Son’s Nerdish Girlfriend

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Summary: Dad fucks his son’s virgin girlfriend in front of him.

Note 1: This story is dedicated to Chris who requested this story.

Note 2: This is a Summer 2020 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing this story.

All characters in this story are at least eighteen years of age.

Son’s Nerdish Girlfriend

“And who pray tell, might this lovely lady be?” Ben, Chris’s suave, good-looking dad asked. Well good-looking anyway, Chris had to give him that. But suave? The ladies all seemed to think so, but in Chris’s eyes, it was just puréed (as in very smooth) bullshit.

“I’m Beth,” the sweet, shy Beth replied.

“Charmed to meet you,” Ben said, kissing her hand with a flourish.

Chris sighed. His dad was always a little creepy. His dad’s last two girlfriends had both been in college, and were only a couple years older than Chris. Ever since the divorce, his dad had been reliving his youth, somewhere around his college frat boy age, and Chris thought it was all rather pathetic.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Jones.” Beth said, surprised by how good-looking her boyfriend’s dad was. Chris was okay looking and super sweet, but his dad looked a little like Brad Pitt, a little like Matt Damon, and a lot like dangerously hot.

“Please call me Ben,” he said, blatantly ogling the cute girl (in Chris’s opinion; Beth would likely see it as an admiring glance offered with the ultimate in charm). His dad loved his girls young, he’d been dating and fucking nothing but college girls in the past three years since his divorce (plus his wife’s divorce attorney, and the mom of a college girl in a hot threesome with her daughter). He wondered if Beth was eighteen… he knew the college girls had all been nineteen or older, and the mom and the attorney had of course been somewhere around two decades older than that… but the idea of banging a ripe, perhaps virginal eighteen-year-old, was rather tempting and delicious.

“Dad, we’re busy studying right now,” Chris tried to put him off, noticing his dad’s wandering eye.

“So she’s a study buddy, not your girlfriend?” Ben asked.

“She’s both,” Chris sighed, just wanting his dad to leave, but also wanting to make it very clear she was taken, so his perv father wouldn’t make a pass at her… he wouldn’t put it past the randy old goat. Chris was living with his father right now, because his mother was in the military, and away on a six-month overseas mission. She’d be back in two weeks… and he couldn’t wait to move back in with her. He blamed his father for the divorce, even though both of his parents had told him it was a mutual break-up… nobody’s fault… and that they both still loved him, just not each other anymore. Chris’s question was why didn’t they love each other anymore. And he was sure that all his dad’s skirt-chasing since the divorce was a pretty good clue as to why.

“Well, I hope you’re not just seeing my boy for extra credit,” Ben smiled, and then outright laughed.

Beth smiled, catching on to the handsome man’s implication, “No, your son is very sweet. I consider him quite the catch.”

“Of course he is,” Ben said, in a tone Chris recognized as a subtle insult. Ben had tried to imbed in his son the notion that you needed to be confident, a little aggressive, and always dominant in relationships. Someone wore the pants and someone didn’t, and Ben tried to instill in his son the skills to ensure that he was the one wearing the pants… but alas, Chris was a lot like his mother… weak-willed and boring. Since his ex-wife Eve was in the military she was therefore, one would assume, strong-willed and confident, which she was in her job, and in the bedroom she was very submissive and a great fuck. So far, so good. The rub was that she was such a boring person the rest of the time. She hadn’t always been that way, but the military seemed to have sucked all the spirit from the fun, wild woman he’d married. God, had they had had some wild times when they were younger: a threesome with a teacher in their senior year of high school (they hadn’t been in any of her classes, which made it a bit safer), regular blow jobs under the tables at restaurants, cum walks in their college days, threesomes and foursomes, and even anal sex upstairs during her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary party).

“Bye, Dad,” Chris said, his not-at-all-hidden message as blunt as his dad had taught him.

“Okay, okay,” Ben said, acting all humble and apologetic, “I know when I’m not wanted.”

