Sharing Daddy Pt. 02

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I awoke in my bed with my pussy sore. I wasn’t a virgin, but Daddy’s cock was massive and more effective than my ex-boyfriend’s dick. Guilt washed over me at how I had acted. Sneaking into daddy’s room and requesting he finger my pussy. I had not expected him to lick me, but he had suckled my little clit so hard I came on his tongue. I bit my lip and sighed. It could never happen again. What we did was wrong.

Thankfully, Jake had left for work early, and it was just my sister and me at home. I hated showering and washing off daddy’s scent from my body, but it had to be done. Walking into the kitchen for breakfast, my twin sister met me with a smirk.

“You are glowing this morning,” Maya chuckled.

“What?” I asked, pouring orange juice into a solo cup, “I’m not glowing,” I smiled to myself.

“Where were you last night?”

I nearly choked on my juice and looked toward her with a shrug, “I… worked late, then I went to the store.”

“You must have walked,” Maya chuckled. “When Lance dropped me off last night, your car was outside, but YOU,” She pointed and closed one eye, “You weren’t in your bed.”

“Oh, well, YOU,” I pointed and winked, chuckling off my nervousness, “Must not have looked hard enough.”

“Oh, I looked.”

“I was probably invisible with all those stuffed animals on top of me.” I laughed, “I need to donate those old things, so much clutter. What did you do with yours?”

Maya folded her arms, “I threw that shit away, don’t change the subject.”

“I wasn’t. I just…”

Maya stepped closer toward me, and I wilted down. I may be more responsible, but she was bolder than me. We were eye to eye, which was like looking in the mirror.

“Where were you?”

“I…um,” I started but wasn’t sure what I should say.

“You were in Daddy’s bed,” Maya spoke the truth that caused my knees to weaken.

“I…we were talking.”

“You and Jake talk a lot these days.”

“He’s my dad, Maya,” I replied, feeling cornered.

“You’ve never thought about… you know?”

I gulped my juice and glared at her, “No.”

I went to move around her, but she grabbed both of my shoulders, “What were you doing in your dad’s bed last night? Did you suck daddy’s cock,” Taylor taunted.

“We were just talking, I swear, Maya. I would NEVER do something so disgusting.”

Maya reared back and laughed, “Taylor get a fucking grip.”


“These walls are paper thin. I heard you screaming, ‘Oh, daddy. Oh, daddy!'” Maya busted into another fit of giggles before wrapping her identical arms around my waist. Embarrassed, I nudged away from her.

“Don’t be ashamed. I’ve been fucking daddy since I turned 18.”

My eyes widened, “What?” I looked toward the front door as if someone might hear our taboo conversation.

“Yeah. How do you think I afford Gucci,” She held up her bag and laughed.

Maya thought it was hilarious, but my heart was breaking. I thought maybe I was daddy’s favorite. He confessed how much he loved me, and I was upset to find out he doted on my twin.

“Cheer up, Taylor. Jake is hot. Remember when you told everyone at school he was your boyfriend.”

I cringed and shook my head at the memory.

Maya noticed my frown and stepped closer, “It’s okay, Taylor. We are women now, and we have needs.”

“I…” I felt like I could cry but held it together, “Jake and I were talking, and I just was so lonely. All I do is work and Daddy….”

“It’s okay,” Maya explained. “Are you going to make it a usual thing… or.”

“No. It will never happen again,” I said in a hushed whisper.

“Don’t start crying when he starts dating,”

“Jake always says he doesn’t have time for a girlfriend.”

Maya shrugged, “Daddy has needs.”

A sudden sick feeling came through me, and I stomped away from my sister. I knew I had needs, and daddy did too, but I didn’t expect to be sharing daddy. Fuck, being a twin sucked.


Jake was in his chair when I returned home, “Hey, sweetheart, how was work?”

I shut the door averting my eyes, and walked swiftly to my room. I leaned against the wall to steady my rough breathing. I was panicking, my heart beating out of my chest, when I felt the door vibrate from his knock. I took a deep breath before cracking the door.


“Taylor, What’s wrong sweet girl?”

“Nothing. I am. I’m tired… so I’m going to bed,” I sputtered, closing the door, “Good night, um…Jake.”


+1 month later…



“We definitely have to do this again,” Ginger smiled.

Her crimson hair and sparkling green eyes were hypnotic even in the dim barroom.

I chuckled, “Yes, of course, I would love to see you again. Hopefully, it will not be raining like this.”

“This rain was definitely a bummer,” She chuckled, looping her arm into mine. I dropped my head and smiled. It was a quick stroll toward her parked car, and we began with a kiss on the lips. When her hands spread around my shoulders, I couldn’t stop myself and closed my eyes, envisioning my stepdaughter, Taylor’s lips fluttering against my own. It had been weeks since she had spoken more than a few words to me. kocaeli escort She was avoiding me, I knew for sure. Maya informed me that she was fine and only picked up extra hours to get her own place. That news had broken my heart, and I cursed myself for letting my lust disturb my bond with my favorite girl.

