Single Mom’s Incest Pt. 01

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Sam and his mom’s new ‘better’ apartment, was nothing of the kind. It was in a seedy tower block, that had graffiti on most of the walls in the stairwells.

Most of the day and night, there were men dealing in drugs, on the stairs and in some of the hallways. But apartments of any kind were hard to come by, so Sam’s mom had no choice but to take it. Even though the rent was more than they could really afford.

After only three weeks living there, Sam and his mom were singled out as being different from the rest of the inhabitants. Mainly because they kept to themselves, and they dressed differently from the down trodden and poorly dressed neighbours.

Marie, Sam’s mom received many stares and ‘wolf whistles’ each time she made her way out of her apartment through the groups who were always gathered in the stairwells. Marie always steeled herself for these excursions out of the apartment.

Marie was an attractive 37 year old mother, and single parent, living with her 18 year old son Sam. She had lost her job with an insurance company, and was now desperately looking for a new position. Each day she went out to look for a position, but they were very hard to come by also, and so far had been unable to find one.

Returning to the apartment block, she had to run the gauntlet again of youths sitting and laying on the stairs. She had to hold her skirt tightly to her thighs, to stop them looking up her skirt. But she knew they must have had a glimpse.

She relaxed leaning against the inside of the front door, when at last she reached it. Sam came out to meet her from his room.

“Hi mom, have any luck today?”

“No, I am afraid not. There does not seem to be any work, anywhere.”

“Don’t worry, you will get a job soon.” “Do you want a coffee?”

“Yes please, that would be lovely.”

They sat in their lounge drinking their coffee. Sam was looking at his mom, as he always did these days. Watching her breasts rise and fall, stretching the fabric so deliciously, showing those wonderful curves.

His mom caught him looking at her and said, “Sam you should not look at your mother like that.”

“Like what mom?”

“Like you are undressing me with your eyes Sam.”

“Sorry, I just can’t help it.”

“You should, and you should find a girlfriend of your own Sam.” “You ought to go out more.” “I know at your age, you are getting more sexual ideas, but I am your mom Sam.”

“I said I was sorry, don’t go on so.”

Marie let it drop, although she was worried about this fascination he had for her. No not really her, but her body. It made her uneasy. She had caught him many times now looking at her in that way.

Sam said, “I am going to my room.” He got up and went out.

In his room he brought up the folder containing all the illicit photos of his mom, that he had captured when they were in their old apartment. When he looked at these photos, it always made him go hard. She had a great body. He told himself he must get the cameras set up again, to get more photos. He would do it the next time she went out. He also thought he had not had sex with her since coming to this apartment. He had been a little reluctant and not a little guilty for what he had done to her before. That was beginning to wear off now though.

He got out the two little bottles of the drug he had used on her and stared at them for a long time. Little did he know, that another dose of that drug, and she would not completely come out of it. He would have control of her at all times, not completely, but enough.

He would wait until Friday he mused, and see how he felt then. He loved his mom, but he loved her body too. He put the bottles back where his mom would not find them.

The following day whilst his mom was out, he again placed the cameras in the bathroom and his mom’s bedroom. After checking and adjusting them until he was satisfied.

Marie again had to run the gauntlet of the youths on the stairs. She got to her front door with cries of ‘ she has got blue knickers on today lads’. Marie went into her apartment a little embarrassed. She did have blue panties on.

Sam came out to meet her after hearing the shouting. “What is going on?” He said.

“It is those horrible boys again. They keep trying to look up my skirt. I have to step over them every night.”

Sam was angry with this. He went out the door and down the stairs. The boys were still there, and he began to shout at them, and warned them about their behaviour. On his way back up, he heard a load of abuse.

When they were eating their meal Sam’s mom said she had managed to get a part time position.

“Great,” said Sam. “What job is it?”

“It’s at the old sanatorium, cleaning and general work” “It’s not much, but I cannot be choosy.”

“That’s great mom, it’s a start anyway. You will find something better later on.”

Friday came and Sam was ready to fuck his mom again. He had argued with himself about doing so after last time, but his need over rode all of that. He had to have her, he had to feel himself inside her sert porno again. Anyway he thought, trying to solve his conscience. She dresses far too sexy for him to resist. Her body is fucking awesome, it wasn’t his fault.

