Silver Belle

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Big Tits

My name is Belle and I have lived a pretty boring life up into recently. My father still calls me Silver Belle, he loved that stupid Christmas song as a kid, and named me after the song when I was born on December 24th, Christmas Eve. I love my father but the guy has to get a life.

My life has been so boring partly because I was raised to live a boring life, but mostly because I went a long with living the life styles of bored and helpless. My parents believed in a discipline and education. I’ve been getting straight As for as long as I can remember, I’ve been polite to the rudest people on earth, and I haven’t experienced anything. I was an eighteen year old virgin living in the same pink painted room, with the same lame Barbie dolls, with the same pink carpet and no hope of ever escaping.

On May 15th I noticed my senior year in high school was absolutely flying by. Daddy’s Silver Belle was on the honor roll, Student Council president and head cheerleader. I hated all of it, but my life was dedicated to my parents. I felt trapped and worst of all, I didn’t know who I was. I desperately needed a change from all the things that were the same. So on that day in May, I took small steps to a change. Instead of three meals, I ate four. Instead of doing all my homework, I did most of it. When it came right down to it, I was taking the smallest damn steps a person could take and I was frightened by every moment of it. I was pathetic.

The nest day I decided I was going to do the best worst thing I could come up with. I asked my good friend Meagon, she’s my best friend, ten times smarter then me, just as pretty and a total slut, if I could have a cigarette.

“For what?” she laughed at me. “You don’t even know how to smoke.”

“So,” I said. I wanted to tell her the truth. “I want to make a change. I’m bored with this life.”

“So you’ve decided to commit suicide by use of cigarettes.” She smiled at me. “Welcome to society little one.” She quickly passed the cigarette to me.

“Now what?” I asked a little confused.

She laughed again. “Eat it. What do you think?”

“I need a liter.” She gave me a liter and began to walk away. She turned around five feet away from me.

“I started smoking when I was ten. When it was still dangerous, illegal to a mere kid. There was a rebellion in my smoking. What away to rebel, Belle. Belle the Rebel, smoking at the legal age of eighteen.”

With that she was gone. The halls were flustering with activity this morning and I felt out of place with a cigarette and a liter in my hand, so I shoved both in my pocket and headed to class. Half way there I decided to live real dangerous. And I don’t mean a fifth meal kind of dangerous either. I was going to cut class. For the first time in thirteen years I was going to miss a class. God I was pathetic.

I lit the cigarette in the bathroom, and puffed for the first time. Never had I experienced an event so tragic. I coughed for a full minute and tossed the cigarette in the toilet. I was in the process of the flushing the toilet when I heard the familiar voice of Mr. Smith from behind me.

“What exactly are you doing, young lady?”

I turned around to greet the principal. I came to two conclusions staring into the black principal’s dark eyes. One was smart people were not made to rebel. And two, Mr. Smith was pissed off. So I did accomplish something. I just wasn’t ready for any kind of Yalova Escort punishment.

“Smoking, you,” he said back at his office. He was six foot three and physically imposing. “What the hell happened. You normally one of our best. You never get in any trouble.”

“That’s the problem,” I admitted in the midst of tears. “I’m perfect. Nobody ever thinks anything rotten about me.”

“Nobody’s perfect young lady. And right now I’m thinking some pretty rotten things about you. Do you know smoking in the bathroom is a one week suspension.”

I shook my head.

“Of course not. Your record is clear. And it will remain so. I’m giving you a second chance and you will only miss one day of school to think about your new rebellious lifestyle. But I am calling your father.”

I gulped real loud. I was scared and happy all at the same time. I couldn’t believe my luck. It had always been there for me, to drive me lower. I did not even get in any trouble. I would hear it from my father, but still, that was nothing. Walking home later that day, I knew I had to do something. Belle the Rebel would strike harder and get in some real trouble. Whether it scared the life out of me or not.