Ginger was a wild card, letting me finger her in the car, and we eventually ended up at her place, where we fucked. I wasn’t going to see her again, she was far too needy, and I already had two girls on my hands.


Returning home, I expected the twins to be asleep. Taylor’s punch buggy was out front, and I found her curled up on the couch, sleeping. I wasn’t sure where Maya could be, but I gazed longingly at Taylor’s curves in a pair of sweatpants and a sports bra. Her cunt was sweet, and my cock sprung to life just as the front door turned.

Maya entered, beaming as she looked at my tall frame.

“Hey, Babygirl,” I greeted with a smile.

“Daddy,” Walking toward me, Maya wrapped her arms around me, “How was your date?”

“It was nice,” I replied.

“Did you fuck her?”

That’s none of your business, Maya.”

Maya smirked, folding her arms as I reclined back in my chair.

“So, is that a yes? Or a no? Because If your little girlfriend didn’t please you. You know I-“

“Baby girl, I told you.”

“Oh, Daddy, I forgot,” She pouted.

“You know that I want to stop this, and I want you to find a real job,” I responded, even though my cock was growing from both of their half-naked frames.

“Oh well.” She dramatically sighed, “I’ll move in with Taylor when she leaves,” Maya smugly announced, “Then we both will be out of your way.”

“Maya,” I sighed in frustration, “Neither you nor Taylor have been burdens on me, and you know that,” I suddenly felt guilty for falling for both of their seductive ways. I had fallen for Taylor’s spirit. I loved her and was upset that she would leave the secure nest I had built for her.

Maya still stood pouting, “I don’t believe that, Daddy.”

“I love you both,” I added.

“But you love Taylor more,” Maya purred.

I dropped my head, “I…um.”

“It’s okay, Daddy. I don’t mind sharing.”

Before I could lie, Maya dropped to her hands and knees. I took a deep breath as she crawled seductively toward me. Her ass swayed with each movement until she was upon me. Sliding her hands up and down my jean-covered thigh, Maya licked her lips, letting me know she wanted a taste. Why? She needed the money in my pocket.

“Baby girl, I can’t let you suck my cock anymore,” I soothingly rubbed her head full of light brown curls.

“Please, daddy,” Maya laid her head on my lap, where my cock throbbed for her sister. She smashed her pretty face into my crotch. My bulge was pushing painfully against my jeans. Maya unbuttoned them and unzipped my zipper while I looked toward Taylor, lost in slumber, and swallowed my desire.

I looked down as Maya removed her shirt with no bra underneath. Her large perky tits bounced for me. Maya softly sighed as she tweaked those tan erect nipples. I shook my head and grabbed her cropped shirt from the floor.

“No,” I said in a whisper, peering toward Taylor.

Maya’s voice was louder, “Yes!” she giggled and shook her titties in my view.

My whisper was grave, “Your sister is right there, and you know that?”

Maya looked toward the couch and shrugged while roughly pinching her nipples, pulling them in taunt of my protest.

“Just go, Maya.”

“She won’t care. She knows about us,” Maya disclosed.

My heart dropped, “Why the fuck would you tell her?” In anger, I pulled her arm toward me, “Huh?”

“We’ve shared everything, daddy, even you.”

No wonder Taylor disliked me. I fought the urge to wake her up and apologize for it. I missed her laughing and sitting on my lap. It was torture not being in my sweet girl’s heart.

“Fuck,” I cursed, “Tell her you’re lying.”

“Give me what I want, Daddy,” Maya removed my cock swiftly, even with my hands guarding my cock.

Afraid to make noise and wake Taylor, I stopped fighting. My face stayed serious as her hands slid up and down my thick shaft. When her pink tongue lapped over my swollen tip, I loosened up. Oral sex was a talent for Maya. The first time she sucked me, I was stunned and came into her mouth. She had surprised me by slurping it down in one gulp. At age 19, she was a professional, holding my cock right in her mouth and letting her throat muscles massage my head. I peered down at her head and sighed. I could be dealing with many things; some would call me lucky to come out with only a sexy daughter who loved sucking my cock. It was just the wrong daughter.

“Uh oh, Fuck, mmm,” I breathed out, sliding my hands into her curly tresses, “That’s it, Taylor, hmm, suck that cock,” I cooed, watching my other daughter’s sleeping frame.

Maya began to work her neck, and her mouth became wetter, leaving a slimy sheen on my public hair. Her tongue darted out, lapping my tight balls. I gripped both of the armchairs in preparation for my eruption. Then I grew angry again. I grabbed her head, mushing her into my thickness.