So later in the evening whilst making coffee for them both, he slipped the drug into his moms cup. In fifteen minutes, she would be ready.

He watched her for the next fifteen minutes, she was reading. His eyes were fixed on her blouse, which stretched across those magnificent breasts. Her cleavage was well in evidence, and he felt he could see her nipples pointing through the fabric.

She looked up then and again caught him staring at her in a lascivious way. Sam waited for the rebuke he knew would come.

Instead she said, “Sam you are looking at me again like you want me to take off this blouse. It does not feel like I have it on anyway, under your gaze.” “Do you want me to take it off?”

Sam gulped at the unexpectedness of the question. Then his dry mouth croaked, “That would be great mom.”

His mom began undoing the buttons and drew the two sides apart. She pulled it out of her skirt and rested it behind her on her chair. Then she said, “Is that enough Sam, or do you want to see my legs as well?”

Sam just nodded, his mouth was very dry now, and his cock was rock hard.

His mom unzipped her skirt, lifted her ass and slid the skirt down her legs. Placing it on top of her blouse. “Is that better Sam?” “Can you see enough now?”

Then without pausing she got up and asked Sam if he wanted a coffee. She walked to the kitchen. Sam watched those long legs and his gaze went all the way up her body, covered only in a bra and panties. As she left the room his eyes rested on her beautiful ass, covered in just a thin gossamer fabric. His cock almost exploded. He could not believe what had just happened. He was supposed to be in charge, but so far she had taken the lead. That drug seemed to be working differently. He usually had to give her orders/instructions. He did not care, it was better than he could ever have dreamed of.

She came back with the coffees gave him his, then sat down crossing her legs one over the other, looking at him.

After a few moments she said something that shocked Sam. “Well Sam you have got me almost naked, I suppose you will want more, is that right?”

Sam was sat there at first with his mouth open. He then thought he had better say something, do something, before the spell, if it was a spell, wore off. He said, “Yes of course I do.”

“What have you in mind then Sam?”

“Well, for a start, you can take off your bra and panties.” He waited for the reaction to this command.

His mom put her coffee down, stood up and reached behind her back, unclasping her bra and drew it down her arms. Her breasts dropped a little, but stood out firm and proud. The large dark areolas and nipples completed large perfect breasts. After removing her panties, she sat down again and smiled across at Sam.

Sam looked back at her and said, “What size are those breasts mom?”

“They are 42C’s Sam. Do you like them?” “I think they are too big myself.”

“No they are not, they are gorgeous.” “Most men would think the same.”

“Well thank you Sam.”

Sam was thinking he had to move this along. His cock was aching, he needed to bury it in that gorgeous body. He got up and walked over to her, putting his hand out to help her up. She took it and stood up. Sam lead her to her bedroom and told her to lay on the bed. She did as she was told. Sam stripped off his clothes quickly, groaning when his jeans caught around his foot. He lay down beside her. Pulling her thigh and opening her legs, he quickly straddled her. Holding his swollen cock he maneuvered it to her slit and without preamble, thrust it deep inside her. Marie groaned at the harshness of the action.

In a soft voice, she said, “Sam you will have to learn to be more gentle, and rushing sex is a bad idea.”

Sam was amazed that she was actually talking to him whilst he was fucking her. Before she had just moaned, with no participation at all. He could not worry about that now, but he slowed his fervent attack on her, and stroked in and out of her more slowly, pulling his cock right out to her lips before plunging it back into her again. After a few minutes she began to groan which became louder as he again began to speed up. She was very wet now and her groaning increased. Then she put her arms around him and dug her nails into his back. This only made Sam drive into her harder still. He moved his head and sought out her mouth. He crushed his lips to hers, and she immediately responded, kissing him back with fever and passion. It was at this moment when her kissing him reached right down to his groin that he unloaded inside her.

He collapsed onto her soft breasts, panting with his exertions. As he was laying there, spent for the moment, his mom began caressing his body and kissing his neck. Sam had no idea what was going on, but he did not care, this was the best sex he had sex mex porno ever had. Much better than before.

They lay there on the bed not speaking for quite awhile, when his mom moved him off her onto the bed. She climbed off the bed and made her way to the bathroom.

