She Rocked Me

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I first saw Connie on a warm and bright Autumn morning as I walked through Soho, from Greek Street to Cambridge Circus. She was standing in front of Ed’s Diner on Old Compton Street and was a delight to behold. She was about 5′ 7″ and had a slender build, and a pretty face with full lips, lovely dark eyes and a straight, shoulder length, haircut.

Connie was dressed simply in a patterned red knitted top with a scallop neck (showing off her lovely collar bone and shoulder tops and the gentle curve of her small but sexy bust), a short black skirt and Dr Martens. Her legs were bare and smooth and slender, inviting my gaze to follow them to the hem of her skirt and my mind to imagine what treasure lay but a few inches further.

Slowing my pace I offered a smile but she seemed to look right past me. I walked on but couldn’t help looking back at her and the lovely curve of her rear. The beautiful young woman seemed to be waiting for someone and I could see that her lower lip was caught between her teeth — was she trying to suppress a sob?

Taking the risk that my intentions might be misunderstood I stepped over to the woman and asked if she was okay. “No .. I’m fine” she muttered. She was clearly upset though and quickly added, “I’ve been waiting for someone but think he’s just not coming. He was meant to be here over half an hour ago, he’s not answering his phone and I don’t know what to do. Why couldn’t he just say that he wasn’t going to come?”

I tried to reassure her. “Don’t be upset, there’s any number of reasons he could just be late. I’m sure no one in their right mind would leave someone as pretty as you hanging around waiting unless there was a really good reason.” I immediately wished that I hadn’t been so forward but this was one of the most gorgeous women I’d ever seen and I guess I did have ulterior motives after all. Fortunately for me the young woman smiled, so I pressed on.

Pointing to some tables outside a restaurant along the road, I said “Look, I’m on a break and could do with the company, so why don’t we have a sit down over there and have a coffee or something. If you’re hungry we could have some lunch. You can keep an eye out for your date from there and rest your feet at the same time.” I quickly put out my hand and said, “I’m Joe. Your name is …?”

The vision in red put her hand in mine and said, “I’m Constance, but everyone calls me Connie”. So it began. Our drink did turn into lunch and the dopey guy Connie was waiting for never did turn up. I couldn’t believe my luck and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily we got on.

By the end of our lunch Connie and I were laughing and chatting like old friends and her date was almost entirely forgotten. However he did eventually call, only to get an earful from Connie — my luck was in!

I had to get back to work but we made arrangements to meet again. Our second date turned into a third and the third into a fourth, during which we found ourselves taking a walk in Hyde Park.

I was dressed in Chinos and a blue polo shirt, while Connie was wearing a flowery sleeveless summer dress and we walked hand in hand, chatting and laughing until Connie suddenly became serious and asked if we could sit for a moment Spotting a bench at the side of the path we sat down and she turned to me, grasping both my hands in hers.

“Joe I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you and I still can’t believe how that jerk left me waiting for him, but you cam along, my knight in shining armour and turned a horrible situation into something quite lovely. Thank you for that and thank you for …”

I interrupted Connie, “You don’t need to thank me. I’ve loved spending time with you.”

“Well, thank you anyway, Joe. I’m sorry, but, though it’s been fun, I’m afraid you’re not going to like what I have to say. You see, I’m not quite the girl you might think I am. You do think I’m a girl, don’t you?”

“Wha…? Of course I do! What else could you be? Have you seen yourself?”

“Oh Joey, I know how you see me and I know that you like me. I like you too, which is why it’s time for some hard truths, cher.”

“Okay, you’re beginning to freak me you a little now Connie. What’s going on and why are you looking so worried — have you got some deep dark secret that you think will make me not like you any more?”

Connie bit her lower lip and took a deep breath as she put one hand on my arm and began to tell me her secret.

“Joe, I know that I look all girly and I guess you’re not spending time with me because you’re still trying to help me get over that idiot who stood me up on a date. I mean, I guess you’re also into all this.” She waved one hand up and down in front of herself and I gave a wry smile.

“Well, I really am not what I appear to be. This body, the way I look, is the result of hard work and hormones.” Connie moved closer to me, close enough for her thigh to press against mine and spread its warmth all the way up to my crotch. “Thing is, Joe, I was born as a boy” — Connie paused to let those words sink Kurtköy Yabancı Escort in — “but I always felt like a girl, and as I grew up the feelings within me grew stronger and stronger.”

