Size Matters Ch. 05

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** All teen characters appearing in this story are of legal age. **

Brenda did not like what saw staring back at her from the mirror. She was wearing a clear plastic mask over the upper half of her face to protect her broken nose. It was held to her head with a Velcro strap which she carefully pulled, loosening the protective covering letting it fall into her hands. The Latina glanced up at her reflection and the thick bandage covering her nose which made her feel like some sort of freak. Covering part of her face had some unintended effects leaving her olive skin noticeably oily with dark circles around her eyes. The arrogant teen was getting a life lesson that was straining her grasp on reality as she recalled her cousin’s ham fist smashing into her face followed by a flash of light from the impact. Conception was at work leaving her petulant daughter alone with her inner demons. Brenda hadn’t returned to school since being assaulted. Angie was no longer living in their modest home, having been ousted taking up residence in the home of Louis, her mother’s now former boyfriend. Her rebellious cousin had even started sleeping with him as well, taking up money her mother had promised would be used to repair her face, laughing and taunting her mother about the affair of convenience.

“FUCKING BITCH!!” Brenda flung the plastic mask at the mirror with all her might in a burst of rage and despair, bowing her head down on her makeup table, crying hard.

Heavy knocking at her front door interrupted Brenda’s internal torture as she quickly got up from the makeup table worried at the increasing cadence. It sounded like somebody was hitting the front door with a heavy object. The impact was so hard that she pulled a kitchen knife from the sink cautiously approaching the front door and peering out the living room window. A chopper was sitting at the bottom of the steps where it’d been parked. Brenda glanced over finding someone at the front door, a veritable man mountain leaning into the door. The top of his head was hidden under a huge beard and shock of bushy hair. She could see the mirror shades on his face and little more as he rapped at the door again making the heavy oak shake under the weight of his huge fist. Brenda sighed opening the door slowly with a scowl on her face.

“What do you want, Angel?”

“Happy to see you too, Brenda; where’s Concepcion?” He leaned down hunching over so that she could see his smiling face.

“At work.” She went to close the door in his face, but the large biker placed a palm flat on the screen door, stopping her.

“Where’s Angie?” Brenda’s face was somewhat obscured by the mesh of the screen door as her eyes narrowed.

“She ain’t here either.” Brenda replied coldly.

“How come you ain’t at school; you sick or something? Angie at school, or she playing fucking hooky again, probably like you, eh?” Angel removed his mirror shades, noticing the bandage on her nose.

“I don’t gotta tell you nothing; mom said don’t talk to no strangers!” Brenda shot back with undeniable attitude as he hooked the glasses into the neckline of his wifebeater.

“Oh, I’m a stranger huh; I known your skinny butt since before you was even born; look how you talking shit. We supposed to be family little princess, but you up on some fucking nonsense. So, tell me what’s going on and tell me where your cousin is-NOW.” Brenda knew he meant business, glad there was a locked door between them.

“Angie don’t live here no more; mom put her out.” The giant rolled his neck with an audible cracking sound, before addressing the teen once more.


“Angie went like, fucking crazy. She uhm, Angie suckered punched me and fucked up my nose, Angel. Then she was like gonna beat on my mom, too. Angie is probably on meth or something, she fucking crazy!! Bitch broke my nose so uhm; I gotta stay home and shit.” Brenda explained manically in her own warped manner, distorting the truth in her favor as he started laughing in the middle of the explanation


“That’s rich.” He continued his scoundrel’s laugh as she took exception.

“She BROKE my NOSE, Angel; why’s that funny, eh?”

“You said Angie sucker punched you, that’s what’s funny, princess. She don’t sucker punch nobody; Angie fights to lose, putting everything out in maximum effort. That’s what I taught her when they first brought her to me, Brenda. If she wouldn’t have been so savage, she’d still be with her grandmother.” He continued laughing, poking at Brenda’s ego.

“Thanks to you bringing her here, my life is pig shit.”

“What, excuse me little girl? You the reason your life is fucked; now stop being a little cunt and maybe your cousin won’t have to pop that balloon head of yours.”

“I’m gonna fuck her up; then let’s see if you laughing, Gordo!” The man mountain didn’t care about the insult she’d been calling him since both girls were knee high.

