Spa Day

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I am a supervisor at an accounting firm. My staff and I have just finished up a hectic and stressful few months restructuring our department due to the ineptness of the prior supervisor. Old accounts had to be updated, delinquent accounts had to be collected on, and we even won some new and lucrative accounts for the firm. There were a lot of late hours put in and some of us even had to work on our days off.

I was tired after this marathon session and feeling a little run down. My staff was feeling it too. The senior management was very happy with the great work we did and treated us to lunch at a very nice local restaurant that Friday.

During lunch I overheard some of the women in my department talking about how run down they were. A group of the guys and girls were talking about taking some time off and going on vacation. I wasn’t able to take time away from the job yet, so that wasn’t an option for me. I overheard a small group of women sitting at the table talking about going to a day spa for some relaxation time. I dismissed that idea saying to myself day spas are only for women.

When I returned to work that Monday, I observed that the women I heard discussing the day spa that past Friday seemed more relaxed and refreshed. I was intrigued. I saw one of the women, Nancy, getting some coffee in the break room. I approached her and commented on how refreshed she looked. Nancy thanked me and went on to say she had a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure on Saturday. She commented that it’s like a relaxing ultra mini vacation, and she treats herself to a day like that every few months.

During lunch that afternoon, I closed the door to my office and went online to research the idea of going to a day spa. I Googled a few in my area and went to their websites. I thought that these places only catered to women exclusively. I was wrong. I saw that while most places were mainly frequented by women, all had men’s menus too. I found one I liked and made the call. A very friendly woman named Claire answered the phone and we went through some of the options available to me. I chose the same things that Nancy and I talked about, a facial, massage and manicure/pedicure. Since these appointments take about 3 hours, I asked about availability for Saturday since it was my day off. Claire apologized and told me Saturday was all booked and Sunday as well. I was disappointed, but Claire said she had Friday afternoon open. It would require me to leave work a couple of hours early. I quickly thought about it and made the appointment for 3pm this Friday. Surely I deserved to leave work a couple of hours early.

Friday afternoon finally came and I was looking forward to my appointment. I went to Nancy and told her I was cutting out a little early and if anything should arise, she should either take care of it, or if it needed my attention to tell me on Monday. I would not be available for the rest of the day. “Ok Joe. I will handle things. Enjoy your weekend.” Nancy said with a smile.

It took me about 20 minutes to get to the spa, and I arrived about 10 minutes early. I felt a little nervous as I walked inside, not knowing what to expect, but I calmed down when I met Claire face to face at the front desk. “Joe?” she asked. I nodded my head in the affirmative. “Welcome to Bella Luna.” As Claire checked me in on her computer, I looked around and saw about a dozen women and men cutting their clients hair. The music was somewhat loud and I wondered how anyone could relax in that atmosphere. Claire spoke. “I have you down for a facial, a massage and a mani/pedi. Would you rather pay upfront or when you’re done Sweetie?”

I chose to pay upfront and gave her my credit card for the $350 tab. I signed the receipt and Claire had me follow her to the back of the spa. She showed me the men’s locker area and told me to undress and to put on the robe and flip flops that were there for me. She then then pointed to the small dimly lit sitting area and told me to sit there after I changed, and Vicki would come for me to give me my facial.

I went into the small locker room and quickly changed into the robe and flip flops. I exited and sat in the soft chair and noticed that I no longer heard the loud dance-type music that played out front, but a nice calming light instrumental. A couple of minutes later a pretty brunette appeared. “Hi, I’m Vicki. I’m giving you your facial today.” I stood up and she extended her hand and shook mine. “Follow me” she stated. Vicki led me into another dimly lit room. She asked me if I have ever had a facial before and I said no. She explained the procedures she was going to do and instructed me to disrobe and to lay face up on the table under the sheet and blanket. Vicki left the room and I did as instructed. When she returned she told me to relax. She put on some nice Asian relaxation music and started to lightly massage my face and head, as a light mist of steam washed over my face. The massage felt great and I took a deep beylikdüzü escort breath.

