Sadie Waits

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Sadie showed up at the address she had written down. She had been talking to Rick about her fantasy for a few weeks now, and they had decided that this was the night. She felt nervous, but also excited. They had a plan, and as she pressed her finger to the door bell, she knew that her fantasy was about to come true. She felt butterflies.

Rick smiled at her as he answered the door, then kissed her lightly on the cheek. “How was the drive?” he asked politely.

“Not bad,” she replied, darting her tongue out to wet her too dry lips.

He ushered her into his place and they kissed for a moment longer. Rick leaned his head down to hear ear, “Are you ready,” he whispered.

Sadie nodded slightly and handed her backpack over to Rick. As Sadie headed to the bathroom to get ready, Rick popped a movie into the DVD in his room. He sat in the middle of the bed and waited for her to come out.

She came into the bedroom…ready. She had slipped out of her blue jeans and t-shirt and was now wearing nothing more than her black bra, black panties and her short, pink robe.

Rick smiled appreciatively at the ensemble. He watched as Sadie pulled the robe tighter around herself and then climbed up onto his four poster bed. She snuggled in next to him and he started the movie. He knew erotik film izle she had never done this before, and must be nervous as hell. He was too. He wanted everything to be perfect, and as she sat next to him, her bare leg exposed, her creamy thigh peaking out from underneath the robe…he wasn’t certain how long he could hold out.

Sadie began to bite her lip again as the movie began to play.

“Relax,” Rick said in a low and reassuring voice. He put his arm around her and pulled her in closer. “We won’t do anything until I think you are ready. He felt as she nodded her head.

About a half hour later, Sadie was much more relaxed and it was time to move ahead. Rick motioned his hand over his lap. Sadie got up onto her knees next to him and seemed to hesitate for a moment. Rick pulled her down and began to kiss her lips, his tongue melding with hers, tangling and twisting…thrusting. She smiled as she pulled away and then positioned herself over his lap. She was on her knees for a moment, crouched over him, facing the TV and away from Rick. He handed her two pillows. “Lay your head on these,” he prompted.

Sadie moved forward and laid down on Rick’s lap. Her pussy was grinding against his still clad crotch, her ass was level with his belly button. Her head was down by film izle his feet, and she laid there, anxiously awaiting what was going to happen next.

She began to think, to feel what was happening. She was trying to watch the movie, to ignore all of the small movements behind her, but it was proving to be impossible.

Less than ten minutes later, she felt his hand caressing her backside through the robe. She felt his finger outlining her ass crack and felt as his weight shifted. As he reached over her for the backpack she had brought in earlier.

She was wet with the anticipation. Rick slid his fingertips lightly over the backside of her thighs and up to the hem of her robe. He laid it over her back. Now the only thing separating them was her tiny, lacy black panties. She felt his hand caress her softly through the lace, then lift away.

Then she felt his hand come down…hard as Rick began spanking her. She jumped at the first swat, much harder than she had anticipated. Then again, and again. One swat, the movie continues. Then another. And another. She bit the pillow to keep from crying out. She wanted this. She felt her ass getting hotter and hotter as the spanking continued. A good twenty minutes. God it felt incredible.

She felt as he began cutting the panties off. seks filmi izle They had talked about this. She had hid a pare of sheers in her bag, she wanted to feel the metal graze her skin as her panties were removed. First one side, then she felt as the seam to the other side gave way. Now Sadie was completely exposed to Rick. She couldn’t help but wiggle her ass in anticipation. She heard him chuckle.

“Now now, little one,” he said, “don’t move around too much, or I won’t be able to make this last.”

She held still again as his fingers dipped into the crack of her ass. He began to massage. Not only between her cheeks, but she felt his soft hand now soothing the red hot area he had been spanking only moments before. She was incredibly excited. Then she heard the bag again.

Sadie heard as Rick took out the lubricant. She felt a tingle as he slid his well lubricated finger over the edge of her ole. She knew exactly what was coming. His finger circled, circled, spreading the lube around the outside of her ass. Then he slipped in.

“How’s that,” he asked softly as he heard her moan.

“Incredible,” Sadie said softly as she pushed her hips up toward him.

Rick chucked again. Then slapped her ass one more time. “Behave,” he said almost sternly.

Sadie settled back down as she felt the double vibe come to life behind her. She felt as it poised to enter her. One vibrating dildo for her pussy, one for her ass. What more could a girl ask for? She waited, dripping, in anticipation. Mmmmm…

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