“Suck kocaeli escort bayan it. That’s what you wanted. Take it all in your throat,” I rasped.

Maya’s head shot up, spit decorating her small chin, “Fuck my mouth, Daddy,” she ordered, jerking my wet cock in her hand.

I grabbed her curls, sending her back down to gulp my cock. I guided her head up and down, causing her no pain as she took my 9 inches to the hilt. With no reflex, Maya allowed me to thrust up into her moist mouth brutally. My baby girl knew how to suck cock, and I liked to think I was the reason for her skill.

“Take it,” I panted, heavily breathing out as I deposited my cum into her throat.

“Umm, Taylor, uh,” I mumbled, holding Maya’s head down to ensure she earned every bit of the money she would ask me for. I heard her minor grunts, but I kept pressing until my cock went limp in her mouth.

Removing my hand, I laid my head back in relaxation while Maya continued to lick my cock.

“Good, girl,” I patted her head. She enjoyed being petted and loved after I had been rough with her, “Do you want to sit on my lap, baby girl?”

Maya shook her head and rose from her knees, holding her hand for payment.

Taylor stirred, and I shifted, hiding my flaccid cock from view. She turned onto her side, and a beautiful view of her ass was my reward. Even in my hazed afterglow, I longed for Taylor’s body on me. I fished inside my wallet and pulled out a few dollars, handing them to Maya.

“Thanks, daddy,” she smiled and kissed my cheek, “That lady must have been a prude. You had a full load tonight,” Maya chuckled and sashayed off to her room.


When Taylor awoke a few hours later, she jumped at seeing me in my chair. Wiping the sleep out of her eyes, she reached for her glasses on the side table.

“Hi,” came her weak greeting.

Wearing only my boxers and my shirt off, I smiled at her, “Good morning, sweet girl. You slept most of the night on the couch.”

“Yea, um, I was tired.

“Taylor, I am… I want to apologize,” I started.

“It’s fine.” Taylor stood up, walking fast toward her room. Not only did I miss the taste of her pussy, but I missed our interaction and felt nothing but misery. I had failed my sweet girl, and I was sure we would never be the same again.





When I found out Daddy fucked Taylor, I was ecstatic. I knew he loved her more than me. She had always been a sweetheart with a laid-back style. She cooked, cleaned, and even offered to help with bills.

I, on the other hand, was stylish and intelligent, choosing to suck and fuck daddy for money that my boyfriend didn’t give me. I was superior, so I got what I wanted on Christmas.

It was a late start since we are grown now. Around 11: 30, we all sat around the tree. Taylor had cooked breakfast. She and I then opened gift after gift of things Jake had wrapped himself.

I got cheap perfume, an awful shade of red lipstick, which I planned to wear the next time I suck Daddy’s cock, and a few odds and ends. Taylor got some lipstick, too, but she rarely wore makeup and other cutesy items.

“This is so cute,” Taylor was tickled over a stuffed elephant, then her face fell, “I was thinking about getting rid of all of my Teddys before I move out….But I will keep this one,” Taylor beamed toward Jake.

“I hope you will, and…” Jake chuckled to himself and shook his head at whatever he was going to say.

“I love this one,” Taylor smiled, “It will be my new favorite.”

“Why is that, sweetheart?” I saw Jake swallowing hard.

“It came from you,” Taylor giggled.

The two had been avoiding each other for weeks, and I was not too fond of it. I knew they were missing each other, and it was nice seeing them together. Daddy always was so gentle with us but more so with Taylor.

“I saw it at the department store a few months ago and thought of you,” Jake smiled back.

Daddy was grinning hard, and I hadn’t seen Taylor smiling this way in weeks.

I stayed quiet while they chatted and reintroduced their fondness for each other. It was adorable. Taylor’s face used to light up this way for daddy constantly until I spilled the beans. I regretted it, but I couldn’t stop fucking Daddy and fuck up my allowance.

“Taylor, you should hug Daddy. That’s a nice stuffy he got you,” I smiled.

Taylor chuckled nervously, sitting her elephant between her legs. I rolled my eyes at my timid sister and turned to Jake, “Daddy… You should hug Taylor.”

Jake slightly shook his head at me, and I pouted, “It’s Christmas, for fucks sake,” I chuckled.

“Maya, language.”

I twirled my eyes and left it up to myself. Reaching over, I wrapped my arms around my identical sister. I swayed her to and fro until she giggled.

I broke our hug and looked toward Jake, “Your turn.”

Jake chuckled nervously as a little boy caught up with his crush.

“Hug, hug, hug her, hug her!” I laughed.

Jake was sitting in his chair but dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around my sister. I could see my sister tense up and then relax as Daddy encircled her back. He kissed her cheek and izmit escort whispered, “Merry Christmas.”

LAME! It was like pulling teeth with these two. I chuckled and dropped the subject. But Daddy owed me my Christmas present, which was to fuck us together.




