Sploshing time!

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Adele Giddens-Williams a young and very charming woman, sat patiently on the sofa, she looked around at the living room curiously, everything was covered in plastic sheets to stop everything getting ruined when they started. Michael was putting the finishing touches on everything they would need for their first sploshing session together. Nervous about getting so intimate with someone, but curious to explore her sexuality, wondering what really got her going.

She sat there in a blue T-shirt, light blue denim jacket and two pairs of thick black leggings, with a pair of shoes she didn’t mind getting ruined. She wore her soft brown hair down and flowing free, her locks thick and lush. She worried for a moment, wondering what people might think if anyone found out about the activities she was soon to take part in. But she soon shrugged it off as she reassured herself, it was all in good fun, exploring herself and discovering what she liked.

Michael opened the door to the living room and walked in with with four huge plastic bags filled with cans of squirty cream, he placed the bags down by the end of the sofa. Adele sat up, smiling ay Michael as he put the bags down. Before Adele could speak he dashed off again and returned with more bags, this time filled with cartons of custard and tins of rice pudding.

Michael sported a plain T-shirt, with tight lycra cycling shorts hidden beneath a pair of slightly loose skinny jeans. He had a horny and eager look in his eyes as he gazed to and from Adele and supplies.

“Wow, got enough cream and custard there!?” Adele laughed, watching Michael start to unpack all of them and open loads of them up, ready to be poured.

“About 30 cans and cartons in each bag, maybe more… Plus a load of rice pudding!” said Michael eagerly, stepping back from the array of messy goods and shuddering with excitement as she smiled at her.

“Nice! So, I’m guessing we’re all sorted for supplies?” giggled Adele, her laugh was a mix of happiness and nervousness. She stood up and removed her denim jacket, throwing it on the back of the sofa.

“Yeah, this is it. All set.” Said Michael cheerfully, there came a moment of tense silence before Adele bent down and picked up two large cans of squirty cream.

“So, do you want to start or shall I?” asked Adele, shaking the first two cans of cream vigorously.

“Fancy having your knickers filled with cold squirty cream?” said Michael eagerly, Adele grinned as she passed him the first two cans. He gestured to her backside, so she turned around, soon feeling him poke the nozzles of both cans down the back of her leggings.

Michael squeezed hard on the triggers of both cans, unleashing a massive jets of thick, creamy froth from both of them down the back of Adele’s knickers. Adele let out a gentle gasp as the cream began to fill her knickers, gradually spreading round her hips and out into her unspoiled leggings. The sound of the cream oozing into her trousers was already making him hard, let alone seeing her body grow.

The material of her leggings began to stretch as her arse grew rapidly, adding a considerable layer of thick cream that crept between her little legs, starting to make her thighs slippery as it spread. The cans of cream roaring loudly as they ejected all their contents into Adele’s knickers.

“Oh my god!” she giggled, as thick cream crept down her legs gradually. Soon both the cans started to sound empty, spitting and chuffing as they ran dry.

“The front looks a bit empty don’t you think?” Michael said happily, shaking up the next two cans of squirty cream.

“So, what’s the most you’ve ever filled yourself up with?” Asked Adele, slipping the nozzle of the can down the front of her knickers. Michael positioned his cans down the back and fired more thick jets of cream into her gradually thickening trousers, Adele squeezed the trigger on her can and watched curiously as the front of her leggings began to bulge, which quickly spread down and out, filling out her small frame.

“Probably about 6 I’d say, Pendik Escort gets a little difficult keeping it all in when you haven’t got another pair of hands. But I can definitely try going further tonight! But first… I do wanna find out how big you’d get with around 20 cans along with a few kilos of custard, just for padding.” said Michael, transfixed on her gradually expanding legs. His cock became so hard it started to hurt slightly as it strained against his trousers.

“Jesus Christ, what’ve I gotten myself into?” She laughed, gesturing for another can as her one started to run dry. Michael handed her another and she immediately fired it into her leggings, wasting no time in bulking up with cream.

Adele shook her arse gently so the cream settled neatly inside her tight leggings, she pulled them up slightly and began to walk around, the cream was nice and cold and soft against her skin, she bit her lips as she savored the moment, it was a strange yet oddly pleasant feeling.

“Gimme a belt, I can see this falling down when we start packing the custard in.” She giggled, emptying the can she was holding and throwing it aside. Michael handed her a belt and a few other laces, ones she could use to seal up the bottom of her legs with.

“So, does this suit me?” she giggled sweetly, giving him a seductive stare once she’d equipped herself with the belt and laces.