I got a three hour lecture about how cigarettes could kill me when my father came home. He told me about every chemical and every stat there was to know about. He got all of his information off the Internet and read to me off the papers he printed. He lied them on the bed next to me when he was done and told me to read through them if I didn’t believe him.

“Don’t think you’re sitting in the house all day tomorrow either,” he told me. “I got you a baby- sitting job. You’re watching the Abbott baby in the morning, so get plenty of rest.”

Being the sport my father raised me to be, I did not object to a single word he said. I was going to listen to him, and do something real naughty behind his back. Revenge was a dish best served when your father didn’t no about it, at least that was the way I felt.

I got up at six in the morning without the help of the alarm clock or my father nerve bending, angry in the morning voice. I took a shower and stared at myself in the mirror. Closely examining my nice firm breasts and my perfect tanned skin. My eyes were baby blue and gorgeous and my teeth were naturally white. My hair was blonde and hung down to my bony ass. I gently caressed my naked body with my hands, letting roam down to my vagina and my ass. I felt disgusted touching my blonde pubic hairs. They felt nasty to me. So I did the first unthinkable of May 17th. I shaved my pussy. And I was thinking nasty.

At the Abbott household I waited and watched Mr. and Mrs. Abbott fumble into each other repeatedly as they made their ways off to work. My freshly shaved vagina felt good underneath my tight black jeans and silk panties. I felt like a new woman. That’s when I first realized I was a woman. Let freedom ring. Belle the Rebel. A girl I was no longer. Quoth the Rebel, “Nevermore!”

I watched the Abbott smelly little one year old, Jimmy for eight long hours. I changed his diaper, gave him milk, fed the little bastard, then he had the nerve to spit the Fruity Pebbles all over my shirt. I never wanted kids. Yuck. At one in the afternoon I put him to sleep. I couldn’t believe I had watched every PBS kid show there was to watch. If God was punishing me for smoking, then he had my full attention. Yalova Escort Bayan Smoking I will easily give up, just as long as I never have to watch that stupid yellow bird and that damn animated aardvark ever again. Bless you Lord.

At two Mr. Abbott came home. This surprised me because he wasn’t due back until six. If he was home early I lose out on four hours of pay.

“Watchya doin home so early?” I asked cautiously.

“Go out earlier than I thought,” he said. He looked a little under the weather. Nervous, even.

“Baby’s sleeping.”

“Good. Well, here’s your money. I’ll pay you for the last four hours too. It’s all there. One hundred smackers.” He laughed at himself. He was talking fast. No, he was talking while staring at me. He was looking at my breasts. I was a little flattered. I was little embarassed.

“Thank you mista Abbott,” I said. I turned away from him and walked in the kitchen. I went to the sink for a glass of water. I watched from the corner of my eye to see if he was checking out my ass. He was.

I must have stopped paying attention after a while because the next thing I knew, I was feeling his hands on my waist.

I jumped and turned around quickly. I was so damn startled I thought I was having a heart attack.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Listen, I just go some extra money, my boss gave me it for something I did for him, and I don’t want the wife to know about it. I want to spend it quickly.” He was talking real nervously. “I want to give it to you under one condition.”

I smiled, holding the cup in my hand. “How much you have?”

“Three hundred for you.”

“For what?” I asked.

“I have to fuck your teenie pussy.” The words came out so fast I barely understood him.

For a long time I thought about it, but what it came down to was the revenge. Daddy, your screwed now. Correction, I’m screwed.

“Okay,” I said. My voice was shakier than his.

I blushed when he pulled his half erect cock out of his business pants. I got on my knees behind the sink and looked up into his eyes while he wagged his cock in my pretty little face.

I licked shaft side to side until he was fully erect. His cock was about seven inches. I kissed the head of his cock before I slowly worked into my small mouth. When I got half his cock into my mouth I began moving head back and forth. I did all this without using my hands. After sucking his cock with no hands, like an old bike trick, look no hands, ha, ha, he took hold of the back my head and fucked my mouth for a good three minutes. His hard cock was pumping to the back of my throat, slapping my tonsils like a disobedient whore. My lips were slightly burning from the friction, my lips were wrapped around his shaft pretty tight.

