Sexual Metamorphosis Ch. 04

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Anal Drill

Thank you to all my readers and reviewers. Your comments mean a lot to me. I am interested in what or who you would like to see Helen do next. Chapter 5 is planned out, but not yet written.

Anyway on to the story.


It was barely light when I opened my eyes, a quick glance at the bedside clock told me it was six am; and for a change I had woken before the alarm went off at six thirty. I was pretty certain that Bill and Dave were still asleep as the house was silent. I was about to get up when an arm crept around my waist and I could feel a warm body pressing up against my back, however without turning around and looking, I was not sure which of the twins the arm belonged to.

I could feel warm breath on the back of my neck, as lips pressed softly against my skin, kissing my neck and shoulders. A hand wormed its way between my legs and began to gently stroke me. I gave a contented sigh and moved slightly, rolling onto my back, giving the hand easier access. As the hand continued to caress and rub me, I reached out and found a cock…a long, thick and now very hard cock. I smiled as its owner let out a low moan.

For several long minutes, we stroked and caressed each other, in silence, then two fingers slid slowly into my wet pussy whilst the thumb circled my clit. I moaned quietly as the fingers moved back and forth and I felt the heat rising inside me. I tried to stroke the cock in rhythm with the fingers inside me, gradually picking up speed. My legs were shaking when a third finger pressed inside and I knew it would not take much to make me come, I tightened my grip around the cock and stroked faster, wanting to take its owner over the edge with me.

I came first, I felt myself tightening around the fingers buried in my pussy, then a moment later I felt the cock swell and then with a groan its owner came; spurting all over my hand. I continued to stroke until he had completely emptied. I was curious to know which brother I was with, so I brought my cum covered hand to my mouth and took a lick…Mmm; it was Dave. Having sucked Bill and Dave’s cocks several times a day for about two months now, I had become an expert in being able to identify who was who, just by their taste. In fact I could also recognise the taste of their younger brother Tom and Harry too!

Dave drew me closer and kissed me, it was tender and yet full of passion. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth as his hands caressed my breasts, tweaking my nipples which hardened at his touch. I pulled away breathless and straddled him, his cock pressing against my short pubic hair. I kissed him again hungrily, then licked and kissed my way down to his softened cock. I took it into my hands and slowly stroked it, feeling it start to come to life once again. Dave lightly touched the sides of my face, running his fingers through my hair as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I let my hand slide up his thigh, my fingers cupping his balls as I swirled my tongue around his cock. I worshipped Dave’ s cock, taking him as far into my mouth as I could, and then pulling back so that I could flick my tongue against the tip of his cock. Soon he was rock hard once again and breathing heavily.

Not one word had been spoken, yet when I felt a tap on my head, I knew what was wanted, I rose up and with one hand still holding Dave’s cock, I began to slowly lower myself down onto it, taking it deep into my heat. As I moved up and down, Dave held onto my hips, thrust upwards setting off sparks inside of me, he pulled me down so that we could kiss, long, hot and passionate kisses. The only sounds in the room were our soft moans and skin slapping against skin. We picked up speed and Dave slipped his hand between our bodies, pressing firmly down onto my clit. I gasped and began to shake and several thrusts later I cried out, cumming for the second time that morning.

“Oi, keep the noise down you two,” yawned Bill, as he lay watching us, stroking his own cock, which surprise, surprise, was rock hard.

“Bill, come here,” Dave said huskily, “and bring the lube, I want you inside me,”

Now this was something new; in all the time I had been with the twins, I had never seen Bill fuck Dave. Yes, they wanked and sucked each other off all the time, but it was always Dave who did the fucking!

As I had already come twice, I decided to give the guys some privacy, I slid off Dave, and headed off to get a shower.

“Where are you going?” asked Dave, “I want you to suck me whilst Bill fucks me,”

Delighted, I stayed where I was, watching Bill pressing a lubricated finger into his brother’s ass, there was such a look of love on his face. He moved it in and out a few times before adding a second finger. Bill repeated this twice, until his had four fingers inside his brother. Then he pulled them out and began to press his cock into his brother, causing Dave to moan. If any of my friends saw this, they would be horrified, but as normal, I found myself become aroused as I watched marks head bobbers porno them. There was something so incredibly hot about watching the twins together.

“Oh, god, Dave, you feel so hot, so tight,” Bill groaned when he was fully sheathed.

