Snip Snip Pt. 02

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The entire 15 minute drive home, I kept realizing there was a giant smile on my face. I hadn’t been laid in quite awhile, so that evening’s escapades had really done me some good. And I wanted more!

I texted Han. “Rematch tomorrow?”

“You take too long time to tex me! LOL” The minx knew I’d be back for more. “5:00”

“See you then.”

My cock was hard again, just from this interaction. I squeezed it, and really wanted to jerk off, but at 43, cumming twice in one session was pretty rare; being able to rub another one out would be nothing short of a miracle. I settled for a hot shower and some mint chocolate chip ice cream before heading to bed.


The phone woke me. It was Will. “Dude. You sleeping? It’s almost 9:00.”

My groggy reply confirmed his suspicion. “Yeaaahhhh.” I yawned through the word.

He laughed. “She wear your old ass out, or what?” Will is still in his 20’s. The prick.

“Man, I haven’t slept that good in a long time.”

“I told you. The woman is wild. You meet any of her friends?”

“Friends, plural? Fuck. I met Carmen.”

“Oh, yeah. Carmen’s a freak. You gonna tap that ass, too?”

“Already did. Literally.”

Will laughed again. “You did both of them the first time out? Damn, Son! You a player, now, huh?”

“Us old guys can get jiggy wit’ it,” I teased, and we both laughed. “Gonna get even jiggyer tonight.”

“Look at you! Double dippin’. Hey, you up for lunch? I’ll buy you a burger or something. Something with plenty of protein. You gonna need it.”


After an awesome double bacon hamburger with bleu cheese (not dressing; actual cheese!), I ran a couple of errands around town, then headed home. I still had a couple of hours to kill before I needed to get myself ready for the adventure ahead.

The carb overload from lunch prompted me to take a nap, and I figured it might be a good idea to be well rested for the evening to come, so I stripped off my clothes and hopped into bed. When I woke, my cock was hard.

A quick look at the clock told me it was a little after 3:00; plenty of time left. I lay on my back and slowly began to stroke my tool to the still-fresh memories of the night before; that first look at Han’s tits; the feel of her pussy as she sat on my cock, and the amazing orgasm it brought; Carmen’s oral abilities.

It was easy to bring myself close to blowing my wad, but not so easy to refrain. I edged myself for 30 or 40 minutes, pre-cum flowing. In the end, I managed to keep from cumming, but had to start my shower with cold water.

I made ready for the evening, including trimming up the manscape. Khaki pants and a white dress shirt. A pair of black Italian loafers my ex had forced me to buy; I had to admit, they did look good. I checked myself out in the mirror. Simple, but stylish. Thumbs up.

A couple dabs of cologne behind the ears and one at the base of my Johnson, and I was out the door. Once parked outside the salon, I texted Han. My prick had been stiffening on the ride there, in anticipation of a big night, and I’d done my best to resist grabbing it, but as I waited for Han’s response, I had to give in. God!, it felt good.

Instead of texting, Han popped out the door, wearing another pair of sprayed-on, hip-hugging jeans and a flowery, low-cut blouse. She reminded me of an Asian Peg Bundy, as she shuffle-trotted to the passenger door of the car, purse in hand.

My surprise at her entry into the car was slightly diminished by the distraction caused by her boobs. istanbul travesti Yes, AGAIN! I gawked at them as she sat down; she was flaunting a solid 3″ of cleavage, and obviously sans brassiere. She smiled, looked around to be sure she wouldn’t be seen, then quickly unfastened two buttons and pulled her blouse back. It took all of my willpower to keep from reaching for them in that moment.

“Fuck,” was all I said.

Han giggled. “Good idea. Let’s go.” She reigned the girls back in, and I started the car.

On the way out of the parking lot, she said, “Let’s go to hotel. I fuck you good.” She reached over Han’s blouse was hanging well off of one shoulder at this point. After the initial gasp of surprise, they both laughed.

“Awesome!” the guy said, without slowing his pace.

“I love your breasts!” his partner called over her shoulder.

Han took the opportunity to grab her tits with both hands, waving them at the couple’s retreating forms. I had the door to our suite open a moment later, but she was waiting for them to look back. Which they did, once they were stopped at the elevator.