Michael grinned joyfully ” Oh fuck yes… God you’re so hot in all that mess!” said Michael excitedly, he reached forward to squeeze her arse, as he did Adele let out a slight moan of pleasure as the cream oozed around, she smiled as she grabbed Michael’s hands and encouraged him to squeeze harder.

Adele turned round to face him, she grabbed the back of his head gently as they began to kiss passionately but slowly. She let him grope her thickened creamy thighs as they made out, still only being slow and gentle with each other.

Michael was eager to see Adele get bigger, so he grabbed two more cans and shook them vigorously. He then poked them down the back of her leggings again. He squeezed the triggers, sending another two jets of thick fresh cream down into her knickers. Her arse began to expand once more, getting bigger and bigger as the creamy layer thickened considerably, giving her arse, hips and thighs plenty of padding. As soon as those cans were empty, he poked two more down her knickers and continued filling, after emptying another two, he quickly grabbed two open cartons of custard and pried open her knickers, he poured them both straight in, Adele gasped, wriggling as the custard filled her knickers.

“You bastard! Oh, wow. I can feel everything moving inside!” she said, biting her lips as she held her arse, feeling the cream and custard inside as it slid across her arse, clinging to her skin in a thick mixture.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it! It suits you pretty well.” said Michael, he turned to bend down and grab more custard to add to her knickers.

But Adele has other ideas, she thought it was time he got messy, she quickly grabbed a can of squirty cream and shoved the nozzle down the back of Michael’s trousers, before he could react she squeezed the nozzle and unleashed a huge stream of fresh cream down into his boxers.

Catching Michael off guard he gasped and began to moan as his arse expanded slowly, filling with soft creamy goodness. He grabbed Adele’s hands, encouraging her not to stop. Once the can was empty she removed it and stood there grinning at him. Michael turned round and pulled her closer, squeezing her arse as she then squeezed his. Adele knew she could quite easily control him now, being so horny, he would be easily bent to her will.

They kissed again, feeling each others bodies slowly gradually kissing more passionately. It didn’t take long before Adele shook up two more cans of squirty cream and shoved them down his pants, she squeezed the triggers, filling up his boxers with cream once more.

She watched in delight as he devolved into a drooling wreck, practically Anadolu Yakası Escort begging to be filled with more mess as he moaned blissfully. The sticky sloshing sounds from all the mess they were filled with turned them both on more, the feeling of custard oozing down her legs made Adele’s cunt weep as it tensed slightly.

Adele grabbed a few cartons of custard, pouring them one by one down the back and front of his lycra shorts, his cock and balls now total smothered in thick cold custard. His skinny jeans looking tighter on him note that he too had some padding. Adele slipped her hand down into his boxers to grab his slippery sweet cock, she squeezed and stroked it gently. Michael moaned, gradually getting louder as she sped up, backing him over to the sofa so she could finish him off nicely.

Michael landed on the sofa, squirty cream burst out of the top of his pants and all over the sofa, Adele pulled down his trousers just enough so she could carry on rubbing his messy shaft. She was utterly fascinated watching him squirm and wriggle, she had never had so much power over a man like this before, he was at her mercy as long as she held his shaft in her hands and threatened to fill him with more cream and custard.

“You wanna smack my creamy arse, huh? Squeeze all that cold custard and cream round my pussy!” She teased, rubbing away at his slippery cock.

Adele could see that he was quickly nearing climax, so she sped up her pace, causing him to moan louder and wriggle more. Soon he began to tense, arcing his back as he came, exploding everywhere as he let out a gasp of relief. Now that he was done, she stood up and calmly wondered over to the remaining sticky goods.

She bent down and picked up a few tins of rice pudding, prying open her leggings and knickers to start emptying several tins into them. She looked at him laying there one the sofa, covered in custard, watching her intently. Adele began pouring each carton of thick yellow custard into her knickers, she moaned as it pooled in her knickers, her front and arse bulging heavily with the amount of gunge lining them, gradually spilling down her thick messy thighs, appearing as if her lower body was growing in thickness.

With nearly seven cartons of cold custard and almost every tin of rice pudding trapped inside her leggings, she gathered as many cans of squirty cream as possible, using her feet to push them towards the sofa, as bending over at this point would be disastrous, wasting so much mess too soon.

Adele stood before Michael and began emptying each can of cream into her knickers, in total she put six down the back and four down the front, whilst Michael started getting hard again as he watched eagerly, seeing that Adele was enjoying herself.