“Your funeral; only reason you ain’t in a box is because you girls are family and you know that, Brenda. Now why Yalova Escort don’t you tell me what you were fighting about, before Angie caved in your face?” He stroked his beard smiling at the petite teen behind the screen door.

“That’s-not important.” Brenda blurted out.

“Oh, it’s a boy.” He reasoned with a little giggle.


The huge biker was laughing through Brenda’s entire tortured explanation realizing that his charge had indeed been living up to her down low reputation as a force of nature.

“So, you had two guys, leading them around by the nose and she took them, eh Brenda?”

“Shut up, Angel.”

“Bloods thicker that water, nobody ever tell you that, princess? Besides, I’m not surprised Angie got your guys anyway.”

“Huh, What the fuck is that supposed to mean, eh?”

“Ah, maybe you should eat a little more princess; no real guy wants a stick.” Angel shrugged knowing he was burning the entitled teen’s ego.


Angel was tickled to death by the tirade, taking the time to glance around the surrounding neighborhood, before leaning into the screen door.

“Sorry princess, a dog can’t do nothing with a bone but bury it.”


“Your skinny ass funny as fuck, open up.”

“WHUUUT, WHAT YOU SAY; WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, ANGEL?!!” Brenda growled through gritted teeth at the man mountain grinning at her through the screen door.

“Stop playing, I gotta take a piss.”

“Use the fucking bushes.” Brenda slammed the door in his face, hard.

She backed away from the door breathing hard through her mouth in huffs clutching her hand to her chest. Even though she’d told him the what had happened, Angel made light of it, even mocking and shaming her for being petite. It stabbed at the core of her being once he’d made her fears manifest, even in jest. She was quickly distracted by more knocking at the door, lighter this time. Brenda slowly opened the door realizing who was standing on her doorstep.

“AAAEEEEEIII!!” The serrated hunting knife slashed a diagonal line in the mesh window of the screen door, scaring Brenda as Angel reached through, unlocking it.

“You, are so rude.” He had to dip his head just to step into the living room, before motioning towards the frightened girl with his favorite weapon. Brenda realized she was still holding the kitchen knife in a death grip, dropping it on the floor frightened.


“Save it, I’m taking a piss you stupid bitch.” He sheathed the knife in a holster at the small of his back walking into the bathroom. Brenda found herself following the invading giant.


“¡¡CÁLLATE!!” He dipped his head into the bathroom door frame lifting the toilet lid before he stepped inside unzipping.

“Excuse you, little girl.” Angel glanced over noticing that Brenda was standing in the open doorway as he relieved himself still smiling after verbally shredding her. There was something distinctly funny about the bandage covering her prominent nose.

“Excuse yourself; I want a fucking apology for all that bullshit you just said, Angel.” He was so tall, the top of his head was hidden by the door frame, but the petite Latina stood firm.

“WHAAAT, get the fuck outta here with that noise; CAN’T YOU SEE I’M FUCKING PISSING?!!”

“I don’t give a fuck; and I also don’t gotta be NO FATASS to please a man either!!”

“Ah, you still salty about that shit?”


“FUCK NO; ARE YOU KIDDING?!! Angel don’t apologize for nothing; especially to no little bony, FLAT ASS BRATS!! ¡¿Qué, quieres ver cómo se ve la polla de un hombre de verdad, pequeña?!”

He continued laughing in her face, making Brenda bristle. She was seething with rage, angry at how her life had been turned upside down by her cousin and now someone else had come along to mock her.

“Yeah, asshole.” Before he could stop her, his enormous cock was captured in her tiny fist. He suddenly stopped laughing looking down at the angry expression on the eighteen year old’s face.

“Hey now, watch yourself Brenda; we people, but don’t nobody fuck around with my dick!! I’ll put you through the fucking wall if you mess with my shit.”

Angel Yalova Escort Bayan was deadly serious, remembering several street fights he’d engaged in that ended with an ambulance after attempts to land a low blow had failed. Brenda leaned forward at the waist running her fingers over it, stroking his penis in a downward motion as she glanced up into the man mountain’s face.

“You’re gonna apologize, motherfucker.”

“No, I ain’t.”

“Alright shithead; I’ll make you apologize.”

