Sorry for the Intrusion, Ma’am

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About once a week, my wife and I meet at home for a lunch-hour rendezvous. This is what my life has come to; twenty years with Brenda, two kids in middle school, both of us working, and it seems the only time that we have enough energy for a decent fuck is over the lunch hour. How sad is that?

Like most men, I am good to go in the morning, but Brenda is usually sound asleep until the alarm goes off; by then it is too late. Some mornings I rustle and stir and start cuddling with her, essentially begging for it. She is kind enough to indulge me every now and then. Brenda calls those “courtesy fucks”; from her perspective, I might as well jerk off and let her sleep. And the nighttime is impossible. Hell, most nights we go to bed before our kids do.

It is always the same scenario when we do meet. I arrive home at eleven-thirty. Brenda is in the jetted tub taking a quick soak. A candle is burning and the music is on low. I hang up my slacks and lay my other clothes over the chair. I stand naked in the master bathroom and talk to Brenda. I get an erection from watching her bathe and dry off. We hug and kiss and make our way to the bedroom. I administer to her pussy till she comes – one little orgasm from oral, and occasionally one bigger orgasm from G-spot stimulation. After that, she sucks my dick a little bit. Then we fuck, clean up, and go back to work.

That’s our sex life. I am not complaining, mind you. My tastes in sex have always been fairly simple. When I was a young man, I didn’t understand why some people obsessed over orgies and fetishes. Me? I like one-on-one fucking; everything else – threesomes, bondage, you name it – is a peripheral distraction to the main attraction.

Okay, you’re right; I am rationalizing, and I AM complaining. After twenty years, it’s gotten a little monotonous. Maybe a couple like us needs some peripheral distractions. Don’t get me wrong; I would not remotely think of going outside our marriage. I still have the hots for Brenda. She is a damn-fine-looking forty-three-year-old woman. She is as beautiful to me now she was on the day we met. She has gained some weight, of course, but trust me – it went to all the right places! With her curvaceous figure (“What a great fucking rack!” a drunk buddy once exclaimed), her pretty face, and her true-blonde hair, she still turns heads. And I love her very much. I am a lucky man.

And we do get away from it all every now and then. We’ll rent a room downtown for the weekend, and with the exception of a few good meals out, we’ll spend the whole time in our room pleasuring and massaging each other and having all sorts of unbridled sex. Brenda always brings along her toy box for these affairs, and we make good use of it. She likes it when I “take charge” too, and I’ll let you in on our naughty secret. Brenda loves anal sex (though it took a few years of gentle coaxing and persuasion on my part). So I am an especially lucky man in that regard.

Unfortunately, though, it seems like we have to get away to totally focus on each other like that, and that only happens every six months or so. I was dying to think of something to spice up our routine. My consternation finally came to a head during one of our recent lunchtime fucks.

We had just gotten into bed and I was diddling her twat and she was stroking my boner, all of a sudden I realized that we were talking about weeding the rose garden. The words “I will spray for aphids this weekend” came out of my mouth, and that was it. The full brunt of our pathetic plight hit me, and my dick went limp. That’s when I decided it was time to come up with a different plan for our next rendezvous.

I had been having a certain fantasy every since Brenda and I last visited the airport. Brenda couldn’t get through the checkpoint security without setting off the alarm, and the security guards looked like they might take Brenda with them for a more thorough search. They didn’t, but I spent a good portion of that flight creatively imagining they had. I joked with Brenda that the CIA was purposefully setting off the alarm because they thought she was someone who needed a “special” kind of search.

“One of those whole-body, cavity-invasive searches,” I teased her and she shivered and raised her eyebrows.

“Oh really. Sounds interesting,” she teased me back.

And that was how I got the idea.

I left work early before our next scheduled lunch fuck. I stopped at an adult boutique and bought a blindfold and a set of fleece-lined leather wrist restraints. When I got home, Brenda was just getting into the tub. I quickly arranged the following items on the bedroom dresser: the blindfold, the restraints, a bottle of hand lotion, a bottle of baby oil, one latex surgical glove, a seven-inch vibrator, and a stack of clean hand towels.

I was purposely wearing dark blue slacks, a starchy white shirt, and a boring rep tie, and I didn’t take my clothes off this time. I turned on the overhead light and I laid a large, thick white towel over the carpeting at the foot of the bed. Then I got a simple wooden bahis firmaları chair from the dining room and set it next to the towel. I blew out the candle and turned off the music. I put on a pair of aviator sunglasses and sat down.