He whistled and clapped. She made a V sign with her fingers and thrust her tongue in and out between. Just then, with perfect timing, the bell rang, announcing the elevator’s arrival, and the kids disappeared, laughing.

“Come see us!” Han called after them.

The faintest “Okay!” (her voice) floated back in response. Han giggled some more, shuffle-trotted into the room, and dropped to her knees.

In under 10 seconds, my cock was enjoying the sweet, wet warmth of her mouth. She had me fully engorged in no time, and alternated between licking the underside of my shaft from balls to head, and taking me deep down her throat to the point of gagging.

It was too much, and I had to push her away. “Too early! I don’t want to cum, yet,” I said.

Han smiled. “That OK. I do!” She stood, unzipped, stripped out of her slacks, and went straight to work on her pussy and clit. I watched, cock in hand. The woman was an animal, aggressively mauling her own crotch, and she came in just a couple of minutes.

She took a break to pick her clothes up from the floor, and reached into her purse, pulling out her phone. A few seconds later, she held it to her ear.

It seemed to me an odd time to make a phone call. “What are you doing?”

“Order dinner. You like eat, no?”

“Sure,” I replied.

A second later, she was chattering away in Vietnamese, none of which I could understand. The only word I recognized was “Carolina”. When she hung up, she said, “They be here 15 minute.”

Pretty fucking fast delivery, I thought, but had no time to dwell on it. Han jumped onto the bed, put her head to the mattress and ass in the air. “Snack time. Come eat my ass!” She giggled and waved her ass back and forth, then reached one hand under her to play with her pussy again.

I had no argument, and knelt behind her. I tongue-fucked her brown eye as deeply as I could. I licked at it. I massaged it. I gave it a rapid-fire tongue-tip penetration. She loved all of it.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a doorbell. Han jumped up and trotted naked to the door, throwing it open without any care for who might be on the other side. Three other Vietnamese walked in; two young women and a middle-aged man.

The girls were very cute; I guessed them to be in their early 20’s, and both dressed slutty as hell. Heels high enough to force them onto their toes, and skirts so short they almost covered istanbul travestileri their pussies. The women instantly broke into a cacophony of chatter. I couldn’t understand the words, but the actions translated.

They laughed and giggled. The young ones twirled around, showing off. Han lifted skirts, fondling ass and cunt. The man, in slacks and a white dress shirt, simply stood to the side, watching.

Finally, Han introduced the newcomers. “This my friend Lilly.” She pointed to one. Lilly lifted the front of her skirt for me, a big smile gracing her face. Han laughed. “And that Lilly’s pussy!” The girls and I laughed. The guy just sort of nodded.

“This Susan,” Han said. Susan gave a demure smile, then turned around, bent over, and inserted two fingers into her vagina.

“Remember the dinner I order? Get ready to eat!” Giggles from all of the women.

I was smiling now, too. “Well, it’s very nice to meet you, ladies.” I reached for my cock.

Han spoke again. “This my husband.” The man gave a nod of his head to acknowledge.

“Your what?!!”

“Husband. He like watch me suck American cock.” Husband said nothing more; just turned and walked to a chair in the corner of the room with a good view of the bed.

The giggling girls made their way onto the California King mattress with me, where they immediately began kissing and petting me all over. I was still dealing with the realization that Han’s husband had arrived – to watch the show!

Eventually, my thoughts were directed to a pair of lips. They wore bright red lipstick, and were smearing it up and down my cock. The lips belonged to Susan. She was a tiny thing, but had a wide mouth, and wide-mouthed girls have great oral skills.

Again, I was ready to cum far too soon. Damn! I never should have done all that edging.

Now, the other one wanted some of the action, and pushed her way in. I let her gobble me for a minute, but had to push the two of them away. “Take your tops off,” I told them. “Leave the skirts on.” I liked the look. It was reminiscent of the Japanese schoolgirl look.

“OK. Time for dinner!” Han announced. She joined us on the bed, and the three of them layed down side by side, knees up. After a little jostling, they managed to link legs, with Han in the middle. It was a beautiful sight, and just as I thought to myself that it was too bad I didn’t have a camera, a flash went off just over my shoulder. Husband had decided to document the moment!

