Self Control. The route to becoming a maid.

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Self Control. The route to becoming a maid.
We reached the bathroom and began to undress, Auntie started running the bath and added some sweet rose water and bath salts.
Now dear take everything off and climb into the bath, it looks like we will need to shave you all over again dear.
Auntie removed her clothes at the top of the stairs and had put on a light blue see through chiffon house coat, her silhouette shone through as she passed by the doorway of the bedroom, revealing her voluptuous curves and ample breasts.
I sank into the hot water and relaxed, the steam rising over me making me sweat and my skin a light shade of pink.

Auntie started to apply the shaving foam on my legs and arms, then gently stroking back and forth several times with the safety razor, raise both arms above your head so I can shave your pits she said, all the time I was finding the experience soothing and not at all arousing.

She had finished my arms and said, “now get on all fours and I will do your “Dolly and pom pom’s, and then your bottom, be careful to keep still though dear, we don’t want any accidents do we?

I knelt and exposed myself for her and had completely forgotten about the butt plug, until Auntie said, well dear we are forgetful aren’t we, I will need to remove that before I can attend to your rosebud, she giggled.
I blushed a little and said please be gentle as I had got used to the size and it was only the putting in and taking out that made me gasp.

Of course my dear Sally, you are in safe hands I am not going to hurt you, unless of course you don’t do as you’re told.
I could feel Auntie rubbing the shaving foam over my pom poms and dolly and I started to get aroused, just then Auntie gave me a smack on my bottom, which was so hard it must have been heard in the next village!!
Oooowwwww I screamed that hurts I said, and whoosh. Smack, another on the other side of my bottom, Oooowwwww, I screamed again, what was that for, and Auntie grabbed hold of my pom pom’s and started to squeeze, harder and harder, and I could feel an intense pain in my groin and my Dolly went limp.
Now then “Sally” no more excitement for today unless I allow it, do you hear, and she squeezed a little harder, I yelped a little and stammered, yes Auntie.
Keep still whilst I finish off removing your hairs and then I am going to take out your plug,
“Yes Auntie” I replied, and she let go of my pom pom’s with a flourish and I got a sharp twinge and then relief as the blood started to return.

Rightio I have finished the hair removal, keep still whilst I take out your butt plug.

As she started to draw it out I got an intense feeling of size and pain, as if I had been constipated for a month, the size seemed to be getting bigger as the pain started to increase and illegal bahis siteleri then, all of a sudden, plop it fell into the bath and a rush of air entered my bottom as my rosebud slowly shrank back.

Auntie vigorously washed my bottom, probing my gape, and then started to shave around my rosebud very gently, occasionally blowing on it and rubbing it slightly with her soapy hands, it felt astonishing and I could feel myself getting erect, and my pom pom’s were tightening, I bit my lip, and waited, for the smack that would surely come.
Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Oooowwww, Oooowwww, Ooowww, Ooowwww,
This time twice as many, and twice as hard, my bottom was on fire and the tears started rolling down my cheeks,

“Auntie, Auntie” I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I cant help it, your touch around my rosebud, and I blubbed, it was sooo nice.
“Sally dear I told you when we started this journey that you have a lot to learn, and that if you disobey me or the Ladies then your punishment will be swift and severe, you do understand don’t you?
Yes, I sobbed, I do have a lot to learn.

She finished shaving and cleaned my pom poms and Dolly, occasionally probing inside my rosebud with her fingers.
Sit back down and rinse yourself thoroughly and relax whilst I get you some nightwear.

As I sank back and embraced the warmth of the water, the cheeks of my bottom still stinging and throbbing, I thought about what lay ahead and could feel a sense of anticipation and excitement, so much so that I began to get aroused again, instantly I could feel the intense pain from those smacks and I decided it was better not to go through that again so soon, I pinched myself and bit my lip hard and this seemed to work for now.

Just then Auntie returned with my nightwear and a box.
Now dear stand up, climb out of the bath and dry yourself, I am going to prepare you for bed.
As I stood there naked and warm Auntie opened the box and produced a chrome chastity cage with a built in urethra plug which looked too long for my little dolly and a pink padlock & key.
She closed the box quickly and began rubbing some KY jelly on the tip and pee hole of my Dolly, she put some on the urethra plug and started to fit the chastity device.
Ooohh gently Auntie that feels a bit uncomfortable I said, but she carried on and I could feel the plug going further into my pee hole and Dolly started to harden a little, when it had gone in as far as possible she fitted the rest of the device, clamping my pom poms, and snapped the padlock shut, there she said that should stop you fiddling with yourself in the night.

Now turn around, bend over and spread your legs wide please.
I did as I was told and she again applied some KY around and inside my rosebud, probing with her fingers, canlı bahis siteleri right dear she exclaimed you will be keeping these device’s in for a few days at least so that you can get used to the feeling and obedience of chastity.

