Slippery Sisters Fuck

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This is my first story – go easy on me 😉


It was a nice warm day in Sydney, the sun was shining through the windows and dappling morning light onto Amber’s beautiful smooth skin when she woke.

Amber was a beautiful 20 year old woman with gorgeous olive skin, fit but with a bit of meat on her bones – enough that she had nice bouncy tits and a big round ass. She had wavy brown hair that never looked too neat, just fell over her chest and looked totally natural. A truly stunning woman.

So when her sister Amy walked in that morning to see Amber’s nude body splayed out over the bedsheets, mostly uncovered, covered in warm morning sun, she was not in a rush to complain.

Amy was paler than Amber, 19 years old, and her breasts were round and perky, but not quite as big. And like Amber, she had a beautiful big ass.

After walking in and seeing Amber like that, Amy walked over to the bed, sat down and placed her had on Amber’s shoulder.

“Wake up, sleepy! It’s 7.30 – We promised ourselves we would be up by 7 to go for a run.”

Amber’s eyes fluttered open. They had made plans the night before to get up early to start a new fitness regime.

“Ugh.” Amber grunted, “This already sucks, maybe we should start on Monday”.

“That might not be such a bad idea”, Amy said, realising just how comfortable and spongy Amber’s bed was. “This bed is so comfortable, I am not surprised you had trouble waking up”.

Amber gave Amy a sleepy smile and closed her eyes again, content in her decision to stay in bed. “What are our plans for later on today?” She asked.

“I don’t know yet,” Amy said, “Mum thought we were going to be out exercising so she made plans with grandma, she’s on her way over there now, so she won’t be home until about 8pm”.

“So we’re home alone?” Amber asked.

Amy nodded, and they both sat silently for a few minutes.

Amber quietly shifted in her bed, thinking about what she would spend her day doing. When she was home alone, she liked to read stories about lesbian sex on the internet and hump her pillow. She would often build up until she was about to cum, then stop. Then build up again, and stop. This would make her so wet that the pillow would often get soaked and sticky with her pussy juice, which made it feel even better. Amber felt dirty thinking about girls this way, but she couldn’t help her urges and decided that it was fine as long as she didn’t tell anyone.

“What are you planning on doing all day?” She asked Amy.

Amy shrugged, “Probably just hang out in my room.”

After another few minutes of silence, Amy pulled herself up off the bed and strutted off to her bedroom.

Amber waited a few minutes to make sure Amy was well and truly gone. She grabbed her laptop from her desk, opened it up and typed “lesbian licking story” into Google. Scrolling through the various results, she clicked on a link called “Sloppy sisters eating wet pussy” and started reading.

Amber knew that incest was wrong, but this story was making her sticky between her thighs. The idea of these 2 sexy sisters flicking each other’s little clits with their juicy little tongues was too much to handle.

She grabbed her pillow, folded it in muğla escort half and mounted it. She started grinding her wet pussy against the pillow and could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She humped her pillow sensuously, grinding with long, slow movements, feeling the fabric tickle her clit and feeling her juices run down between her lips and onto the pillow. She was in heaven.

She was enjoying the movements and edging herself up to orgasm again and again, so much so that she lost track of time. She was completely lost in the experience of sexual need.


Meanwhile, Amy was laying in her bed trying to pass time. She was wondering what she might do for a full day – She didn’t have her own car yet, and she had given up on her plans to spend time exercising. She found her mind wandering to the view from this morning – walking into Amber’s bedroom and seeing her beautiful, smooth body lying in the sunlight, loosely draped in sheets and her big soft tits on display. She was beautiful. Amy couldn’t help but think about how beautiful she was. She thought about how warm her skin must be, and how she wished she had the same tanned skin and big tits. She thought about how she looked so stunning laying there like a reclining nude in a renaissance painting. Then her thoughts started to get a little wilder. Amy wondered what Amber’s pussy looked like, and wondered what she looked like when she was touching herself. Amy, too, knew that these thoughts were wrong, but she suddenly felt so dripping wet between her lips that she couldn’t help but keep thinking dirty thoughts. She started wondering what Amber sounded like when she was cumming, and imagining what her clit would taste like.

Unable to get her mind off her unbelievably sexy sister, Amy stripped off all of her clothing and crept up the hallway towards Amber’s room, hoping she would have fallen asleep naked again, so that Amy could take a peek at her glowing body wrapped in sheets.

As she approached, Amy heard a gentle moan, and her heart began pounding.

She quietly pushed Amber’s door open enough to see what was happening inside.

Amy saw Amber straddling her pillow, her eyes closed, making a face of pure ecstasy and grinding her pussy into her pillow with the most reckless abandon. Amy immediately felt her juices trickle down her leg, and her clit began throbbing uncontrollably. She wanted to service herself right then and there – she had never been so turned on in her life.

For several minutes, Amy stared as her horny sister brought herself to almost-orgasm again and again. Eventually, Amy couldn’t hold back anymore – she knelt on the ground, pushed the door open a little more, and started teasing her clit with her soft little fingertips. The pleasure was so intense she was leaving a wet patch on the floor beneath her. She touched and teased until she, too, let out a little whimper. Immediately, Amber stopped grinding her pillow and whipped her head around to see Amy kneeling in the doorway with her hands on her sloppy little pussy.

“Amy?! What the fuck are you doing?!” Amber exclaimed.

Amy stumbled to her feet, her legs shaking from the pleasure. “What the fuck are YOU doing?”

