Sister Act Ch. 02

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Sister Act, Part 2 Strap it on

I woke from a marvelous dream. There’d been someone licking my cunt and nibbling my clit.

I looked down and discovered that it hadn’t been a dream; there was a blond head bobbing up and down in my crotch. Sandy was kneeling at the foot of my bed, having spread my legs without waking me. She was eating my pussy, obviously enjoying it.

My ex sister-in-law is one hot woman. I wonder sometimes how she feels about my getting rid of Dave. As far as I can tell, she loves being with me, giving and receiving oral sex. That makes it two of us who love the same thing. Her brother is a shit and neither of us misses him. We don’t need a guy.

She looked up when she felt me move. “Hi, ” she said, “how are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling marvelous, sis! Keep eating me, hussy, until I come.”

She seemed happy to oblige, bending down again and making love to my clit with her tongue and lips.

Five minutes later my body went into spasm and I came, right into her face. She wiped my juices from her face, stood up and went to the john, to clean up. In the meantime, I set the table for breakfast, putting out orange juice, toast, and cereal.

Sandy looked at the breakfast spread when she returned and laughed. “I like that stuff for breakfast, but I’m sure none of it will taste as good as your cunt.”

“You’ll get more of my cunt later, but I want to go through a catalog with you first.”

“A catalog?”

“Yep, a sex toy catalog.”

“Cool! That ought to be fun.”

When we got to the dildo section in the catalog, Sandy remembered the discussion we’d once had about strap-ons, the fact that I’d used one on Dave.

“Hey, Beth, don’t you have one of those?”

“I have more than one.”

“Let me see, pretty please.”

I pulled the toy bag from beneath the bed and put its contents on her bed. She stared wide-eyed at stuff like cuffs, whips, and nipple clamps. Then I held up a harness and four dildos.

“What the hell is that?” she asked.

“My dear, this is a harness that goes around the waist. In the front of the harness is this round thing; it’s called an ‘O-ring’.”

“That’s a strap-on?”

“Only partly. These long latex dicks are dildos that fit into the O-ring of the harness. Of course you can use aksaray escort a dildo without a harness by grabbing it with your hand and using it any way you wish: on yourself or somebody else. But it takes a harness *and* a dildo to make a complete strap-on.”

“Oh, I see. You can change cocks! How clever. Tell me about them.”

“The blue one is one of my favorites; I call it ‘Blue Boy.’ It’s long and thick, the way I like my men hung.”

“Hmm, delicious. What about the others?”

“Here’s one I like a lot. It’s flesh-colored, with realistic veins, just like a real cock.”

“Does it have a name?”

“Samson, like the strong man.”

“The skinny one?”

“The long thin one is called the ‘Princess’ model. It’s perfect for anal sex. I’d like to use it on you, right into your rectum, past the sphincter muscles that tighten automatically around your asshole.”

“That sounds painful as hell.”

“I would never hurt you, Sandy. The trick is to perform penetration slowly at first, until you get used to the feeling.”

“I’m still not sure I’d like it.”

“Look, here are butt plugs in various sizes. I’ll put a small one into your ass tonight, when you’re ready for sleep. After a while you’ll be ready to get a good fucking in the ass, as we use bigger butt plugs. Believe me, it’s a unique sensation to get it up the ass. I think you’ll love it.”

“Do *you* like anal sex?”

“Yes, Sandy. But I also like to get fucked the usual way, with a big fat cock in my cunt. How about you?”

“Yeah, I like to get fucked that way.”

“Get on the bed, Sandy, on your back. Spread your legs for me, honey.”

“OK…now what?”

“Just watch what I’m doing.”

“You’re screwing ‘Blue Boy’ into the O-ring.”

“Yep, and now I’ll fasten the harness around my body, at the right height for the base of the strap-on to rub against my cunt. That way, when I fuck you, the little rubber pads at the base of the dildo push against my cunt. At the same time that you’re getting fucked by the latex cock, I’m getting fucked in return. Do you understand?”

“I understand that you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! A beautiful naked woman with a harness down low, around her body, and a big cock sticking out the front of the harness. Fuck me!”

