Shanti – A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 02

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There was a darker side to things, as there always is. Sridhar had no way of knowing that his wife, Shanti was a slut and beneath that demure honest looking spiritual god fearing saree clad extremely faithful looking wife, the slut had scores of secret lovers, Suresh reveled in the candor of their marriage – he believed she had no secrets from him, as he certainly had none from her. He knew that she was a faithful wife who will and would never betray or cheat on him – he was not aware – poor guy that the pussy had fucked his uncle and brothers separately and in a gang bang. But there were days when Shanti didn’t go to work. Instead, she left the house as usual, drove into town, stopped en route to call the Bank to say she would not be in that day, parked her car in a lot and took a taxi to a small, quiet lane by the Village.

Alighting from the taxi, she waited till it turned the corner and was out of sight. Then she walked quickly down the lane and turned into a narrow blind alley that ran perpendicular to the lane. At the end of the alley stood an old three-storied block of flats.t was a run-down wooden structure, the timber rotten and decaying in many parts, some windows boarded, others without shutters, still others broken and open like gaping wounds. There was no door to the building, and Shanti entered and climbed three flights of long, broad, shallow wooden steps, clutching the curved wooden bannister, worn smooth by countless hands. Most of the flats were empty. One or two had signs of desultory life, an occasional line of washing or a tinny radio squeaking and scratching. Shanti climbed to the top floor and turned down the corridor to the flat at the rear of the house. Using a key taken from her small handbag, she let herself into the flat.

In comparison to the rest of the building, the flat was surprisingly well-kept. The walls were neatly plastered and painted a soft white. The door opened into a large, simply furnished room with a high, sloping ceiling. Tall windows stretched along the length of the far wall. The room overlooked the growing fields of greenery and the silent farm lands, beyond several rows of thatched tiled roofs. An open door at one end of the room led into an airy and clean kitchen, fitted with simple and basic appliances – a small refrigerator, a two-ring gas stove, a steel sink and a granite worktop. Another door set half-way down the side wall was open and showed a bedroom with a bathroom.

Shanti closed the door behind her. Her lover emerged – Ratan from the bedroom. He was tall and very handsome, with a superb physique. He wore a pair of jeans and nothing else. He had thick black hair, swept back off his forehead. His nose was long and straight and slightly curved; the lips were slim and wide. His jaw was strong and well-defined, sexily square.

His dark eyes were deep-set. He was clean-shaven. His body was stunning: a muscular neck stretched to broad shoulders and led to a wide, deeply cleaved chest. His torso was hairless and smooth, his armpits were shaved clean. His nipples were small and dark and sharp, pulled wide and low on either side of the mighty W of his chest that swept from armpit to armpit.

His back was smooth and strong, curved inward to the spine, and snaking down to his taut buttocks. His belly was rock-hard, ridged with slabs of musculature. He was barefoot, and his jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. He stopped in the doorway, with one arm raised, hand resting on the doorjamb and looked at Shanti impassively.

Shanti paused, studying him, her eyes raking his body. Her face flushed with excitement. Her eyes glittered and her nostrils flared and her lips parted. Dropping her purse on the floor, she moved towards her man, kicking off her sandals. He waited silently, carved out of a stone, an erotic bas-relief.

After the meeting at the Bank and doing his bidding – the lovers wanted to reunite – he was married to Reshma and she had known the existence of her nemesis – and warned Ratan of severe consequences if he did anything sexual with her –she was a mother of his two children but his interest in her was at its lowest – he had married the woman for the money and now he wanted to get rid of her – how? He had slowly paid off his father in law all the money invested – to be rid of the obligations and wanted to be rid of the burden – this led to some relief but he was not allowed a free bird life yet – he wanted a divorce but the payout was huge – the lawyer from Reshma’s side slapped a multi crore pliant on him and he could not muster an advocate who could stand up to that nonsense.

Shanti got to know the background and assured him – she will not let her lust for him spoil his life and will work around this – she told him the evidence she kept of Reshma’s past life – especially the torrid steamy Jacuzzi jaunts the lass enjoyed at the college with the faculty for scores – and the snaps and the videos she maintained with her – not yet deleted – she will quietly get them leaked and wait and see how she reacted – and only after canlı bahis some reprieve and fog clearance will they resume much awaited sex life. She needed him – his cock was still lingering with its awesome taste in her mouth – the six years and just the one interlude did little to erase the moments and their lasting outcome.