When she came back to Sam’s wide eyed surprise, she crawled onto the bed and straddled his thighs, looking down at him. She put her hand on his now shrunken cock, and began to stroke it gently. Then using both hands she began to work his cock into full hardness again. Sam was looking up at her as she raised her ass and moved over his cock, she positioned his cock at her vagina lips and lowered herself slowly onto him. His cock slid inside her, much, much further than it had before. Then she began to raise her ass up and down, slowly and rhythmically. Her eyes were closed and little gasps emitted from her. Sam was quickly rushing to another climax. It was something for him to fuck his mom, but now his mom was fucking him.

He grabbed hold of her large swinging breasts and squeezed them tight in his ecstasy. He slowly pulled them down to his mouth as his mom began to raise and lower herself more fervently. He began biting her nipples, which were very hard. His mom gave out a small scream and moved faster. Her groaning became louder. She was rapidly coming to a climax, as was he. His mom gave out a loud scream now, her body shook and began trembling, just as he ejaculated inside her for the second time.

She was still trembling and Sam held onto her as her shuddering came to a stop. She collapsed on top of him, her long hair covering his face, as she rolled off onto the bed, panting hard. Her big breasts rising and falling, her body covered in sweat.

They lay there not moving for over a half hour. Then his mom got up and went to the bathroom again. Sam could hear the water running into the bath. He got up and dressed, before going to make some coffee. He was sat in the lounge wondering what had happened. His mom seemed like a different woman. He worried what she would say when she came back from her bath.

His mom came back into the lounge, wearing a gossamer full length nightdress. She sat down and sipped her coffee.

Then turning to Sam, she said, “Well did you enjoy that Sam?”

“Yes, yes I did.” “Did you mom?”

His mom looked at him for a moment, then said, “I don’t know what came over me Sam. I am your mother, and I know it was wrong, but I could not help myself.” “I cannot understand what happened to me.”

“Did you enjoy it though mom?”

In a quiet voice she said, “Yes I did, I have not had feelings like that for years.” “I did not know I missed it, but I must have.”

“I am glad you enjoyed it too mom.”

Soon after, his mom got up and saying goodnight to Sam, she went to bed.

Sam sat there for sometime wondering what had happened. He wondered what his mom would say in the morning, when everything would be stark in the light of day. Sam shrugged and went off to bed himself.

When Sam got up in the morning and went to the lounge. His mom was preparing breakfast as usual.

“Morning Sam, how did you sleep last night?”

“I slept like a log,” He said. “How did you sleep mom?”

“I went out like a light as soon as my head hit my pillow.”

Sam was wondering if she remembered anything about last night. Her next remark, dispelled all that.

“For an inexperienced young man Sam, you are very good in bed.” “I hope you do not think less of me for what I did. For what I allowed to happen.”

“Of course I don’t mom.” “I think you are terrific in all ways. I always will.”

His mom smiled at him, “I am glad to hear that Sam, I was worried you would think me a tart, or worse.”

“Don’t be silly mom, I took part as well, you did not have to coax me.” ” I wanted to do it. I have for a long time.”

She smiled at him again, and passed him his breakfast.

After breakfast, she was gone, off to her new job.

Sam was in seventh heaven. His mom had allowed him to fuck her, and she had remembered doing so. Things could not be better in his world.

For the next three weeks Sam fucked his mom almost on a nightly basis, he did not have to drug her now, which he could not understand, but did not worry him unduly. During these weeks he had learned that not only had she let him fuck her, but never said No to anything he wanted to do with her. She even let him bugger her, after a little protest. Now he wanted to do more. He would have to think up other things to do to, and with her.

