Something Extra

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Disclaimer: The following story contains sex scenes and rude words. It’s fairly tame, and I’m pretty broad-minded, but the decency laws in most states would require it not be read by persons under 18. Also, if you’re offended by adult themes, you should probably leave now.

More importantly, this tale features women presented as sexual objects. There is nothing wrong with this as they are only fictional characters. I urge readers, especially young males, to not regard real women in this way.

This work is © 2010 the author. Permission is granted to freely distribute, provided it is not altered in any way. It may not be posted to any website or included in any archive without the author’s permission.

All characters are fictitious. The situations are made-up. This is only a fantasy, and any similarity to real persons, events & institutions is pure coincidence.


Emma tried not to feel too self-conscious as she lounged by the pool wearing a tiny, bright red string bikini. After all, she wasn’t supposed to be the centre of attention.

The beautiful, sandy-haired young woman adjusted her bikini top. As her agent had advised, she’d deliberately chosen a suit as small as possible. Emma’s natural, D-cup boobs spilled out of the sides of the top, and the bottoms had an unfortunate tendency to disappear into her ass crack. In short, quite a bit of her shapely 22-year old body was on display.

As the sun beat down, Emma wished they’d hurry up and get on with it. She’d been sitting out by the pool for over an hour, and while most people would think that lounging around was a good job, the truth was that Emma wasn’t getting paid a hell of a lot of money. She was just a background extra, a tasty bit of eye candy to drape over the back of the set, another pair of tits for the viewer to ogle.

They were shooting at a villa in West Hollywood. Emma, had only been in LA for just over a year and had never been to a house as beautiful as this before. They were making some B-movie, the kind that played late night on cable. Emma wasn’t in a position to be picky about what extra parts her agent could get her. And these kind of movies did pay a little bit more, but that was only because more would be expected of her.

The story was a crime thriller. The villa was supposed to belong to some drug lord, while Emma was one of the many beautiful young women who hung out around his swimming pool. The “drug lord”, an overweight ex-TV star, sat a few feet from Emma blocking out a dialogue scene with the leading actress, Monique Parent.

From behind her sunglasses, Emma glanced around at her fellow extras. There were three Mexican guys, who were supposed to be bodyguards, standing around clutching fake plastic Uzis and looking very bored. And there were six other girls, all of them dressed in bikinis. Across from her sat an icy blonde, tall and slim, dressed in a gold swimsuit so tight it could’ve been painted on. Definitely a professional model, with a body like that, Emma mused with no small degree of envy. Whoever she was, she ignored the newcomer. Emma then cast her gaze upon the red-head next to her. She too was tall, slender and graceful. Must be a real red-head, thought Emma, as her skin was a delicious pale shade. Her breasts were smaller than Emma’s, but her body didn’t have an ounce of fat, and, like Emma, most of it was exposed by a very thin black microbikini.

Emma allowed her eyes to wander over the woman’s sexy body. They roved up her flat, toned stomach, across her tight, perky boobs, and up her graceful neck until they fell upon her face.

Her eyes locked with Emma’s. She smiled warmly. Emma blushed and quickly turned away, embarrassed that she had been caught admiring another girl’s body.

The director seemed pleased with the block-through and the 1st AD called for a take. The entire set seemed to tense up and prepare for action. First though, there was a little matter of the extras’ costumes.

“Alright girls,” yelled the 1st AD, “tops off, please!”

With experienced precision, the gorgeous young extras divested themselves of their bikini tops. Emma gave a slight nervous sigh, but knew what was expected of her. She pictured her character, this nameless and unknown woman, who would only be known to her audience as that hot chick in the back of shot with the great rack. Emma reached behind her neck and untied her bikini top. What was her story? Why was she here, spending her days sunning herself in the backyard of this criminal’s mansion? Emma yanked her bikini top off, baring her impressive boobs to the warm air.

Her chest had always been her best asset. Emma had blossomed at a young age, and quickly learnt that when she hit the beach, a flock of grinning boys were sure to follow. And so, as she moved to Hollywood to pursue a writing career, Emma had come under pressure to bare her breasts. At first she’d resisted, turned down any offers to pose nude, or take any roles that required nudity. But it had all come down to nudity, and finally Emma had caved, and, with some trepidation, she’d resigned herself to the inevitable and tekirdağ escort agreed to appear as an extra in a B-movie, sunbathing topless in the background.

