Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 13

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I am Shanti and am describing this busting of Aditya in the first person. Jaya was insisting that she will do it in the indirect fashion but requested her to let me do it in the best way it will make sense.

As you all know am married and already you have read my first story in these columns – which was in the 1st person. Well I was 21 years old when my father in law took me on my wedding night. Well –that was not my first experience and you all have already read most of the episodes.

Just a recap, I am 5’5″ tall with big breasts and big swaying ass. Fair wheatish color. I have firm breasts and I am very proud of those globes. They make every male look at me twice. I have good figure 36-26-36. I have light brown color pointed nipples. My father in law left in the afternoon soon after Sridhar returned. Sridhar suspected that there was some sex but did not probe beyond a point.

Well Aditya called on me that evening after and since Sridhar was in the house, both of us went to the terrace where he spread out his jacket and I sat down on the jacket with my legs extended and Aditya sort sat in back of me so I could sort of lean on him.

This was all happening fast. He put his arms around me and the next his lips were touching mine and we were kissing and his hands went around my body to pick on my breasts through my salwar and the black bra inside. The boy was learning quickly.

“Is this the first time with a woman” asked him.

“NO – but not with an exciting woman – you excite me too much – masturbate 10 times a day fantasizing – have not done it with any other woman in my thoughts. You are amazing” he was candid.

“We may not get to go all the way – Sridhar is in the house – he may even come here?” was being careful and wanted to put him on a tease for some more time.

All of a sudden he sort of opens my mouth and put his tongue in my mouth and started rubbing his tongue on mine. We kissed some more and he put his arms around me and put his hand on through the kameez on the outside of my bra over my breasts.

I started to move his hands when he kissed me again and started to press against my breasts and starting feeling them through my clothing and I was feeling good.

I told Aditya he mustn’t do things like that and he sort of smiled and nodded.. We kissed some more and my breath became heavy.

I think Aditya noticed because I felt his hand on my leg and he was rubbing my knee. The next thing I know he was rubbing my thigh and then rubbing my cunt through my dress. The next minute he had his finger under the crotch of my black panties through the salwar and I lost all control of my senses.

I was breathing hard, wiggling every way to feel that sensation in my cunt.

I Rize Escort was in ecstasy and him, he grabbed my hand and put it on a bulge sticking out of the front of his trousers, and I undid the buttons on the front of his trousers and let his big huge cock pop out. I could hardly get my hand around it, but it felt so good to hold and there were drops of moisture coming out of the end of it.

Aditya meanwhile had removed my salwar.

He asked if he could slip off my panties and after a moments hesitation I lifted my body up so he could slide them off. I was exposed to Aditya. He touched my cunt which was very wet and then he slid his middle finger inside my cunt.

I thought I would die of pleasure, was feeling liie a virgin more than what he should be, at the same time he rubbed the top of my shaven clitoris when all of a sudden my breath quickened, I start cumming again and wanted to know if Aditya could also cum.

I once again seized Aditya’s cock and started touching it and then stroking it. Aditya’s eyes started to roll back in his head and all of a sudden his cock swelled up and his white cream started to come out the end of it in torrents. After Aditya calmed down I got out up to fetch my handkerchief from hanging from the rope to clean my hands off from his coming and had a few drops on my finger which I touched to my lips and knew this was some of the sweetest juice I had ever tasted.

I knew then I wanted to taste more, much more. Aditya and I talked about how we had cum and the sensations we had felt running through our bodies. The thing though was as we talked we started to get hot sexually again.

I told Aditya of how I had tasted his juice and wanted to taste more. He asked me to run my tongue over the top of his cock. I slowly lowered my head down to the head of his cock or prick and flicked my tongue across it. I tasted some juice leaking from the head.

I licked my tongue across the head of his prick and then down the sides to the root. He told me to cup his balls underneath and handle them gently while I was licking his cock.

I then opened my mouth more and enclosed his cock in my mouth and started to work my mouth up and down on him. I looked up at him and he had a big pleasure filled pain on his face and I winked at him.

I think I was falling for him. The boy was exciting me.

I continued working my mouth up and down his prick and it started to harden like a rock in my mouth, Aditya started convulsing and torrents of cream or cum started coming out of his cock.

I swallowed and held some of his come in my mouth as I wanted to savor the flavor of it. As I was savoring the flavor Aditya French kissed me. It was divine. I then licked Rize Escort Bayan his cock and balls clean with my tongue.

