Sarah’s New Family Ch. 04

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Part 1

Sarah slammed the car door shut and ran to the house. She couldn’t believe she was arriving at her father’s house naked again but as she ran up the stairs and burst through the front door she felt a momentary sense of relief in knowing that Jill was still sitting in her car and couldn’t be recording her latest humiliation. Her younger step-sister, however, was smiling her usual smug smile. Not only did she have her teacher’s panties to play with later, she knew exactly what Tony had been up to when he should have been at school.

Her brother sat in his room, his eyes riveted to the latest adventure of his older step-sister. He had watched her run to the house, her small breasts large enough to wobble as she ran, enticing enough to make his cock stiffen as he watched. The small camera he had fitted to the outside security one was working perfectly and he had an excellent view of Sarah’s nude body as she ran towards their house. Connected to his laptop wirelessly, he now had another video to ensure his older sister did just what he and Jill told her to do.

That morning he had waited until he was sure everyone was out before he began fitting the miniature cameras he and Jill had bought online, along with the ones he had ordered on his own that she knew nothing about. They were now all connected to his laptop, ready to provide him with a lifetime’s supply of free porn and maybe even a new source of revenue if he decided to share his work with others at school.

He had fitted two of his tiny cameras in the light fitting between his and Sarah’s door, one facing in each direction. As she arrived at the top of the stairs and began to run down the corridor, he watched as she raced towards the apparent sanctuary of her bedroom. As she approached the first camera, Tony got a great view of her gorgeous breasts and bald pussy but it was when she passed under the light and the second camera took over the filming that he got the shot he wanted. He was already in love with his sister’s bottom and he felt his hard cock twitch in his jeans as he stared in wonder at her cheeks bouncing as she ran to her room.

Just as Sarah reached the security of her bedroom, so Jill burst through the door of her brother’s room.

“Well, is it working?” she breathlessly asked her twin brother.

“See for yourself,” answered her smiling twin as he leaned back to allow his sister to see their older step-sister close the bedroom behind her and lock it. Only when the door was locked did Sarah’s breathing begin to slow down and the memory of her striptease in her own classroom returned. Her cheeks burned red as the humiliation flooded over her and she could feel the tell-tale tingle between her legs once again.

Feeling dirty and aroused in equal measure, she headed straight for her en-suite bathroom and, once again, locked the door behind her. Jill and Tony smiled to themselves as they both knew how to open all the locks in their father’s house and they also knew that there was to be no hiding from the hidden eye of their cameras for poor Sarah.

“You didn’t point one of them at her toilet, did you?” Jill asked mischievously, knowing full well the depths of her brother’s depravity.

“Of course not. What do you take me for?” her indignant brother replied, trying hard to hide the blush on his face. There was a camera pointed at their step-sister’s shower, however, and their attention was dragged back to the screen as they watched Sarah walk towards it and turn it on. After waiting a few moments for the water to heat up, she climbed in and the twins stared at the small screen; their naked sister innocently picked up her bottle of shower gel and poured some into her left hand, before rubbing it all over her body, her right hand joining her left as they caressed ever inch of her smooth skin. Tony could feel his cock stretching within the ever tighter confines of his jeans while Jill squirmed beside him, wondering if he would notice she was just as turned on as he was.

Their eyes never left the laptop as the warm water ran all over the sexy body of their step-sister, washing all the suds off her clean skin, all the way down her long legs. As she finished soaping her body, she reached for the shampoo and, pouring some into her left hand again, she tilted her head back and began to wash her long, dark hair. This made her small breasts stand out and Jill and Tony were astonished all over again at how sexy small tits could be.

As Sarah turned to let the water wash the shampoo from her hair, she faced the unseen camera and began to play with those very breasts. Tony thought she must have been washing herself again but Jill noticed how hard her step-sister’s nipples had become and realised there was something else going on here. As the unsuspecting teacher began tweaking first one nipple then the other, running her wet finger around them, the grinning twins watched in delight as they saw her slide her right hand down her body towards bareback studios porno her equally wet pussy. Her pussy, of course, was wet inside and out.

