Sister Love Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Shaving my Sister

I awoke the next morning to the sound of birds, and sunlight streaming through my windows. The first thing to enter my head was my sister, Tammy. I adjusted my eyes to the bright light, but she had gone sometime during the night. I laid back on my pillow and thought, “what am I going to do today?”

Things ran though my head that I could do today. But I quickly swept those ideas, and decided to do nothing, so I lay in my bed listening to the sounds of the birds singing. Soon it was 11am and decided to got out of bed, and do some sunbathing. I got out of bed, and I put on my bikini and went downstairs and made myself my morning cup of coffee. I walked down to the pool and set up my chair, laid down and closed my eyes, and began to worship the summer god that would kiss my skin with warmth and turn it that golden colour that we all strive for.

The sun was hot this day, and it was only moments before I could feel my skin begin to bake and little droplets of sweat begin to form. Occasionally there was a gentle breeze that would tickle my skin as it blew. I could feel the air and the heat of the sun all over my body and wished that I could be totally naked and then I thought why not? And the only person who was home in my neighbourhood during the day so I was safe.

I took off my bikini!

Once I was settled back into my lawn chair, the sun and the air completely drenching my entire body, As I lay there my entire body became so sensitive to the breeze that I realized my nipples were standing on end and I found myself wishing that Tammy was here to join me in this luscious moment!

I was so intent on my own mind wanderings that I didn’t hear anything else until a voice said “morning Claire”. I grabbed for the towel, which I know I had laid on the ground next to me.

She sat down in the chair next to me. We couldn’t keep our eyes off each other as we drank our coffees. The mid-morning sun was bright and warm, then to my astonishment, Tammy took off her robe and she was sitting in chair in all her glory. Tammy suddenly asked me, “Can you shave me Claire, I want my cunt to look like yours, all sexy and smooth?”

“I’ll like that very much sis,” I said as she covered her eyes from the bright sun. “Come on then” I said as I led her back inside and in the bathroom.

I told Tammy to get up on the counter that held the sink. I then had her sitting there with her legs wide open around the sink. I looked at her pubic hair and said,

“Wow, I guess we will need a scissors for this one,”

I left the bathroom and came back in with my cosmetic bag. I looked at her and started to laugh.

“What?” She said.

I said “You are sitting there with your legs wide apart, your hairy twat staring at me, and you are bangbross porno covering your boobs with your hands?” I had made a good point and I laughed with her and dropped her hands. I told her to relax.

As this was all going through my mind, I was cutting the hair away from her pubic area with the scissor. A few minutes later I put down the scissors and took out my razor. I turned on the water which ran between her legs. Taking a glass, filled it and poured it over the short hairs that were left above her mound. I took the soap and lathered my hands and then rubbed the soap into her hair. She told me “I can do that” and I told her to “relax.” I stayed on the hair above her pussy. I then started to shave her. She watched as her cunt was become bare. At this point my body was taking over and I was getting turned on. As much as I was trying to fight it I could feel my nipples hardening and my labia were starting to swell. Many a days I have masturbated in the tub by putting my pussy under the facet and running the water across my clit.

Every so often I would wipe the razor in the water and when half of her hair was gone I filled another cup of water and poured it down there. I felt the water run over my clit and between my labia and tried to think of something else, but it felt too good. I looked down at my own clit growing out of its hood. Damn it, I thought to myself.

I kept up the small talk and didn’t seem to notice, thank god. Before long I had finished the entire top area and it looked great. I asked her how she was doing, and if she liked it so far, and she did. Looking at it got me even more turned on. I smiled at her, and as I was cleaning the razor again, I saw her look at my nipple and linger there a moment or two. I hoped that I was imagining it, but wasn’t sure. I don’t have big boobs, but I have nipples and a clit that seem to get longer than normal when I am excited.

I didn’t say anything and started to lather my hands again. I hadn’t thought ahead, but there – along side her swollen labia, was more hair. I took my warm soapy fingers and slowly traced around her labia and soaped the hair. I was being careful not to touch her sex organs. She finally started to relax… well mentally anyway. The more relaxed she was about me trying something, the hornier I was getting. She looked down between her legs and was glad the soap and water were dripping off her and into the sink, because I knew, that she must been dripping as well and didn’t want me to see that.

As I finished one side, I poured more warm water on her and with the water running over her clit and through her labia, she almost moaned, but kept it in. I did the same thing on the other side and then used a couple of cups of water to clean off all the soap. My pussy bangbus porno was totally bald and her labia and clit were so swollen.

