Sangitta Ch. 15

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Sangitta and Julie spent the night together and Julie did not let go of Sangitta all night. She knew that she was not going to get this many opportunities to hold Sangitta and she was determined to make the most of it. She felt happier than she had in a long time.

It was Sangitta who woke first and she had to extricate herself from the arms of Julie she was being held that tight. She finally managed to make it out of bed and went to the kitchen. She put on the coffee machine and then she lit her first cigarette of the day and it certainly hit the spot and she enjoyed it immensely.

She finished her cigarette and once the coffee had brewed and she poured herself a cup and took it through to the front room and placed it on the table next to the reclining chair. She pressed the button on the chair and reclined. She next turned on the television so that she could catch up on the news.

It was full of the usual depressing stuff so she flicked to the radio and listened to the morning breakfast show which was always bright and breezy. She loved the DJ who hosted the show but could never remember his name.

Anyway it gave her time to relax into the day and think about what was going to happen with Babs. She was apprehensive because Babs was so much older than her and she did not want to be a let-down to her. She wanted to please all her lovers. It was what she looked forward to on a daily basis and what turned her on.

She sat there and thought about how she was going to approach things and drank her coffee. She drained her coffee cup and thought this was when she needed Julie to be here to do her duties. She had to get up and refill her own cup and was not happy. She decided that Julie had slept for long enough.

She went to the Master Suite and saw that Julie was still snoring her head off. She gave her a nudge but this seemed to have little effect on her. She gave a harder shove and Julie turned wearily over and opened her eyes and looked at Sangitta.

“Good morning Julie.” Said Sangitta.

“Good morning Sangitta.” Replied Julie.

“It is time for you to get up and start to earn your money.” Said Sangitta.

“Yes Sangitta.” Julie replied.

“You may have a cigarette and a cup of coffee but you shall have it in the kitchen and then you will come and join me in the front room where I will give you your orders for the day.” Sangitta said.

Julie nodded and began to get out of bed. She was still woozy because she had been so deep asleep. She made it to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee from the machine and lit herself a cigarette. She enjoyed both. She washed up her mug and went through to the front room and stood in front of Sangitta.

“You looked tired.” Said Sangitta.

“I am just coming round.” Replied Julie.

“The coffee and nicotine has helped.”

“Take a seat on the sofa.” Said Sangitta.

Julie did as she was told and waited for Sangitta to speak again. It seemed to be an age before Sangitta spoke again but eventually she said.

“Right I have a few jobs for you this morning. I want you to start by helping me bathe. I need a shave and I want a close shave Julie so you will need to be careful. I have a guest coming today and I want to look my best for her. Do you understand Julie?”

“Yes Sangitta.”

“After that I want you to go and have a shower and then go and put your utility maid’s uniform on and change the bedding in the Master Suite and prepare it for later on today. Finally I want you to tidy the front room and make it look spotless. I think that should be enough for today.”

Julie made a mental note of all that Sangitta had said to her and then she stood and went to run the bath for Sangitta. It took about fifteen minutes for her to run the bath. She made sure that it was not too hot and that it had plenty of bubbles in it and then she went back to the front room to tell Sangitta that her bath was run.

Sangitta got out of her chair and went to the en-suite bathroom. She stood there and let Julie undress her. She purposefully stood there naked to give Julie a good look at her naked body knowing that it would be turning her on. Julie almost swooned at the sight of Sangitta’s naked body and she wanted to touch it.

When she thought that she had given Julie a good enough look at her naked body she stepped into the bath and told Julie to sit on the toilet while she enjoyed a soak. Julie took her seat and watched Sangitta climb into the bath and disappear under the water.

When she reappeared her flowing black locks were dripping wet and she looked more gorgeous than ever to Julie. Her only regret was that the bubbles stopped her from looking at Sangitta’s naked body but she was already aroused from what she had seen.

She waited for Sangitta to summon her to perform her duties. Sangitta enjoyed a nice long soak in the bath and then she said to Julie.

“You may come and bathe me now.”

Julie got off of the toilet and stood in front of Sangitta and said.

“Where would Avrupalı porno you like me to start Sangitta?”