I was completely naked under the covers and through the steam, I could smell the light floral perfume that Vicki wore. I started to feel my cock coming alive and swell. I was hoping she didn’t see what was happening. Vicki stopped her massage and told me she was going to “clean out” around my nose and forehead. Vicki started to squeeze and pinch and a couple of them were uncomfortable. My cock quickly softened. “Sorry about that.” Vicki said. “You have pretty good skin for a guy. I’m going to give you a light scrub and then a seaweed mask.” Just like she said, Vicki lightly scrubbed my face and neck with a sweet smelling concoction. She rinsed me off and then applied the seaweed mask. The goop was cold and indeed smelled like seaweed. She smeared it around and instructed me to breathe through my nose as the stuff dried and hardened. “Relax. I will be back in a few minutes.” Vicki said. The room was quiet except for the relaxing music. I took a few deep cleansing breaths and waited for Vicki to return.

When Vicki walked back into the room a few minutes later, I felt her fingers touch the mask on my face. “Perfect.” She said. She cleaned me up and told me to use sunblock and moisturizer to keep my skin healthy. She told me to meet her outside the room after I got dressed. When I exited the room, Vicki shook my hand again and led me back to the comfy chair in the small waiting room. As I sat down she said “In a few minutes, Amanda will come for you for your massage.” I thanked her and sunk into the chair feeling a little relaxed and my face tight and clean.

A few minutes passed and Amanda appeared. She was pretty and about 35 years old. Amanda greeted me and instructed me to follow her. Amanda lead me to her room and turned down the sheet on the massage table. She told me to disrobe and lay face down on the table under the sheet. She left the room and after a couple of minutes returned and found that I had complied. Amanda asked if there were any specific areas that were giving me trouble, and I told her I mainly wanted to relax, but my lower back was a bit tight.

Amanda dimmed the lights and turned on some relaxing sounds of nature. She pulled the sheet down and covered only about half of my ass. I heard her squirt some oil into her hands and then I felt her warm smooth hands on my back. Her touch was firm but not painful and she asked if it was ok. “MmmHmm” was all I could mutter. Amanda’s massage was very relaxing and as she moved lower, she pressed harder into my lower back. Her fingertips squeezed the upper flesh of my ass. Amanda worked her way back up to my neck and she loosened that area too. I was enjoying my massage and I started to doze off. I didn’t get the chance to fall asleep because it was time to turn over.

“Turn carefully onto your back please.” Amanda said, as she lifted the sheet. I got onto my back and Amanda recovered me. She raised my knees and put a bolster under them. Amanda slid the sheet down to my waist and massaged my arms and my chest. Then she massaged my left leg. Amanda massaged my lower leg and moved up to my thigh. Amanda’s fingers went higher and her fingertips grazed my balls ever so lightly. I’m not sure if she even noticed, but I did. Amanda finished up and moved over to my right leg. She did the same procedure and again, grazed my balls with her fingertips. My cock twitched and began to grow. I was hoping Amanda couldn’t see the lump under the sheets due to the dim lights. She recovered my leg and then began to massage my feet. I concentrated on her foot massage and my cock began to deflate.

“Whew, that was close.” I thought to myself. Amanda finished up my massage and I thanked her. She left the room and I got off the table feeling pretty good. I put my robe and flip flops back on and opened the door to the room. Amanda met me in the hallway with a cool glass of water. She told me to drink water for the rest of the day to remove the toxins from my body released from the massage. I took the glass and went back to my chair in the waiting area. Amanda said goodbye and said that Cheryl would collect me for my mani/pedi.

By now I was feeling more relaxed and a bit horny from the past two encounters. I was thinking about how my day was going when Cheryl appeared. “Joe?” she asked.

I said “Yup.” And stood up.

“Come with me.” Cheryl commanded.

It was about five o’clock in the evening now and Cheryl lead me past the now almost empty hair cutting stations. Her work area was on the other side of the spa in a more secluded area. “Would you mind if we started with the manicure first? I’m already set up.” She asked.

“That’s fine with me.” I replied. I sat down at Cheryl’s station.

“You’re my last appointment for the day.” Cheryl said, as she grabbed my hands and studied them. She went right to work filing my nails. beyoğlu escort I looked at her hands as she filed. She had small slender hands with a shiny French manicure. I figured her to be about 38, a couple of years younger than me. She had light brown hair down to her shoulders and a beautiful smile. As Cheryl filed away at my nails, I gazed at her cleavage, and watched as her breasts slightly jiggled. She wore a low buttoned blue blouse, black slacks and blue heels. Cheryl caught me looking at her breasts, but didn’t say a word about it, and continued to file and make small talk.

