Scratching An Itch Ch. 3

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She was gorgeous! Her knees were bent, her feet planted flat on the floor, the only sound in the room the slight sucking sound her pussy made as it tried to grip and hold onto the dildo. Here in the motel room, she had no reason to mask her reactions, so her face was awash with both lust and pleasure. Her hips rose slightly to meet the dildo on each down thrust and her eyes rolled, giving away how good it felt.

There was no way that he was going to keep her waiting; guys like him NEVER got to fuck girls like this, not even in their dreams! He shed his clothes as quickly as he could and positioned his cock in front of her face.

His cock was nowhere near as long as Austin’s; it would be hard pressed to measure even 6″. But surprisingly, it was a whole lot thicker. It very well could have been the heightened sexual energy in the room, but to Tania it looked almost as big around as a coke bottle! Stretching her mouth to admit it, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to erotik film izle open wide enough, but damned if she wasn’t going to try.

In spite of her head start, he was as horny as she was. As soon as she managed to wrap her lips around the head of his cock, he tried to ram it down her throat. Taking control of the situation, Tania grabbed Ron’s hips and pushed him back, restricting his motion, and allowing her to lick and slurp his cock until it glistened. Then, stretching her mouth as wide as she could, she eased his cock head back in, biting softly on it as it passed her teeth.

It was his turn to groan. He could not believe how incredibly hot and tight her mouth was. Just thinking about what her pussy must feel like made him twitch hard, thumping against the roof of her mouth.

His cock now firmly in her mouth, she slowly moved down his shaft, swallowing constantly so that her throat muscles squeezed his cock, still holding his hips so that she could control his thrusts. Gradually, he took control back, gripping her head with both hands so that could slowly fuck her face. Satisfied that he wasn’t going to choke her, Tania released his hips, freeing one hand to fondle his ball sac and the other to resume fucking herself with the dildo. Moments later she sucked forcefully and began moaning, making the cock in her mouth vibrate. He guessed from experience that she was in the middle of cumming. It took every ounce of self-control and willpower not to shoot in her mouth; he wanted to fuck her more than anything, and he was pretty sure that that she wanted the same thing.

“C’mere, baby,” she purred, pulling her head back until his cock popped free, climbing up on the bed, and getting on her hands and knees. “I want to try to take that in my ass. You up for it?”

Her pussy was red and puffy, so wet it looked like he could fit his whole fist in it. Her legs quivered slightly, a reminder of the orgasm she’d just had. Her asshole was pink and puckered, parted slightly from arousal. He could see that she’d been fucked there before. His cock was a solid rod of flesh like steel, thicker than he ever remembered it being. He stroked it slowly as he walked over and positioned himself behind her.

“I don’t think it’ll fit,” he said, disappointment welling up in his voice.

“Let me worry about that. I won’t waste that wonderful cock!”

Tania reached between her legs and jammed three fingers in her pussy, twisting and turning them until they were dripping with juice. film izle She worked two fingers deep into her ass, forcing her muscles to stretch and relax. Then she stuck all three back in her pussy, so that they’d be wet enough to get Ron’s cock slick. For added lubrication, she grabbed him as best she could and rubbed it along her slit. Then she raised it so that his cock head was right on her anal ring.

“Put that fucker in me, ” she begged, taking a deep breath and pushing back on his cock.

In response, he leaned forward. He started rocking, trying to work it in, but it just wouldn’t go. Frustrated, she reached under and started finger fucking herself. Her excitement made her start sweating again; finally, his massive cock started to move forward. Grunting loudly, she squeezed her ass as tight as she could and pushed back against his cock, her breath coming in short bursts now. The combination of effort, sweat and arousal finally paid off; grabbing her hips, Ron was able to force his cock head in.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. “I can’’s in!” she moaned, her head dropping to the bed. “Don’t move; please God don’t move!”

He held still for a minute, as surprised as she was that he was actually inside. He’d never been in anyone’s ass before; it was like he was a virgin all over again. Even as Tania whimpered, overwhelmed by the pain and pleasure of their accomplishment, he pushed forward. Her back arched as she tried to pull away, but he held her in place, excited by his first ass fuck. She began to groan loudly as her asshole was spread and stretched violently by his cock. Once they established a rhythm, he reached down and stuck a finger in her cunt, rubbing her clit with his thumb like he had last night in the bar.

“Uhhh,” she moaned, pushing harder against his cock.

She could feel an orgasm building, maybe her most powerful ever, but she couldn’t put any effort into hurrying it along. All her strength was currently devoted to keeping from collapsing under the punishing strokes of Ron’s cock. The only sound in the room was her ragged breathing and the sound of flesh connecting wetly. He increased his pace, drilling into her painfully. She collapsed under the onslaught, her ass gripping him so tight that she pulled him with her. His cock wedged even further into her, forcing a scream out of her seemingly from her bowels as he plunged deeper than she imagined he could. She tried to put some distance between them, but he had her pinned, and she only seks filmi izle succeeded in improving his access.

When he grabbed her hips again and picked up his pace, Tania knew he was close to cumming. She tried to relax her asshole, to decrease the friction, so that maybe he could hold on a little longer.

“No, no, no, no,” she chanted, almost prayer like, willing Ron to restrain himself. She was still minutes away, and she really needed to cum badly. She even managed to free his cock from her ass, hoping that this might slow him down. Disregarding her pleas he erupted, spraying her ass and back with stream after stream of hot, sticky cum.

Fuck! She was so fucking close! Why the hell couldn’t he have held on for another lousy ten minutes? Pissed, she managed to squirm out from under him, pushing him onto the floor in the process.

“Get the fuck out, you selfish bastard,” she hissed.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, genuinely puzzled.

“You couldn’t wait for me? You have that little self control?” The anger and frustration was woven interchangeably into her speech.

He shrugged. “I’m really sorry. Actually, I’m surprised it took me that long; you were so tight,” he said as he reached for his pants and shoes.

“What a waste of a great cock,” she growled. “Just get the hell out!”

He moved toward her. “We could try again; this time, maybe if I just fucked your pussy…” he began hopefully.

Tania’s eyes hardened. “If you’re not out of here in five minutes, I’m calling the police.”

“For what?” he asked nervously.

“Hmm, let’s see… my ass stretched and raw, your spunk all over me…I don’t think it would be too hard to prove rape.”

“But you invited me,” he sputtered.

“Maybe, maybe not. Got any witnesses?” His shoulders slumped. “And in such a small town, I wonder how long it would take your wife to find out?”

He stiffened as if he’d been slapped. Scooping up the rest of his stuff, he ran to the door.

“You’re fucking crazy,” he said on his way out.

Moments later, she heard the sound of an engine starting, followed by tires squealing as Ron pealed out of the parking lot. She chuckled thinking about the look of terror on his face when she’d mentioned his wife. She’d made a good choice.

As horny as she still was, she knew that there was no way she was going to get off now. Her ass was on fire; she still couldn’t believe that fucking thing had fit. She stood up and pried the stiffening cum soaked sheets off her, and made her way into the bathroom. It wasn’t until she was soaking up to her neck in a steaming hot bath that the pain settled into a dull ache and she could finally bring her legs together.

To Be Continued…

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