“You can start by washing my hair and then wash the rest of my body but you better take your night clothes off otherwise they are going to get wet.” Replied Sangitta.

Sangitta watched as Julie took off her night clothes and had to admit that she did have a cute sexy body. She may give her a reward if she did a good job of bathing her. Julie did not know what Sangitta was thinking about but she set about to do the best that she could.

She took the shampoo and poured some into the palm of her hand then she began to lather it into the hair of Sangitta. She needed plenty of shampoo because Sangitta’s hair was so long and thick but she eventually managed to get it all clean she used the shower to wash the shampoo out.

Next she found a sponge and tried to decide what smell Sangitta should go for today. Sangitta decided to intervene.

“Let’s go for Happy.” She said.

Julie took the bottle off of the shelf and applied a generous amount to the sponge and returned to the bath. She bathed Sangitta all over and had to ask her to stand up so that she could do her buttocks and her pussy and Julie got very wet being this intimately close to Sangitta. She so needed some sexual relief.

If she had to do this every day she would be a sexual wreck. She looked at Sangitta and said.

“It would be better if you stood up whilst I shaved you.”

“Yes you are probably right.” Responded Sangitta.

With that Julie went and got the shaving foam and razors that she would need to shave Sangitta. She applied the foam to Sangitta’s legs and shaved them as carefully as she could. She made sure not to miss a spot. Then she had to start on Sangitta’s pussy.

She applied the foam to it and then she took a new razor and began to shave it. She started with the outer lips and shaved them as carefully and gently as she could. She then opened up Sangitta and did the same thing to her inner lips. Finally she shaved her thighs and her pubis and when she stood back she looked happy with what she had done.

Sangitta took her hand and felt her legs and her pussy and was more than happy with the job that Julie had done and decided that she definitely needed a reward. She knew that Julie would be wet from being so close to her sexuality.

She sank back down into the bath and cleansed the rest of the soap off her legs and pussy and then she said.

“Come here Julie.”

Julie came and stood at the side of the bath.

“You have done such a good job Julie that I think that you deserve a reward.” Said Sangitta.

“Now part your legs for me.”

Julie did as she was told and opened her legs and waited for what Sangitta was going to do her. She watched as Sangitta put out her hand and cupped her pussy. She almost fainted there and then. Sangitta let her get used to having her pussy cupped and then she inserted finger into Julie’s pussy.

She let it rest there for a moment and then she began to move it in out of Julie’s pussy. Julie had to prop herself against the wall to stop herself from falling over she was that aroused and she could not believe that this was happening.

In and out Sangitta moved her finger and Julie soon had her orgasm she had been that aroused. Sangitta smiled at the thought that she had just given Julie what she had wanted the whole time that she had been bathing her.

She pulled her finger out of Julie’s pussy and seductively licked it clean which caused Julie to have a second smaller orgasm. Satisfied that she had made Julie’s day she stood up and said.

“You may dry me now Julie.”

Julie managed to compose herself and wrapped Sangitta in the warmed towel and dried her and when she was dry Sangitta just walked out of the bathroom. As she got to the door she turned to Julie and said.

“You may go and shower and get dressed now. I am going to finish getting ready for my guest.”

They went their separate ways and Sangitta went to the Master Suite and sat on the bed. She located her phone and sent a text to Babs.

“What time would you like to come round?”

“I can be there by eleven o’clock. I only have until four o’clock.”

“Eleven o’clock is fine.”

Sangitta then checked the time. It was ten o’clock already and she had to get herself ready and she had to hurry Julie up to get the bed changed. She buzzed Julie on the intercom and said.

“You better hurry up as our guest will be here in an hour.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Came back the reply.

Julie quickly had a shower and got into her maid’s uniform. She tidied up the front room and then she came to the bedroom and knocked on the door.

Sangitta made Julie wait a minute before she said.


Julie came in and Sangitta was pleased to see that Julie had got the utility uniform on and she looked good in it. She was going to get her to change into the formal outfit but she had decided that Video porno she looked good enough as she was.

Julie looked at Sangitta and could feel her knickers getting wet again. Sangitta was stood there in a black bra, matching knickers and a suspender belt and she was rolling black sheer stockings up her legs. She looked so sexy and she so wanted to make love to her.