The video did find its way both to Reshma and her father and his lawyers- they threatened Ratan with dire consrquences and even got him assaulted – he suffered minor fractures and finally after a rather rough and rather torturous period – Ratan got his divorce but with a caveat – veiled threat that he will be ‘dealt’ with and she will have her revenge once and for all – he sought police protection but in vain and finally left the place to come and live in these interiors of Tamil Nadu.

He started a small firm and incognito knowing very well – he could be found easily started a new life but Shanti still had to be in the shadows though they resumed their torrid much awaited sex life. She came this morning from Bangalore and it was a long journey for her to undertake for this fuck of a life time she enjoyed – especially the ass fuck. He loved her moist dirty ass as soon as she arrived post the 6 hour journey and would not allow her to wash – and take her as she would arrive – he loved her – loved her smell – loved her dirt.

Shanti was clad in a simple *churidar* and *kurta*. Her face was a perfect oval, tapering to a fine chin. Her eyes were elongated, almond-shaped, lined with *kajal* She had high cheekbones and a

fine, straight nose. Her mouth was small, but her lips were full and luscious. She had white, even teeth. Her hair was thick and lustrous, now tied in a plait that reached her buttocks. Her dusky skin was smooth and clear and soft, the colour and texture of honey. A long, elegant neck led smoothly to full, high, ripe breasts, superbly formed and heavy, like succulent mangoes.

Her belly was firm and flat, her waist narrow and her hips flared just so, to neatly curved buttocks and slender, long, elegant legs. Her arms were smoothly turned, and her hands and feet were shapely. She wore a long *mangalsutra* around her neck, a *bindi*, gold earrings, gold finger-rings, silver anklets and toe-rings. She dropped her *dupatta* as she approached Ratan, and unbuttoned her *kurta*. Beneath, she was naked.

Before Ratan, she stopped for a second, her eyes locking with his, then her hands slid up his torso, caressing him sensuously, and then she bent her head and, moaning softly, licked his nipple. Ratan did not move. Shanti groaned and tugged at the cord of her *churidar*. It rustled to her feet and she kicked it aside. Slowly, she drew the *kurta* off her head. Her breasts were heavy and warm with excitement, her long nipples rigid, her aureoles puckered. She pressed against him, caressing his body, writhing her flesh against his, pushing her hands into his trousers, squeezing his buttocks. Tugging his jeans down, she slithered to her knees before Ratan.

He kicked his jeans aside.

Still limp, Ratan’s penis was eight inches long and correspondingly thick. It hung from a thatch of neatly trimmed, sparse pubic hair. His balls were heavy and low. His cock and balls were moothly shorn. Shanti moaned thickly as she took his cock in her hands and caressed it lovingly. Jerking it deftly, she stroked her face with it, her eyes half-closed, her lips fluttering open. His penis stirred in her hands and she slowly took his cock-head in her mouth. A slow grin creased Ratan’s face. His belly rippled. Now he raised his other arm and spread his legs so that he seemed to be spread eagled in the doorway.

Shanti sucked Ratan’s penis hungrily, holding his shaft and jerking it back and forth. His penis quivered and stirred and began to swell in her mouth and fingers. Ratan grunted as his penis grew to an enormous size, over ten inches long, nearly two inches thick. Slowly, he flexed his buttocks and slid his hips forward at her face. Shanti groaned and, gripping his hips, took his cock deeper in her mouth, sucking feverishly. Ratan was a virile dirty man and he was now an escaped divorcee close to a convict. Now she sucked his penis, gripping his hips and rocking her head rapidly back and forth. Ratan remained as he was, his head bent, watching her suck his cock, his arms aloft, hands gripping the lintel of the doorway. He pumped his hips steadily back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, driving his cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue and lips were magical and he felt the heat build and surge in his groin. The musky taste of his cock aroused her and she began to masturbate, caressing and squeezing her turgid breasts, thrusting a hand into her crotch and running a finger in and out of her wet cunt. Pausing, she rose slightly to squeeze her breasts around his cock as she licked his navel.

“Are you going to stay like this forever, stud?”

“Yup. You want to fuck, you do the work.”

“And I suppose you don’t want to fuck?”

“I’m bahis siteleri keeping my side of our deal.”


“Probably.” Ratan laughed softly at the expression of naked lust on her face. “Do what you like, bitch. I’m not moving. Fuck yourself on my cock.”