“Is that you Hank. Why did you turn off the music?”

“I am sorry Mrs. Watson,” I said in a stern, slightly nasal voice. “This is Agent White of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

“Hank, what are you doing?” She said with whiny annoyance.

“I am sorry ma’am, but your husband is being detained in another area. I have a warrant here authorizing a full-body search of your person, Mrs. Watson.”

“Hank, this is ridiculous.”

Goddammit! I took off my sunglasses and hurried into the bathroom. She was just getting out of the tub.

“C’mon, Brenda, just go along with it,” I pleaded.

She looked at me warily.

“Just do it. It’ll be fun. Trust me.”

I saw the flicker of a smile as she shook her head.

“That’s the spirit,” I said and left before she could reply.

I resumed character and my seat.

“Mrs. Watson, I am going to have to ask you to fully disrobe. That may make you uncomfortable, I realize, but I am a professional, and this warrant authorizes the use of force if necessary.”

“Force?” she called from the bathroom.

“Yes ma’am, but only if necessary. I am sorry, but you have been identified as a possible threat. It is a matter of national security.”

“Oh my,” she exclaimed.

“Yes, Mrs. Watson. I have to ask that you return to this room naked so that I can prepare you for the investigation.”

“Shouldn’t this search be performed by a women, Agent White?”

“This is a very special type of search, ma’am. Only a few agents in the whole world are qualified to perform it. Our female agents are all overseas. We are professionals. And like I said, it is a matter of national security.

“Will it take long?”

I muffled a laugh, and then I said very sternly, “Yes ma’am, I am afraid it may take a some time.”

Brenda stood meekly in the doorway with a towel wrapped around her. “What should I do?”

I stood up at attention. “If I could have you stand here, ma’am, in the center of this towel?”

I stared straight ahead.

“You’re a nut, Hank. You know that.”

“Excuse me ma’am?” I said harshly as I snapped my head and stared at her.

Brenda took her place in front of me with resignation.

“Please hand me the towel.”

She grabbed hold of the towel and let it fall off her body. She handed it to me. I took a brief moment to admire her compliant, naked self.

“Thank you for being cooperative, Mrs. Watson. It will be much easier on you this way.”

I went over to the dresser and took the blindfold. “This is, hopefully, just a mistake. I am sure you are not the women we are looking for. But we can’t be too be careful.”

“I understand,” Brenda said with dramatic flourish, getting with the program.

“Thank you ma’am. Think of this as your civic duty.”

“Serving my country?”

“Yes, ma’am. You are a patriot. ” I came up behind her. “I am going to put on the blindfold now.”

“Oh my. Why a blindfold?”

“I will not be performing the search, Mrs. Watson. The agent that will perform the search, Agent Black, must have his identity protected.”

“I see. So these are just code names?”

“Yes ma’am.” I adjusted the blindfold and tied it snuggly behind her head.

“Is that comfortable, ma’am?”

“Yes, Agent White.”

I grabbed the wrist restraints. “It is also imperative, Mrs. Watson, that you not touch Agent Black during the investigation. This is a precaution for your protection. Please place your hands behind your back.”

“Is this really necessary?” She asked timidly as I attached the restraints gently to her wrists.

“I am afraid it is critical, ma’am.” I left three or four inches of strap between the wrist restraints so she could rest her arms comfortably at her side. “Again, ma’am, the purpose of the restraints is not to confine you or prevent you from escaping. You are not considered a flight risk. It is only a precaution to assure an appropriate decorum is maintained during the investigation. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand Agent White.”

“Good. I will now get Agent Black.”

I opened and closed the door to the room. I leaned against the wall looked at Brenda. I saw her smile and shake her head. All that womanly flesh was available to me now. I had to rub the erection in my pants. I waited about a minute to build the suspense. I turned the lights down and put my sunglasses away. I closed my eyes and assumed a new character. I opened and closed the door again.

I walked around her twice. I breathed loudly so that she could hear me.

“Agent Black?” Brenda whispered.

“Yes, Mrs. Watson, I am Agent Black.” I used a deeper voice, one with a little gravel in it. “And you should know that I am not as pessimistic about you as my colleague.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think kaçak iddaa you may very well be the woman we are looking for. What better front? A suburban mother – how convenient? That being said, I will try to make this as easy as possible for you.”