By this point her leggings were quite literally at busting point, she stood there moaning as she squeezed the triggers on the cans of cream, causing everything inside to move around as more cream oozed it’s way down.

Adele used the last few cans to spray cream all over her chest and down her bra, puffing her tits up with cream beneath her now ruined T-shirt. She sprayed some in her mouth and slowly licked it away, before dipping her hand in her leggings to scoop some custard out and eat it.

Michael shot up and ran over to her, grabbing her arse and pumping at with his hands, they began kissing very passionately again, custard began spilling from her leggings as Michael squeezed her arse, ruining her leggings and coating his hands in a thick layer of cream and custard.

They stood there moaning as they kissed, lost in horny heaven, both of them covered in sticky mess. Michael moved back to the sofa slowly, taking Adele with him. Soon they lay there on the sofa together making out passionately, they spent the rest of the evening covering each other in the mess from their trousers.

Adele’s lush brown hair became laced with thick custard, pinning it to her body as Michael licked and sucked the sweet cream off her skin, groping her body and teasing İstanbul Escort her slit gently as they lay on the sofa drenched in mess.

After licking a lot of the mess off each other, they cuddled on the sofa, their trousers still dribbling with sweet gunge as they started to fall asleep, exhausted from being so horny and energetic, they curled up together.

Some hours later, they woke up, still feeling the euphoria from their cheeky session. Adele stretched out, groaning slightly as Michael clung onto her. They glanced at each other for a moment realizing what one another thought “Shower?” He said.

“Yeah, sounds good! I can feel a lot of this getting dry and sticky…” Adele giggled, jumping off the sofa and starting to peel off their ruined layers of clothes.

“Pop your clothes over there in that bucket, I’ll make sure it’s all throughly washed. And the shower is just through there.” He said, gesturing at a door at the other end of the living room. Adele dropped her clothes in the bucket and headed for the bathroom, grabbing a towel Michael had left by the door.

She looked round as Michael got undressed, smirking for a second as she stood there naked “Aren’t you coming with me?” She said sweetly, with a suggestive smile, hanging the towel over her shoulder.

“Huh, oh, I thought you’d want to shower alone.” Michael chuckled, throwing his clothes in the bucket with Adele’s.

“Nah, I think I’ve still got some energy to burn off…” she said, winking at him as she entered the bathroom. Michael followed behind her, leaving his towel outside.

Adele switched on the walk-in shower, throwing her towel on the heater as she got the temperature of the water just right. Stepping into the soothing stream of hot water, Michael soon joined her as they began cleaning each other down. But soon stopped and held one another, gazing at each other before kissing deeply, getting more rough as Michael backed Adele against the wall, leaning down slightly to reach her height better.

He grabbed her arse and massaged it gently, they tongued each other passionately as they started to moan softly. Adele grabbed his balls as attempted to assert herself, trying to get him horny enough again that he’d do anything she asked. As expected, he quickly melted into a horny wreck, getting hard very and pressing his cock against her. She grasped it firmly as she began stroking it, once they stopped kissing, Michael ran his hands through her hair, cleaning all the sticky residue left over from their session as she spun him round, backing him against the wall as she knelt down.

Adele slid his cock into her mouth, sucking on it hard as she worked her head back and forth, sliding up and down it’s length with her hands near the base rubbing away.

Michael cried out blissfully as he felt her sucking, she slurped away, feeling him squirm and strain, effectively sucking his soul through his dick. Occasionally she gaged as she took his shaft in further, making sure to get every bit before she started focusing on the tip of his cock, worming her tongue between his foreskin and sucking harshly on its squishy tip.

With his dick still so sensitive, he was only moments away from bursting, Adele could feel him tensing up, his dick throbbing as he exploded in her mouth. Caught slightly by surprise, Adele gagged a little before swallowing most of it, continuing to suck as he moaned loudly, making him cum longer than before.

He rested on her shoulders as he gasped and groaned, breathing very heavily, Adele slurped away still, squeezing every second out of his orgasm. Almost about to keel over when she popped his fully erect and dripping cock from her mouth, catching her breath as she stood back up and smiled “That should do it… Empty yet?” She giggled.

Washing her mouth out with the shower water before she continued washing herself, leaving Michael against the wall to recover. After a while he stood up and held Adele close as he pulled her in for another kiss “You’re fucking incredible!” He sighed softly, kissing her gently.

They groped each other for a while as they showered, Michael refused to let his mind wonder from the blissful moment they were sharing, as eventually he’d have to start the huge clean up job. But first he’d make sure he throughly cleaned Adele’s gorgeous little body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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