Sangitta seemed to not notice her so Julie just stripped the bed and then she went to the linen cupboard and looked at the choice that was there. She could not decide what to put onto the bed so she turned to Sangitta and asked for help.

“Go for the black silk.” Said Sangitta.

Julie took a set of the black bedding out of the cupboard and proceeded to make the bed. As she did she watched Sangitta slip into a black cocktail dress and then complete the look with some high heels.

“God she looked so sexy.” Julie thought.

Sangitta walked out of the Master Suite and left Julie to make the bed. When she had finished she came and stood next to Sangitta.

It was now nearly eleven o’clock and Sangitta was now getting anxious. She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. She could not wait for Babs to arrive. She needed to see the older woman and take her to her bed.

Suddenly the buzzer to her apartment went and Sangitta turned to Julie and said.

“Answer that please.”

Julie went to the intercom and answered it and buzzed the guest up to the flat. She stood by the door and waited for the buzzer to go. When the buzzer went Sangitta used the remote control to open the door and Julie showed Babs into the apartment.

Babs entered and Julie knew what to do.

“May I take your coat madam?”

“Why thank you.” Said Babs.

She slipped her coat off and handed it to Julie who hung it up by the door.

Sangitta looked at Babs and was not disappointed with what she saw. Babs had on a red dress that stopped just above her knee but had a spilt that went all the way up to her thigh. She had on black stockings and heels and was as equally dressed as Sangitta.

“Come in Babs and take a seat.” Sangitta said.

Babs walked across the room and took a seat on the sofa. She crossed her legs and Sangitta could see the top of her naked thigh. She became very wet.

“Now I am Sangitta and this here is Julie. You may have heard her before?” Said Sangitta trying to break the ice.

“I try to recall this was the young lady in the cubicle.” Said Babs.

“You have a good memory Babs.” Replied Sangitta.

Sangitta turned to Julie and said.

“Could you get us a couple of glasses of champagne please Julie?”

“Of course.” Said Julie.

She went off into the kitchen and Sangitta turned to Babs and said.

“You look damned sexy today.”

“As do you Sangitta.”

“I dressed special for you.” Replied Sangitta.

“Well it has certainly worked I am wet already.” Responded Babs.

“That makes two of us.”

Julie re-entered the front room and presented the two glasses of champagne to Babs and Sangitta. They each took a glass and then Sangitta said.

“You can go to your room now Julie.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Said Julie.

With that she left the front room and left Babs and Sangitta alone. Sangitta used the remote control and changed the music to something a bit more romantic and they chatted and drank their champagne. It was just the ice breaker that they needed and eventually Sangitta put down her glass and said.

“Would you like to dance Babs?”

“I would love to dance with you Sangitta.” Replied Babs.

Together the ladies stood. Sangitta put out a hand and invited Babs into her arms. Babs walked forward and into the arms of Sangitta. They began to move together and soon became as one. They danced close for about five minutes then Sangitta began to move her hands.

She ran her hands up and down the body of Babs and began to caress her sexily. She heard Babs moan into her shoulder and she knew that she was turning Babs on and she felt the time was right to move things on.

Sangitta reached up and found the zip on Babs dress. She took hold of it and pulled it down. She slipped it off the shoulders of Babs and stepped back to allow it to fall to the floor. When it hit the floor Babs stepped out of it and stood there in just her underwear. Sangitta took in what she wearing and she let out a moan.

Babs had on a sheer red slip that showed off her magnificent large breasts. Sangitta was a 36D but Babs must have been a 40 plus and although they sagged they still looked gorgeous to Sangitta. She had on matching red French knickers and a pair of hold -up black stockings and her heels just made her look so sexy.

Sangitta had to have this woman.

“Shall we go to the bedroom Babs?” She said.

“Certainly.” Replied Babs.

Sangitta led the way and opened the door to the bedroom. Babs walked in and Sangitta said.

“Why do you not take a seat on the bed and I will strip for you?” Said Sangitta.

Babs did as she was asked. She climbed onto the bed and made herself comfortable and just gazed at Sangitta. When she had seen her in the shop she thought that she looked gorgeous but now that she was here with her she realised how sexy she really was.