Connie’s eyes were welling up with tears as she looked at me and continued — “Once I turned sixteen I started on what my doctor calls ‘a journey of transformation’. I got counseling, then hormone treatment and the idea was that I would eventually go all the way and have surgery to become a woman.

I don’t know about all that ‘journey’ stuff, because I discovered that I love being just as I am now. I love that my more girly figure fits the way I feel inside but I also really like that I have some boy parts. Now that last bit’s weird because you’d think I’d want to go all the way and become all woman but I don’t like the idea of the surgery and, what can I say, I just love myself as I am right now.”

It struck me that Connie had blurted out that last bit, she seemed to want it to all to come out in a rush. I guess she was afraid of how I’d react to her revelations. So, gently taking hold of her hands I said “Connie, just slow down. Take your time. I’m not a cut and run sort of guy, so just take your time.”

This seemed to calm her down and she relaxed her shoulders as she said, “Sorry Joe. I’m not used to telling people all this stuff. Especially someone I like.”

“Well I like you too, Connie. Now I’m not sure how to deal with all this but I do like you and I’m not going anywhere. Why don’t we go somewhere and have a coffee or something and you can take your time to tell me everything at your own pace.”

Seeing that I really wasn’t going to run away, Connie seemed to perk up and remarked, “What, just a coffee? I tell you my deepest secret and all I get is a coffee?”

I was confused but Connie now seemed amused. She smiled that wry smile of hers and told we could go back to her place. “So long as you promise to be a gentleman!” she remarked.

That was a surprise. Now I was off-balance. Connie still looked every inch the beautiful and slender girl I had fancied that first day in Old Compton Street, yet now I knew that as she walked beside me she also had the same bits between her legs that did. Was I a bad guy for thinking like that? Could I really keep dating her, even though she wasn’t a ‘real woman’. What would my friends say if they found out?

Connie saw that I wasn’t paying attention to her so caught hold of my arm and pulled herself closer to me. The instant she did this I caught a whiff of her perfume, felt her soft breasts press against my arm and all my concerns seemed to melt away. Her voice rose and fell like a melody in my ears and her girlish mannerisms melted my heart. What could I say? She really did rock me.

A short trip on the Jubilee Line took us to Connie’s flat in South Harrow. A charming two bedroom place adorned with bare wooden floors, film posters and lots of photos of Connie and her family and friends. Connie showed me around and then pottered about making coffee as I scanned her music and DVD collection.

We chatted idly until she came back into her lounge and sat opposite me on an easy chair. I took a sip from the cup she handed me and was surprised. “Irish coffee?”

She laughed and said, “Well at least I’ve given you some alcohol. You would have palmed me off with just coffee!”

From there we fell into easy conversation, during which Connie told me about the nightmare dates she’d had — “So many fuckwits out there, Joe!” She revealed how one guy had been all talk, keen to meet and dirty talking until they were alone, when he’d become evasive and run off after making some excuse about wanting to get her a gift he’d left in his car. I laughed along with her but could see that the memories were painful too and my admiration for the Connie grew as I learned just how much she’d had to endure in becoming herself.

Suddenly, Connie asked me if I’d ever met another girl like her. I was unsure how to reply. I was even unsure of the language I should use. How did she refer to herself. “Oh don’t be silly, Joe” Said Connie when I revealed my uncertainty. I know what I am, don’t much mind what you call me but my preferred term is ‘TGirl’, or just ‘girl’. After all, that’s how I feel inside and I know that’s how I look outside too.”

“Okay then Connie. I’ve met a few Tgirls now and then. I used to have coffee in a nice little coffee shop cum bookshop on Endell Street in Covent Garden. All sorts of folk frequented that place and I sometimes ended up sharing a table with some girls … how can I put it? … whose provenance I couldn’t quite place.”

Connie laughed at my clumsy turn of phrase and went on to ask if I’d ever had any same-sex experiences. I found myself being honest with her about my college fumblings with a roommate, which started when we’d found ourselves feeling horny after watching a hot move and getting ourselves turned on by talking about our favourite sexual experiences. I even mentioned that access to online Kurtköy Yeni Escort porn led me to surprise myself because I found transsexual porn clips pretty arousing. However, I’d never done anything more than a bit of mutual jerking off.