When she was done filing, she smeared some liquid on my cuticles to soften them. She took her time with my cuticles and again my eyes went to her cleavage. Her skin looked so soft and smooth. When she switched to my other hand, I made myself look away. I didn’t want to get caught again. Cheryl and I were only a couple of feet away from each other and I could smell her perfume. It was a light and fresh scent. Cheryl squirted lotion onto her hands and massaged my hands and arms. We chatted about nothing important and the next thing I know, she was done with the manicure. Cheryl got out of her chair and turned to go toward the pedicure chair to fill it with water. My eyes went straight to her ass and I saw that there was no panty line. Was she sans panties, I wondered?

Cheryl called me over and had me sit in the chair. I put my feet up on the footrest in front of me and Cheryl sat down. She started filing my toenails and now I had a better view of her ample cleavage. We continued to chat as she worked. The water was hot and the scrub felt good. When Cheryl used the stone on the bottom of my feet her breasts jiggled even more. I tried but couldn’t look away. Before she was done with my other foot, I was caught looking again. She didn’t say a word, but she had a little grin on her face. I was determined not to get caught again, so I sat back and closed my eyes. My feet went in and out of the hot water a couple more times and the cuticles were done. Cheryl dried my feet and I felt her apply the lotion to my right leg. She took her time massaging it in and I was enjoying the feeling. I became aware that my cock was becoming excited again. Cheryl switched to my left leg and again took her time massaging in the lotion. I was thinking about Cheryl’s cleavage, her beautiful smile and the no panty lines. I felt my cock growing, but I didn’t pay much attention, I was really relaxed and enjoying her hands on my feet and calves.

I was jostled out of my dreamy stupor when I heard Cheryl clear her throat. When I opened my eyes, I saw my cock was at full mast, poking through the opening of the robe I forgot I was wearing. “I guess you enjoyed your pedicure.” Cheryl said as her eyes went from mine down to my cock.

“I, I’m sorry,” I stammered, as I tried to cover my embarrassment. Cheryl wiped off the excess lotion from my feet and legs with a warm towel.

“Don’t be sorry,” Cheryl said. “I saw you looking at my tits, so now we’re even.” I stood up and slipped on my flip flops. No matter how hard I tried to conceal myself, the head of my cock was still poking out of the robe. Cheryl was still sitting in front of me and my cock was even with her face. She untied the sash of my robe and let it naturally open. I just stood there frozen and Cheryl put her soft, well manicured hand on my shaft. Her little hand couldn’t wrap around its thickness. She pulled and tugged my cock a few times before bringing her other hand up to feel the heft of my balls. “Nice cock.” She said. “We can’t leave you in this condition.”

Cheryl stood up and lead me by my cock to her little office across from the pedicure chair. Once inside, she closed the door. “We will have a little more privacy in here.” She said. Cheryl sat on the worn leather loveseat and pulled off my robe. I stood there naked with my aching cock back in Cheryl’s little hands. Cheryl pulled at my shaft a few times, her eyes never leaving my dick. She squeezed under the head, and a drop of precum slowly oozed form the slit. Cheryl moved her mouth close to my cock and licked the liquid from the tip. “Mmmmm.” She moaned. Then she slid the purple head between her lips. Her mouth was wet and warm. Her hand massaged my balls as she went down on me.

I was lost in lust and after a few minutes of her sucking and squeezing, I felt myself nearing my orgasm. Cheryl must have sensed this and stopped sucking. She pulled her lips off my dick and kissed the head. She stood up and began to remove her blouse and bra, setting free her large breasts. Her pink areola and nipples were already hard. My hands went to her tits and I felt the fleshy globes that I had been lusting for. “You like?” Cheryl asked.

“Yes, they’re perfect.” I replied, still squeezing them and lightly pinching her nipples. Cheryl undid the clasp to her slacks and kicked off her heels. She wriggled them bizimkent escort off and I saw that I was right. No panties!

Cheryl sat back down and again put her warm lips around my cock. She sucked harder this time and took me deep into her throat. When I was comfortably nestled into her throat, Cheryl would extend her tongue and lick my balls. That sent shivers down my spine. When she realized how sensitive my balls were, Cheryl set her attention onto them. She sucked one testicle into her mouth and then the other. She repeated that process 2 more times and her finger was circling my taint. Cheryl took my cock into her mouth again and continued to rub my taint and sphincter. When Cheryl took me into her throat, she slipped her finger into my ass and I exploded into her mouth. I grunted as my cock spasmed and shot my load of cum into her throat. Cheryl swallowed heavily a few times and her finger wiggled in my ass.

