with her like a wildfire out of control, as she purred, “Keep the cameras going, I want to suck every cock that fucked me, then everyone needs to fuck my horny cunt, one more time, line up, and let me suck you up nice and hard!”

She knelt submissively, presenting her mouth for their oral pleasure, eager to fluff up every cock that reamed her and have them stuff her pussy. It made her lust burn hotter and hotter, on her knees, naked, and ready to suck all the cocks, helping them get rock hard so she could get fucked, over and over. She was already making soft cries and moans around Gregor’s cock, as he slid in, grunting with pleasure as Caroline’s hot mouth took him in, her full crimson lips riding wetly up and down his quickly growing shaft.

Gregor grunted, “Oh yeah. Susie Cream Pie had been hiding her wicked cock sucking talents. Suck me up baby, fluff us all, so we can stuff your tight little pussy, and cream pie you again!”

Caroline smiled inwardly, feeling the cock growing back to full, eager need gave her a heady sense of the power of her body. She was no longer ashamed or disgusted by what she was doing. Her need to be a fully sexual being had not only been pushed to the surface, but it had also taken over. It was going to be a long, enjoyable, and very hard afternoon.

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