School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 05

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nb: This story was written in collaboration with Gunde. Many thanks to him.


‘Anal fucking carnage,’ said Laura, pulling her hand away from her pussy and replacing it in front of her on the floor, holding her up, ‘just the way I like it.’

With the pair of studs’ cocks still resting on her ass, Diamond giggled as Laura proceeded to hum a jaunty little tune, and in line with each note, jiggled either her right or left asscheek alternately, so that every couple of beats Ian and Charles’ cockheads jumped into the air briefly before smacking back down on Laura’s taut booty. The teachers groaned appreciatively as Laura popped the muscles in her junk to send the two bell-ends jumping up and down against her ass, connected to the smooth glutes with stringy filaments of cum, all the while sending each plopping up and down to her tune. After a few bars of this, Laura ended the rendition with a little ‘Da da DA!’, jerking her asscheeks both simultaneously three times, sending Ian and Charles’ cocks up in the air over her ass together, with the last one a larger twerking spasm of her juicy butt which projected the megacocks upwards where they smacked together and then stayed together like a stanchion or vein-ripped crossbeam that framed Laura’s messily kicked-in backdoor.

‘Oh fuuuuck…’ Ian groaned deeply at the way that his busty girlfriend had flexed her assmeat to send his monster shaft smacking against his colleague’s immense dong, the two cockends smooched firmly together, cum still leaking from both pulsing tips, disgorging more hot creamy semen down into the blonde’s deep ass cleft between her spherical glutes.

‘Laura, you slut…’ said Charles, echoing Ian’s meaning more specifically as, with his hands now by his sides, he looked downwards to see the beating, smooth purple head of his member slide slowly against the fat tip of Ian’s fuckmast before dropping off and drooping down, a movement which had the accompanying effect of triggering Ian’s dick upwards, where it sprang to a horizontal level an bounced around a bit.

Laura got up off her hands and knees and posed behind the two men sporting the pair of beefy, drained cocks, one hand on her hip, the other at her side.

‘Every time I get these two alone I try to get my money’s worth, Diamond,’ Laura said, with a wink, ‘they’re not together that often and they are the biggest in the school.’

‘I don’t blame you,’ said Diamond, ‘well I think I’ve got most of it on film!’

‘I think we can formally announce the interview segment of the day over, Diamond,’ said Ian, exhausted and panting, ‘Charles still needs something left in the tank to continue with the busload of applicants that are set to arrive.’

‘Oh yes,’ Charles seemed to perk up, his face brightening. As he did so, Diamond saw his vast penis inflate improbably, the girthsome shaft suddenly bulge and pulsate more visibly at the thought of the new arrivals.

‘Oh, I think you’ve both got a bit more on your collective “tank”, studs,’ said Laura, suddenly moving up between Ian and Charles and grabbing their engorged shafts in each hand just under their tips. Ian and Charles groaned as the busty blonde tweaked their dicks together, each of their bodies spasming swiftly as their dicks convulsed visibly, sending a single volcanic spray of cum out at Diamond’s face. The teen pornstar shrieked in delight as she was struck by the dual bolts of spunk, and was blinking through frosted eyelashes when she saw Laura remark, ‘take it from me, Diamond, there’s always a little more if you know where to look!’

Laura winked and blew Diamond a kiss, the stacked, hardbodied PE teacher turning around and strutting on her massive heel towards the door. Only then did Diamond notice Charles and Ian’s expressions. They both looked as completely shocked as she probably did herself. Cum leaked copiously from the weeping pissholes of their pair of cocks, dripping steadily onto the floor, both meatsticks pointed at her face.

‘You’re a lucky man, Ian,’ Charles said finally.

‘Oh,’ responded Ian, ‘I know.’

Ian turned and Laura was waiting for him posing in the doorway. Her massive tits were uncovered and semen was coursing down the backs of her long, athletically toned legs.

‘Come on, stud,’ said Laura to Ian as he joined her at the doorway, ‘drag that fucking monstercock up away from that dick-magnet slut if you can lift something that size and come and help me prepare for Candi’s party tonight. She’s driving over at the moment and we need to be presentable to meet her.’

Ian turned to Diamond, ‘as you can see, Diamond, I’m needed elsewhere. Why don’t you hand around with Charles to help him welcome the new intake? You can have the tour of the grounds along with them.’

Diamond stepped forwards, ensuring that Charles’s massive shaft slid between her monster knockers, ‘sounds good!’