“It was nice to have met you, Mr. Jones,” Beth amended her initial greeting in the interests of perfect courtesy, admiring the dad’s chiseled jaw, and wondering if Chris would be this hot when he was older. Chris was cute. Sweet. But his father was hot… hot…hot! It didn’t help Chris’s cause that Beth had a thing Maltepe Escort for older men. All her self-pleasure fantasies were of gentlemen more distinguished than Chris (read ‘from an earlier generation’). For instance Mr. Jeffrey, her biology teacher (she imagined them having some great one-on-one lessons, complete with explorations into the anatomical branch of biology); Mr. Barns, her dad’s best friend who worked at an automotive shop, who she assumed was great with his hands; and Mr. Davis, her next door neighbor who was frequently out in his backyard, always wearing only shorts that left little to the imagination (which was setting a high bar, since her imagination could run wild). Now, as bad as it sounded and as wrong as it was given who his son was, she knew she would be developing a new inappropriately older man fantasy).

“It’s Ben to my friends,” the dad corrected her gently.

“Sorry, yes, Ben,” Beth corrected herself, finding something so nice and comforting in this older man. He seemed to be a great dad… unlike her own dad, who’d left when she was three. Her mom would never tell her why.

“Bye,” Chris repeated.

“Okay, okay, I can take a hint,” Ben said, as he smiled warmly at the girl and said, “I’m going out to pick up a couple things,” and then left.

“He seems nice,” Beth said, once they were alone.

“That’s not a word I’d use to describe my dad,” Chris disagreed.

“What? Why?” Beth asked.

“Oh nothing,” Chris said, his girlfriend of only five weeks not needing to know yet about his family drama, or how his father was a charmer to all women… or how all women seemed to fall for his fake, shallow charm.

“The good news…” Beth said, leaning forward and kissing him, “… is that you’re going to age well.”

“Age well?” Chris asked.

“Well, most sons end up looking like their fathers,” Beth smiled.

Chris laughed awkwardly, “Yeah, great.”

Beth, noticing her boyfriend was a tad uncomfortable and annoyed, something she only otherwise saw in him around the asshole jocks of the school, said, placing her hand on his leg, “In case it needs saying, I find you very sexy, baby.”

“You do, do you?” Chris asked, pushing his father out of his head and focusing on the cute girl in front of him.

“I do,” Beth said, kissing him again.

Chris and Beth had been doing a lot of kissing, a lot of over-the-clothing petting, although the most recent time Chris had gotten his hands under her shirt… both of them were virgins… and both were considering each other as serious prospects for changing that status… both wanting to lose their virginities before finishing high school.

They kissed for a couple minutes before Beth asked, “Will your Dad be gone for a while?”

“I think so.”

“Go check,” Beth said. “I’ve had enough chemistry… I want to study some biology.”

“You trying to make us fail?” Chris joked, both of them in the mid-nineties in all their academic classes… only fucking gym, which his dad made him take, bringing his GPA down.

Beth’s hand squeezed his dick. “There’s only one class I want to pass right now.”

Chris groaned as he got up and went to see if his dad’s car was gone.

It was.

He came back, grabbed her hand and led her to his bedroom, where they made out for an hour, their lips seldom leaving each other’s. Chris felt her up, sucked on her breasts through her dress, even got to suck on her nipples through only the dress fabric when Beth took off her bra, and rubbed her pussy through her pantyhose and panties, making her moan like crazy. Meanwhile Beth rubbed his dick, pulled it out of his pants for the first time, a little disappointed by his five inches (because of porn, she imagined every guy having an eight-inch cock at the bare minimum), and she began to stroke him, and was considering going down on him for the first time (she’d been practicing on bananas and cucumbers for a couple weeks), when Chris heard the front door.

“Fuck,” he cursed, thinking his dad was literally the bane of his existence, as after only thirty seconds of stroking, he was almost ready to come.

“God, yes,” Beth moaned, so horny from Chris’s touch she’d be willing to lose her virginity right here, right now… and so consumed with lust she hadn’t heard the door. “Let me suck you, Chris.”

If Chris was pissed at his dad before, he was furious now, after he’d heard those magical words every teen boy wants to hear, as Beth spun around to suck his cock.

“No, we can’t,” Chris reluctantly and frustratingly stopped her, utilizing every scrap of will power he had.

Beth was shocked and hurt. She looked up and Chris, seeing the hurt and surprise in her face, explained in a whisper, “My dad just got home.”

“Oh, fuck,” Beth said, those five words acting like a fire hose, completely dousing the fire burning inside her, as she got frazzled as if she’d been caught in the act, and even forgot she was no longer Kartal Escort wearing her bra.

Chris put his dick away, and they headed downstairs, where his father was in the kitchen with a large pizza.

