Sophie’s Release

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Glancing up at the clock, through her black-framed glasses, Sophie could have sworn time had stood still. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, in desperate need for the class to finish. She needed to pee. She also needed to peel her soaked gusset from her dripping pussy, as she could not shift Adam’s cock from her mind.

She knew the risk of her losing her job and her marriage was too much; she had tried to end the three month long affair with her university student, but she couldn’t resist him. She needed escapism from her ever-increasing workload and the pressures from home, she needed the stress to be fucked from her.

She couldn’t believe she was stupid enough to get herself in this situation, but the thought of him opening her tight cunt with his thick, raging cock was enough to make her want to pull down her black see-through knickers and masturbate in front of the class. It didn’t help matters that Adam had been winking at her during class. She didn’t know how she trusted him not to tell his friends, she knew it was only a matter of time before they were to be found out.

“OK, everyone, I will see you all at the same time tomorrow and don’t forget your homework!” she finally called, trying to control the sigh of relief escaping her mouth.

“This is going to be a lonnnng day,” she mumbled to herself.

The class emptied, and Adam gave a cheeky smile on his way out, his arms full of his studious books. She averted her eyes from the dark haired eighteen year old; she could feel her cheeks burning, the guilt of their antics written all over her face. But what she really wanted, was for him to turn around, pull her black knee-length skirt up, rip her knickers off, and bang the fuck out of her right there and then.

She crossed her legs, the tightness of her skirt making it a little uncomfortable; the seams of her lace hold ups brushed against her skin as she squeezed her thighs together firmly. Feeling as though her mountain of paperwork was glaring at her, she was ready for the freedom of her free period. She knew she needed to get the marking done for the next class, but quickly grabbed her handbag and she stood up. Her patent black stilettos clicked against the hard floor as she headed towards the door and out to the bathroom.

Silence filled the corridors. She glanced into the rooms at the teachers and students looking as unenthused as the other in their lecture rooms. The dark grey carpet beneath her heels guided the way down to the bathroom. She could feel the moistness of her knickers, rubbing against her bald pussy lips.

Pushing open the heavy doors of the bathroom, the sensor quickly flicked on the bright-stripped lighting. Glancing along the stalls she noted the doors were all open and vacant. She quickly entered the cubicle. Throwing down her handbag, she pushed the lock. Grabbing the hem of her skirt with her manicured tipped fingers she pulled it up and around her waist. The coolness of the conditioned air washed over her knickers, causing them to stick to her juice soaked mound. Yanking her delicate knickers over her slender thighs they continued their journey over her nylon hold ups, eventually falling around her ankles. Placing her ass onto the cold toilet seat she felt relief as the pee began gushing from her excited pussy and into the bowl below her. She could feel her clit, poking out, engorged and needing to be touched. Her fingertips lightly touched it, the coldness of her fingers, causing her erotik film izle to softly moan. The journey to her pleasured state was cut short from the sound of someone entering the bathroom and stepping into the cubicle next to hers.

“Fuck!” she mouthed.

Unravelling the toilet tissue from the holder, she swept it across her wet slit, the trail of her arousal juice evident on the tissue as she flushed it away. Looking down at her honey-covered gusset, Sophie stepped out of knickers, swiftly picked them up and placed them in her handbag, knowing that she would have to spend the rest of her working day without them on.

Placing her handbag onto the bathroom counter, she leant forward, her flushed face looking back at her. She pouted her full pink lips out and proceeded to put her bright red lip-gloss on. She pulled her dark ponytail tighter, and straightened her glasses, perfecting her look.

Ignoring the flushing of the second toilet she continued her beauty regime and began buttoning up her tight white shirt, to the very top. Turning her body to the side she stuck her chest out, noticing the traces of her lace bra through her material.

“Fucking perfect aren’t they?” Came a low, gravelly tone from behind her.

“Adam? What the..? Why are you in here? You can’t! Get out! We’ll get caught,” she whispered with a panic stricken tone to her voice.

“I want you! My fucking cock has been raging at the thought of tasting your sweet pussy again,” he replied, getting closer to Sophie.

