Secret Powers Ch. 09: Lydia’s Awakening

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My dreams are filled with the lovely women I’ve met over the past several days. Melissa, Tara, and Sonya, of course, but Lydia has dominated. I wake up from a dream orgasm three or four times overnight. My pussy and nightie are soaked and even the sheet is damp.

I glance at my clock and see that it’s 8:12. I’m so stimulated that I can’t get back to sleep. I bring up the image of Lydia’s darling face and my hand finds its way under my nightie to rub my wet pussy, bringing me to another cum within a couple of minutes.

Lydia’s sweet innocent demeanour hides her secret. I’m almost sure that she’s projected into me, that is, she has powers but doesn’t know it yet.

I’ll have to talk with her. I have a 10 to 4 shift today. I hope she’s on duty at the coffee shop, so we can arrange to meet.

I get up and head to the bathroom, tossing my wet nightie into the laundry basket on the way. I do my usual morning ritual, spending a little extra time in the hot shower.

Back in my bedroom, I choose a less provocative outfit for work than yesterday. I know Lydia is keen on me, and I feel I shouldn’t look too suggestive, at least until I can have my discussion with her.

I meet Mum in the kitchen when I go to make my toast and coffee. She’s smiling, happier than I’ve ever remembered her to be. “Good morning, Mum,” I say.

“Good morning, Mary. How are you?”

I chuckle. “Well, I had some hot dreams.”

“Oh? Of your new friends?”

“Yes, but mainly about Lydia.”

“Who’s that?”

“A new young barista at the coffee shop at the mall. I’m quite taken with her.”

“Oh, and what have you done with her?”

“Nothing yet, except a little flirting. She seems to have powers. I’m going to investigate that with her today if possible.”

“Interesting,” Mum says with a big smile. “Have fun, and be careful.”

“Yes, of course.”

I finish my breakfast, clean my teeth and go back to my bedroom to get ready for work. I text Sonya, “Good morning – how are you?”

I don’t hear anything back immediately, so I pop my phone into my handbag and walk out to the bus stop. I see the girl from yesterday, but without her mum. “Good morning!” I offer.

“Hi, nice to see you again,” she replies. “I have to tell you, I’m so hot for you.”

“Oh really,” I say, a little taken aback at her forwardness. “Um, and how old are you?”

“I just turned eighteen, so I’m legal,” she beams.

“Oh, I see. Well, I’m not looking for anyone, but if you want to have a little fun now, we could.”


“And on the bus – no touching though.”

“How does that work?”

“Just wait and see. Also, no talking or noises.”

She looks at me queryingly, but says, “Okay.”

I see that nobody else is around. Then I start projecting to her. I caress her sides, moving up to the sides of her boobs. “Oh, how did you…” she starts to say.


She goes quiet. I send my fingers over her boobs and caress them. She gasps. My fingers close on her nipples and I can start to feel them harden through her clothes. Her mouth opens.

Of course, this hardens my nipples, which are feeling the same sensations. I see the bus coming and take my hands away as we board the bus. I motion for her to follow me to the back, to a seat opposite where I sit.

We’re the only passengers, and the driver is a lovely woman, so I get bold. I take my hands and rub my boobs, which she feels. She starts to slide her hands up herself, and I motion for her not to touch.

I pinch my nipples and we gasp. Then, remembering that she gets off soon, I slide one hand mersin escort under my skirt and start rubbing my pussy through my knickers. She moans, and I have to say, “Shh.”

I rub my clit hard and keep pinching a nipple. She is going wild, not believing what I am doing to her, but loving it.

I work hard and she’s about to cum. I nod and smile as I push her over the edge. She can’t stifle her moan as her body shakes. The driver looks at us in the mirror and smiles.

I pull out my hand and raise my block, letting her settle down. She pants, looks up and hits the button in a panic. She grabs her handbag and runs to the exit door as the bus slows to a stop. She looks back and grins at me as she gets off.

My breathing settles after my cum. My stop is coming up in a minute, so I walk to the front so I can exit the front door.

As the bus stops at the mall, I thank the driver as I get out. “No worries, cum again!” she answers.