They watched intently as a single finger rubbed up and down her lips. Her mouth opened and they suspected she was moaning in pleasure, even if they couldn’t hear her. As she continued to rub at the lips with one hand while playing with her breasts with another, Tony thought he was going to cum without even touching himself but the best was yet to come.

Jill desperately wanted to do exactly what her older sister was doing as they watched Sarah part her swollen pussy lips with one hand and stared as she brought her other hand down from her breasts. They were almost sure they could hear her squeals of pleasure as she inserted just one finger into her pussy and began to easily slide it in and out. Tony was just as anxious to touch his cock, torn between watching and wanting to join in. When Sarah slid a second finger into her pussy and began to masturbate even faster, both twins let out a moan of desire.

Sarah didn’t last long and when they watched her face contort in ecstasy, they knew she was cumming. She had no idea anyone could see her as her legs almost gave way, forcing her to lean back against the shower wall, still plunging the fingers of one hand in and out while her other hand concentrated on her swollen clit, teasing it throughout her powerful orgasm before it finally stopped and she slumped to the floor.

Both Jill and Tony were desperate for some time on their own so, when Sarah eventually lifted herself to her feet and turned the tap off, Jill made her excuses and practically ran to her bedroom. Tony now had to decide if he would rerun what he had just watched or switch to the secret camera even Jill didn’t know he had planted in her room.

Part 2

He switched momentarily to the camera in his twin sister’s bedroom, the one he had placed in the smoke alarm directly above her bed. He was rewarded when Jill bounced on to the bed and, in one movement, had lifted her skirt and plunged two fingers into her obviously very wet pussy. He finally was free to open his jeans and release his cock but, as he did so, he noticed his sister wasn’t content to masturbate to the memory of what they had both just witnessed. She had produced a pair of white lacy panties which she was holding to her face and licking.

Tony knew they didn’t belong to his twin as he had often rummaged in her underwear drawer and he had never seen a pair as skimpy as the ones she was now practically devouring. Thinking he better check one last time on their older step-sister before he and Jill had a mutual, if slightly parted, wanking session, he switched cameras on his laptop. That was when he froze.

Despite his denials he had, of course, fitted a camera to watch Sarah on the toilet. He knew it was the ultimate perversion but he also knew just how humiliated she would be if her ever told her. With one hand on his laptop and the other on his newly released cock he watched his towel-wrapped step-sister walk across the bathroom and lift the lid on the toilet.

She turned to face the camera as if in slow motion, oblivious to the fact that she was being spied upon, and dropped her towel to the floor. Sarah slowly sat down as Tony’s hand quickened its pace as he pulled at his cock. Unable to hear anything, he was compensated by the sight of her newly shaved pussy before she leaned slightly forward and a look of concentration came over her face.

She didn’t sit there long but the relief on her face was obvious and Tony had to slow down or he knew he was going to cum all over his laptop.

As she reached for the toilet tissue she noticed in dismay that it was finished and she had to stand up to be able to reach the spare roll. Tony groaned aloud as his step-sister tore a few sheets off the new roll and began to wipe between her legs, squatting slightly, her legs parted just a little. It was so intimate, so private, that Tony nearly came on the spot as he watched his teacher and imagined how she would feel when he showed her this video. He now knew that he this was what he was definitely going to do and he could hardly wait.

Just as he felt he was going to blow his load all over his room the door opened and there stood Jill.

“I knew it, you little pervert. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist watching her pee. Well, you’re both mine now. You’ll both do exactly what I tell you.”

Part 3

The weekend was a quiet one for Sarah. She saw little of the twins and had a restful couple of days with her father and Liz. Even Monday morning hadn’t been too bad back at school. Monday afternoon, however, was to be a different story. She was dreading the last class of the day as that would be when she would be forced to face Jill again and she wondered what her step-sister had in store for her.

