Strange Bedfellows

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The saying goes, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” I don’t know about “strange,” but in this case certainly interesting. In my state, the political process begins in election years with local precinct caucuses in the spring. Delegates are elected at these to the district conventions, where delegates are elected to the state convention. Delegates there are elected to the national conventions.

About thirty years ago, I still believed that everyone could affect the outcome of elections. I attended my local precinct caucus that spring feeling like a good citizen. It was there that I met Marilyn who looked to be in her mid thirties, as was I. It turns out we had similar views and were both pretty vocal about them. To make a long story short, we were both elected delegates to the district convention. After the meeting, we chatted about families. We were both married with children. Marilyn was a pleasant person and a good-looking lady. She was dressed conservatively, but obviously had a body to die for, even after three kids. I suggested we drive together to the district convention. She agreed and we exchanged phone numbers and addresses.

A few weeks later, I picked Marilyn up in the morning. She was waiting on the front porch, dressed more for a date than a serious meeting. She wore a dress that fit snugly around her breasts and hips, accentuating both. The neckline was scooped and showed a hint of cleavage. She hopped in the car next to me and bounced over to my side. (No bucket seats back then.) As she bounced, so did her gorgeous breasts. My prick began to grow in response as I backed out of her drive.

It was only an hour drive to the convention, but with Marilyn’s hip against mine, it didn’t seem long enough. I couldn’t place the perfume, but it was very sexy. I parked a few blocks from the meeting and came around the car to help Marilyn out. She slid over, opening her legs enough to show me stocking tops and a quick view of panties. I offered her a hand that she took. Once out of the car, she didn’t drop my hand. We continued to hold hands like a couple of teenagers as we walked to the meeting site. At the door, we agreed to meet there after the convention. She squeezed my hand and we went our separate ways.

I won’t bore you with the politics. I was thinking more about Marilyn than politics anyway. She clearly seemed ready for a more physical relationship. I was hot for her too, but I had never been unfaithful either. My conscience and my cock battled all day. By the end of the day, my cock had won. In the course of things, however, I did get elected a delegate to the state convention.

I waited for Marilyn in front of the convention center for only a few minutes. She bounced out and up to me with the same energy as in the morning. This time she threw her arms around me in a big hug. Her breasts pushed hard into me proving bayburt escort they were all her. She also pushed her hips forward where she must have felt my hardening cock. She was one excited lady in more ways than one. She had also been elected a delegate to state. When she heard I had been also, I got another hard hug. She asked if we could go together, and I said I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapter Two

When we got back to the car, Marilyn told me she wasn’t ready to go home yet. I suggested we go for dinner and she agreed. As I drove, Marilyn’s hand was on my leg. I pulled into the parking lot of a local Italian restaurant and parked in the back. I had barely turned off the ignition when Marilyn was in my arms. She gazed into my eyes with a hungry look and we kissed. As we worked on each other’s tonsils, she took my hand and pressed it to her breast. Her other hand went from my leg to my crotch.

I moved my hand on her breast to the scoop of her dress and inside. Her nipple was hard a rock and I squeezed hard making her moan. While she was rubbing my cock, I moved my other hand under her skirt. She opened her legs and gave me access to her panties. As we rubbed, we were both getting close to orgasm. I didn’t want to shoot in my pants, so I pulled down the zipper and let my prick out. Marilyn dove on it like she was starving. I slid my finger inside her panties and with a thumb on her clit and a finger in her cunt we worked furiously to climax.

Marilyn swallowed all I had and sat up and smiled. I said that while that was really fun, I was still hungry. She said she was too and anyway we needed to talk. We walked hand in hand into the restaurant, probably smelling like a New Orleans whorehouse, but not giving a damn. We had a glass of wine and ordered.

Marilyn explained that she loved her husband, but for a number of reasons he could not do anything for her sexually. He had not touched her for five years since her last child was born. She had been faithful until now, but something about me turned her on. I thanked her and said that I had been faithful until now also, but once I saw her I no longer cared. She told me that she had never had oral sex before, but she loved it especially the taste of cum. She had tried it once with her husband, but he said that only whores did that. I told her I was just sorry that I could not reciprocate in the parking lot.

She took a deep breath, sat back and said that after dinner, she still wasn’t ready to go home. She wanted to go somewhere we could take our clothes off and really make love. She wanted to start with me eating her pussy. I told her that sounded fine and anyway, if we didn’t take a shower before we went home, we would both be in trouble. Marilyn said we should find somewhere near here. She didn’t want to be recognized bartın escort anywhere near home. I agreed just as our dinner came.

We finished dinner and walked hand in hand to the car. Before Marilyn got in, she leaned forward, kissed me, and said “thank you.” I told her she was more than welcome, but she certainly didn’t have to thank me. She said to find a room with a bed and she would thank me properly.