She could feel the coolness of the bathroom sink on her ass, through the material of her skirt, as she backed up.

“Adam, please..!” she called, her arms outstretched, pushing his biceps in an attempt to make him leave.

“You don’t want me to leave, you want my cock to be inside of you, and I’m gonna fucking give it to you hard!” he growled, pulling her from around her waist and into his body.

“You wont be needing this,” he continued, lifting her chin up and smearing her red lip-gloss with this thumb, before removing her glasses and placing them on the counter.

Adam leant forward, gazing into her piercing blue eyes; the smell of his aftershave filled her nostrils as he ran the flat of his tongue over her lips to remove the remainder of the residue of her lip-gloss.

“Fuck! You look perfect!” He grinned, flashing his ‘come fuck me’ smile.

“Now, turn around!” he snapped, spinning her around and pushing her forward onto the counter. “We don’t have long, and I’m gonna fucking come in your ass!”

“Adam! We can’t! Not here!” Sophie replied, her hands on the counter and looking at his reflection in the mirror.

“We fucking can, and will. Unbutton your shirt. I want those tits out. Now!” he commanded. “Do it or I will rip it open!”

Her pussy was reacting like crazy in response to his demands.

“Adam, listen to me! If anyone walks in, we’ll land in serious trouble.”

“Well, hurry the fuck up then, I’m horny and want you.” He growled as his already erect cock strained against the zipper of his jeans. “Get your fucking shirt open and tits out, I won’t say it again.”

He wrapped his arm around her petite waist and pulled her closer to him, she could feel his hardness against her soft cheeks.

“God I love your ass!” Adam groaned in her ear, rubbing himself against her.

Sophie fumbled clumsily with the buttons on her shirt, before exposing her jiggling tits, which were almost film izle spilling out of the lacy cups. His pupils dilated as he could hardly contain the excitement of seeing his university mentor following his every command.

“Oh god!” moaned Sophie, as Adam grabbed her breast and yanked it free from her bra, her nipple hardening and instantly, reacting to her horny state.

“ like that my horny slut?” he growled in her ear, swiftly bringing the palm of his hand down and slapping her exposed tit.

“Owww..fuck!” she shouted, in response to the sting that remained, almost sure it would leave a red mark.

“Keep fucking quiet!” he growled in her ear as he grabbed her long dark ponytail and pulled back her head. “Now for this skirt.”

Adam began to yank the hem of her tight skirt, up and around her thighs. The panic was evident in Sophie’s face, fearful in case he ripped it clean from her body.

“Keep still..” he continued. “What the hell do we have here? No fucking knickers on? God, what a horny fucking slut you really are! Ready and willing.”

“Y..yes Adam, just fuck me! I need to come!” she breathed, her heart pounding in her chest, and a burning ache in her loins.

She could hear Adam’s zipper as he freed himself from the confinements of his trousers, which fell around his ankles. Without warning she could feel a smack on her ass followed by a series of sharp stinging whacks. She could feel her juice dripping from her aroused pussy lips, leaking onto her upper thighs.

“Please Adam!” she begged, her fingers sliding over her taut stomach and finding her smooth mound.

“Get your fucking hand away and get those legs wider!” he snapped, pulling her arm behind her back.

She could feel him masturbating and could hear him groaning behind her, before he began to slap his hard cock on her ass.

“Beg me for it, tell me what a horny little slut you are for me. Wanting my meat in you. Beg to make you squirt for me again.” He sneered.

“‘P..pleeass…ahhh fuck!” she cried, feeling the palm of his hands slapping against her cunt as she was pushed further down on the counter.

Her cheeks wobbled, her plump ass, almost hanging over the top of her nylon hold ups, feeling it turn pink in color as his slapping continued.

“I said fucking beg! I’ll keep going until someone interrupts us.”

“No, please! Please push your cock in me, Adam. Please baby, I need it.” She whispered, her lungs feeling almost void of oxygen as the risk of them being caught heightened her arousal levels.