“But, but Auntie”, I cant do that after tomorrow, because I have to go to college on Monday and I have several classes, and what about going to the bathroom, wont people notice how I am sitting and walking funny.
No dear because I know you’re a fast learner and I’m sure you will adapt admirably, it was at this point she produced the butt plug, and I gasped in horror, oohh that will never fit in my bottom, its far too big.

“Trust me dear this is only a beginners size, and it will go in I can assure you”, and with that she applied some jelly to it and began inserting it, slowly in circular motions with just enough pressure to open up my rosebud to allow this intruder in.
I began to pant as my breathing reacted to the size of the plug and the increasing pain from my rosebud, but it just kept on and on, bigger and bigger, until I said, “Stop Auntie, Stop” I cant take the size and the length, then suddenly she gave a heavy push and Plop, it was in, and my rosebud was on fire.

Then the pulsing started and I could feel my Dolly getting aroused and it began dripping milk as the huge object was caressing my prostrate, but because of the urethra plug I could not get erect, Dolly was straining, but the curve of the urethra plug was holding everything tightly in place, and all that was happening was my milk was slowly dripping and I could feel the aching of an orgasm being held in check.

Auntie then attached a delicate silver chain to the loop on the urethra plug and pulled it back under my crotch nice and firm and attached the other end to a ring on the huge butt plug, which then tucked everything neatly back.
There she said that should keep it all secure, but now dear you will have to sit down to pee, just like a girl, this is all part of your training she giggled and she to passed me a nightie.

I put on the chiffon pink nightie, which had a white lace trim and was just above my knees and only just covered my modesty.
Okay dear lets go to the bedroom and get you to bed, “early to bed, early to rise “I say, she muttered and she led me into her bedroom, sat me in front of the mirror and applied a powder puff talc on my arms and legs and then a dab of her lavender perfume behind each ear.

There ready for bed, c’mon climb in I’m just going to lock up and turn everything off downstairs, and then I will join you.
I got into her bed and I could hear her locking the front door and going from room to room switching everything off, then bounding up the stairs and, slightly out of breath she slipped under bahis firmaları the duvet and cuddled up to me her ample breasts and hard nipples brushing against my back.

Good night dear, sweet dreams and she kissed me gently on the cheek and I sank into the mattress and slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

As I awoke next morning, sunlight peeped through the curtains and I could hear the radio downstairs and Auntie singing along, my rosebud was aching and rather uncomfortable and I was tempted to pull out the butt plug but I knew not only would I be in trouble but also it would be very painful, I resisted.

I had the sudden urge to pee and trotted to the bathroom, initially forgetting about the urethra plug and stood ready over the toilet, when I remembered what Auntie had said, “you will need to sit down to pee”.
As I sat I began to pee and it came as a real surprise that not only was it noisy, as if a fire hose had been turned on, but strangely satisfying, not having to stand.
After what seemed like 5mins I had finished, but I also had the urge to poop, and I could feel the butt plug trying to force its way out, only to be drawn back in by reflex, this had the effect of massaging my prostrate and I could feel my milk starting to dribble out again.
Just then Auntie came upstairs with some breakfast and asked are you ok, having trouble with your toilet requirements dear?
Erm not quite Auntie, I have peed like you said, but I’m getting the urge to poop, and the butt plug is starting to massage me.
Ah yes dear that is normal and we will sort that out later, tidy yourself and come and have your breakfast.
I went back into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed to eat.

My milk was still dribbling from my Dolly, and Auntie said, I do hope you have not found a way to play with your little Dolly, dear?
No no Auntie, I stuttered, I am dribbling because this enormous butt plug is constantly massaging me inside my bottom, and every time I try to push it out my reflex pulls it back in.
She laughed a little and said, that will ease over time as we get you used to larger objects up there and botty play is one of the ladies favourite games.

I sat and nearly choked at the thought, spat out a mouthful of cereal and cried, what! Larger objects, larger!, I don’t think I could take anything bigger I blurted.
Don’t be silly dear, you will be surprised what will fit up there, the Ladies are experts and really gentle, you have nothing to worry about and will eventually find it very pleasurable, very pleasurable indeed.

Now for the rest of Sunday we need to get ready for church, and start to practice, and, perfect, being a Gurly.
I’ve chosen a nice floral primrose dress for you, with accessories to match.

I went into the back bedroom and everything was laid out on the bed, right down to the bobby socks and court shoes and a small pouch handbag and lace gloves.
Auntie giggled as she went to the bathroom and said, now remember to shout me when you need your corset laces tying off, wont you dear..

Next time:-
Sunday Bliss

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