Shelby’s Troubles

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Shelby took a deep breath and tried to work the knot out of the muscles in her neck, again. She hated this, every time life got stressful, it manifested itself in a sore neck, tight shoulder and back, gimping her up from days. No amount of ibuprofen helped. A massage would, but, according to her current financial situation, there was no way she could afford the luxury of a professional massage. A boyfriend massage would be great, but that also wasn’t going to happen, because he was the main reason for her current situation. That rotten bastard, Shelby sighed again. He had cheated on her. Then, like the rat-bastard he was, snuck out in the middle of the night after emptying out her checking account and maxing out her credit cards. She was in the process of dealing with the police, but it that wasn’t helping the stress any more either.

She sighed again. Her friend and co-worker, Marisol, looked over at her and gave her a sympathetic smile. Shelby smiled wanly back to her friend, trying not to let her jealousy show through. Marisol was very happily married to a gorgeous hunk of a man who had an insatiable appetite for Marisol’s very sexy little body. Marisol loved to regale Shelby with their sexual escapades and adventures. Marisol loved everything about sex and wouldn’t hesitate to try anything, or anyone, new.

“You know what you need, baby-doll?” Marisol purred. Shelby knew what Marisol was going to say. Whenever Marisol called her “baby-doll” she was going to say, “You need a good amount of lovin’ from the right type of man!”

Marisol didn’t disappoint. “You need a good amount of lovin’ from the right type of man!”

“Yeah, I know,” replied Shelby. “The good amount of lovin’ isn’t the hard part, it’s the right type of man I am having trouble finding.”

“Well, until the right type of man is found, let’s just try to find you some good lovin’ then!!”

Shelby sighed; she didn’t want to get into another relationship, not when she’s in the middle of cleaning up the mess from the last one. “Mari — you know I am not ready for another relationship. I am still trying to sort out the mess of the last one. I just wish I could afford a good massage. With my bank accounts frozen, I can’t even put gas in my car!”

“I’ve got a great idea!” exclaimed Marisol. She had a little twinkle in her eyes, which immediately put Shelby on alert. Marisol continued, “I know a great chiropractor that can work the kinks out of your neck and back! He is so awesome! Theo and I go to him when we get a little, um, carried away, if you know what I mean?”

“If I can’t afford a massage, how can I afford a chiropractor?” moaned Shelby.

“Because, silly, our insurance covers 4 visits a month to a chiropractor! With all the neck and back pain you’ve been having, I’m sure the insurance will cover it. And, you can probably work something out with his staff about the co-payment.” Marisol continued.

Shelby pondered what Marisol had told her. The phone on Marisol’s desk rang, and judging by the tone of her voice and the low sultry laugh, Shelby knew it was the gorgeous hunk Theo on the other end. She sighed again, heavily, while trying to massage the knot out of her neck. A chiropractor, she thought, I’ve never been to one. Marisol had mentioned a time or two that she’d been adjusted the day before and felt so much better. With insurance covering the majority of the cost, she probably could afford it. If it helped ease the tension out of her neck and shoulders, anything would be worth it.

After Marisol hung up, Shelby looked over to ask for the phone number for the chiropractor. One look at Marisol and she knew that she would have to wait until Marisol got herself under control. Theo must have talked her into another orgasm, again. Marisol’s eyes were glazed, her cheeks flushed, her lips parted and panting a little bit. Thankfully the office they shared was off the main hallway. This wasn’t the first time Marisol and Theo had phone-gasms and it wouldn’t be the last.

Marisol smiled a dreamy smile when her high wore off a few minutes later. “Baby-doll, you really need to get a man like that. Now, can I get you the chiropractor’s number?”

Two days later, Shelby, still suffering from the knotted muscles, and now a migraine to boot, walked in to Trenton Michaelby’ s office. The receptionist greeted her with a warm smile as she handed her a clipboard with paperwork to fill out. The office was located in a converted Victorian-era house in the center of town. The reception area had been culled out of the living and dining areas. The house was solidly built and surprisingly, didn’t squeak like other Victorian’s she’d been in the past. She took a seat and started filling out the paperwork. It was deserted in the waiting room, she assumed due to the lateness of the appointment. After turning in the paperwork to the receptionist, she expected to wait for the chiropractor.

