Stage Direction

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Hello readers. This is my very first attempt at erotic literature, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send any and all comments – I’d like to improve!



It wasn’t the fact that she yelled my name across the room. As the stage director for the university’s holiday production, most of the cast was saying hello as I walked into the theatre area. And I certainly wasn’t surprised to see her there. TJ had one of the main roles in the show, the “young courtesan” of the prince. No, I would have to say the reason I was surprised was that this beautiful young blond had leaped into my arms and was proceeding to give me a full body hug: her firm legs wrapped tightly around my torso, her arms entwined about my neck, and her lips planted fully on mine.

At first, I was so stunned that the only thing I could think to do was to move my arms around her to support her weight. Presence of mind finally returned and I reached a little lower to make her more comfortable. And so, the last dress rehearsal began with my hands cupping TJ’s ass while she hung on for dear life.

Her lips were still attached to mine, and I began to feel her tongue starting to tentatively explore. I opened my mouth, briefly played my tongue against hers, then gently set her down, giving her a very puzzled look.

“Well, I’m very happy to see you, too,” I said. “I’m just glad Peter didn’t try to greet me in the same way!”

TJ laughed, flipped her hair. “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being in the show!” she replied. “The last few months have been so much fun, and everyone in the cast is so nice, and you’ve been great, and…”

“Slow down, slow down!” I interrupted. “You were given the part because you nailed the audition – just like the rest of the cast. You’ve more than earned your spot on stage.”

“I know, but this being my first show, I just wanted to make sure I did a really nice job for you.”

As she spoke, I suddenly realized that her costume, which was fairly revealing to begin with, was just a little more so tonight. The tops of her breasts were peeking out of the center of her shift, and I could swear the front lacing was much looser than it had been during previous rehearsals. There’s no way this 22-year old hottie was coming on to me, I thought; I’m 10 years her senior and there must be someone closer to her age that she is interested in. Still, the attention was nice, as were her breasts, so I enjoyed the view while we continued to talk. After a bit, I gathered the cast on stage, began the final dress, and put the encounter with TJ out of my mind.

5 hours later, the cast and I were finally satisfied with the show. We had made a few changes, added a bit of banter between the prince and his mother, and tightened up some of the fight scenes. As the theater emptied, I stayed behind to put the stage right for the opening act tomorrow night. As I was moving the king’s high-back throne into its proper position, I thought I heard the side stage door opening. Not expecting anyone this late, I cautiously approached the back stage area.

“Michael” came the quiet question, “are you still here?”

“Right here, TJ,” I replied, rather deadpan. “What did’ya forget this time?” During the course of rehearsals, TJ had been dubbed the “Forgetful Courtesan”, as it became clear to the cast that, shortly after leaving for the night, she’d be back within 10 minutes for a hairbrush, make up bag, backpack…you name it, she left it behind.

She strolled onto the stage, still dressed in her courtly finery. “I really thought my cell phone was in my bag, but now I can’t find it. Did you happen to see it anywhere?”

“No” I said, “although I haven’t been all through the back stage areas or the dressing rooms. Let’s go take a look.”

“Thanks. You’re a doll.” She took my hand and we marched back stage to start the hunt.

About 10 minutes into the search, the unmistakable strains of “Greased Lightning” rang out through the back stage area. Startled, I turned to look at TJ, who was frantically digging through her bag. She grinned sheepishly at me, and pulled out her “missing” cell phone, hitting the mute as she did.

“So,” I smirked. “You found it.”

“Um…well…ya see,” she stammered, as she artvin escort put the phone back in her bag. “I was standing outside, trying to get up the nerve to come back in, and the cell phone gag was the only thing I could think of.”

I looked at her and said, rather seriously, “Is there a problem with the show? Do you need more help with your lines? Cuz, I have to tell you, you’ve got nothing to be…”

My comments were instantly cut off by the presence of her soft, wet lips once again caressing mine. Startled, I held her back at arms length. “TJ?” I questioned.

She started twirling some of her hair in her left hand. “No, the show is fine. I’m fine.” She stared into my eyes and continued. “I just wanted you to know that I meant everything I had said earlier tonight. I am really grateful to be in the show.” Her hand had stopped playing with her hair and had joined her right in playing with the laces on the front of her costume. “I just felt that, you know, I should show you exactly how grateful.”

With a last flick of her hands, the laces came undone and her shift floated gracefully to the floor. TJ now stood before me almost naked, her soft breasts rising and falling with her breath. Her shear, lavender panties clung to her skin and the dampness from her pussy was clearly visible in the thin material. She stood there for a moment, allowing me to caress her body with my eyes, then started moving back towards me very slowly, almost catlike in her stride.

With every step TJ took my way, I could feel my breath catching in my throat; hear my blood pumping in my ears, feel my cock start to strain against my jeans. She came within inches of my body, brought her right hand up to my chest, and began tracing a slow, straight line towards the floor, all the while staring into my eyes and teasing her lips with her tongue.