As I walk to the entrance, I check my phone. Sonya has replied:

“I’m good thanks. Melissa and Tara are wonderful. And you too, of course. Thanks for all your help. Kiss”

I smile, glad that she’s doing all right. I then think about what a slut I’ve become the last few days. But I’m not hurting anybody, so why not? It’s hard to keep my knickers dry, though.

I take a deep breath as I approach the coffee shop. I catch a glimpse of Lydia as I enter.

“Mary!” she shouts, then cringes in embarrassment as she realises she was a bit loud.

I smile and say, “Good morning, Lydia. I’ll have my usual large cappuccino.”

“Of course.”

She rings up my order and I tap my card for payment. Then she looks at me and starts projecting touches on my nipples. I put up a block to avoid creaming in my knickers.

I whisper to her, “Not here, not now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, We’ll talk when you bring me my coffee.”

“Oh, okay.”

I sit at a table out of sight of the counter. She brings my coffee when it’s ready, and asks, “What’s up?”

I take a sip of coffee, swallow it and take a breath. “Do you have any idea what you do to me, Lydia? Not that I’m complaining.”

“Uh, well, I know I like you. What do you mean?”

“When you send me your impulses.”

“Send you? Huh?”

I stare at her. “You really don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“Apparently not. We need to have a long talk, Lydia. What time do you get off?”


“Perfect. I finish at 4:00. I’ll come by at 4:30 and we can figure out where to go.”

She smiles at me and says, “Great! I am so happy.”

“Me too, Lydia.”

She returns to go back behind the counter. I finish my coffee out of sight of her entrancing gaze, wave as I leave, and head to Edith’s.

“Hi, Mary,” Jen says as I walk in. She’s with me for the early part of the shift, and she has opened the shop today.

I was always pretty sure she was totally straight, but I haven’t seen her since becoming aware of my powers. I give her a quick deep read and confirm that. Actually, I’m relieved; my life has been drenched in sex lately and I need a break.

The day is surprisingly busy. We have a few professionals come in on their lunch breaks. One I have known for a while, and we have a nice chat while she tries on a few things and ends up buying a new suit. I get cheeky as she’s about to leave and give her nipple strokes. She smiles at me.

Lydia is never far from my thoughts when I’m between customers. Her face is so cute, and her slim body with its tiny breasts (I assume they are because they don’t show at all through her uniform) mersin escort bayan intrigues me. She obviously has a thing for me, and she’s captivated me as well.

Quitting time comes before I know it, thankfully. I say goodbye to Edith, who came in at 2:00, and I kill time window shopping in the mall before going down to the coffee shop at 4:40.

I rock up and see Lydia outside the shop. She’s changed out of her uniform and is wearing pants and a tight-knit top, showing me that she does indeed have tiny, beautiful boobs.

“Mary!” she shouts, not having to suppress it now.

I smile broadly and answer, “Hello, lovely Lydia.” She beams at my comment.

I keep my block down to see what she’s going to send me. Nothing, but her boobs grab my gaze and I can’t help projecting soft caresses onto them. She gasps, and I put up my block for now.

“Where would you like to go?” we say simultaneously. We laugh.

I say that I know of a park a few blocks away if it’s not too hot. We exit the mall and there’s been a cool change. It’s a perfect temperature, so I lead the way.

When we get to the park, we sit on a bench in a shady spot. I swing my legs toward her to face her. She asks, “So what’s this ‘sending’ you mentioned this morning?”

I pause to collect my thoughts and figure out the best way to tell Lydia about it. I decide to start by testing her.

“Lydia, I like you, a lot.”

“Oh, Mary, I like you too, heaps.”

“Yes, I have felt that. I mean literally. Before explaining, I’d like to ask you a few questions, then give you a little test.”


“I’d like to know, are you experienced? I mean, have you had a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

She blushes and says meekly, “No, I went on a few dates in high school, but I never really liked any guys.”

“Have you ever been attracted to girls?”

“No! Well, I mean, uh, until I saw you and the way you looked at me. Somehow I felt like you were the first person to ever see me as attractive. It was an instant thing, I don’t understand it.”

“I did find you attractive at first glance, Lydia. I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve been with several girls and women, and I’ve loved every time with them. But when I saw you I was captivated. I feel a difference with you.”

“Oh, Mary, this is all so new to me. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I do like it.”

“So do I, Lydia.” I pause and take a breath. “I’m going to get personal now and ask you if you are sexually attracted to me.”