Surprisingly, Jill was czech amatör porno the first into class, closely followed by Tony. They marched straight to the back row of seats and glowered at anyone else who dared to try and join them there. Sarah tried to ignore Jill’s open impertinence but knew she was going to cause trouble as soon as she saw the younger girl begin to slowly open her tight school blouse, one button at a time, until there were more open than there were closed.

Tony seemed to be deliberately trying to ignore his twin sister but even he shifted in his seat to get a better view of Jill’s naked breasts. Not only was her school blouse practically hanging off but she was not even wearing a bra. Sarah shuddered at the thought that she probably wasn’t wearing any panties either and tried to concentrate on her other pupils. When her step sister began to slide her skirt up her smooth thighs and spread her legs open, however, the poor teacher couldn’t help but look.

Sarah watched as Jill moved slowly, deliberately, her hand sliding along the outside of her leg, and then curling to the inside of her thigh as she reached her skirt. Her skin was smooth and unblemished and the teacher’s pussy tingled as she wondered how far her step-sister would go, especially as her twin brother was sitting beside her. But this show was for Sarah alone and Jill looked her straight in the eye as her hands travelled further up, pushing her school skirt before them, revealing, as Sarah had suspected, that she was wearing no panties at all.

Smiling, Jill continued to move slowly, tantalisingly, as Sarah continued to watch, incapable of looking anywhere else. Her movements were almost imperceptible but Sarah could see her pupil’s hands moving further and further up her legs. Jill slumped further down, her legs parted, leaving nothing to her teacher’s imagination. Her eyes bore into Sarah’s as her lips opened up a bit wider in pleasure and her breasts heaved more obviously now.

Tony was watching now too, fascinated by something he’d never seen in real life, a woman masturbating beside him, his own sister masturbating beside him. He moved his hand to the bulge in his trousers and began to rub slowly. He could feel his cock twitching as his pleasure grew but he knew he would have to stop or he would cum there and then. Sarah, on the other hand, could only sit and stare at her step-siblings, too afraid to say anything, too ashamed to admit she wanted to watch, too fearful of trying to stop them in case the other pupils turned round. She would surely have questions to answer if one of the others reported to the authorities what she was allowing Tony and Jill to do during her class.

Tony seemed to have her attention now as he stroked himself again under his desk but Jill was not going to allow that to continue. She spread her legs a little wider in response to her own touch and both Tony and Sarah watched in amazement as her eyes rolled back when she found the spot she had been searching for. Still rubbing herself with two fingers from her right hand, her left one moved up to her naked breasts, pushing her blouse out of the way and exposing herself even more. As she circled and stroked one nipple after the other, her audience of two watched as they hardened, allowing Jill to squeeze them and tug at them.

Opening her eyes again, looking first at Tony and then at Sarah, she released her nipples before licking the tip of one finger and brought it down to her pussy. Her movements quickened as she circled her throbbing clit with her wet finger, while her other hand began to prise apart her pussy lips. When she inserted a single finger between her lips, Tony squeezed his cock hard, certain that he was going to cum, but he couldn’t stop watching.

Neither could Sarah but she knew she had to do something, no matter what the consequences. Jill’s body was beginning to writhe as two fingers now plunged in and out of her soaking pussy and she was sure she could hear the sound of the girl’s juicy cunt.

“Class dismissed!”

“But, miss, we still have twenty minutes to go.”

“I said, “Class Dismissed”! I’m sure none of you will complain about going home early.”

There seemed to be a collective shrug of the shoulders around the room, as well as a few quizzical looks. After what seemed like an eternity to Sarah, her pupils began to gather their things together and make for the door. All except Jill and Tony, that is. The twins simply smiled insolently back at their step-sister and sauntered to the front of the class. Jill had rearranged her skirt and blouse before the rest of the class noticed what was going on but Sarah was more concerned about the laptop Tony was carrying under his arm and the impertinent look he had on his face. Neither of them seemed concerned by their actions in the back row and now stood on either side of their teacher’s desk.

“How dare you act like that in my class!”

“You czech bitch porno still don’t get it, sis, do you? We can do anything we want and, just so you finally understand, I think you should take a look at this little film Tony made.”

