Show , Tell Ch. 40

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Show & Tell

Chapter 40

I was back to waiting for the hammer to fall. There was no way Elle was going to be able to skate around the father and son duo of Don and Sean. Not with Sean thinking that Elle was, somehow, involved with his father.

For the next week. I avoided any contact with her, allowing her to watch and listen to everything and everyone in the house. What I hadn’t considered… with her concentrating on that, was my dalliance with her daughter Kim. While I was confident that neither could make a connection between the three of us, any hint of Kim seeing an older man might cause Elle’s ears to perk up.

I couldn’t have that.

On the other hand…, how could I ignore Kim’s desire for another, “Adult Night Out?”

After my lunch date with Elle on the previous Tuesday… and all the frivolity that followed… I went to lunch at Kim’s place of employment on the following Thursday… two weeks to the day since I’d taken her to Foxwoods.

As usual, I walked straight to the bar, Jeff giving me one of his perfunctory head nods… and made me a drink. I was perusing the menu when a pair of arms circled my chest and a pair of lips kissed my right cheek.

One look at her face was all I needed to know that she, like myself, was still basking in the glow of that liaison.

“Hey young lady,” with a smile, “Thomas Jefferson still your hero?”

“Not anymore,” she responded with a smile of her own, “I’ve found someone to take his place.”

“Not Ben Franklin!” in faux shock

After she stopped laughing, she shook her head and said, “No… my man is a lot taller.”

Before I could add anything to that, Kim called over to the hostess, “Audrey… would you please seat this gentleman at fifteen…” and with that she disappeared into the kitchen.

Audrey nodded and picked up a menu, as I picked up my drink and dropped a ten on the bar.

Never knew when I might need a friend… and Jeff just might be that guy.

Table number fifteen was on the deck, one back from the table I’d occupied on my previous visits. It was under an overhang and against the building proper, facing the bay. The shade must have been the reason she’d chosen that table and I’d be sure to thank her for her thoughtfulness.

Today’s uniform was also a change from my past visits. Black short shorts and a white tank-top this time, the shorts, seemingly, a little shorter and the tank top a little looser.

“EAT HERE” still the thought of the day.

I smiled as she walked past, my thought for the day, “… been there, done that.”

When she finally approached my table, she had another drink and a killer smile. Bending at the waist, she put the drink down in front of me… and at the same time… offered me a panoramic view of her cleavage.

Had I been sitting anywhere else… that display might have gotten her fired.

“Given any thought to where you’re taking me next?” as she slowly stood back up.

Offering a serious look…, “Are you confidence that I would entertain such a suggestion… or are you just being presumptive?”

“Neither,” as she leaned over again, this time placing her forearms on the table, her breasts puddled in front of her.

With a big smile, she added, “I’m being suggestive.”

Couldn’t argue with that.

Had lunch, flirting with Kim all the while and finally asked her to hold, “… next Thursday open for another… adult night out.”

Eyes wide, she threw her arms around me, practically wrenching my neck with her hug, all the while chanting, “Thank you… thank you…thank you!”

We settled on me picking her up there, at work, same time and that she would select her entire wardrobe for the evening.

“Even the shoes?” with a smile.

“Why fix something that ain’t broke,” I replied, getting up from the table.

She gave me a nice hug and kiss as I left, promising she’d be ready when I arrived.

Now I had to figure out what I was going to do with her.

Actually… I knew what I was going to do with her… but I needed to clean up one more detail… where to bring her for dinner?

With her mother, I had no boundaries as long as I stayed away from any locations that might be frequented by her friends or associates. With Kim… I pretty much had to stick to out of the way places, where the chance of encountering someone who might know me, TJ, her, or her parents, would be out of the question.

There was nothing I could do about the age difference, so I just disregarded that.

A quick internet search of the restaurants in the vicinity of our destination produced a number of possibilities, so I chose the one with a website that included pictures of a very charming reproduction of a Tuscan Estate. The album also displayed several views of their cozy and well-appointed dining room… as well as the patio bar that overlooked the beautifully landscaped grounds.

Overdoing it, I’m sure you would agree, but I knew I had a standard to uphold.

I spoke to Elle a couple of times during the ensuing week, still Van Escort no repercussions from her dalliance with father and son Don and Sean, but with Little League playoffs taking place, even she felt it necessary that we avoid one another until those were over.