“Mmm, it’s been so long since I had you inside me,” panted Dave, “I’d forgotten just how good it feels having your cock in my ass,”

They kissed, for a moment I thought that they had forgotten all about me, then Dave spoke, “Helen, climb over me so that I can lick you as you suck me,”

I positioned myself with my legs either side of Dave’s head and my face was level with his cock. There was just enough room for me to take it to my mouth as his brother began to moved back and forth, causing them both to moan. Dave ran his tongue over my pussy lips, then parted them with his fingers. He slid two into me as he teased my clit with his tongue. I licked, sucked and slurped on his cock, whilst watching Bill’s cock disappearing into his arse, it was so damn hot.

“Helen’s enjoying this, Dave,” Bill told his brother hoarsely. “She’s looking at my cock, watching me fucking your tight arse,”

Dave moaned and shivered and added a third finger into my pussy, sucking hard on my clit as he thrust them in and out. I pushed myself onto his fingers, causing them to go in further, as I deep-throated him as far as I could without gagging.

“F…fuck,” Dave whimpered, as his brother slammed into him hard and fast. “Ooh…ggggod… Billlll…love you!”

And Dave came, shooting his seed down my throat for the second time that morning, I almost chocked as I came too, both of our bodies shaking. My legs almost gave way, so I rolled to the side and watched as Bill grip Dave’s thighs and he pound into him over and over again.

“Oh shitttt… Dave… I’m cumming!” Bill cried out as he quivered from head to toe, his cock buried deep in his twin’s ass.

“That’s it Bro,” Dave panted, “cum for me, I want you to cum in my ass, come on, fill me up,”

Bill remained buried inside Dave for several long moments, breathing heavily, before he carefully withdrew and flopped onto the bed beside us. “Love you too, Bro,”, he said softly and they kissed, “And you, Helen” Bill added, pulled me in his arms, “are amazing, absolutely amazing,”


A while later, as we ate breakfast, Dave asked, “Helen, I have been meaning to ask, have you seen Frank and Gerry recently? Only they were mentioned the other day that they had not seen you in a while,”

I shook my head, “No, I would have told you about it if I had,” I told him with a grin. “I have not seen them since you parents party…why?”

“Well, you’ve been involved us for a couple of months now, and then two weeks ago, you, Gina, Tom and Harry got it together, Bill interrupted, with a mouthful of toast. “So I reckon they’re probably feeling left out…if you know what I mean!”

I did know what he meant, and it was actually top of my ‘List of things/people to do’. However I decided to quickly rectify the situation, so during a quiet moment in work, I made a phone call.

“Hiya, Frank, it’s me, Helen….yes, I’m fine thanks, you and Gerry? Good…Look I was wondering if you two were doing anything tonight? You’re not…good…would it be alright if I came round, it seems ages since I last saw you guys…yes that would be fine…about seven o’clock, ok, see you then, bye,”

I was kind of nervous, when I arrived, I took a moment to compose myself before knocking on the door; after all it was not every day that I visit my twin boyfriends younger twin brothers, with the sole purpose of fucking them. Frank and Gerry shared a spacious flat above their magic and joke shop; and when Frank let me in with a smile and a hug, my nervousness quickly disappeared.

“It’s good to see you, Helen,” he said as he led me up the stairs and into their living room.

“Gerry… Helen’s here,” he called out to his twin.

Gerry arrived a moment later a towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping from his hair; he had obviously just had a shower and he looked absolutely gorgeous. He also greeted me with a warm smile and a hug. They were four years younger than Dave and Bill, and like their brothers they had black hair and dark eyes.

“Go get a shower,” Gerry told his brother, “I’ll look after Helen,” he added with a wink as Frank disappeared.

“Fancy a beer,” Gerry asked.

“Sure,” I followed him into the kitchen and took the bottle he offered me. I took a sip, then put it down onto the kitchen table and moved into Gerry’s personal space.

“But, you know what? I think I fancy something else as well,”

“Oh yeah…what’s that then?” Gerry took a swig from his bottle then it joined mine on the table.

“You,” I leaned in and kissed him full on the mouth.

