Slips Of The Tongue Ch. 04

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The Color Of Truth

When Domenique Louisa Esposito was a little girl, her real name was Domenica and her pops used to leave her at his strip club when he needed a baby sitter. Pops and Momma Esposito, A K A Tony and Lala, in spite of running a clean, reputable business, lost favor with the families in their Italian and Polish neighborhood once they found out about the place. So the Esposito’s sitter options were limited to Tony’s most immediate circle: his dancers, the girls whose shift coincided with the times Tony had to attend to Lala’s medical needs.

Mrs. Esposito’s Multiple Sclerosis had been manageable for years. But, after her flare up in the winter of 94, she’d began to require nearly constant care. Tony could have afforded more help, but he chose to do most of it alone. Domenica, Sunday in Italian, the day she was born, had done her best to help, feeding her mother pureed chicken, until Lala started staring at her daughter like she was some freakish little creature. One afternoon, the last afternoon, Lala, chicken dribbling from her lips, had found enough strength to take the bowl of chicken slop and drive it into Domenica’s stricken face. After that, Domenica told her Pops that she never wanted to be in that house alone with that lady because that lady wasn’t Momma. That lady was a real ghost that was haunting the house in Momma’s body.

So, Domenica came more and more to be under the care and watchful eyes of Tony’s girls. Not just any of the girls, but the one’s like Heather, that had been with him since he’d first opened the place, a two thousand square foot store front between a supermarket and a sub shop in a strip mall just off the Saltonstall Turnpike. There was May, Roberta, Viv, Star Light (nice enough, but wouldn’t give anyone her real name) Britney, Natasha and Heather. Heather was the nicest, the prettiest, the toughest, the funniest, who liked to take Saturday afternoon shifts with her, and knew how to draw horses really well.

“So your pops dropped you off early today.” Said Heather as she colored in the page of Strawberry Shortcake coloring book Domenica ripped out for her.

“Yup.” Said Domenica, “Carefully filling in Blueberry’s skirt, “The lady had to go for a doctor’s appointment.”

Heather paused and looked across the table to search her seven year old charge’s eyes. The table where they sat was in the far corner of the shared dressing room, in view of the first bank of lockers. To the left was a wall upon which hung the shift schedule and booth assignment board. Beyond that was the building’s rear exit. To the right was the narrow hallway that led to the stage, bar, tables and show booths. It was the afternoon shift. There were only three dancers for the lunch crowd, and the music wasn’t as loud as it could be for the night shift. Still, strains of Kix, Poison, Warrant and Def Leppard could be heard coming from down the hallway.

“That lady,” said Heather, “is your mom. You understand that, right?”

“I understand that lady took my mom.” Domenica answered, peering up from her coloring book, a shining look of certainty in her big brown eyes, “And if you don’t eat and drink the right stuff, in stead of all those candy bars and diet cokes, you might become one of those ladies.”

“You’re right,” sighed Heather, “I’ll start tomorrow.”

“You said that two days ago.”

“Oh. So I did.”

A click of high heels turned their attention toward the hallways’s opening. It was Shelley, one of the latest hires, naked but for her heels, heading to her locker. Domenica was suddenly riveted, her mouth agape. Heather, incensed, was also riveted as she watched the nude woman withdraw a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from her purse, close the locker, and then stroll up to the schedule board. The protocol Heather and Tony established was that when Domenica was present, the dancers were to robe up as soon as they got off the stage. They’d made it easy; installing a long wall mounted strip of hooks just off the stage’s exit, from which they were to hang their robes for when they were going on their breaks.

“Uh, hello!” exclaimed Heather, “Go back down that hallway and get your robe on.”

Domenica continued to stare, paying particular attention to Shelley’s fastidiously trimmed black haired pussy.

“Relax.” She sang, “I was checking the booth schedule-“

“Get your robe on I said.” Heather insisted.

“Fuck you, okay?” said Shelley, looking away.

It was one thing, to Heather, for one to not acknowledge one’s mistake. It was entirely another to be a rude, arrogant bitch about it. So Shelley left Heather no choice but to unsheathe her throwing knife from her boot scabbard, aim the six inch blade and throw it. It took Heather the span of two seconds to make the single motion and hit her mark, and then another eight for Shelley to realize that a sharp knife had in deed flown past her, lodged in the cork bulletin board before her and left a trickle of blood to start flowing from across Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan the bridge of her nose.

“And I suggest you watch your mouth too.” Said Heather, her words measured, her tone flat, “Dom? Why don’t you go to the bathroom?”

