Strange Vibes Ch. 01

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All characters are eighteen years of age or older.


“Customizable humans: what do you think?” asked the radio show DJ. “Don’t like your body? A little genetic tweak and boom: fixed.”

Taryn listened idly to the webcast from her smartphone, as she set up the small office space in the living room. She had finished unpacking the rest of her stuff in her new ultra-modern minimalist home. Thanks to the Pony Valley Helpful Housing Initiative, it was all free: the house; the land; furnishings; the movers; everything. The only catch was she couldn’t pick with whom she shared the house.

“Little to no sex drive, or having trouble achieving orgasms? Boom: fixed,” the female DJ continued. “Men have a sex pill, but women don’t. We’re a little more complicated.”

“Would you customize or change your body if you could? Let us know what you think. The phone lines are open,” said a male DJ.

She plugged in a cable to the monitor, and then sat back to admire her new desk. Pressing the power button of her mini-PC, the computer sprang to life. Stretching, she spun around in the black upholstered chair to see long wavy scarlet hair, and an upside down face peek out from the loft above.

“What the hell are you listening to?” her roommate asked; her small golden sun necklace dangled by her light skinned cheek as she hung over the edge. Taryn opened her mouth to answer, when the DJs answered for her.

“I’m Malva Lipp,” said the first host.

“I’m Harry Johnson,” said the second.

“And I’m Busty Bob Stacks,” said the third.

“And you’re listening to 103.7, TYTZ: The Wild Mare,” Malva added, before going to a commercial break.

Laughing sheepishly, Taryn brushed her fingers across her straight raven-black bangs.

Sam quirked an eyebrow. “I hope those are just stage names.”

She fidgeted with her long ponytail. “Well, Busty Bob got the nickname because of the man-boobs—”

Half-lidded blue eyes stared back at her flatly. Taryn shifted in her seat.

“I-it’s the number one rock station in the valley,” she said, finally.

“It’s Pony Valley’s only radio station,” Sam stated dryly. Her head rushed out of view, and then the sound of footsteps thumped down the stairs. “I’m surprised we even have a radio station here at all.”

Cringing inwardly, she caught sight of Sam’s bright yellow t-shirt with a thick pictograph of a man urinating inside of a caution sign, and bold Japanese text below it. Her eyes shied away from the large hole under her right armpit, which showed the side of Sam’s black bra.

She never realized her closest friend’s casual wear was so… different… than what she imagined. Now that she thought of it, it had never crossed her mind before. This was her first time living on her own, away from her parents’ house.

In her eighteen years, she had seen her older brother’s underwear; her parents’; but never her friend’s, except for maybe a stray bra strap. Sam locked on to her brown eyes. She quickly turned away towards the monitor.

“Well, somebody has been pouring an awful lot of money into this place to modernize it,” she said, hiding her embarrassment. The desktop loaded with her selfie photo of the two of them set as the wallpaper. It was taken on her grad night; she was in her high school graduation gown, and Sam was in her usual leather jacket, flashing a peace sign.

With a whistle and a click of her tongue, Sam leaned in over her shoulder. “Am I the luckiest girl in town, to have been picked to live with you?” she asked, wrapping her arms around Taryn’s shoulders, and made a heart shape with her fingers.

Her body felt warm in Sam’s proximity. She didn’t want her to let go. This was the second time she had ever gotten this close to her before. Physical contact with another human being sent her heart over the moon. Pure bliss.

Seconds later, the embrace ended. Stepping back, Sam leaned against the support beam. The single ‘bedroom’ loft hung low, just above the makeshift office space; barely clearing the bathroom door in the far corner underneath. The house was more or less one tall room, with the small kitchen and pantry on the opposite side.

“Giving a fuck-up like me a chance to live rent free in a fancy new house, is a wish come true. I’m not gonna question it. It beats the shit-hole that I grew up in.” Sam said.

Taryn turned sharply and gasped, “Sammy, you’re not a mess-up!”

“Hey-hey, it’s ‘Sam’ or ‘Samantha’. I don’t do ‘Sammy’ anymore,” she said, holding up her hands.

“Sorry,” Taryn squeaked, pushing her black horn-rimmed glasses back to the top of her nose.