And now here she was, on display, her boobs hanging out for all to see. The crew pretty much ignored her. They were probably used to this, B-movies must be wall-to-wall tits. The other girls adopted bored expressions and stared into space, adopting languid poses that pushed their breasts out. Were they acting bored or really just bored? The male extras, they at least had the decency to sneak glances at the topless babes, although Emma had the nagging feeling that it wasn’t her they were looking at.

So, for thirty minutes, Emma sat around half-naked, her perfect, natural breasts gently bobbing as she shifted her position, but careful (for the sake of continuity) not to change her posture too much. It was odd, the girls were all posing like they wanted to be looked at, but being just background extras they weren’t supposed to detract from the stars. While the cameras rolled this, and other thoughts, ruminated through Emma’s pretty head.

Again, Emma dared to peek over at the statuesque red-head. She, too, seemed to be lost in thought. Emma glanced down at her bare chest and saw the most astonishing pair of thick, pointy nipples she’d ever seen, and nearly burst into giggles wondering what she might be thinking about to have created that effect.

Eventually, they cut. Emma moved to put her bikini top back on, but when she saw none of her fellow extras attempting to get dressed, she decided to remain topless. The 1st AD approached them, and Emma quickly learnt why.

“We’re going to get some cut-aways of you girls,” he explained. “So please remain topless and sitting in place.”

Emma sighed, and leaned backwards on the concrete step of the swimming pool, her breasts lolling across her chest. The director and his stars disappeared inside the house, while the camera repositioned and picked up some single shots of the extras.

The 1st AD was directing the extras, although mostly he was just telling them to lean back, run their hand through their head, and show off their boobs more. They worked their way through the line-up of girls, finally making their way to Emma.

She positioned herself, brushing her hair off her face. Ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille, Emma thought to herself. But the 1st AD had other ideas. He smiled, staring down at Emma’s magnificent bosom.

“Let’s trying something different,” the man mused. “What’s your name honey?”

“Emma,” she replied, with just a hint of trepidation.

He turned to the red-head. “And you?”

“Kat,” the woman replied. Just one word, but to Emma her voice was like liquid honey, dripping and sensual. She glanced over at Emma and smiled.

“Alright girls, we’re going get you, Kat, applying a little sunscreen to Emma here.”

The girls positioned themselves, Kat opening wide her long, lean pale legs and Emma (trying to hide her nervousness) sat between them facing the opposite direction.

Someone handed Kat a bottle of sunscreen. Emma felt her muscles tense. She tried to shrug off the embarrassment, and hoped to hell she wasn’t blushing. Kat scooted herself forwards, so that her crotch was now pressed against Emma’s ass.

The camera rolled. Kat deposited a blob of cream onto her hands, and slowly began to rub them together. Then, she gently placed her palms onto Emma’s smooth back.

Emma closed her eyes, tilted her head back, let out a slight moan. She tried to imagine the moment; her character, receiving a sensual massage from this other woman. Kat’s hands ran down her spine, her fingers pressing into her flesh. The red-head worked her slippery hands over Emma’s bare skin, pressing, smoothing, squeezing the young woman’s tender flesh. Another moan escaped Emma’s mouth, and she pressed her lower teeth into her lip to prevent another following it.

It was clear that was not Kat’s first girl-girl backrub. She leaned in close to Emma, her hot breath caressing the nape of her neck, her lips close to Emma’s skin. Emma writhed in sensual delight. Without realising it, her nipples became hard, pointing out erect for everyone (except Emma) to see.

Kat shifted her body. Her hands moved from Emma’s back up to her shoulders. Emma gasped as she felt what could only be those spectacular nipples she’d admired before “accidentally” brush against her back.

“Great! Cut it!” cried the 1st AD. Emma opener her eyes and blinked at the sunlight, she’d almost forgotten they had an audience. And he had certainly enjoyed the show, judging by the bulge in his pants. “Fantastic, that’s a wrap for lunch.”

Emma disentangled herself from Kat’s legs and stood up, still tingling with the excitement of their close physical contact. She glanced around for her bikini top, only to see Kat holding it out to her.

“Here you go,” the red-head said in a friendly voice.

“Thanks,” Emma replied, taking it from her.

“Was that your first time?” Kat asked.

“Excuse me?” Emma gasped in astonishment at the forward question. Kat laughed.

“Topless on camera I mean.”

Emma blushed. “Yes,” she replied. “I don’t do too many of these kinds of movies.”