I proceeded to push the strap-on into her cunt, slowly, alternating in and out, until it was real deep. She was completely filled with Blue Boy and breathing very hard. Increasing the pace, I humped her faster and faster.

“Holy shit, I’m going to explode!” I shouted. The rubber pads at the base of the dildo were bumping into my cunt as I fucked her with the strap-on.

Amazingly, we reached orgasm at the same time. It doesn’t always work that way, but I think Sandy and I are on a special wavelength of our own. We hugged and kissed; it had been the best sexual experience of my life, up to that point.

I say “up to that point” because something even hotter happened later that day. Sandy asked me to fit the strap-on around *her*, using “Samson” this time. She just wanted to see how it looked on her, she said, with a little smile.

It was a beautiful sight: Sandy’s blond hair and fair skin, with a flesh-colored cock sticking straight out in front.

“Look in the mirror,” I told Sandy. We stood side-by-side in front of the mirror: her lightness next to my redness.

Sandy laughed and said, “You’re a real redhead, Beth. I love the red hair around your cunt, as well as on top of your head. We make a stunning couple.”

“Do you think I ought to get a red dildo?” I asked, while smiling at our reflection in the mirror.

“Nope, any color is fine. What matters is how it feels. Get on the couch and spread out for me. I and Samson will take care of you. But first, kiss my cock. Use your tongue on the veins, bitch.”

“What did you say?”

“Kneel down. Make love to my cock with your tongue, and then suck me off.”

I couldn’t belive that she was becoming the aggressor but was thrilled to be the object of her passion. I knelt down and licked the length of the dildo, following the realistic veins. Then I put my mouth around it and sucked her off, as if she were a guy with a real dick. It didn’t matter that my lover was a woman rather than a guy, and that it was a dildo rather than a real cock. I was more aroused than any time I’d performed oral sex on Dave.

“That’s a great feeling, to be sucked off by a woman,” she said, staring down at me. “Now I know how guys feel. Well, not exactly, because I don’t have any nerve endings in the dildo, but maybe it’s mostly in the mind anyway, dominance over whoever is servicing you. Did you like being dominated, Beth?”

“Yes, I did, very much. I’ll suck you off any time you ask.”

She pushed me to the couch and proceeded to fuck me with the flesh-colored dildo. I figured that she deserved to get fucked in return and used Blue Boy on her, just holding him in my hand, without a harness. We ‘took care’ of each other the rest of that day, and well into the night.

I had to get up to pee after midnight. When I came back to the bedroom, I noticed Sandy had fallen asleep, on her side. She looked lovely and defenseless, like an innocent kid. I just wanted to hold her, and proceeded to do that. Slipping into bed quietly so as not to wake her, I lay down next to her, facing her naked back. I could hear her breathing and occasional sighs, as if she were having a nice dream. I put an arm around her and held her tight.

When my hand brushed her nipples, they responded by becoming hard and erect. It’s great to know Sandy responds to me, even when she’s sleeping!

I slept, holding her in my arms until morning. I’d been with my best friend and lover all night. Life can’t get much better than that.

She looked cute and sexy in the morning, with the strap-on still in place. I had a sudden urge to put Samson to good use.

I shook her shoulder. She looked up sleepily, “What’s happening?”

“Lie back, Sandy.”


“Just lie back, honey. You’ll enjoy what I’m about to do.”

It was a great sight, a beautiful naked blond with a flesh-colored dildo sticking up, to be used as I wished.

“Hold still,” I said, and straddled her with my knees. I was looking down at her face; she was excited and curious to find out what I was up to.

The first thing I did was lower myself onto Samson, very slowly. Then I moved up and down, picking up speed gradually. Sandy smiled as I fucked myself with her strap-on. Her hips responded to me, thrusting against my body. It was a duet of lust: a blond and a redhead fucking each other.

It was the best way to wake up that I’d ever experienced!

It’s time to get more dildos and another harness – looks like it’s going to be a long hot summer. Maybe we’ll get to the beach tomorrow. That’s another story.

* * * * * * * * *

Copyright 2003 by Krista . This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author.

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