Sex With My Ex

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It was getting dark as I knocked on the door of my Ex. I had been summoned, which usually meant she needed more money for the kids.

“Hi” she said as she opened the door “come in”.

She was in her dressing gown and slippers and had a towel wrapped round her head, “do you want a cup of tea?” she asked.

“Sure!” I replied, I wasn’t in any hurry and the thought that I might get some sex with the ex was quite appealing.

We sat and chatted for a while about nothing in particular, then I asked her why she had asked me round, without a seconds thought she said “do you want to fuck me?”

“Sorry” I said slightly taken aback.

“Do you want to fuck me? It’s a simple question!”

Getting over the shock I said “I would love to!”

“I thought so! Well it will be on my terms and you do as I say or it will be no go!”

Being a typical male and being ruled by my cock I quickly nodded and sold my soul for a promise.

“Right then you strip down to you pants and I’ll go and get ready.”

I was undressed in seconds, standing in the middle of the room in my black underpants and with a slightly chubby cock. “Are you ready?” she called as she came down the stairs.

“Oh yes I’m ready” I replied.

The door opened and she walked in. I was gob smacked she had a pair of red velvet thigh length boots on, a blue tennis dress with a zip down the middle and the most wondrous cleavage, helped by a push up bra. She looked so horny, the dress showed her womanly shape to perfection, her long legs, her sexy ass and her 36 Cs. I was hard almost immediately.

“Right you do as I tell you and we will get it on just fine!” Again I nodded.

She walked up to me and pulled the front of my pants open, my cock sprang up relieved to be free from its confines. “Hello old friend, you seem to be bigger than I remember!”

I wasn’t sure how to take that, she thought I had a small cock?

Before I could think anymore about it she told me to sit on the arm chair.

“Now Ordu Escort kiss and lick my thigh!” She put her foot on the arm of the chair and I could see her curly black bush right in front of my face.

“Don’t even think about touching my pussy! Just make love to my thigh.”

So I drew little circles on the inside of her thigh with my tongue, kissing and sucking all the way to just short of her pussy.

“Now the other one!” She put her other foot onto the arm and I licked and sucked and stroked her bare flesh getting as close to her pussy as I dared, breathing in the scent.

“I want you to take my dress off!”

I did as I was asked and slowly pulled the zip down till the front of the dress was completely open.

“Now go behind me and pull it of my shoulders.”

I took the dress of her and threw it on the chair.

“I want you to kiss, suck and lick your way up my back starting from my ass and don’t miss any skin!”

I dropped to my knees, I was so excited my cock was dripping and leaving a tell tale damp patch on my pants. I licked and kissed the cheeks, I covered every inch of her super sexy ass, and then I stated to slowly draw circles and zigzags on her back starting just above her ass and working side to side.

As I worked my way up I sensed she was starting to lean forward, so by the time I got to her shoulder blades I was struggling to reach and I had to hold on to her waist.

“What the hell are you doing!!!? She shouted.

I pulled back unsure of what was happening.

“Did I say you could rub your cock against my ass?”

In a flash I realized that I had fallen into her trap.

“You are going to have to suffer for that!”

She dropped to her knees and took my cock from its confines and started to suck and swallow it. God it felt good I could feel my come rising as my balls started to tighten. She felt it to because she stopped just as fast as she started, leaving me on the edge and a very swollen Ordu Escort Bayan cock.

“Now just do as you are told or you will go home with a full load!”

My balls were aching and if anyone was going to get a full load it was her.

“Undo my bra and massage my boobs!”

I stood behind her and undid the clips; I pushed the straps over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I slid my hands round to her ample boobs and began to stroke and squeeze them, she began to moan as I rubbed her nipples with my palms. She turned around and pushed her tits towards my face,

“Suck my fucking tits off!” She ordered and I did!

I rolled her nipple with my tongue I drew it into my mouth and gently bit on it, I lifted them up and licked and kissed the underside of her boobs. As I was doing this I felt her hand slowly stroking my cock through my pants, she was barely touching it but I could feel her fingers sliding up and down my shaft.

“I want you to eat my pussy now!” as she moved her hand off me and sat on the edge of the chair.

I knelt between her legs and rubbed my nose along her moist crease taking in her horny aroma she pulled her lips apart.

“Finger fuck me!”

Always willing to please I slid a couple of fingers into her wet pussy and slowly finger fucked her, whilst I was lapping gently at her clit.

“Oh god I need to be fucked!” she mumbled during her moans

“JOHN!!! She shouted as she stood up. With some other guys name ringing in my ears the door opened and a bloke walked in!

Tall, athletic and built like a brick wall.

“This is John” she said as she sat on sofa in front of him.

“John this is your warm up man she said nodding my way.

I didn’t know what was going on, but she soon explained.

“John has a wonderful cock and he knows how to use it, unfortunately foreplay isn’t in his vocabulary so I thought I would use you to warm me up before the main event!”

With that she started Escort Ordu to unbuckle his belt

“You can stay and watch if you like!”

His trousers fell to the floor and an enormous cock was pointing at her face.

I was transfixed I couldn’t move if I wanted to. She started to suck the head of his cock as he put his hand on her head. He started to thrust into her mouth and with each thrust more cock disappeared into her cock hungry mouth.

I sat back and started to stroke my cock. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and it was very hard and very long. I thought my eight inches was impressive but he had ten or eleven at least!

She got down on all fours facing me and he pushed his cock into her, the deeper he went the more contorted her face became.

“GOD!” you’re so fucking deep! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” she cried as she started to thrust her ass backwards to get him even deeper!

It was just so horny to watch, a lot better than a porn movie. The smell of sex in the air the sound of their lust, it made me so hard and put me right on the edge of Cumming.

He pulled out of her and lay on the floor in front of me, she straddled him and whilst facing me she slid down his donkey dick.

“OOH! My pussy is so full”

She rode his cock for all it was worth and suddenly with a loud “I’M CUMMING!!!”

She shuddered and ground her self down onto his cock.

After a few seconds she opened her eyes and staring at my cock said “Would you like me to take care of that?”

She sat back on his stomach and started to stroke his cock,

“Come here then!” she invited.

I stood in front of her and she took me in her mouth and sucked on my cock, while she finished John off with a hand job.

Amazing John came first shooting a couple of spunky streams over her stomach; it was enough to trigger my orgasm and sensing I was about to shoot she took my cock out of her mouth and pointing it at her face said “Spray me, cum on my face!”

I shot load after load over face, hair, splashed her boobs and even dripped some on good old Johns softening cock.

“Fucking hell!” She said

“That’s not a Cock, It’s a fountain!”

She apologized for tricking me and promised to make amends. That IS another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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