Kat placed her hands on her hips and tossed back her fiery locks. “You get used to it,” she smirked. Again, Emma allowed herself the luxury of admiring Kat’s body, envious of her lithe sexuality. While Emma re-tied her bikini top, Kat didn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to cover her tits. “You shouldn’t be too shy about taking your clothes off on camera. The money’s good, and these movies are great fun. Even for us extras.”

They went into the house, where catering had set up lunch for everyone. Emma and Kat chose to sit together, still in their bikinis, each enjoying a sandwich.

Afterwards, the 1st AD and the director approached the pair, each sporting a very wide grin.

“That massage footage we shot of you is absolutely smoking! Really, really hot.”

“Why, thank-you,” Kat graciously accepted their compliment.

“We think you two are dynamite together. Over lunch we had another idea for a set-up. Now, we have to be outta here by 6 pm, but we have just enough time to rig and shoot this.”

Emma raised her eyebrows at what they could possibly have in mind. The two newly-acquainted women exchanged glances.

“Just what are you proposing?” Kat asked, a playful smirk dancing on her lips.

“It’s hot and it’s steamy: the two of you together, in the shower. The water streaming down your naked bodies. Lathering each other up.”

Emma gasped, but Kat was more composed.

“Are we talking full nudity?”

“The pair of you in all your naked glory.”

Kat thought about it for a moment, while Emma could do was gape in astonishment. “Triple scale for an extra four hours.”

Now it was the director and the 1st AD who exchanged anxious glances. This was a two-hour set-up: they’d be essentially paying the girls premium for two free hours. But they’d seen the sensual rub-down footage, and knew that Emma and Kat together, naked, in a shower would provide a few minutes extra that could make their crummy movie unforgettable.

“OK,” the 1st AD agreed. “Let’s rig!” He wrapped the rest of the cast (they were all bored anyway), and the crew disappeared upstairs to set up, leaving Emma and Kat alone.

“I hope I didn’t push you into this,” Kat seemed a little apologetic.

“No, no,” Emma tried to hide her nervousness. “I could use the money.” Well, at least that part was true. While butterflies tickled in her tummy, she tried to prepare for her “big scene”.

A wardrobe girl appeared and handed them a couple of towels. “Could you lose the bikinis please?” she asked.

Kat stood up and without a hint of embarrassment snapped off her bikini top, draping it over the back of a chair. Then she undid the snap on her bikini bottom, peeling it away to reveal her perfectly smooth, shaved pussy. Emma couldn’t help but fix her gaze upon her crotch, gazing upon Kat’s bare slit.

Kat laughed. “I don’t think they’ll let you do the shower scene wearing that bathing suit.” She stood beside her new friend, hands on hips, without the slightest hint of modesty, or even caring that Emma was staring at her pussy. It was as if she stripped down naked in front of strangers all the time. “Here, I’ll give you a hand.”

Before Emma knew it, Kat was untying her bikini top. She opened her mouth to complain, but the once again she felt the heavenly sensation of Kat’s fingers slide across her skin. And then her top was off as well, her tits once more uncovered.

“Now the bottoms.”

Emma stood up, somewhat resolved to at least do that herself, but Kat had other ideas. Her hands wandered across Emma’s hips and she tugged the slip of clothing down. Emma blushed as Kat quickly reduced her to a similar state of nudity.

Kat picked up a towel and totally surprised Emma with what she did next. Instead of covering herself up, Kat draped the towel around Emma’s nude body and tucked it in just over her bosom. “There you go, all decent. For now.” She smiled, patting Emma’s bare shoulder.

Then, without an sense of haste, Kat picked up the towel. Rather than folding it around her own body, though, she wrapped it around her waist and tucked it in, leaving her bare from the waist up and keeping her perky breasts on show.

“Now you need to relax,” Kat instructed. She guided her over to a divan. “You need to be totally comfortable with yourself before doing any nude scene.”

She gently pushed Emma down onto the couch, and assumed the same position they had before, with Kat sitting behind and Emma between her legs, only this time they were completely alone.

Again Kat’s hands were sliding sensuously across her shoulders, Emma melting under her tender ministrations. “Uh,” she sighed, “you sure do love giving back-rubs, don’t you?”

“And you sure do love to receive them,” Kat purred gently in her ear.

With that they lapsed into silence, the only communication between them being Kat’s massage, with the occasional groan of delight from Emma. For the younger woman, it was a heavenly moment.

“Sorry to interrupt you,” smirked the 1st AD, “but we’re ready for you on set.”