She blushes beet red and casts her eyes down. After a moment she looks back at me and says, “I’ve never thought that I could be a, um, you know.”

“Lesbian?” I whisper.

She nods.

“I’m not big on labels, Lydia. I believe that people should be with the ones they want to be with. Sure, there are others that judge same-sex relationships as deviant, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. Marriage equality is real now.”

I pause, then ask again, “So are you?”

“Oh yes, Mary, I am. I don’t understand it but I feel so powerfully about you.”

“I am very attracted to you too, Lydia. So now that’s in the open, it’s time for the test.”

She gazes at me, wondering what I’m going to do.

“Lydia, I believe that you have special powers like I do. I’d like to confirm that before explaining them to you.”

Her eyes go wide with astonishment. I drop my block and prepare for her stimulation.

“Okay, this is what I want you to do. Sit there, don’t move, say nothing, just think about touching me to excite me.”

She looks and the waves start. I feel her hands escort mersin caressing me, and she gasps as she feels the same. Her fingers find my boobs and run over them. I try suppressing a moan but it’s useless. She’s a natural, and she’s making me hot.

Now she’s rubbing my nipples gently, and my nipples get hard. I look at hers and see the nipples on her lovely tiny boobs stand up proudly. It’s all I can do to avoid projecting my touches onto her, but this test needs her to do all the work.

She pinches my nipples, and we moan loudly. She’s stroking them, driving me wild. My legs spread a little. She notices and moves her hands to my thighs, teasing them with feather touches of her fingers.

“Ahhh,” I cry, as my legs fly open wide, showing her my legs all the way to my knickers. Her fingers glide up and rub my slit lightly. She’s panting as I’m moaning. She’s figured out that her touching me makes her feel the same things.

She rubs harder and she moans with me. “Oh, Lydiaaa,” I scream. Harder and faster she rubs, her finger pressing hard on my clit (and her clit, too, of course). After a minute of that, we cum hard.

She cries, “Oh fuck!” and I give out unintelligible grunts. We cum and cum until she takes her finger away and lies back in exhaustion, her head rolled back.

I gaze at her lovely body as we come down from our orgasms. When she brings her head forward again, she looks at me and shouts, “What the fuck was that?”

I smile and say, “You passed the test. You have the powers, like me. Now, I’ll explain.”

I sit up and close my legs. I describe the powers, the bloodline, and the rules, not bothering to mention the hybrid bloodline. I’ll test her for that on another day.

“I myself have only been aware of my powers for a few days. I met another one of us, who awakened the powers in me and then explained them. I guess I have done that for you.

“Then I talked with my mum from whom I inherited my powers. She hadn’t told me about them, for reasons I won’t go into.

“When I saw you the first time, I felt you project to me, even though you had no idea what you were doing. It’s not why I’m attracted to you; I was captivated before you even looked at me.”

I stop talking to give Lydia a chance to absorb her new knowledge. She finally says, “Wow, I had no idea about this.”

“Neither did I, Lydia, until very recently. It’s quite something to get our heads around. It can be quite wonderful, but there is a dark side, which is why I gave you the rules. Maybe another day I’ll elaborate.”

Lydia asks, “So when we first met, you felt me, how did you call it, ‘projecting’ into you.”

“My goodness, yes. I had to put up my block to avoid a scene. In fact, hehe, I had a dream about you last night. We were at the coffee shop, and you made me cum from across the room, and the other customers stood and cheered.”

We have a good laugh about that.

She then gets a serious look, and asks me, “So is the attraction between us just the powers? Nothing emotional?”

“No, Lydia, I believe we have something special between us, outside the powers. Don’t you feel that?”

“I do, Mary, very much,” she replies, smiling again.

I scoot over to her and hold her close to me for the first time. She melts into me and I feel closer to her than I have ever felt to anyone.

We sit like that until a cool breeze makes us shiver. We walk to the street with the bus stops. She lives in the opposite direction, so we stand across the street sending little pulses to each other, just enough to keep us a little excited.

My bus comes first, so I wave goodbye and hop on. It’s the same driver as this morning, and she grins at me, saying, “Good afternoon?”

“Yes, it is!” I beam back to her.

I ride home in a delicious haze of delight. I think I may be in love.

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