Seduction at Last

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Jessica and I had been flirting back and forth with each other for a few months. It was mostly innocent enough consisting of minor innuendos and light groping. As we became more and more comfortable with each other our flirting got to be very sexually explicit on a few occasions with specific references to what we might like to do with certain body parts. Soon enough the innocent flirting reached the point of blatant teasing. She teased me to the point that my mind would wander off into sexual fantasies of being with her. She had already demonstrated for me what her moaning sounded like when she was having an orgasm, and I also she told me how much she got aroused by sucking on her nipples. For the record, Jessica is a very cute blonde with 40 DD breasts.

When I got to the point that I found myself masturbating with my fantasies of being with her I it was time that I put an end to these games and finally take her. I knew that she wanted the same thing and was only waiting for me to get my shit together with my ex and hook up with her. I don’t like to come on too strong or obviously. I wanted to be subtle about the seduction that I was planning and take her by surprise. I waited for a night when her roommates would be gone, and I could find myself by chance to be in her neighborhood, drop by casually to hang out and see where things would lead.

Jessica told me that she would be alone on Tuesday night of next week. Her roommates would be going out together to celebrate a birthday party. I was gleaming inside, but I made certain not to let on what I had in mind. When my lucky night had arrived, I went and did some shopping at a mall not too far from where she lives. I picked up a sweater and a pair of pants at the mall and then I left. On my way out, I called her, “just to say hi”. She told me how she was home alone and feeling rather bored. “Wow, you’ll never guess where I am right now”, I told her that I was just leaving the mall, and immediately she invited me over to keep her company. I told her that I would come by and that I would bring some dinner too.

When I arrived at her apartment, she had already made herself comfortable wearing a tank top and sweatpants. I had no problem with what she was wearing because her ample cleavage was spilling out from the tank top, and her ass looked ripe for squeezing in her pants. The way she was dressed kind of made me wonder if she had changed at all in anticipation of my arrival. We ate our dinner together, and as we were accustomed to, we flirted shamelessly throughout with each other. I blatantly stared at her chest, reminding her that her tank top did a very poor job of covering anything at all. My comments only seemed to prompt her to lean forward and give me a better view of her sexy chest.

After dinner, she decided that I should model my new clothes for her. I said it Trabzon Escort would be fine but that I wanted her to play some music for me as I put on my show. I figured that I could get things going by turning my modeling act into a sort of strip tease. As the music came on Jessica sat down on the couch, I had my back to her and I started to shake my ass, she giggled at my routine at first. I crossed my arms over my chest in a way that if you were standing behind me it looked like I was getting a hug. I moved my arms slowly up and down my sides and then gripped the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I turned around swinging my shirt over my head and then tossed it aside.

I strode directly toward Jessica on the couch, and by now, she was no longer giggling, but had a look of intrigue on her face. I unfastened my belt and gave the hanging strap a very suggestive short and quick stroke then set it down beside her. I thrust my hips forward as I unbuttoned and then unzipped my pants. I turned my back to her again as I bent over and pulled down my pants. I picked up my new pair of pants and I lay down on her floor. I got my feet into the legs of my new pants and then spread my legs and thrust my hips upward as I pulled them up. I rolled over and then picked up my new sweater. I pulled the sweater on me, and then I abruptly and somewhat to her dismay, turned off the music.

“How do I look?” I asked, she stammered a bit in her response, and finally she told me that I looked really good. From the look of her now erect nipples pressing against her tank top, I figured that she enjoyed my show. I guess that she felt the need to cool off a bit, because she offered to bring me a drink as she was going to get one from the kitchen for herself. “A cold beer would be great,” I said and without her noticing I followed her into the kitchen.

She bent down into the fridge and pulled out a beer for me and a diet cola for herself. When she set the bottle down on the countertop to reach for a glass I came up behind her and held her arms tightly down to her side. I leaned into her and before she could say a word I began to softly kiss the back and side of her neck. I breathed softly into her ear and then I nibbled and sucked on her earlobe. I heard a soft moan escape her mouth as her arm came up around my neck and held my head down against her. I continued to kiss her neck and lightly nibbled her skin.

I knew how hot it made her to be kissed like this. I sensed her breathing changing and I felt her body submitting to me. I brought my hands up her body along her tummy. I lifted the tank top and began to massage her breasts. I pinched and tugged on her nipples as I massaged her tits and continued to suck and nibble on her neck and her collar. I slowly began to grind my body against hers so that she could feel how Escort Trabzon hard my cock was getting during our foreplay. Her body responded by grinding in sync with me. She lowered her hands to my hips and held me firmly against her body.

