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We hadn’t seen each other for a month. I had been away on business, he was starting a new job, so we were both busy, stressed out, and generally negligent of our relationship.

My lover flew up to meet me and help me drive back home. Since he was very busy at his new job, he only had one day off that week, so I drove my packed car to the airport, picked him up, and we started the eight-hour drive home.

I was nervous on the way to meet my lover. The month’s absence had been a mixed blessing, and I was not sure how I would feel seeing him again. Recently, our relationship had gone through a lot of turmoil, and I knew we were both questioning its durability.

I got lost on the drive over, so I was running late, and I received an impatient phone call from him saying that he was waiting in front of the terminal. So much for the exciting greeting I had planned.

Still, when I saw him there, standing by the curb, my heart sprang into a fast rhythm. I guess I had forgotten how good-looking my lover is. The only picture of him I brought with me on my trip had us both wearing goofy smiles, so for the past month that was my main memory of him. Moreover, for all of his threats that he had become fat in my absence, he was even more lean and muscular than he had been when I left. I caught a glance of his abs, with had become very defined, and I felt the saliva pool in my mouth.

I hopped out of my car, and we exchanged quick, slightly nervous kisses before he got into the driver’s seat. “I was out until late last night, and I don’t know how long I will last, so let me drive first.”

Out late? My mind leapt to a million jealous conclusions. I wondered if there were any attractive women at his new workplace that would become my competition. We ambled through some mindless small talk, exchanging gossip about our common friends and telling funny stories about the new people we had met recently, then we lapsed into a mildly uncomfortable silence as we drove south.

After about an hour, we pulled into a small, highway town to get some brunch and fill up the gastank. We ate quickly at a roadside fast food place, hardly the most romantic place, and the screaming children in the room were hardly conducive to a serious discussion.

But I could hold back my racing thoughts only for so long. As we walked back to my ancient white beamer, I turned to him and demanded, “Did you miss me at all, or were you just relieved that I was gone?”

He looked at me, stunned. “Baby, you know I missed you.”

“Then why aren’t you more excited to see me? This is the first time we’ve seen each other in a month, and all you do is complain about how tired you are.”

“Baby, I was out until late last night with some of my work colleagues. It’s a new job, so I couldn’t just leave early. And I am excited that you’re coming back home. I cleaned the entire apartment because I wanted everything to be perfect for you. I can’t wait until we get back home so that I can show you how much I’ve missed you.”

Well, I felt silly for being so insecure. I had no good response for him, so I just smiled as best I could and said, “I love you” and gave him a big hug.

He got back into the driver seat. “Honey, just so you know, all the women at my job are either ugly or married or otherwise attached.”

Don’t you just hate it when your mind is read?

“Anyway,” he continued, “there’s only one person I want, and it’s you.”

I got one of those wonderful, warm feelings that spread around my insides. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” He reached out and grabbed my hand and held it tight for a moment. “You’re wonderful, all that I could ask for, beautiful, smart, and sexy.”

I sighed and leaned my head against his solid shoulder, a big grin across my face.

He continued, “See what kind of effect you have on me?” He took my hand, still held in his, and brought it down to his crotch. I could feel his member, stiff and straining against his jeans. I stroked and grabbed at it through the denim. He groaned. “It’s been too long.”

“Don’t enjoy this too much,” I warned, “you still have to drive.”

He laughed. “I can do two things at once.”

I took the hint, and adjusted my position so I could reach my hand down his pants and properly stroke his erect cock. I pushed down his foreskin and felt the smoothness of his skin against my soft hand. My lover took a deep breath. “Maybe we should pull over somewhere,” he suggested.

“Wouldn’t free spin you rather wait and get me into our own bed and do things the right way?” I asked coyly as I gave his cock a firm squeeze, just for good measure.

“It’s been a month. I can do a quickie on the side of the road and do you again tonight. But I don’t want to have to wait another five hours to fuck you.”

I stalled. I wanted him, to be sure, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a quick screw in the back seat of my car on the side of the interstate. We are grown-ups, after all.

He sensed my hesitation, and decided to take things into his own hands. Driving 90 down the highway with one hand, he used his right hand to fondle my breasts. “Hey mister,” I scolded, “people in the other cars can see what you’re doing.”

“Really?” he laughed gently. “I thought you liked that kind of thing.” He took his hand from my now swollen breasts. “But if you don’t want them to see me playing with your boobs, I can do something a little more hidden.” With that, he reached down my shorts, where he quickly found my clit and gave it a quick pinch.

Immediately I could feel my love juices flowing. “Pull over at that next exit” I panted.

A grin erupted on his face. He pulled off the freeway onto a two-lane road in the middle of corn and wheat fields. We drove out for a bit, until the road became gravel, and my lover put the car into park. “Take off your shorts and get on my lap,” he commanded.

“Yes, sir” I said, and I quickly did as he said. He pulled down his jeans, and out sprang his beautifully veined 8-inch cock, its head peaking above the foreskin. I crawled over the bucket seats, and positioned myself with my back to him, both of us facing the freeway in the distance. I got a tiny shiver as the car air conditioner blew cold air onto my dripping pussy.