Her curiosity burned. They had been friends for about a year, but Sam never talked about herself. She was a mystery waiting to be solved. All year long she had tried to get inside her brain, and figure out what made her tick. It was a puzzle to her. Now that they were roommates, she could get to see her when her social guard was down.

The purple strap of her tank top slipped down her left fair-skinned shoulder; sarıyer escort exposing a hint of her plain white bra. Never would she allow such an embarrassment to happen. Never. Yet she didn’t hide it. Her hands froze in place.

Sam stole a second-long glance.

She saw it. She saw her. Blushing, she buried her lewd thoughts once more.

Shrugging, Sam said, “Let’s just say we’re both lucky we didn’t meet each other during high school.” Tying her long scarlet hair into a ponytail, she turned and headed towards the kitchen.

“Well, technically, I did meet you last fall in the cafetorium, and you were always very nice to me,” she said, finally regaining control of her hands, and adjusted the strap of her tank top. Continuing with the hardware setup, a couple of clicks of the mouse, and the installation wizard began downloading software files from the internet.

“Well, Miss Valedictorian,” Sam said, poking her head into the fridge, “‘technically’ I would have graduated earlier last summer, had I not dropped out half-way through my sophomore year.” She cracked open a soda can, and chugged it.

Taryn remained silent. Her ear twitched. She was a year ahead of her—or rather, would have been? That explained why she had seemed more mature for a sophomore, and why she only ever saw her during lunch period. Sam had never talked about what classes she had, but had always been more interested in talking about Taryn instead. The puzzle pieces began falling into place.

But why had she been visiting the cafetorium if she wasn’t a student anymore? What made her drop out? Sam was bright and creative. She was always so nice to her, though a little rough around the edges maybe. Questions raced through her mind. She couldn’t stand having an unsolved mystery.

Taryn wanted to know and understand every intimate detail about her. She wanted to share everything about herself too, even if that meant she had to be brave, and step out of her comfort zone. Butterflies danced in her stomach. Her lips parted. Nothing came out. She stared at Samantha’s reflection in the large window.

“Sam—” her voice was overshadowed by Sam’s impressive belch.

“Whew! Your computer almost done?” she asked.

“Just about.”

“Cool.” Sam patted her on the shoulder.

Human physical contact. Taryn took a deep breath, and tried to hide the smile on her face.

“I still can’t believe how lucky we are that we both got selected by the Helpful Housing Initiative. Shit would have been real weird if I got stuck with someone else who used to know me,” Sam laughed, letting the vocal fry of her voice croak. “Though maybe I could have gone with a second bedroom with some walls, and a little more privacy, but I’m not about to press my luck.”

She glanced over to the massive windows that stretched the entire living room wall, floor-to-ceiling. The property was secluded for now, but as more new homes were being built every day, the future neighbors would have a clear view into their combined living room and bedroom. Thankfully, the house came with a two-part two-story tall motorized privacy screens: one for the upper half of the house, and one for the lower.

Pushing back from the desk, she got up and wandered about their new living room. There was a single couch in the center, facing the flat screen TV. Sam’s laptop, webcam and microphone were set up on the coffee table for her online gaming videos.

The house’s minimalist styling meant it left a fairly small footprint with a very high ceiling; very rectangular. The garage was on the left side; patio on the right. Having a hot tub in the backyard was a nice bonus.

The backyard had more privacy than the front of the house. Stone fencing encircled the yard; further hidden by the dense trees that surrounded it, creating a quiet stone sanctuary, complete with a fire pit.

Stuffing her hands into the pockets of her grey jean short, Taryn admired the manicured landscaping in the front yard. Designer hedges and shrubberies, with a winding gravel driveway curving down the slope to the street; it was more luxurious than the basic lawn of her parents’ house.

While it looked really cool, she questioned the designer’s choice of style, having the entire front of the house nothing but giant windows. They had a clear view of the landscape, but anyone walking by could see nearly anything they did.

If only Samantha was so transparent.

“Oh—ha,” she snorted. “I made a funny,” she let out an amused chuckle at her own silly cleverness.

“I’m done putting my shit away in the bedroom. I think it still needs a little something to make it ours, you know?” Sam said, climbing back up the wide wooden stairs.

The bedroom. Their bedroom. Singular. She never shared a room before, but this went above that. When she had gotten the letter from Helpful Housing, she didn’t realize the ‘bedroom’ was only furnished with just one bed. At least Sam got to be her partner—roommate, and not some stranger. What if sefaköy escort she had been paired up with some guy? What if…?