I laid back on my stuffed animals and held my elephant tightly. My other hand ventured into my elephant-covered panties. The same panties I had on when daddy fuck me, and I shivered at the thought. His large fingers rubbed my pussy and his lips dotted around my skin.

“Mmm, daddy,” I moaned softly, circling my sticky fingers. I was so close to cumming with visions of daddy stroking his cock in front of me. I dipped into my pussy and fingered myself as if it was his big cock ramming into me.

The door flew open, and I quickly removed my fingers and sat up.

“Knock!” I screamed at Maya.

“Were you fingering yourself?”

I threw my elephant toward her, missing her by a few inches, “Go!”

“You miss daddy, don’t you?”

“No!” I sneered, “Get out of my room.”

Maya didn’t listen; instead, she sat on my bed and chuckled.

“Jake is behind the door. He wants to talk to you.”

I looked nervously toward my door and shook my head. Hoping from the bed, I slipped into a pair of shorts.

“Will you talk to him?”

My heart began to pound with anxiety, “Maya, I can’t,” I whispered.

Daddy made me nervous, and whenever I was around him, I wanted his fingers in my panties. I even wanted to taste his cock which Maya had informed me was sweet and warm.

“Daddy!” Maya yelled out.

I protested in a lowered whisper, “Maya, No, no, no….”

My heart stopped as he appeared in the doorway with his shirt off. I admired his muscular body, a few tattoos on his big arms and one on his ribs aligning down his hard stomach. I bit my lip as he stepped closer. He noticed his gift on the floor and picked it up.

He walked toward me and handed me the stuffed animal, “I know you’re upset with me, baby, and I’m sorry….” I averted my eyes, but he held my chin up to his gaze, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, sweetheart.”

Daddy wrapped his arms around me in a one-way hug, “Can we talk?”

His velvet whisper caused me to nod. I stood dumbfounded while he sat next to Maya on my bed.

“I’ve missed you, sweetheart.”

Reaching for my hand, he brought me closer. His large forearm wrapped around my midsection, tugging me onto his lap. I settled my feet on his left side, and he rubbed my thighs like he used to when I was sick or needed comfort.

“I’ve missed holding you and talking to you. We used to be so tight.”Daddy kissed my cheeks, and I blushed, dropping my gaze.

I was too nervous and shy to reply, but he held me closer to his shoulder.

“Did you miss me?” His lips brushed against my ear, “I missed you so much,” he confessed in a warm whisper.

“Yeah,” I frowned.

“Daddy and I want you to stay with us, ” Maya held my hand, “And…I’m sorry, too, Taylor.”

“We are family, and I want us always to be together,” Daddy smiled, “Do you want to stay here with me, sweetheart?”

I nodded eagerly. I wanted my dad to kiss me on the lips, but he only dotted his lips around my face. I giggled and placed a kiss on his nose.

“Now that you and Daddy are on good terms.” Maya smiled, “I’ll leave you two alone.”

Maya closed the door behind her, and Daddy held me closer to him. His fingers rubbed my back, and I laid my head on his shoulder.

“Mmm, you are so soft, and I’ve missed holding you,” Daddy confessed, “Did you miss me holding you?”

Nodding, I brushed my hands over his stiff shoulders and snuggled closer. I had missed him so much. After a while, I peered up at his handsome bearded face. He wasn’t old, and besides a collection of grays in his beard, he had yet to start showing any signs of aging. Those butterflies flew around my stomach like they had when I was younger and called myself in love with daddy. I thought maybe those feelings hadn’t gone away.

“Daddy, do you like me?”

“I love you, Taylor, and you know that.”

I wasn’t sure how to describe how I felt or ask him to touch me. He kept his hands on my waist. I shifted to straddle his lap and slowly rubbed around his massive bulge. My panties were soaking wet from playing with myself, and now that daddy was here, my clit was throbbing. I grazed against him, and he smirked down at me.

“Do you want me to touch you, sweetheart?”

I nodded bashfully, and daddy caressed my ass, kneading it gently through my shorts. I shivered against his touch. Slowly, Daddy pulled down my shorts and stuck his hand into my panties. Daddy rubbed my bareass, and his voice became raspy, “You know you are my favorite.”

My lips brushed against his cheek, and he caught my pink brims and locked me into a kiss. I hummed around his lips as Daddy peeled off my shorts and panties. I was half naked on his lap, and I couldn’t help but grind on his bulge while his tongue boxed around my mouth. His thick fingers merged between my ass cheeks, and my eyes widened at the strange sensation. I swallowed hard to fight the urge to be raunchy with daddy and tell him I wanted his big cock inside me. I knew he was a gentleman, and he only slowly examined my wet gape gradually. His fingers roamed around my ass, and he inserted his finger into my pussy.

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