He moaned and slid an arm around me as he returned the kiss. One of my hands trailed down his chest massage porno to the towel tied around his waist, I gave the towel a tug and it dropped to the floor. As we continued to kiss, I reached out and took his cock into my hand, stroking it. I broke the kiss, “I hear that you and Frank have been feeling left out,” I explained, “so I have come to remedy that,”

Moments later I was on my knees in front of him, his cock like his older brothers was a very good size, and he had trimmed his pubic hair right back. I gave him a wink before I took his cock to my mouth. I touched its tip with my tongue, tasting the pre cum that was leaking from it, then I let my hands, mouth and tongue explore every inch of it, before I slowly encircled it with my lips. I heard him give a contented sigh as I began to suck the whole of his long length into my mouth and down my throat, all the time my hands were busy stroking and caressing over his inner thighs and his balls. I pulled him closer and relaxed my throat, his cock slid deeper.

“Oh fuck…Helen… christ….they said you were good at this,”

I guess he was referring to Dave and Bill. I smiled to myself as I pulled back and started to lick his shaft from the tip down to the base, gently blowing on it. Then I ran my tongue over and around the head, before taking a deep breath and swallowing him deep. He groaned and pushed himself further in.

“Hmm, now I know why it’s so quiet…I thought you’d at least wait for me!” Frank said huffily.

I let Gerry’s cock slip from my mouth as I turned to see Frank, who was standing naked in the doorway, watching us intently.

“Oh-Stop sulking and come over here,” I giggled.

Frank was in front of me in a flash; and like his brother he had trimmed off most of his pubic hair, I reached for his cock which was jutting out and started to suck on the tip, whilst I continued to stroke his brother’s cock with my other hand. I spent several long minutes licking and sucking the head of his cock, flicking my tongue around the under edge and in the hole on the top. He moaned with pleasure, which then turned to a moan of disappointment as I moved to do the same to his brother.

“I do so love sucking cock,” I said huskily, as I first deep-throated one brother then the other. “And you both have such lovely cocks,” I added giving them a wink.

I spent a long time alternating between the two brother’s cocks, desire flooding through me as I feasted on them, then Gerry, he pulled my head closer and pushed himself deeper and with a groan, he came, flooding my mouth with his cum. As soon as he pulled out of my mouth and released me, Frank grabbed me and thrust his cock into my open mouth, he jerked back and forth erratically, pressing deeper and deeper, then with a growl, he came too. I eagerly swallowed his cum down as I had with his brothers.

“Mmm, you both taste so good,” I told them, as I licked my lips.

Frank drew me up between himself and Gerry, as he kissed me passionately, Gerry undid my skirt and pushed it my knickers to the floor. I moaned as he slid a hand between my legs; I was so wet and aroused. Frank had now somehow managed to rid me of my blouse and bra.

“Lets see how you taste,” Gerry muttered as he lay me on top of the kitchen table, and pushed my thighs apart and began nuzzling my pussy. I moaned as his tongue parted my pussy lips, then dove into my my wet hole. “Mmm so deliciously sweet,” he slurped.

I gasped as Frank joined in, we kissed hungrily, his hands wandered over my body, across my neck and began to caress and tease my breasts and nipples, then his hot mouth descended on them, I arched my back as he suckled and nipped on my nipples, they were so hard and pebbled. My whole body was trembling, as the twins played and teased me closer and closer to the edge. Gerry’s tongue slowly circle around my clit, as he slid two fingers back and forth, Frank nibbled and sucked his way down my stomach, his fingers still toying with my nipples. Leaving his fingers buried inside me, Gerry moved to kiss his twin, pushing his tongue deep into his brothers mouth…Oh god, it was so hot watching them together. Then Frank slid a finger inside me to join his brothers, and together they thrust in fast and deep.

“Oh god…I’m…going…to…come…ahhhh! I cried out as I came hard, I felt myself tightening around their fingers. The twins continued to slide their fingers in and out slowly as I came back down to earth.

“Mmm, that was good,” I told them, “but can we move somewhere more comfortable to fuck, this table is killing my back,” I added with a grin,”

“Sure thing baby,” Frank laughed, picked me up and carried me into the living room, he flopped down onto the couch with me sat straddling his lap facing forward with my back against his chest. I could feel his cock pressing against the small of my back, it was once again ready for action. I rose up and holding his cock with one hand, I began to lower myself down onto it, meet-suck and fuck porno moaning as I did. Gerry knelt on the floor between our legs, he began to lick his brother’s cock as it slowly slid in and out of my pussy and a finger to tease my clit as I slowly moved up and down.

“I love the way you feel inside me,” I told him.

“Lets see how you like this then,” Gerry whispered as he pressed a finger up into my pussy along side his brother’s cock, it was quickly followed by a second and then a third finger.