“I don’t have to go.”

“Please go to the bathroom.”

She did; crossing the room, locking the door behind her. With her ear to the door, Domenica didn’t hear much, not at first. It started to sound as if Shelley was crying. She wondered if Heather was going to fire her. Still, Domenica listened. There came more voices from down the hall to the stage. The voices got louder. The Def Leppard song was stopped short. Then there were more voices, the other dancers, lockers opening or closing, the rear exit creaking open and slamming back shut. Suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door. Domenica jumped back.

“Domenica?” said a woman, a voice she didn’t know, “Domenica, I’m Mrs. Corber. I’m from the Department of Children and Family services. It’s really important that I talk to you. Please open the door. Honey?”

“Honey? Nique?”

“Hmm?” Huh? “

“You’re not twitching.” Gwen said from between Domenique’s open legs; the slick on her cheeks shining from the light of the full moon beyond the bedroom window, “Your clit’s not even hard. What’s wrong?”

The memories had been intense enough to lure her away from devoting her full concentration to Gwen’s trying to help her get to sleep. Looking at her now, Domenique watched as Gwen lay her head upon her thigh, dressing it in a cascade of black hair. Her eyes caressed the distance from the lobes of her lover’s ass and her long smooth legs and to the moon light dappled cushion pads of the bottoms of her feet beyond.

“I’m sorry.” Domenique softly spoke, “How about I do you. That’ll get me going.” Okay, but I want to try something new.”

“Like what??” asked Domenique, stroking Gwen’s hair.

Gwen tilted her head upward, her smiling eyes catching the moon light again.

“Go wash your hands so you can fist me.”

Domenique returned to find that Gwen had laid herself supine, her silver bullet and the tube of lube by her side, her legs open. She’d never fisted Gwen before, so was a bit uneasy as she crawled between her lover’s legs. Domenique grabbed the lube, flipped the cap, and then very liberally painted her entire right hand until past the wrist. After capping the lube and tossing back, Domenique carefully worked her pointer and middle fingers into Gwen’s pink temple. Once inside, she began to twist her fingers, spreading the lube inside Gwen’s sugar walls; pausing to give her G spot a little love. Seconds later, Domenique brought her ring and pinky fingers into play and slowly eased the quartet in until her middle finger rang the doorbell of Gwen’s cervix. Gwen’s answer was to reach for her bullet, turn it on low, and then proceed to stimulate her clit. Domenique then withdrew her fingers and turned her hand just enough so that her upward facing thumb went under the arch of Gwen’s introitus. In measured gestures, Domenique worked her hand deeper. Gwen, her bullet’s speed still on low, began to simmer in her own natural juices, bucking slightly in rhythm to her lover’s thrusting open hand. Domenique let three more thrusts pass before she tried to make the fist. 1, 2, 3, she turned and tried to close her hand, until she saw the look of pain on Gwen’s face.

“Wait.” She breathed.

Domenique waited. Gwen resumed her slow fuck of the curled fingers of Domenique’s hand; her pussy swallowing it to the very wrist.

“Turn it some more.” Gwen whispered as she slightly increased the speed of her bullet, “That’s it; again, yeah, again, oh Nique, I love you, I love you baby, one more, yes… Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmm. Now try it.”

She did, slowly curling her fingers the rest of the way until she heard a sound like cheesecake being forked apart from within the depth of Gwen’s holy hole. In that instant, Gwen jerked and winced. Domenique stopped; trying to tighten her fist so that it might somehow shrink to a more comfortable size.

“Open it,” said Gwen, “Slow. Good. Close it again. Open it again. Okay. Yes, yesssssssssss. Now, easy, turn it slow, again, more. Oh fuck! Yes Nique! Yes my baby; just like that, just like that. Oh I love it. I fucking love it.”

With a sudden rush of bucking excitement, Gwen came. As the wave subsided, Domenique began to slowly withdraw her sopping hand, turning it as she did, and sending Gwen into another rapture of orgasm. Finally, her chest still heaving, Gwen shut off her bullet and laid it aside. Domenique, her eyes on Gwen’s peaceful expression, slowly extruded her fist the rest of the way, and then began to lather her lover’s pussy hair with the slick paint of her fingers. Domenique would let Gwen enjoy her after glow as she wiped away the mess of their dirty love, and then asked to be kindly fist fucked in return.