My fingers were wrapped in Cheryls hair and I pulled her up to me. Our lips met and I could taste my cum on her tongue as we kissed. “Your turn.” I said to Cheryl. I had her lay down on the loveseat. Cheryl put one leg on the back of the small sofa and the other on the floor, giving me full access to her pussy. Cheryl playfully fingered the little bit of close cropped hair above her pussy, and I moved in to taste her. Cheryl’s hand moved down and her middle and ring fingers spread open her pink lips for me. I slipped my tongue into her and I tasted her sweetness. Cheryl’s hand moved to the back of my head and she pulled me in closer. I licked and lapped at her wet pussy and my lips tugged at her labia. I slid two fingers inside her. Cheryl was moaning and pushing her pelvis up to meet my fingers as I slowly slid them in and out of her. My lips and tongue were all over her pussy. I teased her clit the entire time I was going down on her. Cheryl was breathing harder now, and I put my lips around her clit and sucked. Soft at first, then a little harder. Cheryl came as I sucked, and I lapped up her juices as she came.

Cheryl had a huge smile on her face and exclaimed, “Wow! You give great head!” I moved myself on top of Cheryl and took her nipple into my mouth. Cheryl’s hand moved down and took hold of my half hard cock. I took Cheryl’s other breast into my hand and I squeezed and played with it. I kissed my way up from Cheryl’s tit to her neck and then to her lips. We kissed deeply as she tugged at my shaft, it growing harder in her hand. “Now fuck me!” Cheryl demanded, her hand guiding my throbbing cock to the opening of her pussy. I pushed the head of my cock past her labia and into her vagina. She was warm and wet and I slid inside easily. Her pussy wrapped around my cock and she felt like a velvet glove.

“You feel amazing Cheryl.” I said, as my cock disappeared and then reappeared from inside of her.

“So do you.” Cheryl replied. We were fucking slowly and deliberately. After a few minutes, I withdrew my cock from her and sat back on the sofa.

“Come here.” I said to her. Cheryl complied and threw her leg over mine. She got on top of me and guided her pussy onto my cock. She sat down and in a single motion, I was buried deep inside of her. I took her tits into my hands and sucked on one then the other. Cheryl bounced up and down on me and then would grind her clit on the base of my dick. Cheryl’s breathing was becoming fast and shallow and I knew she was close to cumming again. I was thrusting up as she bounced down, and I was fucking her deep and hard. Cheryl’s nails dug into my shoulders as she came. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and I felt her warm juices run down my balls.

Cheryl climbed off my dick and took me into her mouth. She cleaned off her juices from my cock and balls. She then kneeled on the loveseat and pushed her ass out, inviting me to fuck her again. I stood behind her and pushed the swollen purple head of my cock back into her pussy. “Fuck me! Give me your cum!” Cheryl commanded. I grabbed ahold of her hips and fucked her hard, deep and fast. My balls we slapping against her as we fucked, and the sofa started to creak. “That’s it! That’s it! Give it to me! Cum inside my pussy! I want to feel you cum inside of me!” Cheryl exclaimed.

A dozen or so thrusts later, I exploded. Ribbons of my cum splashed inside of her pussy. Cheryl had a small orgasm as my cream coated the walls of her cunt. She reached back and underneath her, and she massaged my balls, milking them of any remaining cum. My cock continued to twitch inside of Cheryl. As my dick softened, I slipped out of her. Cheryl got off her knees and sat down. My cream was oozing from her well fucked pussy. Cheryl motioned for me to come closer to her and I did. Cheryl took my soft cock into her warm mouth and cleaned me of our combined juices. When she was done, her fingers went to her pussy and she scooped up some of the oozing cum and brought her fingers to her lips and sucked her fingers clean. She did that a few more times until she got about half of my cum out of her. “Finish cleaning me.” Cheryl demanded. I knelt down in front of her and licked and sucked my cum from her puffy pussy. “That’s it, get it all out.” she directed. Once Cheryl was satisfied that she was properly cleaned up, she kissed me and we shared what was in my mouth. We each swallowed what we had, and kissed again.

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