Her hand reached the waist of my pants and she brought her other to join it. She unbuckled my belt and slowly pulled it through the loops. Dropping it on the floor, her hands returned to my pants and began undoing them with a practiced grace. Her hands would brush against my cock and the electricity would shoot through me, causing shivers and goose flesh across my entire body. I realized that, since the beginning of her seduction, we hadn’t spoken a word to each other. Not wanting to break the spell, I wisely kept my mouth shut, only allowing a few moans to escape my lips, to which she nodded approval.

TJ gently pushed my pants to the floor, and started stroking my hard cock through my boxers, alternating hands with fingernails. The feeling was incredible – I closed my eyes briefly just to enjoy the sensations then resumed our locked-eye gaze. She continued for a few more moments, gave it one last squeeze then began to remove my shirt. I raised my arms above my head and complied with her wishes, carefully kicking my pants away from my feet. Soon we were both in a similar state of undress, our underwear providing the only barrier to complete nudity.

As if reading my mind, TJ tossed my shirt to the floor and tucked her thumbs into either side of her panties. She smiled, winked, and deftly slid them down and off, then stood up, exposing the glistening wet slit of her pussy, a small tuft of blond hair gracing the top of her mound. As mesmerized as I was by the sight, I didn’t notice her stretching her panty’s waistband like a rubber band until the lavender underwear hit me in the chest. As she laughed, I instinctively reached up, and grabbed them before they hit the ground. The silk material felt smooth to my touch, and my fingers could feel the patch of wetness she had left.

TJ moved closer. I dropped the panties, and placed my hands on her petite breasts. She closed her eyes, moaned, and leaned into the massage. I pinched her nipples with my thumb and forefinger and she gasped in pleasure and pain. TJ opened her eyes and whispered, “Do that again.” I pinched and rolled, enjoying her moans and the increasing size of her nipples in my hand. Soon they were bright red and poking out about half and inch. Resistance left me and I bent down to suck one into my mouth.

“Mmmmmm – OH!” escaped her lips as I first sucked then bit her sensitive nipple. I continued to caress her breasts as I nibbled first on aydın escort one nipple, then the other. Her moans continued, and her hands found their way to the back of my head, holding it closer to her chest, urging me on. How could I refuse?

I continued to lick and suck her breasts, and her moans increased in intensity. As I moved my head away from her breasts, I felt one of her hands leave the back of my head and move again towards my cock, still encased in my boxers. “Something seems to be in the way of my pleasure, my lord,” she purred, assuming her character from the play. “Perhaps we might remove this obstacle?”

“By all means, good lady,” I replied. “I give you leave to continue your pleasure.”

“Thank you, good sir.” And with that, I stood naked in front of TJ as she slid my boxers over my cock and down to the floor. She let out a gasp of delight and said, “My goodness, my lord. ‘Tis been quite a while since I have seen a cock such as this. The head is quite a sight, and the shaft is a lovely shade of purple.”

“Thank you, my lady,” I replied. “Your ministrations have made it so. Pray continue!” The nervous conversation eased a bit of the sexual tension and we relaxed into each other’s company.

TJ began stroking my cock with one hand, while her other made its way towards her own pussy. Soon she was stroking us both, and enjoying every minute of it. My hands found their way back to her breasts and resumed pinching her nipples, which caused TJ to shudder. “This is quite nice, good sir, but I crave a bit more pleasure!” Again, she traced a slow line with her fingernail from my chest down to my cock, and began stroking, causing a bit of pre-cum to leak out.

She wiped her index finger across the liquid, smiled, and licked it off with a sensual flick of her tongue. “Oh, what a marvelous elixir,” she exclaimed. “I must have more.” TJ bent over to grab my shirt, took my hand and led us, naked, across the stage to the large throne I had previously place there. She placed her hand on my chest and pushed me down onto the throne. She spread the shirt on the stage floor, knelt down, and slowly, ever so slowly, began sucking my hard cock with her soft, wet mouth.

Teasingly at first, she only took part of the head in, licking around the top with her tongue. Waves of pleasure washed over me and my throat produced a guttural noise I had not heard before. This girl knew how to give head, and I had become the lucky guy to receive her gifts. My hands found the back of her head as she began to slowly bob up and down on my cock, using her hand to increase the length of her stroke. Every so often she would stop sucking and just lick me, up one side and down the other, and then take the whole shaft in her mouth again.

If I had let her continue any longer, I would have cum too fast to really enjoy this encounter so I gently moved her head up off of my cock. She looked puzzled. “But sir,” she asked, “did you not like my job of blow?”

I chuckled and said, “Good lady, I was about to enjoy it too much. I would grant you the same gift of pleasure before I am spent.”