Shanti moaned softly in excitement. She bent her head and sucked his cock again for a few minutes, hungrily taking him deep in her mouth and licking his cock-head frantically. He grunted, chuckled. Whimpering, she rose, kissing and licking his magnificent torso, sucking his nipples one by one till she was on her feet.

She began grinding her cunt against his rampant penis, holding it in one hand and pressing it to her cunt, she wound an arm around his head and kissed him hungrily, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. Her breasts were hot and heavy on his chest.

“God I love your body,” she murmured.

Panting with excitement, she turned around with her back to him. Spreading her legs wide, she leaned slowly forward, bending her torso further and further till she was folded almost in half. Her buttocks and hips were arched upward to his groin. Her hands on her shins, Shanti shuffled backward slowly. Ratan’s rampant penis pressed against her buttocks. She reached between her legs with one hand and took his penis and guided it to her cunt. For a second she paused with his cock-head encircled in her fingers at her cunt-lips. Then her buttocks spread wide and she slid her hips upward and back with a soft moan and the cock-head slipped between her fingers and into her cunt. She shuddered in deep pleasure as the enormity and heat of it bit into her wet cunt. Ratan held perfectly still. With his cock firmly embedded in her cunt, Shanti held her shins in both hands and, bent steeply forward, began to slide her cunt back onto his throbbing erection. The Marwari grunted softly, his head bent, watching in fascination as the Tamil slut’s buttocks creased wider and wider open and her juicy, tight cunt slid back up the length of his monstrous erection. Her cunt was fiery hot and sodden, and, as it convulsed on his throbbing penis, he was tempted to yield and thrust into her. He controlled himself with an effort.

“Ohhh ma unhhh ohhh god you bastard ohhh yes!” Shanti gasped as she took more and more of his cock into her flesh. “God yes … ohhh god yes!”

Her buttocks swayed and writhed and began to churn in slow circles, grinding round with a tight little snap. Her cunt spiraled slowly and inexorably on the seemingly endless length of his cock. Her long *mangalsutra* dangled free, sliding up high on the back of her neck. Her heavy, swollen breasts ached for his touch. She squeezed them with one hand. Her *mangalsutra* flipped against her chin, and she caught it in her lips and bit it in tension. His penis was enormous, hot, hard, thick and heavy and it pulsed slowly and steadily in her flesh. He was like a statue carved of rock, hard and still. On and on she went, backing herself onto his cock till, finally, she had him fully in her cunt. Slowly, her head arched and her head rose, suffused with lust, the long *mangalsutra* between her lips, her long neck craned, her breasts succulent and pendulous, their nipples nut-hard.

The long years of ardent and strenuous fucking had made the otherwise “spiritual pious faithful housewife” supple and strong. She felt no strain in the odd position. Her long legs took the tension smoothly and easily. Moaning deep in her throat, she bent further forward and slid her hands back to clench his calves, now she was bent over, her arms stretched back, pinning his body to hers. Ratan’s fingers tightened on the lintel. He waited, taking slow, deep breaths to control himself. His balls and groin blazed with lust-heat. She was an incredible piece of ass.

Holding his legs, her buttocks pressed hard to his crotch, Shanti groaned and began to grind her hips erotically round and round. His huge cock mashed her cunt-flesh, rasping over the hard stub of her inflamed clitoris. She groaned deep in her throat and began to rock slowly back and forth, sliding her cunt up and down the length of his cock. Ratan held perfectly still and watched as her cunt-lips moved along his shaft. Her cunt convulsed on his penis and he groaned. Her buttocks slapped gently against his thighs, pressed against his balls. Ratan longed to grab her hips and fuck her hard, to ram his cock into her cunt. He controlled himself and made her continue working for her pleasure.

Shanti’s head swam with delirious pleasure. The strain of the position made the blood rush to her head. She opened her mouth and dropped the long *mangalsutra* from her lips and moaned. Her fingers dug into his thighs.

“Ohhhh ma uhhh Ohhh Ratan yes! Ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes!” she gasped.

Her face flushed with the effort and the lust that burned in her loins, Shanti rocked back and forth in front of her sex-slave, impaling herself repeatedly on his enormous tumescence. Her breasts jiggled and her *mangalsutra* swung back and forth with bahis şirketleri her movements.

“C’mon damn you! Move! Fuck me! Do it, you son of a bitch! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me, bastard! Fuck me!” she cried deliriously.

Ratan chuckled softly. “No free lunches, bitch. You want to fuck, you work for it.”

“Bastard,” she hissed, clenching her teeth. “Oh you bastard!”