‘Sounds good to me too,’ Charles groaned, as the blonde teen pornqueen shoved her massive norks around his shaft, snuggling up to him as cum dripped from Yalova Escort several areas on her jawline.

‘What kind of party are you planning?’ Diamond heard Ian ask Laura as they disappeared down the hall.

‘It’s a surprise…’

As the voices receded, Charles and Diamond were alone in the room. Charles surveyed the carnage. The table was on its side, the computer was smashed on the floor, smashed photographs were strewn on the floor after having been blasted from the walls, and the ceiling was cracked in several places. Lines of thick cum and gluey precum were zigzagging the walls, the ceiling and the floor like a still-drying Jackson Pollock.

‘Well, it was a nice office…’ Charles said reflectively as he cast his gaze around, before it came to rest on Diamond.

‘It’s just you and me now, Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell!’ Diamond announced, happily beaming at him.

‘Indeed it is, Diamond. Now we need to make a good impression on the new applicants, so clothes are definitely in order.’

With great reluctance, Charles shifted so that his iron-hard eighteen inch monstercock withdrew from Diamond’s superlative pair of rock-hard, globular cans, and moved across the room to locate his trousers. Picking them up, he lifted them up, and found he was able to look at Diamond ruefully through the immense, ragged hole his penile protrusion had occasioned in the garment.

‘Rather a shame. Good pair of trousers. Occupational hazard I’m afraid through. You didn’t do much to help, Miss Gazongas.’ Charles tried to look stern and disapproving at Diamond. It didn’t work.

‘I’m sorry Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell,’ Diamond said sweetly, the picture of innocence, twirling a rope of cum around her index finger that trailed from her mouth like other teenagers would twirl their hair.

‘Well, what’s done is done,’ said Charles, ‘fortunately I have a contingency.’

Diamond watched as Charles went over to the overturned desk, and, with some difficulty, managed to open a drawer and produce what looked like a skirt.

‘You’re going to wear a skirt? Gee, Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, this school is even more pervy than I thought!’

‘Not quite a skirt, Diamond,’ said Charles, putting the garment on, ‘a kilt. I’m fortunate to be blessed with Scottish ancestry.’

‘Oh my god you are so cute!’ said Diamond as the teacher put on the kilt, the front of it raised up as his monster cock protruded forwards, the fat, smooth, juicy head easily visible as it peeped under the lower hem. ‘I want to take you back to the US and show you all my friends. They will just die, seriously. Imagine the career you could have, you could be… Jock McCock!’

The teacher scratched his head, ‘Is not Charles Woodcock-Splatterwell a suitably fitting name for… the biz, as I believe it’s called?’

‘Now that you mention it, it does suit you,’ said Diamond, ‘makes my pussy wet just to say it!’

The sight of the eighteen-year old blonde mega-knockered pornstar sliding her hand up her tattooed inner thigh and beginning to play with her pussy in front of him made Charles consider Diamond’s predicament. After releasing a fat blast of precum that jetted from his cockend and smacked against Diamond’s rapidly juicing slit, dripping off her pussy lips between her legs slowly in one gluey line, he considered the situation.

‘We should get you clothes also,’ Charles announced. Most of the cum Diamond had been blasted with over the course of the afternoon had slid off her, with just a silvery film covering her glorious body in several places, mainly tits, thighs and belly, that made her shine. Some ropes of cum still hung from her chin and swivelled when she talked and moved.

‘Come with me,’ Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell announced, striding out of the room and onto the hallway, his jutting cock leading the way. Diamond followed him onto the upstairs landing, to find him outside another room. On the door was a sign that read ‘INTERVIEW ROOM 1’. Some moaning sounds were detectable from outside.

Cautiously, Charles opened the door. It opened into a room very much like a hotel room, with a wardrobe, table and four-poster bed. On the bed, a gorgeous, slender, massive-titted babe was straddling a young man, riding him reverse cowgirl, an immensely thick cock splaying her pussy lips as it filled her juicing quim to the root. The woman was a brunette with long flowing hair and a tattoo that began just above her clitoral hood and blossomed up to her flat belly. She was pounding her pussy up and down the outside shaft with a savage expression on her face.


‘Miss Fox,’ Charles said after ostentatiously clearing his throat, ‘I am so sorry to interrupt your interview -‘

‘Not at all, Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, do come in,’ said the brunette, suddenly changing into a sultry tone Yalova Escort Bayan as she rode the massive dick sticking into her pussy more forcibly, focusing in Charles with her sexy, smouldering eyes.