Reluctantly, Emma disengaged herself from Kat’s embrace, and the couple followed him upstairs and onto the set.

The mansion was equipped with quite a large, spacious bathroom. The floor was marble granite, the walls tiled with an emerald and azure pattern. The shower itself was a large glass cubicle set against the far wall. A stream of hot water sizzled out of the showerhead, and a slight cloud of steam hovered in the air.

It was just as well it had been designed to be so opulently roomy, because with the entire crew of the director, 1st AD, camera man, camera assist, sound operator, boom operator, and DOP, not to mention lights, the camera, and finally Emma and Kat, the bathroom was pretty cramped.

“Drop the towels and take your marks, girls, we need to do final lighting checks.”

Trying to forget she was pressed into a small space with a group of fully dressed men, Emma unwrapped her towel from her body, while Kat unravelled hers with a casual sweep of her arm then tossed it into the corner.

Squeezing past the DOP (a large, hairy truck-driver of a man who was more interested in the “blondes” and “red-heads” atop the lighting stands), Emma made her way past the crew, slid open the shower door and stepped inside, followed closely by her equally-naked co-star.

The hot water splashed against her bare skin, and Emma let out an involuntary squeal. Kat chucked. She placed her hands on Emma’s hips and manoeuvred her under the hot cascade of water.

The 1st AD told them to hold a pose while the DOP checked the lighting. Kat seemed to interpret this to mean that she should wrap her arms around Emma and hold her tight. Emma was blushing lobster-pink now, and it wasn’t just because of the water temperature. It was Kat’s open fondling of Emma’s nude body that was causing the bathroom to steam up. But the sensation was not entirely unpleasant, and Emma smiled as Kat cuddled her close.

The DOP made some grumbling noises, poked a few of the lights with a stick, jabbed at some barndoors, thwacked a flag, and at last proclaimed himself satisfied. Now it was time for Emma to finally shoot her first nude scene.

The director told the two girls to get themselves well and truly wet, and they obeyed, each of them stepping under the showerhead, making their naked bodies slick and glistening. Emma’s long, brunette locks became plastered down the back of her neck, while Kat’s short red hair spiked up into tuffs.

Next, the girls were instructed to take a bar of soap and start lathering each other up. Kat set to work on Emma’s back, picking up where she had left off with the massage, only this time they were both nude. Kat’s hands ran freely over Emma’s naked body, sliding down her wet back and across the delicious roundness of her bare butt.

Emma gasped in surprise, but Kat wasn’t finished with her. She positioned her co-star so that she was leaning forward with her palms against the shower wall, with her backside sticking out, like Emma was about to be frisked. And “frisked” she was, by Kat, who rubbed the bar of soap over Emma’s willing body.

After a few soapy swirls, Kat seemed to grow tired of Emma’s back, and began to switch her attention to the only part of her body she hadn’t yet groped – her front.

Kat pushed her crotch against Emma’s butt, and reached around her ardent co-star to gently cup Emma’s heaving wet bosom.

By now, Emma was out of her mind with lust, moaning and groaning as Kat’s fingers worked their magic. But the red-head was ever mindful of why they were there, and as Emma writhed in ecstasy, Kat gently positioned her nude co-star so she was visible to the camera. Then she squeezed, gently squeezed Emma’s large, soapy tits, tugging on her engorged nipples with her thumb and forefinger, all the while nuzzling Emma’s neck.

Then they switched around, Emma barely aware of their audience as she took the soap from Kat and returned the favor. Emma wrapped herself around Kat’s tall, slim frame, her hands slithering up across her muscular abs, and over her small breasts to those amazing nipples that she had been fantasizing about all day. Between her fingers, they were two over-large pink nubs of wanton flesh, bloated with the lust flowing through the two hot young women. Emma’s fingers worked Kat’s nipples mercilessly, tugging, squeezing, yanking them so that they grew even harder.

Now it was Kat’s turn to mewl in sexual delight. Emma was a quick study, and her fascination with Kat’s small breasts and large nipples had the red-head bucking her hips as Emma pushed her palms into Kat’s boobs.

Once again, it fell to Kat to remember why they were here in the first place. It had been Emma’s turn in the limelight before and now hers, as she turned her body to present her shaved pussy toward the camera. At the same time, Emma forced her crotch into Kat’s backside, grinding her hips, pushing Kat up against the glass shower door. The crew were treated to the arresting sight of Kat’s naked, soapy body squeezed up against the glass, with Emma behind her sucking excitedly on Kat’s earlobe.

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