He grabbed me by my right hip, then used his left hand to direct his cock into my very wet hole.

“Do it slow, I want to enjoy every inch as it fills me up,” I whispered.

Kindly, he did as I requested. Slowly, he fed his cock to my tight vagina, filling it as it hadn’t been in a month. When he bottomed out, we both moaned and stayed in that position for a moment, savoring the feeling of our hot bodies, connected at last.

I leaned my head back to kiss his neck. “Now fuck me until you cum.”

Happily, he complied. Using my hips as handles, he moved my much smaller body up and down on his hard member. “Touch yourself” he directed.

Quickly, I licked my finger, then brought it to my clit, rubbing it in circles. “God, yes” I sighed. I felt the long pent-up orgasm building up inside of me.

As my groans got louder, I felt his cock swelling more inside of me, and his thrusts became harder and faster. I started screaming “Cum with me baby!” My lover said nothing, all of his efforts and attention are diverted to his intense feelings. A bestial roar came out of his throat as he thrusted my body one last time as far down onto his cock as possible.

We both collapsed back onto the cracked leather driver seat. We rested for a moment, then I reached into the glove compartment and got us some tissues to clean up. We looked at each other and laughed. “I can’t believe we just had sex on the side of the road,” I said as I climbed back into the passenger seat.

“Yeah” he agreed. “I haven’t done that since I was a kid.” He turned the car around, and started driving back to the freeway.

I yawned and leaned back into my seat. “Now I’m all tired.”

He looked over at me and patted me on the head. “Take a nap, baby. You’re going to need your energy for tonight when I get you back home.”

I closed my eyes for a moment, then opened my left eye to look at him. “What were you planning on doing to me?”

“You’ll see” he said with a knowing look. I smiled back at him, wiggled into a comfortable position and fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke, we were getting off the freeway at our exit. We were home. He had driven the entire eight hours. “Oh my gosh, honey, I can’t believe you drove the entire trip. You should have woken me.”

He reached over and rubbed my leg. “It’s okay, baby. I liked watching you sleep. You worked hard this month, and I wanted to take care of you.”

We smiled at each other, and I bathed in the love I felt coming from him. He grabbed my hand and we rode in comfortable silence for the last few minutes of the trip.

We arrived bonus veren siteler at home, and he lugged my bags up the steps and into the bedroom. Then he took one long look at me and smiled, before he threw himself onto the bed.

I watched him for a moment before I realized that his breaths were becoming slower and he was slowly relaxing into the bed. He was falling asleep! With that long nap, I was full of energy and fantastically horny.

“Oh, no you don’t!” I said with force, and I climbed on the bed and mounted his sleepy body. “You promised me loving when we got home, and I’m holding you to it!”

He opened his sleepy eyes, “Oh, honey, you have no idea how tired I am.” He tried to go back to sleep.

“Please baby?” I persisted. I started kissing all over his face. “You can do anything you want with my body…”

He opened his eyes again. He clearly looked exhausted, but I detected something in his eyes that indicated that a second wind might be in the coming. “Baby, if you want it, you’re going to have to do all the work.”

That was fair enough. He did drive all the way home, after all. “Okay baby.” I said, as I unzipped his jeans.

His cock was already moderately erect, so I started rubbing it with one hand while I kissed his neck. When it was nice and hard, I moved down and started to lick it, first the head, then longer and long licks, up and down his cock. I could still taste myself on him from our quickie a few hours before. I could hear him start to get into the oral loving, so I increased my intensity and started taking his bulbous head into my mouth, swirling around the tip with my tongue. With each bob, I took more and more of his cock into my mouth, going until my nose was tickled by his pubic hair. I gagged a couple times, but I refused to stop sucking until he told me to stop. I used one hand to hold onto his balls, alternating between stroking them and softly squeezing on them. With my other hand, I struggled to get out of my cloths.

“Baby, come up here so I can lick you” he told me.

I did as he asked. Keeping my mouth wrapped around the head of his cock, I repositioned myself so that I straddled his head. He brought up his hands to grab each of my ass cheeks, and pulled my pelvis down to his face. I reattacked his cock with vigor, using its gentle curvature to better direct it down my throat. He started licking at my clit, followed by long licks up the whole length of my slit. I moaned around his cock.

He stuck his tongue as far into my wet cunny as it would go. His breath was hot as he spread my ass cheeks apart with his hand, and stared at my winking pucker.

“Let’s take a shower” he said and he lifted my body off of his.

I was temporarily stunned, having expected to be fucked right then and there, but I do as told, and go and run the shower. As the water heated up, he came up behind me, and I could feel his hard cock press against my back.

We got into the steamy shower, and he held me so we could both be under the hot water. After we were both good and wet, he got directly under the water and pushed me down to my knees. “Suck on me.”

