Saoirse’s Adventures Ch. 01

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Saoirse’s Adventures Part One: It Begins

The blown-out building loomed above the forest. A grimy glass structure housed its main entrance behind a chainlink fence, behind a stronger wrought-iron fence with sharp points at the top. The keep-out signs were small and far between and the outer fence looked like it was maintained, while the inner fence was weathered and overgrown.

Saoirse stood in the middle of the driveway that the fences cut off from the road. It had taken four days of bus rides and a seven-hour hike to get here, and she’d expected to feel more accomplished when she reached her destination. Instead, she was hot, sweaty, and grimy. She looked very human at the moment: her catlike renoige ears and waist-length pale hair were hidden beneath her hood. Her fluffy knee-length tail, the same color as her pale ears and hair, was also protected underneath her coat. Saoirse felt the dry tingling of a sunburn forming across her cheekbones; she knew the area would be rainy and hadn’t thought to bring sunscreen. The rest of her was covered well enough: she wore a thick, rain-proof green coat over a t-shirt and a knee-length cargo skirt. Her feet were sore and soggy in her worn sneakers, and her backpack was heavy.

Saoirse unclipped her water bottle for a drink and found it empty. She still had plenty of water in her backpack. It was almost dusk and she’d already needed to pee for a while, so she decided to wait until she’d found a way inside the building to take a break.

As Saoirse worked her way back along the fence, she had to avoid patches of thorny vines. The thorns caught on her skirt and tail and scratched at her shins. Saoirse didn’t know what she expected to find, or whether she really even expected to find anything-

A motor rumbled to life somewhere in the distance. Saoirse froze and glanced around. The sound had been clear, but there was nothing and no one in her immediate surroundings. She did find something though: a tree had fallen on the fences, denting the iron bars as easily as the flimsy chainlink behind it.

Stepping on one of the exposed Anadolu Yakası Escort roots, Saoirse hopped up to the fallen tree’s trunk. She had to sidestep a few branches on the way up, but it wasn’t difficult. Within seconds she was over both the outer and inner fences. The tree’s bough stopped just short of the building, and bent slightly under Saoirse’s weight as she tried to ease herself down-

“FRANCIS! I GOT IT!” a voice echoed clearly through the trees.

Saoirse lost her balance. She landed on her feet, but a branch caught her skirt on the way down, yanking her backward. She tore free, pulling harder than she’d expected and painfully compressing her stomach before the seam gave out.

“Really? Already?” another voice shouted. Saoirse’s heart raced and her bladder throbbed. The voices sounded close, but there was no one in the immediate area, nor any vehicles.

After some searching, Saoirse found a maintenance door. It was conveniently unlocked, and Saoirse cast a last suspicious glance over her shoulder before easing it open.

The interior of the building was as abandoned and unremarkable as the exterior, and the rooms – conference rooms, offices, and a small tiled kitchen – were cleared out and dark. Signs on the wall directed her to “Lake Access.” Unsure of what else to do, Saoirse followed the arrows to a shadowy hallway. The Renoige genes that gave Saoirse her catlike ears, tail, strong sense of smell, and other unusual physical features had also given her keen night vision. At the end of the hallway was a door labeled “Lake Access.”

Saoirse reached for the doorknob and her stomach did a nervous backflip, jostling her bladder. The door scraped loudly on its hinges, and sunlight flooded the hallway. Once Saoirse’s eyes had adjusted, she saw that she stood at the top of a stairway. Saoirse left the door open and descended the stairs toward the source of the light.

The room at the foot of the stairs felt nothing like a disused office. The windows stretched from the floors to the gracefully vaulted ceilings, and the Avrupa Yakası Escort carpet, though it had been nice once, was visibly faded and threadbare. A grid of dents in the carpet marked where rows of cubicles had once been.

The office offered a panoramic view of the lake below, tinted gold from the now blazing sunset. A set of concrete docks stretched out into the lake, making the place feel weirdly like a lake resort. Saoirse also had a view of a nearby field, where a group of people appeared to be setting something up. As she watched, one person separated from the others, a bird-winged andyne with large black wings. They ambled down to the water and waded into the shallows.

All that water reminded Saoirse that she still needed to pee, and she pressed her legs together, glancing around.

“There has to be a bathroom somewhere,” Saoirse whispered to herself. It occurred to her that she could just lift her skirt and pee right there, but she pushed the idea away.

Below, the black-winged andyne skirted the end of the fence and stepped up onto the concrete dock, leaving wet footprints. They appeared to be male, with shoulder-length curly dark hair, a faded t-shirt, and a pair of loud patterned swim trunks. He had olive skin with a deep tan and dark freckles. Saoirse had seen him somewhere before, but couldn’t remember where-

The andyne man approached the building. Saoirse’s stomach fell and she leaked, soaking her panties in a brief, hot gush. She had to leave, had to hide-

The black-winged andyne man had stopped almost directly in front of where Saoirse stood. All he had to do to see her was look up, but instead, he lowered his waistband and raised his shirt. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and his penis was swollen and uncircumcised. A desperate blast of piss escaped him before the shorts were even out of the way, and it tripped something in Saoirse. She spread her feet, took a deep breath, and let go, flooding her panties.

The man below stretched his wings lazily and heaved a long sigh. Saoirse did too, trying to stay as İstanbul Escort quiet as possible. Both the relief and the warmth on her legs felt good, and the steady, quiet whizzing underneath her skirt was a pleasant, even comforting sound.

Saoirse didn’t dare move from her spot. She’d heard nothing about others being out in the middle of nowhere with her, and the winged man peeing below her was only more irritatingly familiar the longer she watched him.

There was plenty of time to watch: Saoirse hadn’t had a good pee since before she left the bus depot that morning. After days of traveling with no privacy, it felt good to let loose and relax. The volume of urine created a subtle pressure inside her panties. It felt nice, especially while watching the winged man.

Saoirse took a long time to finish, and once she did she allowed herself a sigh. She hadn’t realized she’d had to go that badly, and felt relieved and relaxed. The winged man on the dock was still going strong, playing with his stream. Saoirse felt herself pulsating hotly underneath her skirt, and a little voice chastised her: she was enjoying this. She’d seen his face before, she knew him, and something in the back of her mind told her no.

The winged man finished with a big sigh that Saoirse saw rather than heard through the window, stepped back, and surveyed the puddle he’d left. His dick was hard, and he gave it a long, contemplating look before shaking off and stowing it away. He’d left a sizable wet spot in the front of his shorts but didn’t seem to mind. He turned around, hopped off the nearest dock, and plopped chest-deep into the water.

Saoirse heard the resulting gasp from the other side of the glass: “Cold! Too cold!” Even his voice was familiar. Saoirse took her chance to retreat back into the office room as the man scrambled back up onto the dock.

Though Saoirse didn’t see what happened next because of the angle of the window, the winged man emerged back into view, all wet and visibly shivering.

“What a dork,” said that inexplicable voice in the back of Saoirse’s mind without any context. “That’s just like him.”

“If only I knew who ‘him’ is,” Saoirse snorted aloud in response to herself. She’d left her own set of wet footprints from the large puddle she’d made. “That’s a lot of piss,” she observed, and decided that she didn’t feel bad about leaving it there.

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