Brenda stepped into the bathroom straddling his side, pressing the side of her head against his abdomen as she worked his huge member. It made her hand appear as small as a child’s even though she was at the cusp of adulthood.

“Hey, this fucked up on a whole other level, bitch.”

“You didn’t clean it, let me help you.” Brenda reached down flushing the toilet lowering the lid, planting her tight butt on the seat.

“You know, I used to get down with your mom, Brenda.”

“I know who my father is Angel; now, apologize or I’m gonna fix you up real good; you gonna get your big ass turned out by an eighteen year old, Gordo!” He laughed at her challenge finding it hilarious that this girl thought she could use sex on him.

“Help yourself, with your little ass, Brenda!!” She blinked at his open disdain, taking exception at the continued taunting.

A third of his girth disappeared behind her outstretched lips as her cheeks vacuumed inward while all ten of her fingers handled the rest. He reached down stopping short of grabbing her head like a baseball figuring she’d get tired in a little while. He’d always found her kind of annoying, a spoiled little princess who fate had laid low. Angie had retaliated in spectacular fashion to a perceived slight by ravaging all aspects of her entitled existence.

So devastating, Brenda was now extremely self-conscious to the max enough to take his huge thirteen inch monster between her lips. She’d always walked around like her shit didn’t stink, acting like a diva even refusing to speak at times when addressed. The flat of her tongue tickled his glans getting an involuntary flutter of his eyes that she immediately noticed. Her hands became a blur on the exposed portions of his cock as she broke the seal, gasping.

Angel was surprised when Brenda managed half his length for all of two minutes before couching and retching wiping her mouth with her forearm. She glanced angrily up at his face before taking the head in her mouth sucking hard on the crown. Her tongue tickled his urethra before she pushed herself further jerking and stroking away from her chest towards the base of his penis. Flushed, Brenda broke the seal looking up at his face again, breathing hard as her nose began to run.

“Apologize.” She gasped.

“Nuh-NO!!” Angel emphasized emphatically.

She returned taking little more than half of his enormous cock so deep that a visible impression was left in her throat. Brenda began coughing and hocking copies amounts of spit all over his cock rearing back jacking hard with a twisting motion making his member glisten and shine.

“Hey bitch, I get you, okay; look girlie, you’re way out of your league, honey.” He patronized her further by patting her on the head.

“If you can’t handle it; just man up and apologize!!” Brenda snapped snarkily more out of ego than bravado.

“Okay little bitch, you wanna ride with the big boys, huh bitch?” His hands were huge mitts cradling her head on both sides, shoving his huge prick into her mouth.

“GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!!” Half of his cock pumped into her mouth with authority for a few seconds before giving her a few seconds to cough and gasp.

“Hey, you like that Brenda, huh baby bitch?!!”

“I LOVE IT, FUCK FACE!!” She replied defiantly.

“GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!!” Angel added some additional thrusts before asking again.


“You gone get off this stupid apology shit, huh?” Brenda forced a smile nodding her head in the negative, coughing up a bit a phlegm which she spit on his weathered jeans. Angel found himself nodding his head in time with the petulant girl.

“GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!!” He bucked his hips, working his cock deep into her throat watching the indentation in her throat appear and disappear.

He drew back as Brenda coughed up a deluge of spittle soiling the extra-large football jersey she was wearing. His thick cock was almost like a small club which he used to tap on her cheek, smearing his spunk across her lips before pushing back between her lips. Brenda vacuumed her cheeks sucking as hard as she could on the upper portion of his member. Her right hand tugged and stroked on the uncovered portions of his member with purpose. Her other hand drifted down between her legs, fingers caressing her clit through the material of her loose fitting boy shorts. Angel couldn’t deny that the petite, Latina’s efforts weren’t Escort Yalova having an effect on him as his thighs pulsed.

Copious webs of thick, gooey saliva ran from her lips as forth bubble up around the seal on his member. Angel was fucking her mouth at this point barely controlling himself using a hand pressed flat on the wall above her head to steady himself. Brenda fingers slipped into her loose fitting boy shorts directly working her clit arching her back in reaction to the intense stimulation. She didn’t care when he grabbed the sides of her head rutting her mouth like a madman. Her nipples were so hard they almost burst as her thighs quivered and shook.

“GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!!” He was amazed at how she adapted to his girth knowing that hadn’t been the case with most girls he had sex with, including Brenda’s own mother. He pulled back out of guilt and something akin to remorse, but she held on fast wildly tugging and twisting on his uncircumcised cock as it became beet reddish in color.

“Why you stop, Angel; you gonna cum or something, eh motherfucker?” Brenda taunted, using both hands in a counter motion.

“You should stop talking shit, girl.”

He was drenched in sweat as his t-shirt stuck to his back. Brenda began tapping his cock on her right cheek, flicking her tongue on the crown. She started teasing the underside of his glans before kissing the head. She quickly took half of him deep, attempting to push further towards his pubes, ultimately failing. Brenda decided to make up for the failure by taking one of his huge balls in her mouth. His legs went a little rubbery as she alternated between his testes slathering them with her spit.

“GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!!” Angel took her mouth again fucking hard, abruptly stopping himself.

“Hairy ass, Bigfoot motherfucker gonna cum from a skinny little girl, can’t take no blow job, acting like a scared old virgin and shit.” Brenda coughed hard, belching up a deluge of gooey slime with four fingers buried in her cunt up to the knuckles. Angel took exception at the girlish taunting shoving his cock down her throat.

“GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!!” He pulled back, but Brenda followed his movements keeping the seal unbroken, sucking as hard as she could manage. He pushed back on her head getting her to release him with an audible pop of her lips.

“What’s the matter Angel, huh? Come on man; bust a nut for my bony little ass, fucker. I know it’s like your first time and everything; it won’t hurt at all, Gordo. Come on motherfucker; bust a big ass nut for my itty bitty ass!! Hey, check out these titties, bitch!” Brenda flashed him raising the football jersey revealing her perky, spongy looking breasts for a millisecond.

She was beyond wet at this point, finding some power in teasing and taunting the man mountain who’d invaded her home to insult her. Her confidence was building as she handled his cock with both hands locking fingers around its base while the other hand became a blur of slick, slippery motion.

“SHHUBBB-UPPP!!” His speech was slurred making the petulant teen laugh aloud at her perceived gain. Brenda took half of his length in her mouth, jacking violently on the rest forcing copious veins to its tortured surface. She broke contact still twisting and sliding her fist around his member.

“SHHUBBB-UPPP, ah shit, little ass Angel’s gonna cum; yeah this big back, hairy stanking ass bitch is gonna cum from getting his baby dick sucked; yeah, gonna get some nut out of this shrimpy dick!!” Brenda punctuated her loud taunts which audibly intermingled with his labored gasp, by throating him further than she had before.

“AAAUUBBBB, YOU BUHHHH, BUBBBB BUH, YOU LIT BITCH!! AAWWWW, UHHH BUBB, SHIT YOU SKINNY-HUH BLUHHH!!” Her face was completely flushed, Brenda felt as if she were choking to death on his cock, but she was determined to make him cum to prove her own desirability to herself if nothing else.

“AAAAHHH-AHHHHH-SHUT DA FUCK UP!! Come on Angel, bust a nut for me; squirt some cum out of your baby dick for my flat, bony little ass, motherfucka!!”

“GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!! GAK!!” There was no denying how close he was as the massive biker let go of everything wildly fucking the pretty teen’s face like a surrogate vagina.

Brenda flopped around on the toilet seat trying to brace herself going into survival mode, groping and pinching his hanging balls with all of her might. He grunted and yelped but kept fucking away as his eyes began to roll up into his head. Her vision started to blur as she began to lose consciousness at the end of his thirteen inch monster.

“FUH, FUH-AAAAAWWWWW FUUUKK GIRL!!” A thick rope of cum shot straight down into her gullet as he pushed roughly back on her forehead disengaging as his enormous cock started soiling her face with several bursts of thick, oily cum.

In seconds, the spoiled teen’s face became a milky mask of semen along with her neck and the upper portion of her football jersey. Something about the nasty, almost taboo nature of it all set it off for Brenda as she twisted around on the toilet seat bringing herself to completion while Angel supported his weight with both palms pressed flat into the wall high above her head, breathing hard.

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