I looked at her and said, “Just one more thing and we are done in here.” I leaned forward like I was checking out my work, and then to her total surprise, I put my lips onto her clit and kissed it. I pulled away a little and then went in again and started to suck on it.

She told me, “no, please,” but I didn’t stop. She moaned “no” a few more times, but also heard her say “oh.”

She put her hand down on top of my head to pull me off her. As her hand touched my head, I released her clit from my sucking mouth, but my tongue ran along her labia as I kept my top lip on her clit, instead of pushing my head away, she was pulling me into her. It felt so fucking great, she was panting and moaning and soon nearing an orgasm.

It was so wrong, but it felt truly great. I knew that Tammy was nearing to her orgasm, so I pulled my head away. I looked at her, “This isn’t the place to finish this, come on”, and I helped her down off the counter. As I did we wound up in an embrace. I felt her warm supple body up against mine, her boobs pressing into my hard and throbbing nipples.

I looked into her face and leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. I could smell my sex on her. I opened my mouth and accepted her tongue. It felt so right, but my mind was reeling. I have always believed that sex and love was meant for a male and female, not same sex couples, or siblings. But I was enjoying this kiss and electrified feelings running through my body… how could something so bad feel so good?

I broke the kiss and took her hand and led her to my bed room. I gently laid her on her back, kissed her again, and then moved my mouth down her body. I was still standing on the side of the bed as I moved my mouth onto her nipples. When I started to suck them, Tammy let out a huge moan of relief and pleasure. She was now moaning constantly as I worked my mouth around her body. I was in this great place of sexual feeling before a climax and feeling great. I could feel drops of my sex running down the inside of my thighs, making them sticky, as I moved.

I told her to move over, and got onto the bed. Instead of putting her body down by the foot of the bed, she had her feet up by the top of the bed. As conflicting thoughts were going through my mind, her tongue was moving down my body, and I was brought back to reality when her tongue dove into my pussy. I squeaked loudly as the feeling was so great. I was building toward an unbelievable orgasm; Tammy seemed to know when I was about there and seemed to move or something to prevent me from getting there.

The build up was unbelievable, I arched my back to get more of her tongue inside me beurette tour porno and finally get off when she took her mouth away from me. She then shifted her body and put herself in a complete 69 position. Before I knew it her ankles had locked down my shoulders and her pussy was closer than 6 inches from my face. There above me was her new bald pussy. I could see that her labia were as engorged as mine had been during her shave. I felt her blowing on my pussy but not touching me.

Oh god! I thought is she waiting for me to do her, before she would do me? I could feel her breathing inches from my wanting hole. At that moment I looked up and a drip from her pussy was forming and a moment later it hit me right on the lip. I tasted it with my tongue, if I had been waiting for a sign or something! I think I just got it. I looked down my chest and saw Maggie was looking at me.

“Next move is yours, I am not going to force this one on you,” she said

I thought for about 5 seconds and then reached my neck up, extended my tongue and licked her cunt. She moved herself down more toward my face so I could lie my head back down. I licked her again and again. I expected to be rewarded but instead of Tammy licking me to climax, I was doing her instead. She started moaning and then yelling me encouragement “lick me, suck me, suck my clit, suck my lips, now the other one, oh yea baby do me.” She was starting to cum and I realized that I wasn’t even unhappy that she wasn’t doing me, I was enjoying this much and I felt great that I was about to make another girl cum. And I didn’t have to wait long, not to be rewarded with her eating me, but by having her cum in my mouth.

She leaned up on her two arms and said “I’ve got to watch you.”

She did this and a moment later my face was soaked with her cum, as I kept licking and sucking her clit. I couldn’t get enough of getting her off. As she started to come down from her climax she buried her face in my pussy and it took me about 2 minutes to reach the climax of my life as I was screaming and almost howling through my climax, I pushed my face back into Tammy’s pussy and brought her off again.

I finally took my face out of Tammy’s cunt and she out of mine.

She rolled off of me and the two of us sat up and kissed each other, during the kiss I started to laugh and so did her, our faces were so wet that we had a hard time keeping lip contact. Tammy then said “work with me here” she repositioned our bodies so that our legs were like two scissors in-between each other. She told me to move closer to her and a moment later our pussies were rubbing against each other.

She told me to give her my hands and the two of us started pulling into each other. Now I thought being eaten was hot… this was wild. Our two wet labia were grinding into each other and if we moved just right our clits made contact. Well a few minutes of this and we were both cumming again and again and again till we were exhausted. I let go of her hands fell back and fell asleep. I assume she did the same.

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