A very tall, very handsome man called her name. Shelby didn’t know what güvenilir bahis to think as she glanced up to the extremely handsome, blond man. His eyes were a piercing blue, his lips, sensual as they framed her name again. The way he said her name made her tingle deep inside her most feminine parts. She felt a sudden tightening of muscles between her legs and a sudden rush of wetness. Shelby had to shake her head slightly to clear her mind to be able to respond to this Adonis of a man.

“Shelby, hello, I’m Dr. Trenton Michaelby,” as he shook her hand. He gestured for her to follow him to the exam room. Shelby shakily rose to her feet and followed Dr. Michaelby down the hallway to a small exam room. As she walked, she couldn’t help but notice the way his khakis framed his incredibly tight and shapely ass. Once again, her pussy twinged and she took a deep breath to calm herself down.

He started the appointment with the usual sort of health questions, family history, medications, and causes of stress. Shelby answered, stiltingly at first, but his sultry voice was working magic on her. She found herself talking more freely than she ever had to any medical provider. After all the information was gathered, he put his clipboard down and looked at Shelby.

“I know I can help you with the physical manifestations of your stress. But the physical symptoms are just going to reappear unless you learn to deal differently with the stress life puts you through. Before we deal with the latter, let’s get you feeling better, so you will have the strength to deal with the stress.”

With that, he asked her to change into one of those odd hospital gowns where the snaps just don’t make sense. He left the room, for her privacy, telling her to remove all of her clothes, and to place the snaps in the front. Shelby’s tension came back, the gowns, she knew should open in the back. She didn’t know if other chiropractors asked her to remove all her clothes, but Marisol swore this guy would help her, so she did what she was told.

Dr. Michaelby knocked on the door a few minutes later, and through the door asked her to lay face-down on the table. When Shelby answered she was ready, Dr. Michaelby walked in and closed the door. He dimmed the lights and played a soft, flute melody on the CD player that sitting in the corner. She was lying down as asked with her head to the side so she could watch Dr. Michaelby.

Dr. Michaelby raised the table to a comfortable height for him. In a soft, hypnotic voice, he asked Shelby to please place her head in the donut pillow and relax. She did so, tensely waiting for him to begin the adjustment. For a few minutes, Dr. Michaelby did nothing but rest his hands on her back. She felt the warmth of his hands through the gowns. Every now and again, he would move his hands to a different spot on her back, take a deep breath and sigh. She didn’t know what he was doing, but the warmth of his hands, the soothing music from the CD player was enough for her to start relaxing.

After a few minutes, Dr. Michaelby started running his hands from her neck down her back in a long sweeping motion. The rapid motion startled Shelby, but he quickly explained that he was trying to sweep the tension away. Shelby laughed nervously, this was some weird, new-age, mumbo-jumbo that she didn’t really believe in. He kept making the motions, and after a few minutes, she realized a lot of her tension was gone.

He next massaged the tensest muscles in her back. He quickly apologized that this would be painful, but it was necessary. As he started massaging her neck, she gasped, but through the pain she realized the tension was leaving. He worked his magical hands down the rest of her neck and through her back, occasionally making comments about how tight her muscles were. He told her that the tense muscles would make it almost impossible to do a proper adjustment. As he spoke in his melodious voice, the relaxation of the muscles combined with the with his soothing voice and warm hands made Shelby tingle in the most intimate of places.

Dr. Michaelby, in the midst of the massage, told Shelby that the table was going to adjust once more to make it easier for him to adjust her and relax the tension that was in her muscles, causing the misalignment. Shelby, feeling more relaxed and hornier than she had in a long time murmured her assent. The table moved up a little more, but while moving up, the legs separated and moved apart, bending slightly at the knees. The waist and hip section moved up very slightly, but a slightly uncomfortable bump hit her just at her pelvic bone above her pussy. She tried to adjust, but every time she wiggled a little bit, the bump in the table pushed down a little bit, stimulating her clit, making her pussy drip a little more.