I stood in front of her. “Please spread your legs a bit. A little more. Good. I will describe my techniques as I perform them on you so that you know what to expect and the reason for my actions. I am going to start with a full-body sweep to for suveilance devices and any suspicious lumps or scars.”

I stepped up to her and placed my hands on the sides of her face. I ran my fingers through her hair. I touched her eyes and cheeks and lips.

“Please open your mouth.”

She complied.

“Yes, this is an area that will need special examination. You may close your mouth.”

Slowly, I worked my hands down her neck and over her shoulders. I petted her upper arms. I pushed my hands in under her arms. I ran my hands up high on her chest, and then I slowly worked my way down, making sure to sweep my hand over every molecule of her flesh.

I worked my hands over the tops of her breasts. “Your breasts are much larger than average, Mrs. Watson.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“I am not complimenting you. I will need to examine them later for explosive implants.”

“In my tits?”

“Yes. It is not uncommon.”

I brushed my hands under her breasts, cupping them, testing their weight. I ran my hands over her sides and her tummy. I swept over her hips. One hand descended over her soft pubic hair. I pushed it between her legs. She was warm and moist.

“Hmm, interesting,” I said.

I stepped closer so I could reach behind her. I ran my hands gently over the whole of her back, first over her restrained arms at the shoulder blades, and then under her arms at the small of her back.

My hands descended over her buttocks. I was standing very close to her now. Her breasts were pressed against my shirt and tie. My mouth was near her ear.

“Do you enjoy your work, Agent Black?” Brenda whispered breathily.

I ran a finger down the crease of her ass and I stopped at her bumhole. With the tip of my finger I explored the area slowly in ever smaller concentric patterns. She swallowed hard.

“It’s a dirty job, ma’am,” I whispered close to her ear as I pressed more firmly with my finger, “but someone has to do it.”

“Oh my, I see.”

“Hmm…. This may be another area of concern.”

I took a step back and kneeled in front of her. I started with a hand on each foot and patiently worked my way up over her ankles and calves and knees. I took her thighs in turn, using both hands on each. I took my time; there was more to explore. Then I rubbed a hand over her labia. I pulled my fingers up to her clitoris.

“It appears I have discovered some sort of nodule here. Can you explain this, Mrs. Watson?”

“I don’t know what to say, Agent Black. Perhaps it was planted there without my knowledge.”

“We’ll have to come back to this, then. I am going to do a brief and cursory vaginal scan now. Don’t be alarmed. It should only take a moment.”

I inserted two fingers into her remarkably hot and sopping vagina. I turned my hand around to explore every inch of her vaginal walls.

“What is this?” I exclaimed as I feigned to note some foreign object planted in the front of her vaginal wall.

“What is what?”

“This?” I said sharply as I massaged the area aggressively.

“Oh my, it is definitely something, isn’t it?”

“I’d say. I just can’t seem to put my fingers on it.” I pushed my free hand against her pubic mound so I could run my fingers more firmly up and down against the front of her vaginal wall.

“Oh my, Agent Black. Can you get it?”

“I’m trying.” I said as I continued. Brenda – excuse me, Mrs. Watson – was rocking her hips and slapping the backs of her restrained hands against the small of her back. Her tits were jiggling and bouncing. My dick was throbbing in my pants.

She was panting heavily now. “I think you’re close. Oh, right there Agent Bl… aah… oh” She was breathing like she was in a Lamaze class now. I could feel the spasm. Her body trembled. Her knees started to buckle and I had to put my free arm around her and press my chest against her to steady her.

Mrs. Watson sighed and leaned her head back, regaining her balance. “Oh, Agent Black, did you get it?”

“Hmm. Well, whatever it was, it slipped through my fingers. This area will definitely require further study, ma’am.” I gently slipped my fingers from her. My hand was soaked to the wrist. Her thighs were glistening.

“I am sorry if that involved any trauma, Mrs. Watson,” I said. “I was certain I had something there. Here, let me dry you off.” I put the chair directly in front of her and I sat down. I reached over and took one of the hand towels and I spent some time dabbing her pussy and her inner thighs with the towel.

“Is that better, Mrs. Watson?”

“Yes. Thank you Agent Black.”

“I am kaçak bahis going to proceed with a full breast examination at this time, if that is all right with you, Mrs. Watson.”