When he pulled out he slapped my face with his drooled cock. He giggled at the sight of his pre-cum and my face locking together.

“Take off them jeans,” he told me.

So I took them off. “Our you going to fuck me now you cool bastard,” I teased him. I was acting like a real bad girl. Belle the Rebel in full force. I had an extra meal daddy. I smoked a cigarette in the bathroom daddy. I gave the neighbor a blow job in his kitchen then he fucked my mouth, what do you think of that, daddy? “Fuck me good you mista. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.” I pulled off my panties. “It shouldn’t be to hard, I am a virgin.”

The words Escort Yalova were music to Mr. Abbott’s ears. He tore off his pants and his underwear and came to me very quickly. He kissed my lips, my breasts, my nipples, my belly, then he was down my shaved vagina. When he kissed it I felt a small shock, when his began swirling around down there, I had the biggest damn shock ever. I was shivering like a fucking vibrator, screaming like a sexually fustrated wife after find her husband fucking the mailman. I was out of control. Counting my orgasms was harder math than any Algebra I remembered. I was cumming everywhere and Mr. Abbott was sucking it all up.

Next his cock found my virgin. He lifted my legs high in the air and spread. My right foot was so high it was touching the edge of the sink.

“Fuck me Mista Abbott.” I was out of control. So, I liked this time.

He slowly plunged his cock into my pussy. He was moving slow for the first two minutes, then as my pussy gave in to his cock, he sped along. His strong hands were gripping my ankles in a hard lock. He was thrusting in and out like a mad man.

He called me his “naughty lolita.”

I called him “my old prick.”

He fucked me with his tuxedo on. His tie was moving back and forth the same way my breasts were and I thought it was funny. I licked my lips and fingered my pussy while he fucked me. I moaned and screamed for him. I came on his floor and covered his cock.

“Fuck me you old prick,” I called.

Like all stories this one has a conclusion. His forehead was dripping sweat. He pounded my pussy like I never thought he could. He told he hadn’t fucked in three years. He told me his wife never gave him a blow job. He told me he was going to cum. I thought about the baby upstairs.

“Being a virgin I’m not on birth control,” I warned him. “You’re going to half to take that thing else where.”

He laughed. “I have just the place. Close your eyes. I see this in pornos all the time. It’s where they dump it.” He pulled out of my pussy and already I wanted his cock. My eyes were shut and felt unwelcome to this world of darkness.

I heard him panting and raving above. “OH, OH, God, OH God…” He moaned loud. “Here it, here it, OOOOOOOOH, I’m Cummmmming.” His words were thrown off by a powerful passion.

The next thing I remember was feeling hot globs of liquid hitting my faces. There must have been fourteen or fifteen hits in a span of thirty seconds. I thought it was snowing. Hot snow. A word feeling. I realized he had cum on my face seconds later. His cum smeared my face from my forehead to my chin. I felt his cock in my mouth seconds later, I sucked him dry and got a small sample of cum.

When he was done he helped me up. He said he was not going to kiss me under the circumstances. Cum was dripping off my chin and on my nipples. In a small mirror I saw what was left of my face and almost fainted. Thick layers of cum had took away my facial features. My eyes were the only parts not covered. There were a few thick strands of cum in my hair, along my ear lobes, the stuff was everywhere.

“Sorry about that,” he said. “I haven’t came in long time either.” He tossed my towel. “Money is on the table. Get dressed and please go before I get in trouble.”

“You got it, mista,” I said through my cummy face and then wiped my face back to normal.

“I am Rebel,” I told myself going home. A rebel with the a new cause.

I want more good fucking. Belle the Rebel was on the fast track to becoming a new woman.

What do you think of that daddy? Silver Belle lost her virginity and received a face covering facial that blew her mind.

Quoth the Rebel, “Gimme more.”

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