‘I wondered, seeing as you are currently divested of them, whether I could borrow some of your clothes for an applicant.’

‘Of course Charles,’ I daresay I’ll be taking a dip in the pool straight after this and shall have no need of them, Help yourself.’

‘Most obliged, Foxy,’ said Charles, using his colleague’s nickname and darting forwards to collect a pile of clothes that were in a heap at the foot of the bed before scurrying back out. Charles closed the door.

‘FUCK MY SLIT YOU FUCKING MONSTERCOCKED STUD!!’ was the cry that resumed when the door was closed.

‘Good interview, huh?’ said Diamond, cocking her head towards the door and making one of the laces of cum on her chin dangle perilously.

‘Miss Fox is very thorough,’ said Charles, depositing the pile of clothes at Diamond’s feet.

Diamond sorted through the outfit and donned the clothes quickly. First there was a pink vest-top that went only over one shoulder that her enormous, spherically jutting chest really filled out to the extent that a couple of inches of her gleaming underboobs protruded out from underneath the lower section. One the vest was writing that said ‘I DON’T FUCK MEN WITH COCKS SMALLER THAN MY HEELS’, the words pushed out and inflated by her vast tits. Black vinyl fingerless gloves went up her arms to her elbows, along with a gold choker that said DICK MAGNET. Deliberately turning away from Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell so that he could see her glorious ass as she donned the clothes, Diamond slipped on a bright neon yellow thong that went up over her hips but at the back nearly exposed her asshole, and slid a pleated PVC skirt up her legs that, from behind, merely sat atop her ass.

‘Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, I don’t have any shoes.’ Diamond said, standing, hands on her hips in her new outfit.

Charles nodded and opened the door behind him. Then went in. The shouting had stopped and instead had been replaced by a sound that resembled a sack of wet cement falling onto a stone slab.

Charles came back out. Diamond looked at him.

‘best not to ask,’ the teacher said. ‘here,’ he handed her the shoes. Diamond squealed in delight and struggled into them. They turned out to be a pair of thigh-length black vinyl platform boots, with gleaming silver buckles all the way up, with an extra-tall slutty heel that must have been at least eight inches. Diamond laughed and twirled for the teacher, the cumropes dancing together on her chin.

‘how do I look?’ she asked.

“Lovely,” Charles smilingly replied. It was an honest and heartfelt compliment, but what really sold it to Diamond as she finished her twirling and came to a halt facing him again was the way in which his cock jerked upwards, the whole slab of rigid cockmeat surging upwards with enough force to make his kilt flap upwards, laying the full length of his fuckpiece bare for a precious few seconds before coming down to cover it again.

“Thanks,” Diamond beamed at the teacher, leaning inwards on her heels as she subconsciously rubbed her thighs together to tease her juicing pussy as she admired the flared, domed crown of Mr. Woodock-Splatterwell’s schlong. Unsurprisingly, the neon yellow thong that she had “inherited” from Miss Fox had been soaking wet and had begun clinging tightly to Diamond’s sex as soon as she pulled it on, and now she whimpered with lust as she felt her own wetness seeping into the fabric.

Charles couldn’t fail to notice what Diamond was doing, anymore than he could miss how her movement caused her huge, firm tits to jiggle inside the confines of the teeny top during the seconds that she was swaying on her eight-inch heels in front of him, those two orbs – like bowling balls sitting high and firm on the blonde teen’s chest – appearing set to force the already high hemline of the top even further up.

“Should we get going, Diamond?” Charles asked, holding out one arm for Diamond to wrap hers around.

“What happens if we don’t?” Sporting an impish smile, Diamond remained firmly in place where she stood.

“You probably won’t be wearing that thong for much longer,” Even from the front, Charles could see Diamond’s skimpy new undergarment appearing underneath her microskirt.

“Good, because it’s already drenched,” Diamond’s naughty smile lingered as she stepped closer to Charles and threaded her arm through his after he’d turned round so they were now facing the same way, and were set to walk off side by side, “Something about you makes my pussy drool, Mr. W-S…”

As Diamond grasped at Charles’ kilt, his cock jerked again as her words made him unleash a bolt of precum that stretched itself out past a foot in length whilst shooting off down the corridor before reaching a corner in it and smacking into the wall so hard that she was half-expecting to see the wallpaper come rolling Escort Yalova down.

“Oh shit!” Diamond suddenly exclaimed, still clutching onto the fabric of Charles’ kilt.