I dove on Han first. Since she had obviously arranged all of this, I thought she deserved to be first. While I ate her, I had fingers probing the other two. The giggling and conversation died away quickly, replaced by moans of pleasure and the sloppy sounds of wet sex.

When my tongue finally tired, we swapped positions. I got on my back and had Susan sit on my face. I could hear Han talking in Vietnamese, and felt a mouth engulf my pecker. It was Han. I knew it, because she kept talking as she gobbled my knob.

Finally, she shut up and turned her attention more fully to her work. That’s when I felt hands pushing my legs back, bending my knees. Then, further still, bringing my ass upwards. A pillow was shoved under my backside, and a tongue found my asshole.

I was in absolute Heaven. Mercifully, Han took her time, perhaps knowing that I could blow my top in an instant. I tongued Susan’s pussy, and she ground her hips forward and back.

At the same time, Lilly’s tongue was trying to tickle my prostate. I can only assume the fingers travesti istanbul that arrived at my back door were hers as well. I could faintly hear the sound of Husband’s camera.

Try as I might to hold back, it was inevitable that my orgasm would arrive far earlier than I’d like. With my hands full of Susan’s sweet little ass cheeks, I began moaning into her pussy, lashing at her clit as hard as I could.

My hips thrust forward, and Han obliged, taking me deep into her mouth, and Lilly finger-banged me with gusto. My entire body tensed, willing my cum into Han’s throat. It seemed she was sucking out my soul.

The orgasm lasted a long time, seeming to pulse a new jet of cum with every thrust of Lilly’s fingers against my sphincter. It felt as if I could continue as long as she could, and I shuddered with every thrust.

Eventually, it ended, but Han wasn’t finished. She climbed onto my dick, smiling a huge smile at me. “You make big cum. Now my turn!”

I tried to object, but she was stroking my still hard cock with her talented pussy, hips rocking, clit pressed against my pelvis. The other girls wasted no time grabbing my arms. Seemingly out of nowhere, they each produced restraints, which were quickly fastened around my wrists, and then the bedposts.

Once I was securely held down, they went to Han’s side, licking and sucking her tits. Han’s eyes closed. She moaned and mumbled in Vietnamese. Husband took more pictures.

My cock was over-stimulated, but her pussy was wet. The experience bordered on painful, but remained pleasurable. After a couple of minutes, it became amazing, and I knew that another climax would be arriving soon enough.

That’s when the young couple from the hallway walked in. No one had closed the door!

“Dude! Hit that shit!” It was the guy.

“Oh my god,” his partner said. “Can I play?” She didn’t wait for an answer, and instead just began pulling clothes off. Someone close the door; maybe it was Husband.

Moments later, her blond pussy was in my face, and I worked on her. As I did, I could feel a weight between my legs, followed by a shift in Han’s body position – she was leaning forward.

For some reason, she stopped moving. Her pussy twitched around my dick. Then I felt an odd pressure on my unit, and realized; he was in her ass.

As he slowly began to fuck Han’s ass, she pushed back. I could feel his movements, in and out. Between the three of us, we managed to get into a rhythm.

The pussy on my face was unshaven, and delicate blond hairs tickled my nose. When I looked up, I could see the girl’s face looking down at mine from between a beautiful pair of breasts, which were being massaged by the Viet girls.. She smiled at me. I came.

I don’t know how much volume my balls produced, but it felt fantastic. I practically screamed into the muff on my mouth, and convulsed into Han’s pussy.

A few moments later, the cock in her ass unloaded, the guy furiously pounding away.

Once I was released from my bonds, I staggered to a couch on one side of the room. The blond joined me. She stretched herself across my lap, and I played with her pussy and tits as we watched her husband(?) service the other two girls. As he did, Han took tongue rides on each of the girls’ faces, and Husband documented the whole thing.

It was quite erotic, and eventually, my prick thickened up. The blond then went to her knees. The blowjob was slow and gentle, the only goal being to give me pleasure; there would be no more ejaculations for me that night.

It was one for the record books, Penthouse Forum, whether you believe it or not. I’ll not soon forget it. AND… Han texted me the next day, promising more surprises.

To be honest, I’m a little afraid of what she might have in store…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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