I wrapped my lips around his cock, tasting the sweetness of the shower water. I sucked him hard for a few minutes, then he directed me to stand up and face away from him, using the wet wall as support.

He used two fingers to part my vaginal lips and directed his sweet cock into me, sliding in with the warm water diluting my own natural lube, allowing us both to feel a greater friction. He only gets about two thirds of his length into me, he is far too long for me, and my muscular cervix serves as a painful roadblock to his cock, already bruised from the afternoon’s roadside fuck.

Slowly he fucked me with just the first six inches of his cock, but I wanted to feel all of him deep inside of me, and I knew there was one way to do it best. I reached up to the window ledge and pulled down a bottle of conditioner. I handed it to him silently.

He said nothing in return, he just took the bottle. I returned my hands to the steamy wall for balance and bent over further.

I heard him squirt some conditioner onto his hand. Still half-heartedly fucking my cunt, he dipped his left fingers into the conditioner, then pressed one finger slowly against my asshole until it opened up and he slid past the sphincter. He shoved that finger all the way into my ass, making me gasp in anticipation. He worked that deneme bonusu veren siteler finger around a bit, then he re-dipped his middle finger in the conditioner and added it to my ass along his index finger. He thrust those two fingers in and out of my ass, now fucking my pussy a little harder with his cock in rhythm. I was aching to feel him fill me completely.

His right hand reached up again for the bottle of conditioner. I heard something drop to the floor and looked down to see the bottle cap on the shower floor. His left index and middle fingers, still lodged in my ass, spread slowly, opening me up, then I felt the opening of the conditioner bottle slowly pressed into my ass, at the same time, one of the fingers was removed. I felt him squeeze the bottle and felt the cool conditioner fill up my bowels.

The violation of my ass with the conditioner sent my body into orgasm, and I started screaming and my pussy contracted around his cock.

“Watch out” he warned. “You’ll expel all of the conditioner, and then I’ll have to fuck your ass dry.”

With that, he unceremoniously pulled the narrow top of the conditioner bottle from my ass. He dropped the bottle to the ground. He stuck his right thumb into my ass quickly so the sphincter would not close up, pulled my asshole farther apart so he could peer in and see the pale pink conditioner dripping out, and pulled his cock out of my pussy and pressed it into my ass.

Even with his preparations, the head of his cock was much wider than my ass was ready to accept, and he had to push hard to keep stretching out the sphincter. Once he got to his maximum diameter, he just shoved the rest of his length into my ass with a single thrust so powerful, I was momentarily lifted off the ground.

I felt the conditioner squirt out of my ass as his cock drove in. He grunted and started ramming into my ass, over and over again.

I tried to rub my clit as he fucked my ass, but I kept losing my balance on the slippery floor. My lover, ever attentive, noticed this, and told me to “wait.”

With a quick plop, he pulled out of my ass. He turned off the water, and pulled two towels for us to dry off quickly. We ran over to the bed, where he lay down a towel, then lay down on his back. “Climb on,” he said with a smile.

I straddled him, and he handed me our bottle of lube. “Get me ready.”

I took the bottle and poured a generous amount onto my hand. I slowly rubbed the greasy fluid onto his beautiful, thick cock, stroking its full length as he fingered my asshole to keep it open. When I felt satisfied with the job I did, I nodded to him, and he removed his finger, put both hands on my hips and told me to use my hands to spread my cheeks as he pushed me down onto his slippery cock. I sat down completely, then sat completely upright to make sure that I had every possible inch deep inside of me.

He fucked me as easily as he would my pussy, moving me up and down, and I never felt as close to him as I did then with his cock in my ass. With each complete thrust, my pussy and clit ground into his pelvis, and I threw my head back and yelled out my orgasm. “I’m cumming! Don’t stop fucking my ass! I love your cock in my ass!” My ass contracted hard on his cock, but he did not slow down his fucking, not even when I collapsed on his chest.

He held me for a moment, until I started kissing his neck to indicate that I was re-energized and ready for whatever he wanted next. He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out my vibrating dildo.

“Grease this up, then hold it to your clit. I want you to cum again before I cum in your ass.”

I did as he told me, using the same lube that I used on his cock on the purple plastic vibrator. I sat up, and once again, he used me like a fucktoy, moving me up and down on his cock however he pleased. I moved the vibrator to my clit, and the cold sensation and buzzing was too much for my body still sensitized from the anal orgasm my lover had just given me. My body went right back into orgasm, almost painfully so, and I howled into his ear and felt the massive contractions of my pussy and ass. His thrusts became harder and more brutal, and as my contractions slowly softened, he rolled us over onto the bed so he was on top, and pounded his orgasm down into me.

We both collapsed down on the bed and lay that way for several minutes. Finally, he propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at me. “God, I missed you. Don’t ever leave me again.”

I reached up to stroke his face. “You have me forever.”

He pulled his shrinking cock out of my ass and went to clean himself up. Then he brought back some tissue for me, which I tucked in between my legs, and we curled up in bed and fell to sleep in each other’s arms.

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