He was clueless- the young boy at 18 came twice in just a space of an hour. The terrace was open space and the door to the floor below was open. Aditya told me lie on my back with my legs spread.

“You are asking for more than what we should be doing here – close the door and come – and just peep in to see if Sridhar is around.” Admonished him.

When he returned, he saw me naked with just my bra lying on a wet towel in front of him. I opened wide and Aditya put his head between my legs and started to run his tongue all over my cunt and up into my gash.

He was learning, and would flick on the edge of my hole and then put his tongue inside and draw it out and go up to the top of my cunt where this little button was getting hard as a rock.

He then crouched up a little and asked me to give him my kameez and unhooked my bra ad asked me to obey, while started sucking on my breasts at the nipples. He strangely started to rub the kameez near to the boobs while sucking them. He would once in a while – shove them into his mouth – and rub the saliva laden kameez on my nipple and later lave the bud with his tongue. He was weird but for me it was all joyous experience with a young man who was 4 years younger to me.

My nipples got rock hard and grew about one-half inch in size. He also cupped them at the same time. He then slid down and started sucking my cunt again while slipping one finger in my cunt and playing with one of my nipples with the other. Seeing how hot I was he took both my hands and placed my fingers on each nipple and instructed me to play with them as he then took his hands and opened my pussy wide and stuck his tongue in.

He then licked this button and I started to cum and cum.

The young man kept licking while making sure that I kept playing with my nipples while juicing up between the legs and cumming. He slowed down with his licking and he almost stopped, started licking some more and I came again.

He kept this up three or four times.

Aditya wailed and whined asking me to allow him to fuck. I took his face in my hands and gave him a luxurious kiss and with my left hand held his cock and started to stroke him up and down. He was sure – he will ejaculate and my aim was too the same.

I just did not want to take the risk of a fuck on the terrace. It was getting dark and there was a possibility of rats and other kinds of things. I also did not want Sridhar to pop up suddenly.

Finally – I rose – took his dick in my mouth and laved it with my saliva. Took both his nuts and sucked the boy on the jewels – a man goes berserk Escort Rize – when a woman does this –and he was no exception. I told him to shave the jewels for the next time and also told him to use the feminine razor – it does a better job.

He was amazed with my knowledge. Holding it in my hands had a good look at it and rubbed it on my face and smiled. I knew that he liked it.

Finally, knelt before him and took the cock into my mouth and began to suck.

I decided to make this suck a memorable one and started to take it out and again look at it and lick the opening and rub it on my face, nose ring and push it back into my oral cavity.

Meanwhile looking at my face. I cannot explain the satisfaction on the young man, he looked mesmerized with the sex he experienced in my overall body and face in particular, and licked my mouth and nose ring and forehead and in the heat 0f the evening – he laved my upper body and face multiple times. I could make it out that he was going frenzy and crazy for me.

I knew – he will want a fuck very soon. I wanted him to improve on his retention and staying power and explained that he needs to practice the same. I asked him to do it while masturbating and do it with pictures or videos.

Finally – I sucked him off – and he was truly pleased for having got what he wanted.

I thought he would shoot the cum into my mouth but then – he had been watching lot of porn and it showed when he pulled the cock from my mouth though I wanted it in the mouth itself.

He sprayed it on my breasts and face and till the last drop squeezed it on my mammary.

“I want to taste the same on you, want to drink your sweat and cunt juice mingled with my jism – he said looking at my face. I pushed my boobs deep into his mouth and unloaded the desire into his mouth. He licked my boobs and neck and armpits fully and smiled at me.

WE quickly dressed up and went down, Sridhar had just completed his round of shower bath and was in the backyard.

I was stinking to the core and wanted to quickly take a bath – when Sridhar asked me if he should leave the Geyser on. I nodded and before going into the bathroom – wanted to see Aditya off. We went till the door and he had some thing on his mind.

“Please give me your panty – and bra” he pleaded.

I was in a dilemma – Sridhar was in the door way and both the garments were on my body and no request to have them later were having an impact on Aditya.

Luckily – the kitchen door started to swing due to the gush of wind and Sridhar rose to close it and I quickly ducked into the bathroom and removed both the under garments and squeezing them in my hands – shoved them into the small packet of ‘Ariel” washing powder and handed it over to the lust filled crazy Aditya.

I saw him off at the door and promised him a good fuck next time.

He was clear – “I will come in the afternoon. Make sure there is nobody. Will call you. I want you completely for 4-5 hours.”

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