Connie seemed amused by my various revelations and she chipped in with occasional ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and sometimes cupped her hands over her mouth in mock horror at what I was saying. Once I’d finished, she remarked, “Well, I like that my boyfriend has an open mind, sexually speaking. After all, I can be quite the adventurous girl!”

The ‘boyfriend’ word gave me pause and I was the one now sitting with my mouth open, but Connie just got up and said, “I’m just going to freshen up a bit. Fancy some music while I’m away?” She strolled over to an MP3 dock and put on some easy listening and walked off to her bathroom.

I watched as she walked out of the room. Loving the way her pert arse cheeks rolled and jiggled beneath her dress. She looked all woman to me felt my cock beginning to stir. This had been a weird afternoon but I was enjoying myself and realised that I loved Connie’s company. Maybe I really was her boyfriend.

Connie walked back in just as a love ballad came on and she sashayed over to me with a smile. Holding out one arm she beckoned me off my seat and drew me close for a dance.

I placed a hand at the small of her back as we moved together and I could feel the warmth of her body against mine. Connie pressed herself closer and played with the hair at my neck as she guided my head down towards hers for our first real kiss.

I was suddenly in a whole new world, kissing a woman who was a man, who was a woman … and I was in heaven. With one kiss, Connie rocked me yet again. All my confusion and doubts and concerns seemed to melt away. Who cares about labels and language when all that matters is the person in our arms? Connie was a beautiful young woman. She was dancing with me. I was the luckiest guy in the world. What’s more, I could feel that my cock was as hard as stone.

Our kiss deepened and I pressed my crotch against her belly as she put one hand onto my rear and fondled my arse. I copies Connie, wrapping both arms around her and cupping her lovely round arse cheeks — feeling the firmness and heft of her twin globes.

“Ooh, Joe; what big hands you have” remarked Connie, as she pulled my body ever tighter against hers. She put her hands onto my waist and turned me round, backing me towards a straight backed chair and guiding me to sit.

Connie put her hands on my shoulders and leaned towards me as I sat. “I really like you Joe, but I don’t want you to feel pressured or manipulated into doing anything you don’t want. Are you sure you want this?”

I looked into Connie’s dark brown eyes and smiled. She was right to ask. After all, I had been doubting myself all the way, right up to this point. However, now, just now, it all seemed so right. I was besotted by her. It didn’t mater what Connie was — a guy, a girl a Tgirl, whatever. All I knew was that I may be falling in love with the woman who was standing before me and I was ready to take whatever came next.

“Yes Connie. I’m sure. Why?”

“This is why, my lovely boy”, said Connie as she stepped forward and sat herself down on my lap, hitching up her dress as she sat and thereby revealing her wonderful slender thighs.

Connie leaned towards me and, with one hand gently holding the back of my head, gave me a deep, languorous kiss. Her lips were full and soft and she tasted of toothpaste — must have brushed her teeth while ‘freshened up.’ Thoughtful girl!

Her kisses were gentle at first; alternating gentle pecks and long, firmer pressing of lips against lips. Connie’s eyes flashed with delight and her cheeks visibly reddened as her passion began to mount.

I let her set the pace and when Connie gently licked along my bottom lip, I responded in kind, gently pinching her lip between my teeth and feeling her sweet, warm breath as she gasped with pleasure.

As Connie’s kisses became deeper and stronger our tongues entwined, thrusting and dancing together and our lips mashed together in a surge of desire. Soon we were kissing and licking at one another’s lips and Connie surprised me by breaking off to give me long, slow lick along my face — “Ha!” she exclaimed as she saw the surprise on my face. Then she was back for more deep kisses and slurping as our tongues wrestled and played together, mimicking the sexual dance we were now both longing for.

With one hand, Connie began stroking my chest, undoing the buttons on my shirt and running her palm over my bare flesh. She leaned down and kissed me there, licking along my breastbone with the flat of her tongue, her spiky hair tickling me slightly and her nails now making sharp tracks along my skin.

I slid my hands down the neck of her dress, stroking her back, surprised and delighted by the lack of bra strap. I tried to lean forward to get more of her flesh in my hands Kurtköy Masaj Salonu but she pushed me back and stepped off me in order to kneel. “Scoot forward” she said as she pulled at my hips, urging me to slide my butt forward so that I was now semi-recumbent.