“Oh my god…what you doing,” I gasped as I felt myself stretching to take in the fingers as well as the cock.

“Haven’t you done this with Dave and Bill or with Tom and Harry?”

I shook my head, looking confused.

“Well, baby, you see, Frank and I love feeling our dicks pressing and sliding together when we fuck a pussy or arse,” Gerry explained lustily. He withdrew his fingers and pressed the thick head of his cock alongside his brothers at my entrance. “and I know that you’ll just love it too,”

I gasped and held on tightly to Frank’s thighs, as Gerry slowly pressed up and into my pussy. “Relax baby, let me in,”

“Ohmygod…ohmygod,” I gasped, as I did my best to relax, as he pushed slowly upwards. Oh fuck…my pussy had never felt so stretched and so full before.

Frank groaned, “So tight…feels so fucking good…Gerry, love feeling your dick on my dick,”

Both brothers held still for a few moments letting me adjust to have two large cocks in my pussy. Then Frank began to move first, slowly moving up and down. Gerry then started to pull out and press back in. All of us gasping at the sensations it caused.

“Feels good, doesn’t it…having two dicks inside your pussy,”

“Yes…oh fuck yes it does,” I whimpered as the twins movements became quicker.

Gerry’s mouth devoured mine hungrily as the two of them moved in me. Occasionally one of their cocks would slip out of my pussy, but it would quickly pushed back in as they relentlessly drove into me. A finger found my clit and flicked over it. I felt the heat in my stomach spreading out, felt it build and build until it crashed over me in waves of pleasure that left me gasping for air.

“Oh jesus…Gerry…Helen…fuckkkkk” Frank groaned and I felt his cock swell as he pushed up into me deeper and then the warmth of his seed shooting up into my pussy.

“Get ready babe, gonna cum in you as well,” Gerry panted, as he now slammed in and out fast and hard. “Bet you’d like that wouldn’t you, have both of us cumming in your cunt?”

“Oh fuck…yes…. I want you to… I want you to cum in me too, fill me with your cum,”I begged.

A couple of moments later and Gerry came too, with a low growl, filling me with his seed.

We stayed as we were for several long minutes getting out breath back, the twins cocks started to soften and slipped out of me as the three of us shared some long passionate, yet tender kisses.

Eventually Gerry stood up and guided me in the direction of the bathroom, “Why don’t you go and get cleaned up, and we’ll organise us some food,”


Twenty minutes later, I emerged all clean and refreshed wearing a soft terry towelling bathrobe. “So what we eating? I asked Gerry who was just wearing shorts, as I entered the kitchen, “and why is there an extra place set at the table…?”

“That would be for me,” Dave answered with a smile, he came into the kitchen carrying a Chinese take-out bag.

“Davvve..” I skipped over to him and we kissed. I was genuinely pleased to see him. “This is a surprise,why…why are you here…is Bill with you? I asked.

“Well the boys here,” and he ruffled Frank’s hair, ” told me you were coming over for a visit, and knowing that Bill was out of town on business and that I would be alone, they invited me come over for dessert,”

“Mmm that was nice of them, but lets eat, now I am starving!” I smiled, sitting down at the table.

There was plenty of food and it was delicious and we all chatted and laughed together, then we moved into the living room and had coffee. I lay on the couch with my legs resting on Dave’s lap, he gently caressed my legs with his hands. It felt nice and as I was so relaxed I closed my eyes.

“Mmm, so what’s for dessert?” I asked sleepily.

One of Dave’s hands moved higher up my leg and undid the bathrobe, “You are,” he said huskily, as he parted my legs and his fingers began to circle my clit. I gave a soft moan as he teased my clit sending tremors through my body, my hips jerked upwards onto his fingers.

“Open your eyes, Helen…” he spoke softly, “Look,” Dave gestured over to where Frank and Gerry were sitting together, stroking themselves whilst watching us with lustful expressions.

“Oh god,” I moaned as he drew me ever closer to the edge.

“They like watching us, they like watching me with play you,” Dave said hoarsely, “and you like them watching you, don’t you…don’t you my little slut!”

“Yesss….fuckkk…yes,” I gasped he slid two fingers into my pussy. His words and the thought of the twins watching us was so arousing.

“Mmm Helen, you’re so hot and wet,” He added a third finger. He thrust them in and out hard and fast, his thumb still flicking over my clit.

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