It wasn’t difficult for Ben to see the red cheeks of both his son and the girlfriend, and he assumed he’d interrupted them in the act, or in the process of building up to the act. Most dads wouldn’t say anything, but Ben wasn’t most dads. He leered, “Did I interrupt something?”

“What, no!” Chris denied, although it was obvious his father knew he was lying.

Ben noted the hard nipples of the cute girlfriend through her dress and said, “Well, it seems you two must have worked up an appetite. So I brought you guys some pizza.”

“Thank you, Mr. Jones,” Beth said, feeling her cheeks burning with shame, and her panties were soaked.

“Anytime,” Ben said and added, “And please remember… it’s Ben.”

“Sorry, I keep forgetting,” Beth said, preferring to use the term Mr., as it made a clear distinction within a potential taboo act between a teenaged girl like herself, and a hot older man. And at least inside her head, this was a big deal. She could easily imagine herself crying out on some occasion, Fuck me harder, Mr. Jones! I’m about to come! Calling out his name with the respect due to an elder would make the sex even hotter.

“No worries,” Ben said. “Well, eat up,” he added, as he admired the cute girl’s red cheeks, hard nipples and nylon-clad legs. He assumed she’d be a great fuck. In his experience, BBW’s, older women and nerdy girls were the most eager sluts. They went the extra mile in both their willingness to suck cock and swallow cum, to get fucked almost anytime and anyplace, and many were even willing to take it in their asses. He could tell, or at least guess, that Beth wasn’t overly experienced, and yet he also sensed that with some training, she could become a hot little submissive cum slut. He couldn’t help but wonder how far these two had gone. Hand job? Oral? Sex? He had a hunch based on his son’s meekness, that they probably hadn’t gone too far. With each other, or ever.

Chris sighed to himself as his dad accidentally, he assumed it was accidentally, had prevented what would have been his first blow job, and maybe even his first fuck.

They ate, and the scene faded to black if that’s any help to you, and then a new scene faded in, an outdoors one in Ben and Chris’s backyard a few days later… on a lovely late spring / early summer day… with optional birdsong in the background if you like, and most definitely a sprinkling of white, fluffy clouds floating in an otherwise clear blue sky… which was the day things spun totally out of control for Chris.

Chris and Beth were enjoying this beautiful day in the Jones’ backyard, having both aced their most recent test… not that there had been much doubt that they would.

This was the first time they’d been alone since the almost-caught-by-dad incident, and today Chris’s dad would be away at work for a few more hours.

Ben, meanwhile, was indeed at work, but having been alerted by his hidden motion-sensitive cameras, he was admiring Beth in her bikini… surprised by how big the nerd girl’s tits were… he’d seen they were pretty big when he caught her without a bra and in the dress, but this confirmed they were big. He could never understand why a girl would hide tits like those… she should be flaunting them nonstop… just like he flaunted his chiseled chest and big dick every time he had the opportunity.

Beth asked, “Can you come over and put some suntan lotion on me?”

Chris nodded, “Yeah, sure,” and his cock hardened as she rolled onto her stomach, and her ass, so perfectly framed in her skimpy bikini, came into full view.

“Shit, what an ass,” Ben said remotely, as he decided to get a much better look at that ass, so he headed out of his office and towards home.

Beth was really getting antsy to lose her virginity. She’d spent the past couple days watching porn, and on more than occasion masturbating to orgasm; and twice as she got close, it was Chris’s dad that popped into her head to make her come. After she recovered, she felt so bad that her brain had imagined her boyfriend’s father fucking her instead of her boyfriend himself. Her solution: she planned to set the fantasies aside and fuck Chris for real. Problem was, he was so shy, and he didn’t read her many hints at all… which was why she was blatantly asking him to come closer and lotion her up. Even though in her fantasies, the man always took control and made her his slut (the idea of being face fucked, bent over and just pounded, or even ass fucked, all seemed so fucking hot to her… she badly wanted to completely destroy her good girl reputation).So today If he wouldn’t take the initiative, she damn well would.

Chris sat down beside her and grabbed the lotion as he admired her backside. He was so happy the jocks and other assholes had Kurtköy Escort no idea how hot his girlfriend was, since she didn’t flaunt her body like most of the sluts in the school. But behind her sweaters, long dresses and skirts, she had amazingly big tits, a great ass and toned legs (she worked out every day at home, not in a gym).