“How about I frig your juicy pussy first?’ he sneered, pushing two fingers straight inside of her slippery hole.

“…fuck! Yes!” she moaned, grinding her hips as he continued to finger fuck her, reaching around with his other hand he frantically began to strum her swollen clit.

She pulled her other breast from her bra, allowing them to swing and jiggle as she bucked onto his hand. Her skirt was tightly wrapped around her slender waist. She lifted her stocking covered knee onto the counter to give him full access to her ass and pussy.

“Oh my god! I’m going to come.. pleeease! FUCK!” she called, not caring for a second as to where she was as her violent orgasm crashed through her body, her juices gushing onto Adam’s hand as his fingers continued to milk her.

Sophie began panting, her arms feeling weak as she tried to hold herself up, still bent over the counter. Attempting to seks filmi izle regain composure, she looked at her flushed reflection in the mirror and could see Adam sucking on his fingers.

“Mmm.. such a sweet cunt you have. Now, its time for that ass.” He moaned as he knelt down behind her and quickly buried his face between her pink cheeks.

“Oh god Adam! Mmmmm…” she groaned, as his tongue began to invade her tightest hole. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to revel in the feeling of euphoria.

Adam stood up once again, searching the pocket of his hooded jacket. He pulled out a sachet and ripped it open with his teeth.

“What are you doing?” Sophie called.

“Lubing my cock up darling, you don’t think I’m going to go in dry?” he grinned.

“Oh Adam, you can’t, not here.”

“Be quiet or it will take longer,” he snapped, continuing to drip the clear liquid before lubing up his inflated cock with it.

Sophie pressed her ass out further, inviting him to take it, pushing her knee up further onto the counter.

“Oh fucking hell! Look at you, you’re fucking incredible!” he groaned, his eyes glaring at her puckered hole.

He pushed the head of his swollen cock to the entrance of her ass; Sophie began to frantically rub her clit trying to relax herself to allow her to take his girth. The head popped past the opening as he began to push in, inch by inch, watching his dick disappearing inside of her tight tunnel.

“Fuck, you feel so fucking good.” Adam groaned, as he began to slowly thrust inside of her ass.

“Oh god Adam, that’s it! You’re gonna make me fucking come again!” she groaned.

He reached around and grabbed her swaying tit and placing his other hand on her hip, he pulled her back onto him. He could feel the tightness of her muscles as his slippery dick worked in and out of her asshole.

“Fuck, yes! God, you feel so fucking tight. I’m going to shoot a fucking huge load in my slut!” he growled, as he began to fuck her harder.

Sophie placed her hand against the mirror to steady herself against the force of his thrusts, about to bring herself to an earth shattering orgasm with her free hand.

“OHHH FUCK ADAM!” She screamed as her orgasm made her body tighten around him, her muscles tensing and attempting to push his cock out of her.

He continued to fuck her, watching her beautiful face in the mirror before them. Her eyes widening every time he thrust himself deeper and harder inside her. Her luscious tits slapped together as he pulled her back onto him, faster. He could feel his balls tightening, her muscles squeezing his cock. He was close. He could feel it. He grabbed hold of her tit and pulled on her nipples, and slapped them once again.

“Uhh..yeah..fuck!” he grunted, as he could feel his hot, thick load spurting up inside of her. “Wowwww…Fuck yeah!”

His thick liquid dripped from her ass as he slowly pulled his cock free.

“Indeed! God Adam, we could’ve been caught. I’m panicking in case someone heard us!” she giggled, quickly pulling her skirt back down in an attempt to cover herself up. “Get cleaned up – we need to get back!”

“Yeah, next time you will be cleaning me up!” he winked, pulling his trousers up and leaning forward to kiss his secret lover.

Muffled voices past outside the bathroom door. Adam waited until the coast was clear, turned to Sophie and winked, “Maybe we can finish it off after class.”

Sophie giggled in response and return to her ‘just-fucked’ reflection looking back at herself in the mirror, smiling sweetly as she fixed herself up, feeling her young lover’s spunk inside her. She knew it was all so wrong but it felt so damn good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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