After another hour of sex, twenty or so minutes of pillow Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan talk and more than a few hours of deep sleep, noon found the lovers lazing about Domenique’s living room. Still naked, Gwen sat propped against a wall of pillows, reading the paper while Domenique lay between her open legs; her pubic hair trimming tools before her as she artfully shaped her lover’s Venus mount into something iconic. After their tryst with Tina, Gwen proposed that one or the other should try the totally shaved look, but, Domenique vigorously protested. It was just a little too close to kiddy for her comfort. Still, Gwen was seeking some kind of compromise, so when Domenique came up with the option to have her pussy’s hair custom sculpted, like those shrub statues of Mickey and the gang on the drive into Disney World, a deal was struck. Of course, Gwen’s shrub was of the low laying variety, but Domenique would use the high contrast between her lover’s pale pubic skin and black hair for maximum affect.

As Domenique worked her scissors, Gwen found their horoscopes and read them to herself.

Aquarius: It’s a 7 out of 10 day. Building a romantic palace with a strong foundation of love is easy now. Invest time in planting a community garden rather than building a mote. Your compatible sign for today is Libra.

Libra: It’s an 8 out of 10 day. Plan your next escape, destination, companion and event. Being productive pays, and so does researching the perfect deal. Mix business with pleasure. Your compatible sign for today is Aquarius.

“Hey, our horoscopes say we’re compatible today!” announced Gwen.

“Again?” said Domenique as she combed and clipped, “We’re defying the odds baby. The Goddesses are smiling down on us.”

“I guess.” Gwen Laughed.

“And what does our day look like, according to The Elm City Chronicle?”

“Oh it just says that since you are the woman for me and I am the woman for you, we can go ahead and invite Tina back for more frisky fun or; we can continue our search for our elusive third rose.”

Domenique sighed. Gwen peered under her paper to assess her expression.

“I gather you want to fist some fruit deep inside our little friend?” Domenique intoned as she reached for a razor, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“And why should I be that if you aren’t; Ms. Let’s take pictures of Tina eating food out of our assholes.”

“Because at least one of us should have some moral fiber. Oh, and, you gotta admit; That was fun as Hell.”

Gwen laughed again as she set The Chronicle aside and picked up The Advisor: a free local high lights and hot spots rag with a lot of personal adds. She knew neither of them could deny that they’d had a fantastic time fucking Tina; and though she wasn’t their secret admirer or their third rose, that was no reason to stop seeing her. So, once Domenique came up with a list of items she believed Tina would have a Hell of a time identifying with her uncannily sensitive snatch, Gwen would call her back for another round of “Guess what’s in your pussy.”

Yet, the question remained. Were the three white roses, now three beautiful desiccated husks ornamenting Domenique’s kitchen, a harmless gift or some dark portents. Had the trio of white American Beauties been left on Domenique’s door step as a genuine overture from a hungry heart, a random orphaned bouquet left by some sorry soul that had the wrong address or were they the taunt of some crazed maniac? The couple hadn’t discussed the mystery much of late. Their lives, together or apart, were busy and entertaining enough. They’d adopted Tina, who’d developed a stray cat like coming and going; lingering long enough to lap up a little milk and snuggle between them for a night. It was obvious that Tina was no threat, physically or emotionally, but she didn’t solve the mystery either.

As Domenique worked her razors and shears, Gwen scanned through the pages and happened upon the personals section, and then, for giggles, proceeded to browse. SWM seeks SWF for strict sex. SBF seeks SWM for friendly fun. SWF seeks SWF who likes kids. SWR seeks SWR and SWR for a tag team three sisters match up.

“Holy shit.” Gwen uttered.

“What? Asked Gwen, looking up.

Gwen read the add aloud. Their eyes met. Gwen’s face betrayed nothing but amused astonishment while Domenique’s face betrayed nothing. Domenique went back to work. Gwen’s brow furrowed as she read the add again to herself. Three sisters, she thought, wasn’t that what the Native Americans called it when they planted corn, beans and squash together? Roses are white; now here’s a clue. Dare that we meet, your one to our two. Gwen noticed the code number associated with the add, folded the Advisor so that the personals page was in front, and then set it aside.

“I know I should have told you this sooner,” Domenique said as she brushed excess hair from Gwen’s pussy to the sheet beneath her, “But you remember that night we met Tina at the Polo Club?”

Gwen nodded, immediately recalling the red head she’d seen chatting with Domenique as she danced with Tina.

“Well I was scoped out by none other than the nurse from the clinic.”

“The one behind the desk?”

