She Spies, I Fuck

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Ya know, it’s funny what people will do when they are deprived of sex. It’s also quite humorous to think that no matter if a person is male or female, if they’re denied sex long enough, they’ll turn into an eager slut.

That’s exactly what happened to me, well, I didn’t become a slut, but I saw it first hand, and it all happened right after my first year of college had just ended. I had been going out with this girl Lauren for about 3 months and I desperately wanted to get in her pants, as did she. She was about 5’6, 5’7 and weighed about 140-155 pounds. Long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, ya know, the kind of girl that all straight guys want to have sex with before they go to college.

Anyways, we had done petty shit like make out and she’d give me head and I’d eat her pussy, but that was it. Then, the gods smiled upon me. You see, the only reason we never got a chance to have sex was because there was no where to do it. Her parents worked at night so they would be sleeping during the day and my parents worked from home, so we had no where to do it. A hotel would have worked, but the closest one to my town was about 50 miles away, and we both had the questioning type of parents. Why are you going? Who are you going with? How much is it? What’s going on down there? blah blah blah.

They both knew we were going out with the other and didn’t trust us a bit. It was my sister that changed out fate. You see one day after Lauren and I had gotten into a fight and she took it that we broke up. She then told my parents and they were happy because they had been wanting to take a vacation, but couldn’t because they couldn’t trust me and Lauren to keep they’re hands off policy considering my parents hated Lauren’s parents and all that Romeo and Juliette shit.

Thankfully though, Lauren and I were still going out and we ironed out our argument and were now able to have the coveted “make-up sex” My parents bagros porno left on a Thursday and weren’t coming back till Tuesday. Lauren then told her parents that we had broken up to ease their minds and said she was staying at a friends house to feel better till after the weekend and they complied.

So Friday after my parents left and my sister had gone to work, she also worked nights, Lauren came over at around 11. We didn’t waste any time with formalities or seduction or any of that kind of stuff. We wanted each other too bad and we had to have each other. There would be plenty of time for seduction that week end. She walked in and jumped into my arms and we went into my parents bedroom. Our clothes were off in about 30 seconds and I had mounted her and was sucking on her 38c tits. I slowly began to push my 8 and 1/2 inch cock into her still virgin pussy.

I took it slow this being her first time, but with her juices flowing, she was soon begging for more, so I lustfully gave it to her. I was riding her hard and came twice in the process as did she. That was when I witnessed the lust take over. While I had been riding Lauren, I didn’t know, nor did I care that the door was open, and in the doorway stood my sister who had not been able to go out on a date much less have sex with anyone for just about 3 years. All she had was her finger and my guess is she was sick of it. After I came the second time, I saw her shadow and turned and saw her there, shirt ripped off, pants wide open and two fingers probing around in her underwear. I was shocked and said, “Sis, I thought you were at work.”

“….Mmmmmy bbboss gave…..mmme the nnnnnight offff.” She stammered, embarassed she was caught. I saw that she had cum in time with us and said, “Sis, I’m disappointed in you. Why didn’t you come and join us?” She looked up with a delighted look on her fact and pulled off her pants and underwear, bangbus porno came in, and shoved her tounge in my mouth. She had given in to the lusty monster and didn’t care who she fucked as long as it wasn’t her fingers fucking her. I broke out kiss and said, “Well Lauren, what do you think?”

“I think we should fuck, and suck each other all night and day until your parents get home!” I couldn’t have agreed more. I knew that Lauren was bi because I had been with her while she was making out with another girl, but I wasn’t sure about Lisa, but it wouldn’t have surprised me. She was hot enough to turn on girls as well as guys. She was 5’9 and weighed 160 pounds and had 34d tits with a perfect ass, and just an all around great body.

I looked over at her and she was smiling and as I continued to fuck Lauren, she walked over and started sucking on her tits. Lauren, in turn, started fingering Lisa’s pussy and I was so horny that I was about to cum. I could tell Lauren was to because she was pinching the nipple that Lisa wasn’t sucking on. She screamed out and orgasmed and held Lisa’s head to her tits like a vice and her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard that I came.

Thank the gods she was on the pill. After seeing all this and having her pussy being rubbed by Lauren, Lisa then started grinding her hips against Lauren’s fingers and climaxed as well. We all took a second to catch our breath then I laid down in the bed with my cock half hard ready for whatever was coming next. Lisa started sucking on my cock and the feeling of having my own sister sucking my cock made me so harder than ever. Lauren couldn’t believe it and took out the ruler to see that my cock was now 9 and 1/2 inches.

Lisa smiled and stopped sucking. I wasn’t happy until she sat on my cock. She didn’t do it slowly or controlled or anything like that. She just flopped herself down on it. I knew she wanted to be beurette tour porno fucked too bad to care about anything, so I gladly complied. She started riding my cock and I thrusted my hips up to meet her. Lauren was watching up until this point, but I saw her looking around in the bag she brought with her clothes in it and she pulled out a strap on dildo.

“I was planning on inviting a friend, but since your sister’s such a horny slut, I guess I don’t have to.” Lisa was too far gone in lust to hear or comprehend what Lauren had just said, but when Lauren strapped the dildo on and shoved it into Lisa’s ass, her eyes flew open and she was in pain, but as I said, being deprived of sex for so long will make anyone turn into an eager slut.

There was a time when my sister thought that anyone who ever thought of incest was a disgrace to society and any female that got fucked in the ass should be in the circus, but here she was having her pussy fucked by her brother and her ass fucked by his girlfriend, and she was loving every minute of it.

She began screaming, “Oh yeah! Fuck me in both ends! Make me your slut bro! I’ll do anything you want me to, but just don’t stop fucking me! I love having my brother pound his meat into my pussy and his girlfriend to fuck my ass!” She leaned forward and I began to suck on her tits while my beautiful girlfriend fucked her ass. Lisa and I came in about 10 minutes, but Lauren hadn’t gotten any relief.

She took the dildo off and laid on the bed. Lisa then strapped it on and started fucking her. I watched for a few minutes until my dick hardened again and then started fucking Lisa in the ass. We switched off after every orgasm. Sometimes we would just suck each other, other times we’d fuck each other, but nevertheless, we did it until my parents came home, and we stopped about a half hour before they did.

It’s funny, but when this all started, I only wanted to have sex with my girlfriend, but what I got was two horny, beautiful sluts that loved fucking me, and each other. My sister’s looking for an apartment now, and I may move in with her. I just hope the landlord doesn’t get any complaints of the three of us being too loud…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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