Ratan laughed and abruptly swung his hips in a vicious, snapping arch. Shanti cried out, her face contorting, as his huge cock ground through her cunt-flesh, mashing over her distended clitoris. Her buttocks swayed and writhed erotically, pressing back at his loins. She slid forward, rocked back, and he swung his hips again. This time, she was ready for it and, with a shuddering gasp, she rolled her hips in unison. The pleasure was intense and satisfying.

“Let’s see if you can take it in your ass like this, whore,” Ratan laughed softly. “Show me how hot you *really* are!”

Shanti loved having her butt fucked. There was nothing quite as wonderful as the anal pleasure of a thick, hot, hard and long cock in her anus. Moaning, she lurched unsteadily forward and slipped her cunt off his cock. She straightened slowly and leaned against Ratan, writhing her buttocks against his cock, squeezing her breasts, and turned her face to his. He kissed her and she sucked hungrily on his tongue. Moaning, she turned and slid to her knees and began sucking his cock again. She could taste her cunt on his cock and it added to her excitement. She sucked his penis hungrily, her head rocking back and forth between his legs.

“God, I love your body, you bastard,” she hissed sensuously as she rose.

Turning again, she bent forward slowly and, reaching back, clawed her buttocks open. Gingerly, she shuffled backward, her body weight carried on the balls of her feet. His penis slipped into the cleft between her buttocks, slipped away, found her anus again. She paused with the cock-head at her asshole and then, slowly, pressed herself backward. The huge cock-head popped into her anus. She stopped, tensed and gasped, her head snapping up, her face contorting in lust and excitement.

“Oh fuck yes! Ohhh ma yes!” she cried.

Ratan held still, his magnificently muscled chest heaving, his mouth hanging open. His cock throbbed powerfully in her anus, which convulsed in frenzy on his penis.

“C’mon, whore! More!” he grunted. “Take it all! C’mon!”

Shanti’s head swam with excitement and pain and pleasure. She moaned, wincing, her face twisting in an agony of joy, and digging her fingers into his strong thighs, pulled herself backwards. Her anus drove onto his rigid penis, making him gasp loudly, and her face jerked up, contorting in a flood of lust as the huge penis seared into her rear channel. Her buttocks split wide open and his penis disappeared into her asshole as she lurched backward onto his penis. Now he moved, thrusting his hips savagely forward with a sharp cry, his head snapping back, and his penis plowed deep into her anus. Shanti shrieked at the unexpected invasion, her lips jerking back over her perfect teeth in a rictus of lust and pain and she almost stumbled forward. Her hands dug into his legs and she cried out, her head arched high.

“Ohmaunhhh OHHHH unhh OHH Ratan! Ratan! Ratan! OHHHH!”

Gasping and moaning, she jerked herself back and forth on his penis and he moved with her, thrusting his hips back and forth, burying his cock in her tight, clonic asshole. Shanti trembled and shuddered, her head spinning with joy and she rocked frantically on her feet, pushing her ass deeper and deeper onto his cock, wanting him to go on and on and on. The orgasm hit her suddenly, like a thunderclap, and her anus convulsed frantically on his penis. Ratan gasped and moaned, pushing his hips forward, flexing his buttocks, driving his penis deep into her asshole. Gasping, she lurched off his cock and fell to the floor on all fours, panting and moaning, her chest heaving.

“Come on, whore … suck my prick … I want to cream in your face,” her sex-slave gasped.

Moaning, she turned and sucked his cock again, taking him deep in her mouth. His cock tasted of jizz and cunt and ass and it made her dizzy with pleasure. She sucked him deeply, hungrily, slowly, her head rolling from side to side, moving back and forth. He gasped softly as the heat surged from his loins. She moaned, sensing his orgasm and, leaning back, opened her mouth wide under his cock. The jizz spurted from his cock and shot into her eager mouth and spattered her face and breasts as she jerked his shaft in her fist. Ratan had awesome powers of recuperation, aided considerably by the high dose of lust he felt for Shanti and her sister Chitra of late whom he had the pleasure of fucking a few days ago at this very place – courtesy Shanti who wanted her other slut sister to taste the virile Marwari.

Today, expecting her to be in high heat after an unwontedly long interval of several days, he had taken an especially strong interest in his lust for these women who were extremely beautiful and sexually invigorating – they were aphrodisiacs and nights he would not forget when he would be in a pool of sperm after shagging 10 to 12 times imaging Shanti.

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