So Glad We Met

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“We can meet at the White Horse Inn, about 9 o’clock?” it said in your text. “It will be busy there tonight because there’s a really good band performing. I’ll wait for you at the bar. I’ll have a red flower in my hair.”

As I leave my car in a crowded car park and walk to the entrance to the Inn. I am worried. Although we have been talking online, texting, messaging, and you seem to be everything I want in a woman, this meeting is a big deal. Will we like each other in the flesh as much as in social media?

I can hear loud, energetic rock music coming from within and that relaxes me a bit. Even if the date is a washout, I’ll enjoy the music. It’s going to be a good night, one way or another.

Now I’m at the door of a pretty large room. It’s dark with just the flashing lights on the stage for illumination. The band must have been using a smoke machine because there is a smoky haze. The rock band’s music completely fills the room, making conversation almost impossible. The room is totally crammed with bodies writhing to the beat.

On one side I see the bar. It’s very busy but I spot you quickly, a red flower perched above your right ear, seated and looking at the band.. You seem totally absorbed with the band and your head and shoulders – that’s all that I can see from here – sway gently to their beat.

I squeeze my way across the crowded floor until at last I am at your side. You are sitting on a bar stool and you haven’t noticed me. I examine what I can see – your long, dark, wavy hair; the smooth skin of your face; the hint of a shapely body pushing out of your almost full-length woollen cardigan. A shapely knee clad in dark nylon protrudes slightly. You are, in the flesh, just as good as I had hoped you would be. I hope you feel the same when you notice me…

“Abby?” I ask timidly, leaning into your ear so that you can hear me.

You look round. A wonderful, welcoming smile lights up your face and warms my heart.

“Bob! Great to see you! I wasn’t totally sure that you would turn up.”

I put an arm around your shoulders to give you a hug. It just seems natural and I’m not embarrassed. You press your body against mine, still smiling and looking canlı bahis up at me and I can’t help noticing the soft pressure of your breast against my chest. It feels nice! You ease yourself off the bar stool to stand beside me. You’re just a little smaller than I am. Your cardigan is unbuttoned at the top and you are displaying the smooth tops of your breasts and the gentle valley between them.

“Wanna beer?” you shout, and in the press of the crowd your thigh presses against mine. I nod. It’s easier than talking. “Two beers,” you shout to the girl behind the counter. The beers arrive quickly. I reach over with a note and signal that I don’t want any change.

We drink together, sway together, bodies moving together. It’s like there is an electric charge between us. I’m incredibly, almost painfully aroused.

Now we’ve had a few drinks, we’re in the middle of the vibrating throng, moving to the incessant beat. The hazy atmosphere and flashing lights create a dream-like atmosphere. It’s a good dream. You are now wrapping your arms around me. I worry that you will feel my erection and draw away from me, but you don’t. Instead, you place one of my hands inside your cardigan and set it on your bum. I massage the area and discover that you are wearing a short skirt. I move lower, down to your nylon-covered thigh. I run my hand up your thigh, little by little, feeling the smooth nylon surface.

Suddenly I feel naked skin. It’s like an electric shock! You’re wearing stockings!

You look up at me with a glint in your eye. You’re enjoying my surprise and encouraging me to explore more.

All of a sudden I remember where we are, in the middle of a crowd, in a public place! But no one is looking at us. No one cares. Everyone is concentrating in enjoying the moment.

And then I feel you gently rub your hand over my trousers, over my erection. I can hardly bear the sensation. It makes me bolder and I explore the area at the top of your thighs. No panties! I am rewarded with a sensuous kiss for making this discovery. Our tongues dance inside each other’s mouths. Then you turn round and position your bum on my erection while swaying to the exploding beat of the music. (I have bahis siteleri to concentrate to avoid a different explosion happening!) You move my hand inside your cardigan again, this time over your love mound. I feel around and lift your skirt to gain access to your bare flesh. I find your secret place and, moving past your clitoris, push my fingers inside your wet and welcoming hole. You grind yourself against my hand, finding friction to stimulate yourself.

Still no one pays any attention to us.

Just when I feel that I can’t bear any more, you shout into my ear “Let’s get out of here.”

We weave our way through the crowd, with me trying to avoid touching anyone with my very engorged member (especially any of the men!). You hold my hand, leading the way. Out of the room we go, up some stairs to where the Inn’s guest bedrooms are. At the end of the corridor we enter a darkened room and you close the door. You place your gorgeous lips on mine and our bodies grind together.

“Where are we?” I ask.

“In the laundry cupboard,” you reply while finding the key to lock the door.

Beneath us the music continues to pump, making the floor vibrate while silvery moonlight filters in through a small window.

Still kissing, I undo the buttons on your cardigan. You move your arms to help me to remove it. You’re wearing a blouse. We kiss again and I undo the buttons on your blouse. You undo the buttons on my shirt and then our almost bare torsos meet. I reach round to undo your bra clasp, remove it and your blouse and then we embrace and kiss again. The sensation of skin on skin is so arousing!

You remove my shirt and begin to work on removing my trousers. In the magical half-light, I can look at your breasts for the first time. They are big enough to feel really good and small enough to be firm. Your nipples are beautifully erect as they brush over my skin. You hold my swollen cock with one hand while you carefully remove my underwear. Now you are rubbing those gorgeous erect nipples over my uncovered cock. You give me that cheeky look to show me that you are enjoying this as much as I am.

You stand back a little to remove your skirt and panties. Your bahis şirketleri stomach is round and soft and the trim and tidy mat of pubic hairs below glints in the silvery moonlight. It’s a moment to treasure.

We find a pile of bedding. Clean or dirty, who cares? We lie on it, all the time exploring each other’s bodies. You are stroking my cock too exquisitely and I have to stop you. I’m too close to cumming. I take this moment begin guiding my tongue down your body from your perfect pert tits, past your soft rounded belly to your groin. You helpfully part your legs, exposing all of your sex to me. I slide my tongue gently between your parted labia and find the little pleasure bud. I want to avoid over stimulating it, so I lick all around it, stimulating you that way. As I continue your fingers are gently massaging my head and your breathing is getting deeper and faster. You have totally abandoned your body to my touch now, knees raised to give me better access to that special area.

You cum with violent spasms and sob-like noises and cling tightly to me until the moment has passed. Your heart is trying to violently escape your chest.

After a few moments your reach down to check if I’m still hard. Are you joking? I’ve never been harder! You gently pull me on top of you and guide my cock into your wet, hot cunt. “I’m on the pill” you whisper.

Somehow I just know that I have to be gentle so I slowly sink my cock inside you pushing, pushing until I can’t go any further. Your’re on fire! I start to gently move in and out while also moving from side to side and up and down. I want every inch of your cunt to feel my cock. The feelings are building inside me and I can’t help increasing the pace until with an anguished cry I cum, and cum, and cum, and then…collapse beside you, totally exhausted.

You kiss my chest, and reach down for my cock. “You’re still hard!” you exclaim.

“That’s your fault,” I explain.

You kiss down my stomach and then, with the most gentle touch, kiss my shaft and the sensitive knob of my cock. You carress me with your soft tongue, tasting our intermingled juices. The sensations are nearly too pleasurable to bear, but, all too soon, you stop and lie beside me once more, in a sensuous caring embrace. We don’t move or talk – we don’t have to. It’s so comfortable.

Now I know you will be a keeper. I’m going to need more of this! I am so glad that we met tonight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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