With that I stood up, lifted TJ up in the air, and placed her in the same throne. This time it was I who knelt on the ground, spread her legs, and traced a slow, lazy line with my tongue from her left knee up to her pussy. The whimper of pleasure that escaped her lips filled the theatre with sensual sound, so I repeated the move on her other leg, and was rewarded with a similar sound.

“Oh, my lord, your tongue is like agic.” Still in character, I wondered. She must really get into these roles.

“If you liked that, good lady, you’ll love this.” I flicked my tongue across her clit once, twice, three times. Each time sent a visible shudder through her legs. Finally, I sucked her now thick clit into my mouth, while teasing the wet entrance of her pussy with two fingers.

TJ moaned loudly, spread her legs even wider, and demanded, “OK, enough character study. Fuck me with your fingers, Mike.” How could I refuse the request of a lady?

I started licking and sucking her pussy while moving two fingers in and out of her wet slit. TJ started moving her hips back and forth against my hand and mouth, making little moans and babbling her ecstasy: “Yeah, balıkesir escort yeah, like that, just like that, keep fucking me fuck me with your hand, mmmmmm…” Her moans got louder and she started bucking faster.

It was getting harder to keep my mouth attached to her pussy, but she found a remedy for that – her legs suddenly wrapped around my head as she started cumming. “Oh my fucking god, don’t stop sucking my pussy!” TJ bucked twice more then released her orgasm, coating my face and hand with her pussy juice. “Yes, yes, oh God yes, I’m cumming, Mike, make me cum…” Heck, with her legs around me I couldn’t stop even I wanted to.

I slowed down my licking and slowly

removed my fingers from her pussy. TJ was slumped into the throne, eyes closed, letting little sounds of pleasure ease from her throat. Her fingers stroked my hair as I planted gentle kisses on her stomach, abdomen, and up towards her flushed breasts. I gently rolled her left nipple around my mouth, then her right. I moved up towards her mouth, and kissed her once, twice, sneaking my tongue out to lick her lips. She opened her mouth in response and sucked my tongue into her mouth. We stayed like that for a few moments when I felt her hand softly stroking my still-hard cock.

“Seems like someone at this party is still unfulfilled,” she said. “Guess it’s up to me to solve that problem.”

TJ stood up and maneuvered me into the throne. She returned to her knees and began sucking my cock again. I helped her head with my hands as she lathered my cock with her saliva, getting it wetter and wetter.

“Oh, yeah, TJ,” I moaned. “Right there. Keep licking it just like that. Yeah, baby, suck that cock. Suck it.” I was beginning to move my hips in time with the motion of her head, feeling my balls begin to tighten up in anticipation. “Oh, careful baby, I’m gonna cum pretty quick if you don’t stop.” My words turned into little moans of pleasure as she increased her pace then suddenly stopped.

TJ wrapped one hand around my cock and sent the other hand south to her still wet pussy. She began stroking me fast while finger-fucking herself. “Come on, Mike,” she moaned. “Come on, baby, give me your cum. Shoot that cum in my mouth. Cum with me, Mike. I’m fucking myself right now and I want you to shoot your load when I come!”

She replaced her hand with her mouth once more and gave me a good licking. A few more strokes of her hand and her mouth, and that was all she wrote.

“I’m cumming, TJ; here it comes, baby!” She backed her mouth off of my cock a few inches and stroked me fast. The first shot landed across her face, painting a white stripe high across her cheekbone and down towards her jaw line. She continued stroking me while fingering her pussy, and aimed the next few shots of cum directly into her mouth. I was squeezing the sides of the throne and bucking my hips in time with her strokes.

TJ started moaning herself as she came from her own masturbation. The groans from her throat were animal-like, and I matched her tone for tone, giving up the last of my cum as it dribbled out across her hand, my legs, and the stage floor. She pumped me a few more times, and licked the last drops from the tip of my cock. I leaned forward and grabbed the hand she had been using to fuck herself. Staring into her eyes, I slowly brought her slick, sticky fingers up to my mouth and sucked them clean.

Now spent, TJ leaned forward and lay her head in my lap, gently stroking my now-softening cock. My hands moved through her long hair, massaging her scalp. We remained in that position for quite awhile, my lovely courtesan with her head in her prince’s lap, just enjoying the aftereffects of our sensual encounter.

Eventually, though, I stirred and said, “You know, we do have an opening night to get ready for. And I’m pretty sure that this scene was not in the original script.”

TJ looked up at me and smiled. “True. Perhaps we should rehearse a bit more tomorrow afternoon to make sure we have our lines down.”

She stood and offered me her hand, helping me up from the throne. I retrieved my shirt from the floor, and we both walked over to our discarded clothing to get dressed. I walked her out of the theater, and escorted her to her car.

“One last kiss my lord.” She gently placed her lips on mine – no tongue this time – and caressed them.

I took her hand in mine, bowed, and kissed the back of it. “Until tomorrow, fair lady.” TJ entered her car and drove off, waving out the window. I turned to my own car and headed home, wondering how early I should return to the theater to clean up the stage.

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