One day he was rummaging in a cupboard when he came across a large cardboard he had found and forgotten in their old apartment. On opening the box he was overjoyed to see numerous and varied dildos. He had not explored all the contents before, so one by one he took them out and studied them. Some of them he thought, that is far too big to insert in a woman. Some were bent, others had bumps along their length, some had spikes. There was long and short ones, a couple with straps. Under the dildos stranded teens porno were vibrators, again dildo shaped, but others were butterfly shaped with two sets of attached straps, and wires coming from the butterfly. Below the vibrators were a stack of clothes. Pulling out the top garment, Sam whistled, that would not cover very much at all. He smiled to himself. Amongst the clothes was a large aerosol. He read the instructions, which in normal sex trade jargon said, ‘spray this on any cotton, lacy, or satin fabric and after between 30 minutes and 1 hour, watch the fabric slowly disintegrate’, this will take up to an hour to complete. Sam had ideas for this immediately. He shook the can, and it felt nearly full. He smiled again. Under the clothes was another great find, handcuffs, chains, whips, nipple clamps, and things he had not seen before. He would have to find out on the internet, what their uses were. He repacked the box and carried it into his room. He would have a lot of use for almost everything in it.

When Sam and his mom had finished their meal, and were sat in the lounge with their coffees, Sam said, “I found a large cardboard box in the cupboard mom, where did all that stuff come from?”

His mom was quiet for a moment, then said in an embarrassed voice, “It was my last boyfriend, he bought all those things years ago.”

“Did he, you, use them mom?”

“Yes he did, he liked to see me trussed up, and also enjoyed inflicting pain.”

“Did you enjoy it too mom?”

His mom was reluctant to answer, but quietly said, “Not at first, but later on I began to enjoy it.” “The pain in my private parts did add to our sexual pleasure, I suppose.”

Sam then said, “There was a butterfly shaped thing with straps attached, how did that work mom?”

His mom looked at him, but shook her head before saying, “I cannot think of what you describe Sam.”

Sam jumped up saying, “I will go and get it.”

He found the butterfly in the box, opened it, and found there were no batteries in it. He quickly inserted some. He came back with the butterfly and handed it to his mom.

She said, “Oh! I remember it now.”

She began to blush with memories Sam guessed.

Then he said, “Show me how it works mom.”

She looked at him in alarm. “No Sam, I can’t do that.”

“Yes you can mom, show me.”

His mom hesitated for a moment, but then she rose from her chair and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor.

Sam’s cock began to get hard, just at the sight of her nylon clad legs and garter belt.

She slid her panties down her legs and removed them. She picked up the butterfly, straightened the elasticated straps and resting the controller on the chair. She first stepped into the left strap, pulling it partly up her leg. Then she stepped into the right strap and awkwardly pulled the butterfly up her legs and thighs, nestling the butterfly between her legs and into her vagina lips, up against her clitoris. The cable to the controller was then attached to her thigh by another strap, Velcro this time. The butterfly was now ready.

Sam told her to turn on the controller. She did as she was told and it began to buzz and vibrate. Immediately the vibration against her clit began to have an effect. Within two minutes with her eyes closed she began to moan. Her body began to sway slightly. After another five minutes she was moaning more loudly, her legs were shaking and her breasts were rising and falling as her breathing became more rapid.

Sam broke into her ecstasy, telling her to take off her blouse and bra. With slow movements she complied until she was standing naked, with only the butterfly attached to her body. She was still moaning as she performed these tasks, her orgasm was building.

Sam left her there as he went to his room and came back with two nipple clamps, and a pair of handcuffs. The nipple clamps were much like ‘bull dog’ clips, and were very strong. Sam stood in front of her, she did not look at him as she still had her eyes closed. He went behind her and pulled her arms together and snapped the handcuffs closed onto her wrists. He then opened the nipple clamp between his finger and thumb. He placed it against her left nipple and slowly released his grip allowing the teeth to slowly close onto her nipple, biting into it. His mom gasped as Sam let go of the clamp and the strong spring carried on biting into her nipple. He quickly did the same with the right nipple. Again she gasped, but soon began moaning again as her orgasm grew even more. Her legs were trembling terribly now, and sweat was covering her naked body. Sam took hold of her upper arms and sat her back down in her chair. Closing her legs, so the butterfly would have most effect.

He went back to his own chair and watched her. After another ten minutes she was moaning very loudly and fluid was running out of her. Her climax was not far away now. Sam noticed her nipples had grown very large and were turning blue, as the clamps had now cut off the blood supply. Then her climax reached its peak and she screamed with pleasure. Her whole body was shaking, her breasts were rising and falling very fast, as her breath was coming in rapid intakes, and her vagina was soaking wet. Her orgasm went on and on. The butterfly keeping her body in an almost permanent state of heightened arousal.

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