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At the age of eighteen I was still a virgin thanks to my girlfriend living 10,000 miles away from me. We were best friends from the time we were fourteen and at the age of fifteen we started going out. However 3 months later I left the place and moved to a different country. Both of us were so busy with our lives we never had the chance to meet up again. Then one day I met Maria.

When I met Maria I was still in this so called distance relationship. I knew Maria had a crush on me from the day she saw me but I was determined to be faithful to the woman I referred as the love of my life. A year later however my long distance dumped me and I was back to square one.

“Hi Dan,” said Maria planting a kiss on my cheek. “Sorry about your girl. I had to come and see you as soon as you text me. You sounded so depressed babe, how are you now?” After a month of sun in Greece she looked so relaxed and happy.

“Shit happens I guess,” I replied slowly.

“Hey don’t be sad, Just remember there are many other fish in the sea,” she said softly and held my hands.

I was just glad I could talk to someone I held her hips and brought her close to me for a hug. However I wasn’t prepared for the sensation my body felt when I felt her body close to me.

“Tell you what babe, why don’t you take your lunch break early. We’ll grab something to eat and talk for a while,” said Maria pushing away from me as soon as she saw my boss coming out of his office.

I spoke to my boss who quickly agreed to let me go for the afternoon. He knew how bad I was in helping Van Escort customers when depressed. We grabbed a couple of sandwiches and coke and started heading to a small park behind my workplace.

Maria playfully took my hand in hers. For the first time in ages I felt a wonderful sensation all over my body. We sat on a bench and had our sandwiches talking about nothing particular.

“God Dan you look so handsome,” she said looking at me. Her words were nice but her timing wasn’t. I was so taken back by what she said the coke that I was drinking came out and splashed her top.

“Oh shit!” I cried. “I am so sorry hon. Let me help,” I took some water from her bottle and used my hand to clean her top. God, touching her boobs felt so great. Maria closed her eyes and bit her lips. I suddenly realized we were in a common park and quickly took my hands away.

“You know what! Now I can’t catch a bus looking like this,” complained Maria.

“Sorry hon you know I didn’t mean it. It’s just your words caught me off guard.” I said looking real sheepish.

“I know,” she grinned. “Besides you looked so cute when you spluttered!” She giggled.

“Hey why don’t we just sit under that tree so nobody can see us until your top dries,” I suggested. She quickly agreed.

“How was your trip babe?” I asked her after we settled under the tree.

“Well to be honest I just kept on thinking of you all the time Dan,” she said looking in to my eyes. God, I wanted to kiss those sweet lips of hers so badly. I smiled at her and kissed her forehead instead. Van Escort Bayan She smiled back and rested her head on my shoulder.

I absentmindedly traced a finger on her back. I didn’t realize what I was doing until a soft moan escaped her mouth. I started to take my hand away but she had other plans.

“Don’t take it away Dan, it feels really nice.”

I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew whatever it was she loved it. So I continued.

“What are you waiting for Dan,” she asked looking up at me.

She put her left hand behind my head and pulled my lips towards hers. God, it felt so good. She felt my knee shaking and gently smiled at me kissing my lips softly. I closed my eyes and tried to kiss her back, but she told me to relax. She traced her tongue around my lips gently and slowly inserted it inside my mouth. I kind of got the idea and did the same to her. Our lips opened up and our tongues started to play with each other. She tasted so good and I was so turned on my erection was threatening to tear my pants. She moved closer to me without stopping our tongue fight and pushed her body closer to mine. My hard on was pushing on her stomach and I was quite sure she could feel it.

What seemed like hours later we broke apart and had to wipe our faces. She playfully touched my erection and grinned at me. Although I had never been with a girl I kept my porn stacks up to date so I knew what I needed.

I stood up and told her to do the same. I pushed her to the tree trunk and trapped her body with mine. I started to kiss Escort Van her again. This time she felt my cock rub her clit and moaned loudly. I whispered to her to be quiet. The last thing we needed was to get arrested by the police. I pulled her close to me and slid my hand inside her top. I tried to open her bra. But unfortunately I had not yet mastered the art of undoing a bra without being clumsy. She grinned at me and undid it. I grinned back and pinned her back to the tree. I started kissing her neck and inserted my hand inside her top and felt her right boob. God, it felt so great. Although that was the first time I ever touched a woman’s breast I knew the most sensitive part was the nipple. So I gently twisted her nipple while kissing her. She bit her lips to stop herself from moaning loudly but kept on grinding her pussy on my cock. From the time I watched porn I knew I was an ass man. So without thinking twice I took my hand out of her top and inserted it inside her skirt. Thank God, it was one of those elastic ones. My hand slid in easily. I pushed her panty aside and felt her ass. God, I was in heaven, just touching her ass was making me so close to shooting my load.

“Look at you, putting your hands everywhere and you haven’t even asked me on a date yet,” she complained playfully.

I kissed her hard and used my hands on her ass to push her body closer to mine. She hugged my neck and held me tight while I grinded my cock around her pussy.

“Oh God! I am cumming Dan,” squealed Maria as she came. I grinded my cock a couple of times faster and shot my load in my boxers.

“God, that was fun,” giggled Maria. “And all this time I thought you were an innocent guy,” She looked at me accusingly.

“Well I was.. until I saw you,” I said grinning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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