Dr. Michaelby seemed oblivious to her predicament as he continued his massage down her lower back and buttocks. “I need to get to your lower back to make the adjustments, pleased don’t be alarmed,” as he moved türkçe bahis from her side to stand in between her spread legs. He was still fully dressed, but Shelby was sure he could tell that her bare pussy, underneath the hospital gown was starting to drip. His magical hands soon started massaging her low back and buttocks, each pass making a rhythmic pulse which stimulated her clit. Shelby didn’t know what to do, she was too embarrassed to speak up and ask the doctor to give her a minute so she wouldn’t orgasm in front of him. Or was she, she thought to herself. She had been so long without a male induced orgasm, was she not speaking up because it felt too good? The only thing that would make her orgasm better, Shelby thought to herself, was to have Dr. Michaelby drop those pants, whip out the big cock she knew was hiding underneath and spear her, quickly, and fuck her pussy. Just as Shelby imagined this, the pressure on her clit intensified, and as quietly as she could, panted her release as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her.

“That’s what I was waiting for, Shelby, “Dr. Michaelby said in a husky tone. Shelby was too relaxed to question him. She felt him move to her side and adjust the table back to the flat position. He held a blanket over her and asked her to roll onto her back so he could finish the adjustment. She did so, realizing the blanket had been warmed in an oven. She dreamed to herself that she wished the warm blanket was Dr. Trenton Michaelby, laying over her as she relished in the orgasmic afterglow.

Dr. Michaelby finished the treatment by holding her head in his hands and asking her to please stay relaxed. As he spoke, he quickly snapped her neck to one side, then the other. Shelby had a moment of panic, thinking that he would certainly paralyze her. For a second or two, she felt she couldn’t move or feel, but the sensation quickly went away as she realized that her muscles were more relaxed than they had been in a long time.

The soothing music ended and Dr. Michaelby spoke quietly, “Shelby, please feel free to stay as long as you need to enjoy the relaxation. When you are ready, please get dressed and speak to the receptionist. With your level of stress and misalignment, I feel you need intensive treatment.

Shelby felt she tighten up, “But Dr. Michaelby, my insurance….”

He answered quickly, “I know several people at your insurance company. I will get something worked out so you can come in 3 times a week for the next month. The insurance adjusters and I have an understanding,” he said with just the slightest smile.

Shelby dressed after Dr. Michaelby left. Before she went out to the reception area, she phoned Marisol. “Mari — honey, you weren’t lying.”

Four weeks later……

After four weeks, Shelby was feeling great, physically. Emotionally, she was stressed out again. The chiropractor bills started rolling in, even with her insurance she didn’t know how she was going to keep paying for the sessions. The situation with her ex wasn’t any better and the police told her that they couldn’t help her.

Before her session started, she waited for Dr. Michaelby. She wanted to let him know before today’s session. She didn’t want to stop the wonderful treatments, and he was right, with the release of tension and stress things were getting better. Until yesterday, when the bills started coming due. She giggled to herself, coming, and cumming.

Dr. Michaelby walked in, as sexy as the first time she saw him. Immediately, he saw the strained look on her face and asked her what was wrong. “Dr. Michaelby, um, I’m sorry to bring this up. But I can’t afford the copays right now. I am still fighting the bank and my ex. I love what you do to me, uh, for me, but I can’t see you anymore until I can pay the co-pays.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Shelby. I love making my patients feel better.” He sat down in front of her, took her hands and looked her in the eye. In his low, sultry, sex voice, he asked, “How about we work out a deal?”

“What kind of deal?”

“You seem to enjoy the pleasure I give you when I adjust you, am I right or am I mistaken?”

Shelby blushed and whispered, “You are right, more than you know.”

“If you gave me a little pleasure in return, I would be willing to write off your copays?”

“What would I have to do?”

Dr. Michaelby smiled, his lips looking more sensuous than before. “Nothing you wouldn’t enjoy. I’ve relaxed your muscle several times, enough to give you relief of pain. I have a few techniques that would relax you completely. And once you’re relaxed, I can take my enjoyment. I assure you though, that you would enjoy it completely as well, or I will stop if you just say the word.”

“Really?” Shelby questioned, licking her lips nervously. She was unsure of the new turn, possible illegal turn of this relationship. But she loved how he made her feel, and was willing to do anything to keep the orgasms, and the relief of pain coming.

“Yes, güvenilir bahis siteleri I will let you think about out while I adjust you again.”