I did as asked and Connie stroked my thighs, gently kissing over my trousers until she reached my crotch. Connie nuzzled at my crotch, rubbing her cheek over the cloth and pressing down on my very hard cock. Then she started to undo my belt and very quickly had my chinos open. My cock made a very visible tent in the boxers I was wearing, with the head just visible through the button fly.

“Mmmmm … lovely!” exclaimed Connie as she looked at my cock and then straight into my eyes. Smiling, she asked “Mind if I have a taste?”

Connie grasped my shaft in her hand and kissed gently at my peeking cock head. She then kissed along the cloth covered shaft, gently pulling and stroking my hard-on. Opening her mouth wide, Connie grabbed my shaft in her mouth and kissed along it until she reached the head, then she pulled back both my foreskin and my boxers to expose my glans and took me into her mouth. “Yummmmmm …” said Connie, as she slurped and gobbled my dick. I was in heaven. Her technique was wonderful, sucking me and rolling her tongue over my glans as she rubbed and pulled at my shaft.

Using one hand, Connie started undoing my shirt buttons and I helped her, eager for her to have her way. Connie looked up at me, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked t my cock and she smiled as she pulled back to release my cock. My shaft glistened with Connie’s spit and she leaned forward to kiss up my belly and towards my nipples. She kissed one nipple and suckled in her mouth, taking gentle nips at me and giggling sweetly to herself. Then she was standing again.

“Come on, get ’em off!” spat Connie as she started pulling at my clothes. IS stood and pulled off my shirt, then my shoes, socks and trousers. My boxers were pulled down by Connie, who took the opportunity to grab my arse cheeks in her hands and give my dick a quick peck.

As she pulled my boxers down, Connie ran her hands along my thighs and cooed appreciatively. I was more aroused than I had ever been and put my hands onto her dress to help her out of it but Connie shooed me away with another of her disarming smiles — “Not yet, lover boy!”

I stepped out of my boxers and Connie eased me back into the chair. “Now, where was I?”

My cock stood proud and hard, my foreskin pulled back and the glans a deep red colour. Connie smiled as she leaned over and cradled one side of my shaft with her hand as she gave the other side along, slow lick.

Connie then held my shaft in one hand as she gave a few quick licks to my cock head before taking me into her moth. She slowly eased her mouth down over m cock and started to bob her head up and down. As she did so she fondled my balls with her other hand and urged me to open my legs further so that she could get her free hand deep between my legs and stroke that sensitive spot between my balls and my arsehole.

I was leaning back into my chair now as Connie alternated between sucking my cock, bobbing her head up and down and rolling one hand up and down the shaft, and licking my balls. Every now and then. Connie took one of my balls into her mouth, slurping and sucking as she wound her tongue round my balls and licked me between arse and nuts. I was in heaven and could feel my cock swell with cum.

I warned her, “Connie, I’m gonna cum if you keep on” — but Connie just looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye and eased her mouth over my cock, slowly taking my entire cock into her mouth until I could feel my glans rub against the back of her throat — wow! What a girl!

I ran my fingers through Connie’s hair and encouraged her to go faster as she began once more to bob and suck and roll her hand up and down on my cock. I could hear the slurp of her tongue and the smack of her lips on my flesh as she drove me to a frenzy and I couldn’t resist pumping my hips to shove my cock in and out of her mouth.

Connie lifted her mouth off me as she pulled me further forward so she could get right between my legs and take my balls into her mouth — both at once — before returning to wanking and sucking me at the same time. Every time her hand pulled up I could feel it strike the rim of my cock head and sharp waves of intense pleasure ran right through my cock. Then her mouth would descend and her lips would pop round the rim of my cock head, repeating the same intense waves of pleasure. I could feel myself rising to a climax and so could Connie. With increasing speed, she sucked me and wanked me until my cock swelled with an almighty orgasm and I shot ropes of hot, salty cum into her mouth — giving an almighty yell of sheer pleasure as I did so. Connie moaned in delight and pressed her mouth down onto me and let my cum jet into her mouth and throat,

As my cum subsided, Connie slipped my cock out of her mouth and ribbed it against her mouth and cheeks, allowing the last trickles of cum to coat her beautiful face. She looked up at me and smiled, allowing me to see the spunk that seeped out of her mouth and down her chin, though she swallowed as much as she could. “Thanks babe!” she said and then asked, “Ready for a kiss?”

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