Chapter Three

On the edge of town, we found a strip motel with rooms available. They even had king size beds. I checked us in and we parked in front of the room. It was a little weird not having luggage but we managed. I barely closed the door and turned on the AC, when Marilyn was taking her clothes off. I stopped her, telling her I wanted to do that. This was going to be like our wedding night, slow and gentle. She re-buttoned the buttons she had opened and stood in front of me waiting. I turned down the bed and walked over to her.

I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her softly. She responded with only a touch on tongue. I placed a hand on each breast and kneaded them gently for a few minutes. We kissed again and I began with the buttons down the front of her dress. When I got to the waist, she stepped out of the dress and hung it up. Motherhood aside, Marilyn was built like a Playboy model. She turned her back to me so I could unhook her bra. She kept her hand on the cups until I could turn around. Then she released the cups freeing her beautiful breasts. They weren’t huge, but the nipples and aureoles were nearly a mouthful. I took one and then the other into my mouth, sucking gently until Marilyn moaned.

I knelt in front of Marilyn and unfastened her garters. Then I rolled each stocking down and off. I leaned over and kissed her crotch through her panties. They were soaked in pussy juice from our earlier climax. I slid them down her legs and off. No shaved pussy here. More like a large fur rug.

With no embarrassment at all, Marilyn stepped back and said, “my turn.” I tried to stand still as Marilyn stripped me. She did the shirt, the pants, the sox, and then the underpants. By this time, I was getting hard. She looked at me and told me it was time to return the favor as promised. She hopped up on the bed and spread her legs.

I kidded her about being in a hurry and got in bed with her. First we had a long kiss. Then I worked my way down. I kissed each armpit, which I think surprised her, but she responded with moans. Then I kissed each breast for about five minutes. I squeezed each breast and sucked on each aureole and nipple. By the time I got to the second breast, Marilyn was nearing orgasm. I continued to suck and bit a little on each one. Marilyn exploded and laid back to rest.

I kissed my way down to her navel and buried my tongue in ığdır escort it. Then I approached the fur rug of her pussy. I combed with my fingers and tongue until I found her pussy. I gently pulled it opened and found her clit, which by now was out of hiding and ready. Sliding one finger into her cunt, I sucked her clit. With my free hand I reached up and grabbed a breast. It only took a few minutes before Marilyn exploded in another awesome orgasm.

After a few minutes to recover, Marilyn said that as good as that was, she still wanted to fuck. I explained that I had a vasectomy after our last child, so we didn’t have to worry about conception.
She said good, because she wasn’t taking pills and hated condoms. With that, she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. Before long I was ready. Marilyn said she often liked to be on top, but today wanted to be on the bottom in missionary position. With a hand on each tit, I slid into her.

Marilyn was more than ready. She was soaked and hot. I slid in until I bottomed out on her cervix. She was beginning to get in a rhythm with me as I reached under her bottom and found her asshole.
I moved a finger around her tight hole. I pulled out of her cunt briefly and soaked a finger in her juice. Then I reach around back and worked the wet finger into her asshole. Marilyn jumped at first, then groaned. As I worked my finger into her asshole and my cock into her cunt, she moaned again. In a few more minutes, we were both rolling all over the bed and gasping. When we finally came together, it was like a tornado struck. Eventually we fell apart and kissed. We were both very happy. Marilyn told me it was the best she could remember and asked when we could do it again. We agreed that our hometown was not a good idea. The state convention was almost 200 miles from home. I suggested we drive down together, but book separate, but adjoining rooms. Marilyn agreed and we got up to shower. Marilyn had to hold her hand under her cunt to keep cum from dripping all over the carpet.

The shower wasn’t very big, but we both managed to fit in it. We each soaped our hair and then I reached over and started to soap her body with washcloth. She soaped up hers and started to do me. All went well until we got below the waist. Then we both got aroused again. The more she soaped my cock and balls, the harder I got. Marilyn was hot too, pumping her pussy into my hand. I couldn’t remember the last time I came more twice in one day, but I was ready today. I pulled Marilyn to me and slid up into her. We leaned back into the wall and got a rythym going. Marilyn came first, but I was not far behind. We laughed, finished the shower and got dressed.

The ride home was quiet, with Marilyn cuddled on my shoulder. When I pulled into her driveway, she kissed me gently and said goodbye for now. I drove home, feeling guilty but very satisfied.

We had three weeks until the state convention. I talked to Marilyn and we agreed to book two nights. We would go down the day before the convention so we wouldn’t have get up way before dawn and drive down to be there at the beginning. It was a long three weeks.

To Be Continued?

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