They both stood staring at each other, breathing heavily for a short while. Eventually, Amy walked over and sat on Amber’s bed again, covering herself with the sheet. “I was just…” Amy began. She looked across to the other side of the bed and caught sight of the story Amber had been reading. Wide-eyed, she exclaimed “Sloppy sisters eating wet pussy”?!

Amber felt embarrassed and shut the laptop immediately. “It’s not something I usually like but this story was really sexy… Don’t tell mum.”

Amy blushed.

Amber realised that Amy would not dare tell on her for reading about incestuous lesbians, because Amy had been knelt down in the hallway, masturbating over her own sister.

“I won’t tell if you don’t tell”, Amy said, smiling a wicked smile.

Amber giggled and blushed, falling back onto her own bed.

Amy lay down beside Amber and for a moment, they both said nothing. But soon enough, the air started to thicken with sexual tension. They could both smell each others’ wetness, and both had been forced to stop what they had been doing before reaching hot, sweet orgasm.

Amy rolled over and placed her hand on Amber’s chest, locking eyes with her for a moment before bowing her head down and taking one of Amber’s sweet, puffy nipples into her mouth. Amber moaned and watched her lustful little sister getting her nipple nice and wet with her hot, sticky saliva. The excitement between them spiked immediately, both of them wriggling around in pleasure.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Amber moaned, staring down at her sister drooling all over her erect nipples.

“Of course I do,” Amy said “I have been thinking about making you cum all morning”.

Amy knelt up, positioning herself over Amber’s perfect body. She leant down and massaged her big bouncy tits, making Amber let out a whimper of pleasure. Amy’s fingers traced around Amber’s nice big nipples, occasionally flicking over them and giving Amber a big jolt of pleasure.

Amber felt as though she could have cum right then and there – she didn’t think she would be spending the day getting her tits massaged by her temptress of a little sister, and she certainly didn’t expect that anything could feel this good.

Amy positioned herself down lower, placing sloppy kisses all up and down Amber’s steaming hot torso, leaving lipstick marks on her lower stomach and the space between her tits. By this stage, Amber’s hips were bucking up towards Amy, and her pussy was so wet it had dripped all over her thighs, ass and legs. Amy, too, was slippery between her thighs, every movement making her big, swollen clit squish against her pussy lips and excite her even more.

Amy moved further down Amber’s body and was excited to finally find out what her juicy pussy tasted like.

“Are you ready, Amber?” she asked, smiling at her sister with raging lust in her eyes.

“Yes,” Amber whimpered, “I’ve been on the edge for hours now, I need you to make me cum”.

Hearing her sister say those words drove Amy wild, and she immediately buried her sweet little face into her sister’s steamy, sloppy cunt. Amber squealed, finally feeling another person touching her wet little pussy. Amy flattened her tongue and ran it up and down Amber’s dripping slit, and flicked her clit with her tongue, making Amber jolt with pleasure each time.

Amy couldn’t believe how responsive Amber’s body was to her every touch. Amber’s legs switched between opening wide and letting her juices run out all over the bed, and locking closed around Amy’s pretty little head.

As Amy licked, sucked, spat, drooled and kissed her way around her alluring sister’s hot little cunt, she felt her own pussy leaking all over the sheets. She had the sticky honey from her own pussy running down her legs, and her succulent little clit was absolutely pounding – she needed to cum so desperately or else she might go insane.

“I want to make you squeal.” Amy yelled in a shrill voice as she knelt up. Her face was dripping with her sister’s syrupy pussy nectar, and she leant forward and placed a big sloppy kiss on her sister’s wanting mouth.

“What are you going to do?” Amber asked.

“I’m going to pleasure us both at the same time”, Said Amy in a whining, moaning voice, “I can’t hold off for another second”.

Amy shifted forward, pushed Amber’s legs apart nice and wide, and started grinding their steamy little cunts together. Amber and Amy both let out long, interrupted moans. Both girls’ clits were so stiff and swollen that they were flicking against one another, sending shivers throughout each other’s bodies and sending them into a haze of indulgence. Their sticky juices mixed together, and both of their pussies were so unbelievably wet and slippery that their fucking made audible squishing sounds as they slammed their dripping little mounds together. The girls rubbed their cunts against one another in long, sliding motions, as well as little bursts of bashing clit against clit. The sex in the air was palpable – both girls were moaning and sobbing in pleasure and frustration, and soon enough, Amber began tightening all of her muscles. Her eyes clamped shut and her mouth formed an ‘O’ shape. “I’m going to cum soon, Amy. Make me cum on your clit, make me squeal!”

The look of Amber’s face full of need and animalistic desire, as well as her breathtaking dirty talk, was enough to bring Amy into the same state.

Amy leant over, still grinding against Amber’s warm, velvety slit. She licked Amber’s neck and moaned “Amber, I want you to rub that sweet, sticky, hot little pearl against my slippery little kitty! Slide that little clit against my cunt, get that hot, sugary cream all over me. Cum on my juicy little kitty!”

Amy’s words drove Amber wild, and her hips started bucking up and down, slamming even harder into Amy’s slit. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Amber squealed. Seeing her unbelievably sexy sister orgasm pushed Amy over the edge too – “Oh my god! Ahhhh! Oh my god baby, you’re making me squirt!” Amy screamed, honey gushing from both girls’ pussies and all over each other and the bed. As their orgasms slowly mellowed down, they continued to gently stroke their sloppy pussies together, juices gushing all over their legs and cunts. Both girls were panting and letting out helpless whimpering sounds. Amy eventually collapsed, landing her head between Amber’s big tits, and onto her heaving chest.

Amy giggled. “I think we both agree not to tell mum about that…”

Amber laughed, and they lay together still dripping wet and quivering before falling into a deep, satisfied sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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