“Right. Anyway, after our mutual surprise to find each other there, she asked how things were going, and I informed her that they were going rather well.”


Domenique dabbed a damp cloth around her work, and then blew against Gwen’s poking clit.

“And she lingered a little bit, saw you with Tina, raised an eye brow I seem to recall, and smiled. Then, she scanned the bar, said it was nice to see me and waved good bye as she headed to the bar.”

“And you didn’t bring this up sooner because?”

“Because I thought we’d found our third rose, silly.”


Finished with her work, Domenique sat up, set her tools aside, retrieved an oval mirror from the pile, and then set it up so that Gwen could assess her pussy’s new hair do. Reflected in the glass was Gwen’s pubic mound; trimmed into a single ornate black rose, with modeled flourishes, petals and leaves, its short thorny stem rising from the peak of her pussy’s clef.

“What do you think?” asked Domenique.

Amazed at the detail, Gwen remained speechless for a time, and simply stared as her clit gradually came to throb awake.

By that evening, they’d called the Advisor’s Personals response number, put it on speaker, typed in the add’s code and got the following message from a sweet voice that Domenique couldn’t attest was in deed that of the nurse. “Hello ladies. I think you and what you seem to have is totally amazing. I’m jealous, but not crazy jealous. I just want to fit myself between you, maybe just once, maybe twice or maybe even three times, who knows. Fate is funny, isn’t it ladies? Like the stars in Orion’s belt; the sisters three, at least I think that’s who they represent, let slack, apportion and cut. God, it makes me nervous just to think about, well, you know. Anyway, leave a message. Maybe I’ll have the nerve to go over my portion. Thanks.”

“It’s slow tonight,” said the nurse, holding a clipboard and pen in one hand as she closed the examination room’s door with the other, “And we’re trying out new staff at the front desk, so I thought you wouldn’t mind me checking you out first before you met the Doc.”

She was still very attractive, even in her blue scrubs; tired blue eyes, her red hair in a long braid down her back, her skin looking healthy and her tits and ass smoothing the scrubs material in just the right spots.

“Perfect.” Said Domenique as she laid back onto the paper coated exam table.

“Uh, what seems to be the trouble?” asked the nurse as she approached Domenique’s side.

Domenique immediately went about undoing the fly of her jeans. Seconds later, her shoes slipped off, ass raised, hands tugging jeans and panties to her ankles, the pile of clothing lay beside her pink crew socked feet. The nurse looked on, abashed and perplexed.

“Well,” said Domenique, her eyes doleful as she met the nurse’s gaze, “I seemed to have gotten something lodged in my introitus.”

The nurse remained still for a moment. Then, mesmerized by Domenique’s raising and parting her legs, she stepped backwards until arriving at the door and locking it. As Gwen and Domenique waited around for the phone to ring, they decided that it wouldn’t hurt to pay the nurse a visit. Maybe she was their admirer, maybe she wasn’t. Either way, Domenique had developed a plan and they’d agreed to put it into action.

“Introitus,” the nurse repeated, her expression a cross between concern and amusement as she set her clipboard and pen aside and worked rubber gloves onto her fingers, “How clinical.”

“I thought you’d be impressed.”

“Oh, in deed I am.” Said the nurse, pulling a jar of lube from a drawer, “What was your name again?”

“Domenique. I wouldn’t bother with that lube. You’re going to need the traction.”

“Really?” said the nurse as she turned to the edge of the exam table upon which Domenique’s feet rested, “Scoot forward a bit. That’s it. Okay then; let’s take a look.”

“And what might be your name?”

“Julie. Now relax, though that doesn’t seem to be a problem for you.”

Domenique smiled as she watched Julie concentrate and felt her fingers beginning to probe just inside her pussy. Presently, a look of bewilderment came into her eyes as her fingers came to grip the purchasable end of what Gwen had tucked inside of her. Julie looked down and, parting Domenique’s lips with her left hand and slowly pulling the thing out with her right, totally extruded the item and stared at it with some degree of disbelief.

“A nip bottle?” Julie announced staring at the small glass vessel in her gloved hand, “With, with a message rolled up inside?”

“Yep.” Domenique answered as she got to her feet and began to get back into her clothes, “It’s for you.”

Julie stood aside, stunned, her eyes still transfixed by the tiny bottle. Domenique had dressed as quickly as she’d undressed, and then made her way to the door.

“Gwen,” said Domenique as she clutched the door’s handle, “My friend; she says hi by the way. See ya’.”

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