Sarah’s head was in a whirl at this sudden turn of events. She had been preparing to give them such a row but, instead, found herself watching as her step-brother opened his computer and found what he was looking for. In moments, Sarah knew her life was ruined. There on the screen was a shot from her own en-suite bathroom, from her own shower, showing her naked body leaning against the wall of the shower, her fingers buried deep in her pussy. Her face burned in embarrassment as she realised they must have planted a secret camera somewhere.

“It’s very clear, don’t you think. You can see just how engorged your nipples are, even if your tits will never be as big as mine.”

Sarah shuddered as Jill seemed to know exactly which buttons to press to humiliate her totally.

“We could show you the whole film but I don’t think we have time for that today. Why don’t we have an evening in front of the TV with mother and father? I’m sure he would love to see what a tramp is eldest daughter really is.”

“What do you want, Jill?”

Before the younger girl could answer they heard footsteps in the corridor outside. Jill and Tony ducked down and hid under Sarah’s desk, the front of the desk hiding them completely. Sarah looked at them in consternation before the door flew open and in walked the Headmistress.

“Miss Tucker, why have you let your class out so early?”

Sarah began to push her chair back to allow herself to stand up but her dress seemed to be caught on something. She couldn’t tell that it was being held firmly by her siblings, essentially trapping her in her seat. Her face blushed red as she knew the Headmistress would be even more angry at her lack of manners.

She began to feel a soft breeze up her skirt but tried to tell herself it was just the air conditioning switching on automatically. Her skirt was long, almost down to her ankles. The length protected her and allowed her to wear the skimpy panties she was so keen on. It had always given her a little thrill to wonder what her pupils would say if they had known what sexy underwear their teacher wore.

Trying hard to concentrate on explaining to the Headmistress that she wasn’t feeling well, she was shocked when she felt her wraparound skirt being slowly parted, exposing her toned legs to the twins beneath her desk. She was too shocked to say anything or to try once more to escape their clutches.

Someone’s hands, they felt like Jill’s but she couldn’t be sure they didn’t belong to Tony, were slowly sliding up her legs towards her smooth thighs. She could feel her unseen assailant’s warm breath on the inside of her legs as whoever it was got into position between them. She could only sit there, totally stunned, too afraid to move and too turned on to stop her face from turning red. She had no idea how far they would go but knew that she was going nowhere.

“You do look a bit flushed, Miss Tucker. Would you like me to call someone for you? Your father, perhaps?”

Sarah blanched at the mention of her father but also at the realisation that Tony’s laptop was still open, still showing the picture of her masturbating in her shower at home, her father’s home. The Headmistress was inches away and had to be got rid off immediately. Before she could answer the other woman, however, she had another shock to deal with. The hands beneath her skirt had untied the straps on each side of her tiny thong and her bald pussy was now exposed to whoever was taunting her.

She couldn’t believe this was happening to her and she blushed a deeper shade of red, not knowing what to do.

She felt another breath between her legs, blowing along her wet slit, and she almost fainted in shock. She stared at the Headmistress, helplessly, wishing she would just go away, knowing that she would have been shocked if she could see what was happening to a member of her staff. The thought that two pupils were sexually tormenting a teacher was unbelievable; the fact that they all belonged to the same family just made it incredibly worse.

She felt the person’s breath get hotter and her own get shallower as they moved ever closer to her dripping pussy. She couldn’t move; she couldn’t say anything. Her mouth was so dry in anticipation but how could she say to the Headmistress, “Excuse me but someone is about to eat my cunt”? It was if she was in a trance; not believing this was happening nor believing that she was letting it.

She felt pressure on the inside of her thighs, insistently pressing outward, as her tormentor silently told her to spread her legs. She resisted but knew, with the Headmistress staring at her, that she could not put up much of a fight, hoping that this would soon be over. She opened her legs wide enough for whoever it was to inch forward and she could feel her pussy gushing, soaking her skirt, making her feel even more embarrassed at the proximity of her boss. All she knew was that she was about to have her pussy eaten by someone she couldn’t see and there was nothing she could do about it.

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