I slid a hand from her breast, down her abdomen, down to her pussy. I rubbed her slowly, over her sweatpants. She started grinding against me harder as I rubbed, so I applied more pressure with my hand, pressing firmly against her mound and rubbing her. She placed her hand over mine and guided me inside her pants. Not wanting to move too quickly I moved my hand over her panties, she moaned softly as I rubbed my fingers over the wet spot on her panties. I slid a finger under the crotch of her panties and rubbed it along her wet slit. My finger easily slid between her soft lips. I rolled my finger around inside her and started to fuck her with my finger. I rolled my finger up along her pussy, and she cooed in satisfaction when my finger found her clit, and began to rub it. I wagged my finger over her clit, and I felt her knees getting weak as her moaning got louder and her breathing became heavier.

I slid down to my knees behind her and pulled her pants and underwear down around her ankles. I guided her legs to step out of the pool of clothes at her feet, so that I could spread her legs. I lifted her leg and rested it on my shoulder. I kissed my way up from her knee along her inner thigh right up to her shaved pussy. She moaned more as I planted a circle of kisses and licks around her lips in the places that she had left cleanly shaved. She leaned back against the kitchen counter as I began to roll my tongue up and down between her lips. I licked her lips slowly and then I flicked my tongue quickly over her lips, and then I licked her slowly again, just before I thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy. I rubbed her clit with my finger as I flicked my tongue up and down between her lips and pushed my tongue into her pussy. She grabbed my hair and held my face against her body.

I raised my tongue from her pussy to her clit, and at the same time began to finger her as my tongue rolled around her clit. Her hips were writhing against my face and she was moaning with the deepest sound of satisfaction as her first orgasm rocked her body. I pressed down on her clit harder with my tongue and licked her faster during her climax. Her body shuddered and she cried out as wave after wave of her orgasm cascaded through her body. Had I not been holding her up the whole time, she would have collapsed.

I stood up to kiss her, and our eyes met. She had a look of lust and satisfaction in her eyes, along with a satisfied and devilish smile on her lips. “What the fuck took you so long?” she asked. As I was stammering for an answer to her question she wrapped her arms around my neck Trabzon Escort Bayan and kissed me fully. She pressed her body up against me giving her a full feel of the bulge in my pants. She pulled back from the kiss and stared straight down at my crotch. Her look told me that she wanted my cock, and she wanted it now. “Now it’s my turn” she said with a smile on her face in a raspy voice.

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I pulled my shirt off on the way to the bedroom. Once there she pushed me down onto her bed. She opened my belt and zipper, and then pulled down my pants. She was very happy to see how much cock I had for her. She wrapped her hand around my cock and looked straight into my eyes. She began to slowly stroke it, never taking her eyes away from mine. Then she traced the underside of my shaft with her tongue. She rolled her tongue around the head and then lowered her mouth onto my shaft, sliding her tongue down the shaft as inch by inch disappeared into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down sucking on my cock, while at the same time teasing me with her tongue. The sensation she was giving me was amazing. She pulled her mouth from my cock licking a few drops of pre-cum from the head, then she swirled her tongue around the head again and again took the length of my shaft down her throat. Her mouth felt so good on me, and I started to thrust my hips upward pushing my cock down her throat. She greedily accepted every inch of me and sucked me harder.

When she felt my cock was start to twitch and throb in her mouth she sprang up and straddled my body. She gripped my shaft guiding it to her pussy then easily slid me deep inside of her. She braced her hands along my stomach and in a steady rhythm she bounced herself up and down on my cock. I watched closely as my cock kept disappearing inside of her. I thrust my hips upward to meet her body as she lowered herself onto me. She leaned over me so that her tits would sway in my face as she rocked her hips back and forth on my cock. I reached for her breasts and I pinched and tugged on her nipples. She leaned her head back and started riding me faster. I kept thrusting my hips to me her gyrations, and push my cock deeper inside her. I felt her pussy wrapping itself tighter and tighter around my cock.

My cock was starting to throb and I couldn’t hold back much longer. She seemed to sense this, because she leaned down and whispered into my ear “let’s cum together”. Those words in her sexy voice were all that I needed to hear and I grunted as my cock erupted inside her pussy. That feeling must have been all that she needed because seconds later she was writhing and moaning as she had her second orgasm. I kept pumping her pussy until her body stopped trembling, and she fell over me in a heap.

As the night would unfold we pretty much ended up fucking for about 4-5 hours straight, as we both seemed to have had plenty of pent up sexual energy for each other, but that was the beginning of what to date was the hottest nights of sex that I have ever had, and also the beginning of the greatest sexual relationship that I have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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