Thursday came up quickly, my wife, son and granddaughter off to Cape Cod that morning for a long weekend with my wife’s sister and brother in law.

I would join them on Friday afternoon.

As with our first, “date,” I arrived at the restaurant early, Jeff at the bar giving me his perfunctory nod. However… by the look on his face, I knew not only he, but probably the entire staff, was wondering what was going on between Kim and myself.

I gave him a smile and ordered my drink.

“Let them guess.’

Kim saw me as she walked towards the kitchen, carrying a large tray of empty plates and assorted dinnerware. She gave me a million-watt smile and mouthed, “Twenty minutes.”

I nodded and smiled back.

That was when Jeff finally took the opportunity to ask, “So what is it between you and Kim?”

I could have played the wise ass and said, “Hey… I’m kind of a wealthy older guy that likes to be seen with beautiful, very young, women.”

Or… even better…

“My dick… that’s what’s between us.”

But… while being a wise ass is part of my DNA, I would have never put Kim in a position where she would have to explain me to anyone. So, I said, “Honestly Jeff… I have no idea. But…, just as honestly, I seem to make her happy, so I’m just going to go with it.”

Fifteen minutes later, after a half dozen stops at the bar to ask where we were going, I walked outside to wait for Kim.

There I found Jeff having a cigarette.

This time he didn’t nod…

Flicking the butt into the parking lot, he stepped right up to me and started to ask, “Don’t tell me…”

Before he could finish his thought… Kim emerged through the front door of the restaurant… and she was wearing another one of her mother’s outfits.

Both of us took a deep breath… and then uttered, “Holy shit!”

The deep burgundy blouse had cowl front that draped to just above her belly button, tied around her neck and then at the back of her waist, making it completely backless. She’d paired it with a white denim micro mini skirt, with matching burgundy accents and rhinestones. Her white high heeled shoes were also accented with burgundy rhinestones. She was holding a white clutch purse.

Seeing Jeff standing next to me, she walked over and asked, “What are you two up too?”

Tongue tied, Jeff was unable to come up with anything, so I said, “We’re comparing notes. I told him about your duel with that kid about the Founding Fathers and he was telling me about your photographic memory.”

She gave me a look, one that said, “Right… my photographic memory.”

Shaking her head, she said to Jeff, “How about remembering how many times I’ve told you to quit smoking!”

With that, she gave him a peck of the cheek, took my hand and we walked towards the car.

Jeff quickly followed, walking her to the passenger side and opening the door. His gallantry was rewarded when her entire left breast was exposed while she settled into the seat.

Looking across the roof of the car, he shook his head and said, “No idea…?

A smile and a nod as he turned and walked back to the restaurant.

Once in the car, and after a very sensual kiss, she asked, “Could you please take me to my friend Sam’s house?”

Letting out a deep breath, I answered, “Kim… I have a reservation… actually two reservations, and we don’t have a lot of time…”

The air seemed to come out of her, but she gave it another shot… “It’s not far away and it will only take a few minutes… please!”

Looking at her face, I thought about Jeff’s question… and my answer… which had been an honest one… I did want to, “… make her happy.”

“Okay… how do I get there?”

More hugs and kisses, followed by an, almost twenty, “… it will only take a few…,” minute drive, to a very nice Colonial style home in a subdivision of similar homes.

Another hug and kiss and Kim was out of the car. Three steps later, she turned and looked at me…, “Com’on… Sam is waiting for us.”


“Us…,” was not a good idea. Kim running into the house to do whatever needed with Sam was fine. Me joining her… not a good idea. Whatever adults I might find in the house would probably be young enough to be my children… and my showing up as Kim’s date would be a game ender.

“No… I’ll wait here,” I called out, “you do whatever you need to do and then we’ll go.”

Hands on hips, Kim walked back to the car and opened my door, a determined look on her face.

Just as determined, I sat there, finally saying, “Her parents would be shocked and would probably call your parents… and that would be the end of that. I can wait here.”

Her smile could have melted the Polar Ice Cap…!

“Sam’s home alone and even if Van Escort Bayan her mother was home… she’d love you. Get out of the car and come with me!”

Looking at her.

“No one is home, except Sam…? Are you sure?”

“Yes…,” grabbing my arm. “com’on.”