Shelby lay down on the table and let Dr. Michaelby work his magic. She orgasmed quickly, as she had done that first time. Her pussy dripped, and she was sure Dr. Michaelby could smell her musky odor. Dr. Michaelby performed the double adjustment of her neck and back made her feel weightless. While lying there, she asked, “Dr. Michaelby, would you please make me feel better and take your pleasure too?”

He smiled and her pussy twinged again. “Are you sure, Shelby? You’re coming down off an adjustment and I don’t want you to regret your decision.”

Shelby, still feeling her pussy twinge and drip, sighed, “Oh, yes, I am so sure.”

“With my schedule, unfortunately we can’t do it today. I will give you strict instructions you must follow, and we can meet again next Saturday morning. That way, we won’t be interrupted.” He smiled at her, “You won’t regret it, I promise you.”

Shelby smiled at him and she was rewarded with his dazzling smile, which made her horny again. “Okay. I look forward to Saturday.”

Next Friday evening, Shelby followed Dr. Michaelby’s instructions to the letter. She carefully shaved her legs, underarms, pussy and ass completely bare. She drank lots of fluids and took the medication as prescribed. The first part of the night was spent evacuating her bowels, but Shelby found it strangely exhilarating. She would get tense, masturbate to an orgasm then have a sudden urge to move her bowels. Once, she even had an orgasm during. It was, unexpectedly, one of the best orgasms she’d ever had.

The next morning, being cleansed, thoroughly, inside and out, Shelby knocked on Dr. Michaelby’s office. The receptionist wasn’t at her usual spot and Dr. Michaelby opened the door himself.

“Good morning, Shelby, are you ready to begin?”

A nervous laugh escaped her lips, but she felt the dripping of her smooth pussy and said, “Oh yes, I am so ready.”

Dr. Michaelby led Shelby back to a different exam room, one she hadn’t been to before. This exam room was painted in an odd shade of pink, but the most astonishing feature was the strange cot/gurney in the middle. It was articulated in so many different ways, she wondered if the human body could flex in so many ways. The table was laid out so she could lay flat on her stomach, with her head in a donut looking straight down. Dr. Michaelby asked her to remove all of her clothes, place the skimpy exam gown, open to the front, than lie face down on the table.

She did so, just like she had done so many other times. Instead of the usual “laying of hands” he started right away with the deep tissue massage. The massage was wonderful, painful at times, but exhilarating in the fact that even more tension was gone from her muscles. Shelby heard a strange pneumatic sound and felt a hump appear under her right at the level of the pubic bone. Just like the other table, she thought, anxious for her release to occur. Dr. Michaelby then started the pulsing touch he used on her back and buttocks, pushing her up onto the hump that she had felt on the table that first time. He pulsed on her back and buttocks in such a way that within a few minutes, Shelby was panting in expectation of her impending orgasm. He pulsed harder and faster than he had before and before she knew it, she was orgasming again. This orgasm was harder and longer than the other ones, and unlike before, she couldn’t keep quiet. She let out a primal scream as the orgasm hit her and vaguely registered that Dr. Michaelby laughed.

Usually, he let her catch her breath before doing the next part of the adjustment. But this time, he didn’t ask her to roll over. He did the adjustment while she was still laying on her stomach on the table. As he cradled her head and neck, he whispered, “This adjustment is going to feel very different. Do not be afraid, you are safe, you can breathe, and still feel, but you won’t be able to move. Before I do this, one last time, do you agree?”

Shelby whispered, “Oh yes” still in her orgasmic high, waiting for the floaty feeling of the adjustment.

She heard a crack and realized that the muscles in her back and neck were completely loose. She didn’t realize for a few seconds that every other muscle in her body was completely slack as well. When she realized she felt paralyzed, she heard the soft, sultry voice of Dr. Michaelby. “Relax, Shelby, relax. You can breathe, breathe, you will feel amazing so soon.”

Shelby concentrated and took deep cleansing breaths, finally relaxing, but not quite understanding what was going on. Dr. Michaelby explained, “I’ve paralyzed your skeletal muscles only temporarily. You will feel, but be unable to move. Most women take longer to orgasm because they tense their muscles and it takes them a while to relax and let it happen. With this technique, I’ve been able to speed past the relaxation part and get you directly to orgasm.” With that, Dr. Michaelby took his fingers and played ever-so-slightly with Shelby’s clit. Within seconds, Shelby had another orgasm. She panted hard, not able to form words, but just panted.

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