“Pardon?” Understandably so, Charles was surprised by Diamond’s annoyed exclamation.

“You ever have a really good idea, Mr. W-S,” Diamond paused to unleash a naughty giggle as she began slowly pulling Charles’ kilt back to reveal inch after thick, vein-corded inch of his cock, “Only to realise you can’t make it happen?”

“Certainly, Diamond,” Charles shot Diamond another friendly smile, apparently slipping into full-teacher mode as he prepared to help her with her predicament, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Well,” This time, Diamond’s pause was unplanned, the result of her experiencing the increasingly familiar sense of awe at the size and scope of Charles’ steel-hard fuckmast, “I started thinking of the perfect pair of shoes to go with this top…”

Charles groaned as he admired Diamond’s chest, including the “I DON’T FUCK MEN WITH COCKS SMALLER THAN MY HEELS” slogan of her top being distorted by the size of her huge, spherical boobs.

“But?” He asked, barely noticing how Diamond had already managed to expose the first six inches of his cock, or that they had yet to begun to move.

“But even I wouldn’t be able to pull off wearing a pair of eighteen-inch heels,” Diamond decided, looking up at Charles with an earnest expression.

“Size isn’t everything, Diamond,” Diamond marvelled at how Charles somehow managed to maintain a straight face as he delivered that pearl of wisdom, “I hope we haven’t given you that impression.”

“Miss Hart certainly did…”

“Oh dear,” Charles chuckled, “I suppose there’s nothing for it – we’ll just have to find a student or teacher with a twelve, thirteen or fourteen-inch cock to dominate your slutty little ass and set your mind right.”

Diamond moaned and closed her eyes, nearly creaming herself with the realisation that she was now inhabiting a world in which a twelve-inch cock was on the smaller end of the scale.

“But anyway, let’s not be late,” Charles concluded, and gently pulled Diamond with him as he began to move.

“Mr. W-S,” Diamond breathed out after only a couple of yards.

“Yes, Diamond?”

“Do you think you and Mr. White can fuck me like you did Miss Hart?”

“That appealed to you, did it?”

Biting her lip, Diamond nodded her reply.

“Don’t worry, I promise we’ll find out how far we can stretch that tiny asshole of yours first chance we get,” Charles reassured Diamond, flashing her a friendly smile and patting her hand before showcasing how he could manipulate his cock while even on the move by making it rise upwards until his kilt slid all the way down to his base.

“Now, let me tell you how you can help me greet the new girls,” Charles continued, levelling his cock again to have it point the way as they progressed down the corridor.

A little while later,

“Hmm, weird…” Diamond gasped as she watched a black sedan – looking swooping and stylish enough to probably be European rather than American or Japanese – advance jerkily and unsteadily up the school’s long, tree lined driveway.

“Yes, Laura kept talking about a minivan,” Charles replied, purposely missing the point. Standing behind Diamond, he was the reason for her gasping, as his cock was pressed in between her asscheeks, from which it stuck up vertically to have run perpendicular if not for her leaning back to rub its crown against the area between her shoulder blades while she savoured the steady, drumlike pounding of his schlong against her booty, one particularly fat vein pressing directly against her asshole with such vigour that the flimsy back of her thong seemed set to disappear up her gaping hole.

“Wasn’t what I meant,” Diamond mumbled dreamily. As if Charles’ cock throbbing against her bubble butt hadn’t been enough, he was grasping his beefy balls with one hand and holding them up against her honeypot. Charles’ nuts were preparing his next batch of spunk with such an intensity that Diamond could feel them expanding and contracting against her snatch. Now Diamond had already seen and experienced quite a lot in her brief but brilliant porn career, but a guy using his balls to get her off? That was definitely new, the blonde babe concluded before whimpering with lust when Charles pressed his testes tighter still against her pink pussy as the front of her thong was increasingly enveloped by her bald, swollen pussy lips.

“I know,” Charles replied as the sedan nearly came to a stop before lurching itself onto the school’s front yard and continuing its unsteady journey towards them.

“Oh dear,” Charles continued, “I do hope we won’t have to leap out of the way!”

The car eventually came to a final halt about four or five yards in front of Diamond and Charles, it’s left front wheel pointing towards them, but none of the doors were opened. Instead, it remained closed and motionless, no activity being seen through its tinted windows before the windshield suddenly seemed to shake a loud, deep “THUMP!” could be heard from inside whilst the entire right-hand side of the windshield was painted with a dense coating of pearly white.

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