“Oh yes Agent Black. I submit myself for your examination, as is my patriotic duty, sir.”

“Good. Now this may take a little time.”

“I understand. You need to be thorough, Agent Black.”

“I will begin.”

I sat up perfectly straight on the edge of the chair, and I began to carefully explore one of her breasts with both hands. My intent was to become intimately familiar with every millimeter of her soft, abundant flesh. I went back and forth, from one to another, massaging and rolling her creamy white breasts.

Her nipples, which had been distended since the beginning of the exam, seemed to twist on themselves and puff even more as I proceeded. I ran my hands over one and then the other. Here large areolas percolated with tiny bumps. I rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

“Your nipples are unusually hard, Mrs. Watson.”

“Oh, yes they are, Agent Black. What will you do?”

“I have a device specifically designed to test the genuineness your nipples.”

“You think my nipples are fake?”

“It is possible. Now the device uses moist suctioning to take measurements, so don’t be surprised. And I must use both hands on your breasts, so I must hold the device with my teeth to operate it. Therefore I will not be able to speak to you during this part of the exam.”

“I understand.”

I took one of her breasts in both hand and lifted it, pressing the flesh in, extending her nipple towards my mouth. I pursed my lips and puckered on the hardened brown flesh. I sucked the nipple through my lips and into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue.

“Oooh, my, they feel real to me, Agent Black.”

I pulled my mouth back just far enough so my breath would be cool on her nipples, and I blew lightly.

“Yikes, a draft,” she giggled.

“Please. Mrs. Watson. This is serious.”

I proceeded back and forth on her nipples, holding each breast with both hands in turn. She sighed with each switch.

“I need you to turn around now, so I can similarly check your buttocks and thighs for possible implants.”

“My buttocks are certainly big enough to accommodate the possibility,” she offered wryly.

Mrs. Watson turned for me and I was face-to-bum with her lovely, well-rounded posterior. I undid her restraints and re-clasped her wrists in front of her, breathing into the crack of her ass as I did so.

I went to work, just as I had on her breasts – two hands per cheek. I was more aggressive in working and kneading her flesh. I spread her cheeks and positioned my thumbs on the cusp of her anus. I pressed and squeezed.

“Agent Black, may I bend and rest my hands on my knees?”

“I will reposition you.” I got up and guided her so that she was facing the foot of the bed. I showed her how she could bend at the waist and rest her chest and chin on a large pillow on the foot of the bed.

“Is that better, Mrs. Watson?”

“Thank you, Agent Black. It is much easier now for me to spread my legs for your examination.”

“Yes indeed. Thank you for the suggestion.” I moved the chair right behind her and sat down. I was staring directly at the full length of her puffy, furry slit now, and it was glistening and wet. That would have to wait. I had to be patient. I continued my examination of her posterior.

“I am afraid I will need to use another device now. It is similar to the nipple analyzer,” I informed her. I stuck out my tongue and spread her cheeks firmly and I licked her asshole. It contracted and puckered. I pressed my tongue more firmly against her. I pressed my lips and around the rim of her pink pout and sucked in as I flicked my tongue.”

“Oh my, that is a fascinating device,” she sighed.

I continued to knead her cheeks and explore her anus with my mouth until I could sense she was woozy with stimulation. I reached for the hand lotion.

“I will need to apply a liberal and deep coat of this scan-enhancement lotion, Mrs. Watson. It will assist in the skin analysis.”

I rubbed the lotion liberally into her bum cheeks and hips and thighs. I massaged the area thoroughly. In turn, I grabbed the top of each thigh with both hands and worked them front to back, making sure that my wrists rubbed firmly against her wet pussy on each pass. Her juice coated my wrists and forearms.

I put a dollop of lotion on my finger and ran it up and down the split of her ass, pausing ever so dramatically at her tight little opening.

I wiped my hands and forearms with the towel, and again I dabbed Mrs. Watson’s juices from the insides of her thighs.

I took a moment to rub my raging erection. I was sweaty with desire. I had to be patient.

I snapped the surgical glove on my hand.

“Oh, my, that doesn’t sound good Agent Black.”

“I am afraid this part of the exam my be more invasive than you were expecting, Mrs. Watson. I am sorry for the intrusion, ma’am”

“I will try to remain calm, Agent Black.”

I poured a liberal amount of oil into my gloved hand and I began to work it into her crevasse. I probed her anus with the tip of one finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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