She could not wait to make love to her. All those years of fantasising were about to come true and she was so aroused she could feel her wetness seep into her knickers.

Once she was settled Sangitta began to sway her hips and move in rhythm to the music that was being piped through to the bedroom. She moved so gracefully and was pleased for all the Indian dancing that she done growing up.

She reached round and found the zip on her black cocktail dress and drew the zip down. She pulled it all the way down and then she gave a shrug and it just fell away from her to reveal her black lingerie to Babs. Babs just sat there getting more and more aroused. She never knew that life could be this good.

Sangitta continued to move and then she put her first leg on the bed. She slipped the heel off and then she unhooked the stocking and began to roll it down her leg. She took it off and teasingly threw it at Babs. She did the same with the other leg then she unhooked the suspender belt and stood there in just her bra and knickers.

She began to dance again and Babs just looked at her transfixed by her beauty and could not wait to see her naked body. Sangitta reached up and unclipped the bra that she had on and gently pulled it away from her breasts and then she slipped it off and revealed her breasts to Babs. This was too much for Babs and she said.

“Can I touch myself Sangitta?”

“You do not have to ask to do anything Babs. I am not your Mistress. If you want to touch yourself then you do it.” Replied Sangitta.

Babs slipped her hands under the hem of her slip and moved them up to her breasts. She began to caress the meaty flesh. She knew her body well and she knew how she liked her breasts to be played with.

For a moment Sangitta stopped dancing so that she could learn how Babs liked to touch herself. It would give her guidance for later on. Babs closed her eyes for a moment and just massaged the flesh of her breasts. She moved her hands to her nipples and rolled them between her finger and her thumb and they stood up nice and erect.

Sangitta became wet at the idea of getting her hands and her mouth on those breasts and she hurriedly slipped her knickers off and joined Babs on the bed. Babs was aware of Sangitta climbing onto the bed and she opened her eyes and turned to face Sangitta.

“Would you kiss me please?” She asked.

Sangitta bent down and kissed Babs on the forehead and then she kissed her cheeks and finally she got to her lips. She gently petted them then she used her tongue to part the lips of Babs and they entwined tongues and kissed as lovers.

Babs was unsure of what to do but she reached out a hand and touched the naked flesh of Sangitta. She felt Sangitta shiver and the goose bumps rise on her skin. She ran her hands up and down the body of Sangitta and felt its smoothness. She loved the contrast in the colours of their skin and could not wait to make love to her.

As Babs caressed Sangitta she began to realise what she had been missing all these years and she wondered why she had left it so long to explore this side of her sexuality but she was also thinking that she was glad that it was Sangitta that she was with for her first time.

Babs caressed Sangitta as Sangitta took hold of her breasts and began to massage them and she needed to see them. She removed her hand and took hold of the hem of the slip that Babs was wearing and pulled it up and over her head and stared at her naked torso.

She bent down and began to kiss the flesh of Bab’s massive breasts and she heard Babs moan beside her. She so wanted to make love to this woman and she could not wait. She showered her breasts with kisses and could not wait any longer to taste the nipple. She opened her mouth and took it in.

It was hard as a rock and Sangitta sucked on it and felt it throb beneath her tongue. She bit down lightly on it and Babs let out a groan of pleasure. Sangitta pulled her mouth off of the nipple and said to Babs.

“You can sexually touch me. I know that it is your first time so you do as little or as much as you want to. It is your day Babs.”

“Thank you for being so understanding Sangitta.” Replied Babs.

Sangitta went back to kissing the breast of Babs and noticed that she had slipped her hand into the waistband of her knickers and was playing with her pussy. Sangitta smiled whilst she sucked on the nipple flesh.

Babs had never felt as aroused as she did now and when she touched herself she found how wet she actually was. She was dripping pussy juice something her husband had never been able to do to her and she wondered if she would ever make love or should she say have sex with her husband again.

She caressed the outer lips of her pussy and almost jumped off the bed as her orgasm hit her. She had not realised that she was that aroused and she could not wait to finger her pussy. She turned to Sangitta and said.

Would you kiss me again please?”

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