Reluctantly, I got out of the car and walked with Kim… more dragged by Kim, who was holding on to my left arm with both hands. When we got to the front door, she stepped away from me, opened the door and walked right in! No knock on the door or ringing of the doorbell… just walked in and hollered… “We’re here!”

Nothing… the house quiet.

“SAM.. we’re here!”

Footsteps from the second floor, then a girl appearing… but not Sam!

Flying down the stairs, this girl was a sprite!

Blonde, blue-eyed, a head taller, but thinner than Kim, she looked like she could have been thirteen! Especially since she was dressed in shapeless blue gym shorts and an oversize white, “Newport,” T-shirt.

Stopping two steps away from the stairs, she looked at Kim and exclaimed, “Jesus… what is that you’re wearing? You look like a $20 hooker!”

Giving the girl a dismissive head shake, Kim responded, “Better than looking like I’m ready for bed… and anyway, I haven’t heard my man complain,” giving me another hug.

While I found their conversation slightly titillating, maybe more pubescent, I wanted to ask, “Okay, nice to know Samantha has a little sister…DID KIM JUST CALL ME “… HER MAN?”

Releasing me, Kim ran over to the girl, the two of them hugging and jumping up and down like 6 year olds.

Then she hit me with, “Baby… you remember Samantha… you met her at our Winter Formal.”


The Samantha I remembered was as Goth as “Elvira,” a pretty hot, “Mistress of the Dark!”

This Samantha…?

She blushed and walked over to me, addressing me as, “Mr.” and shook my hand.

Okay… that was sweet. However, looking at Kim, my eyes asked, “She’s nice… but why are we here?”

She knew the question was coming before I looked at her.

“Can we bring Sam?”

I gave her a serious look, but I didn’t immediately say, “No.”

Dinner reservations for two could easily be made for three and my, “adult,” plan for the night… might be enhanced if there were two instead of one… not that I even gave that more than a momentary thought.

AND… I was kind of honor bound by my assertion to Jeff that, “I wanted to make her happy…” so, what could I do?

That thought process took less than two seconds.

Big smile and, “If she’d like to come.”

Kim took two giant steps to me and jumped into my arms… hugs, kisses and “THANK YOU’S,” followed.

Samantha stood where she was and smiled coyly… which was followed by an even more demure, “Thank you.”

She then led Kim and I into a nicely decorated, (as was the entire home) sun room, overlooking a well landscaped back yard.

Sam pointed to a small bar on the left side of the room, saying. “Have Kim make you a drink and I’ll be down in a second.”

Never asking, Kim started to make me a drink, altering the mixture to my specifications, “Straight tonic water and cranberry, please. I’m responsible for the two of you.”

While pouring a glass of wine for herself, she saw my look and said, “Even my father lets me have a glass of wine,” to which I replied, “And Samantha’s father?

“He doesn’t exist,” with a smile, “but her mother agrees.”

We sat, Kim again trying to pry our “Adult” destination from me, before changing course and recalling several incidents that had occurred during our date at Foxwoods, which then caused her to ask, “… and I still have your money. What do you want me to do with it?”

“Keep it safe and available in case I need it.”

“Available…? Like bring it with me when we have a date?” a note of concern in her voice, “it’s nearly five thousand dollars!”

“No, just keep it where you can get at it, but your parents won’t find it and start asking questions. I’ll let you know if I need it.”

Sam’s few minutes had stretched into almost twenty and I was starting to get nervous about my schedule. Then we heard the click of heels coming down the stairs.

A moment later, Samantha walked into the room… and her transformation was breathtaking!

She was wearing a very curly, medium length, black haired wig… that looked completely natural on her. An enhancing dark eyeliner and eye shadow, matched to dark red lipstick, gave an edge to her normal youthful appearance, while not taking any of that away. If that weren’t enough… her wardrobe selection…!

The shoes were black stilettos, and ankle socks with white ruffled cuffs. The skirt a black and red, schoolgirl plaid mini. For a top, she’d chosen a black bustier, that was cinched in the front with red ribbon. A black leather “Dog Collar,” completed the ensemble.

Despite the overall presentation… she still looked like a fifteen year old, which might become a problem.

But that was Escort Van a problem I’d deal with later.