He rubbed the lotion on her back, his dick raging.

Beth loved the feel of his hands on her back. It felt nice and intimate, and it made her pussy tingle. Today was the day she was getting fucked! She had decided, and it would be so.

Ben watched the young couple on his phone as he drove home. “Take off her top, you dumb ass,” he said aloud, exasperated his socially inept son hadn’t learned any of his suave moves.

Chris worked his way downwards and slowly did her legs, his cock raging even more when she parted her legs a little further for him.

Ben too saw Beth open her legs, and knew it was a deliberate signal. “Take the signal, Chris. Fuck, take advantage of her signal!”

But Chris didn’t even notice the signal; he just continued lotioning her up.

“Can you undo my bikini string for me?” Beth asked, giving him another hint. “I don’t want any tan lines this summer.”

“S-s-sure,” Chris stammered, having only seen tits online in pictures and porn, as well as in some skin magazines from the 80s his dad kept stashed under his bed. Chris’s hands trembled as he reached up to her bikini top. He tugged the string excitedly.

The bikini fell off to the side, and Chris was now staring at a naked back. “Please do my back again. It felt really nice,” Beth requested, loving the feeling of male hands on her back, on her body.

Ben smiled, deciding that perhaps his son did indeed have some of the Jones stud blood in him.

“Sure,” Chris said, as he added more lotion to his hands, and then rubbed it all over her tanned back.

“That feels so nice,” Beth moaned, a seductive moan… one consciously delivered for the purpose of teasing her boyfriend, and slyly hinting she wanted to get fucked.

“I’ll do this for you anytime you ask,” Chris offered, his own stilted version of flirting.

“So… no one can see us back here, right?” Beth asked, a wicked idea popping into her head… her boyfriend’s hands on her legs and back making her pussy tingle. She’d been constantly horny lately, and figured the only solution was to finally get herself fucked.

“No, it’s super private,” Chris said, oblivious to why the question was being asked.

“So, if I did this, no one would see but you?” Beth asked, doing something spontaneous, something wild, as she flipped over so her boyfriend could gawk (she was pretty sure he’d gawk) at her big tits and hard nipples.

“Holy shit!” Ben gasped from his car, running a light that was definitely no longer yellow.

“Wow,” Chris gasped as well from miles away, gawking at Beth’s tits, which somehow looked bigger than they felt.

“You like my big tits?” Beth asked, loving the look of lust and admiration in her boyfriend’s eyes.

“They’re amazing,” Chris praised, unaware that his dad was about to cock block him big time, since he was just a couple minutes away.

“Then are you going to suck on my nipples, or what?” Beth asked.

“You sure it’s okay?” Chris asked nervously, as Ben came to a red light that he did stop for and stared at the teen’s huge tits. Fuck, they were magnificent. Why the fuck wasn’t his lame son playing with them yet, or sucking on those huge hard nipples?

“I want you to suck them; so do it,” Beth ordered, a little frustrated at how timid he was. She liked that he was sweet, a complete gentleman, and that he respected her. But she also wanted a man who knew when to take control, when to be the man… like in most of the erotic stories she read.

Chris leaned forward and took her left nipple in his mouth.

As the light turned green, Ben shook his head in disgust, “Fucking play with those tits, don’t nurse on them like you’re a fucking infant!” He seriously couldn’t believe this dumbass kid could have been created out of the contents of his balls.

“Oh yes, suck on them,” Beth moaned, amazed how good it felt to feel hot breath and wetness on them.

Chris did suck, in utter awe that he was not only finally getting to see his girlfriend’s naked tits, but he was even sucking on them! His dick was rock hard.

“God, I’d fuck those tits in a heartbeat,” Ben told his windshield, admiring those beauties.

“Are you hard?” Beth asked.


“Let me see,” she said, taking control of the situation the way her boyfriend apparently couldn’t. God, she wished he would just push her onto her back, rip off her bikini bottom and stab his dick in her.

“Here?” Chris asked.

“No, in the hallway at school during recess,” Beth said sarcastically, finding her boyfriend both cute, but completely frustrating at the same time. For a smart guy, he sure was dumb.

“Right,” Chris said, backing away from the tits he was enjoying.

“Stand up,” Beth ordered.

Chris did, just as Ben screeched his tires to a halt in the driveway.

“Can I pull it out for you?” Beth asked sexily, rubbing his hard cock through his trunks.

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