Kim, however, wasn’t going to let it slide…

With a smirk, she observed, “Well… if I look like a $20 hooker… you must be trying to attract a Level 3 Child Molester!”

Looking at me, Sam deadpanned, “Your man doesn’t seem to be disappointed…”

Kim fired back, “Because he’s too much of a gentleman to point out your juvenile behavior.”

With that, I stood and said, “Love the conversation… but we have to go. Sam, have you called anyone and told them you’ll be home late?”

“My mom already knows,” she replied.

I turned and gave Kim a serious look…

She just smiled.

In spite of the delay, we arrived at the restaurant on time. Two twenties to the Maitre d’ earned us a semi-private table, more a self defense move on his part, considering the girl’s age and attire.

Once seated, Kim looked at Sam and said, “What did I tell you.”

Samantha’s wide eyed look was her answer.

Somehow, Kim had procured a, “fake ID,” since our last date, and Sam had one too. Both girls ordered wine, while I figured if I was going to have one drink… I ordered a “Crown Royal Manhattan.”

Since neither girl seemed to be familiar with “authentic” Tuscan fare I ordered antipasti for us and then watched and listened as the girls sampled the various dished. Neither of them had a negative word to say about any of the appetizers. After a second glass of wine, they chose their Entree, that choice made after a detail explanation of each plate by the now, very attentive, Maitre d’. The chance to ogle two, young, and scantily clad girls, proving too much for him.

Both young ladies proved to be excellent dinner companions, the lively banter between the two proved to be very entertainment and their curiosity about my life experiences allowed me to flirt with both of them… while revealing as little as possible about myself.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I even allowed them to talk me into an after dinner drink, my choice of cognac quickly meeting with their approval.

With the meal finished, it was time now for me to drive to our “adult” destination.

About a year and a half earlier, I’d stopped to see my friend Leo at his “Gentleman’s Club.” He was my,”go to,” on all questions concerning ideas that might get me arrested. In this case, it was Male Strippers.

Valentine’s Day was coming up and I wanted to give Elle something other than the usual. For some reason, male strippers popped into my mind, which led to my consulting Leo.

“Darius…,” before I’d finished asking the question. “He works for an outfit out of Hartford,” as he took his phone out of his pocket. A moment later I had Darius’s phone number and a short form description of the company he worked for.

“Professional and discreet,” was how Leo summed up the discussion.

After I’d talked to Darius twice and got a feel of how we might do business, I produced a scenario that he felt comfortable with, and had him show up at the door of the hotel room I’d rented for Elle and I.

She was in the bathroom, trying on the garment that Kat had selected for me, in this case a tiny red, mini dress, made entirely of fishnet, with matching stay up, thigh high stockings.

He knocked on the door and when I answered, he introduced himself as the, “… assistant manager… here to check on a report of a problem with the ventilation system.” Since Elle was in the bathroom, that door adjacent to the entrance, she heard his explanation.

I then said, “Not aware of a problem here, but… be my guest.”

Elle heard that too.

He rummaged around the room, tapping walls and was pretending to study the thermostat, when Elle called out from the bathroom, “Ready?”

That had been the only variable in my scenario. Had she not volunteered to expose herself, pretty much impossible at this point in our relationship, I would have had to call for her to come out and ask, “… the assistant manager,” his opinion of the garment.

I started to say, “Hold on…” but she was already out the door and walking past Darius, who was standing at the thermostat, with his back to her.

Oh… and he was wearing a black suit, with a black tie and white shirt, which he believed would be typical of a man in his position, and to further convince Elle of his excuse for being there. He’d also hoped that his costume would be enough to alleviate any apprehension she might develop when she encountered him. While use to my size, Darius was 6’4,” 230 pounds… and very black.

This wouldn’t be his first rodeo.

“You like?” she asked, doing a slow pirouette… which is when both discovered the other.

Seeing her, when he turned at hearing her voice, Darius stepped sideways, turning back towards the wall, as he mumbled, “Oh God… I’m so sorry! Please give me a moment… God… I…”

Elle’s smile could have lit up the Providence Civic Center.

Taking three steps back to where he was standing, she put a hand on his shoulder and said, “It’s okay… I didn’t know you were here… and I was just modeling this… his Valentine present for me… and there’s nothing for you to be embarrassed or sorry about. If anything, I owe you an apology.”

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