Clearing her mind, she followed her up the stairs. The stairs itself went up half way to form a platform, then turned ninety degrees to the left, and continued up to the loft. The bedroom was fairly sparse, and not very big. A simple silver railing lined the open sides. A couple shelves mounted on the wall had some books, small knickknacks, and a small house plant. A smaller window was set in a small recess shortly above the head of the bed. Taryn’s various stuffed animals decorated the windowsill. She hoped it didn’t clash with Sam’s coolness.

The closet door led to a generously long walk-in closet that spanned from over the bathroom, all the way to the other end above the laundry room. It had more storage space than they had clothes combined. At least they had somewhere to store the rest of their stuff, other than keeping it all in the garage.

They shared a wooden dresser—not that they needed it for clothing, what with all the drawers and cabinets in the closet. Finally, they had their own nightstand on each side of the single queen-sized bed.

Taryn stared at the green blankets. She imagined their hands or feet accidentally touching in the night; then Sam’s arm sleepily draped over her chest; and then waking up with her face pressed against Sam’s bosom. How could she explain that? What would Sam think of her? How could she even think of such a thing?

She let out a nervous sigh.

“What? You don’t like it?” Sam asked, wrinkling her nose.

Taryn jumped. “What?! No-no-no-no-no, I do! I do! It’s just…”

“Let me guess. You were the kid who used to wear her gym clothes under her regular school clothes all year round. Right?” She gave her an amused grin, and cocked her eyebrow.

Her face flushed. “It was more time efficient!” Taryn blurted out. “I don’t see what that has to do with anything! Besides, it saved me time from having to sit around, pretending to rummage through my backpack, waiting for everyone to leave so I could change, all while dodging shoes being lobbed over the rows of lockers! P.E. was sheer madness; how did anyone not wear their uniform under their clothes? I mean, it was bad enough if you ever got pantsed in front of everyone, but in gym they expect you to strip down to your underwear, or use the showers in front of the whole class, with no privacy barriers! It was the worst—”

She stopped her rapid-fire rant as Sam’s amused smile started to fade, and her gaze shifted to a thousand-yard stare out the window. Her haunted countenance paled; seemingly unaware that she had stopped talking.

Taryn glanced over her shoulder, but failed to find anything that would have caught her attention.

After a long pause, Sam shook off whatever had distracted her. “Yeah, good times,” she said, taking another sip of her soda before setting it down on her side of the nightstand. She plopped down onto the bed and leaned back. The color quickly returned to her face.

Taryn sat down beside her. Her heart raced.

“You know, had I met you sooner, I probably would have been the one to drag your screaming, naked ass into the showers for shits and giggles. But, I grew out of it,” Sam laughed, not addressing what had just happened.

Looking at Sam, she felt something. It was vague, and couldn’t be put into words. Her analytical mind set to work to understand the sensation. It was on the tip of her mind, just beyond her grasp. It wasn’t just her attraction towards her, there was something else there. It gradually spread through her body. She was aroused, but there was something… fuzzy and ill-defined, but familiar. It reminded her of something, but of what she didn’t know. It was like having a dream that she could swear she had once before, but knew it was her first time.

“However,” Sam continued, interrupting her thoughts, “you will have to get used to seeing me half naked, because I sleep in my panties, and I’m not ashamed to openly masturbate in front of you.” She smiled; seemingly back to her normal self.

“Samantha!” she shouted.

Her loins twitched. Images flashed through her mind; calculating the possible size and shape of her breasts under her black bra. Matching black panties; probably a thong. Pubic hair? The size and shape of her pudendum. The smell of sweat. The touch of her naked skin. Warmth. Wetness. She restrained her thoughts once more.

Sam cackled gleefully. “If you ever need to borrow something to experiment with yourself, I keep the toys and the lube in the third drawer down. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly when you’re done, unless you’re lookin’ to get real kinky with me. I won’t mind. In fact, it sounds kinda fun.”

She hid her face in her hands and let out a high pitched groan. As much as she wanted to get to know her better, this was going from zero to a hundred and twenty in a second. It was too much for her sheltered mind to process so soon. şerifali escort

“How did I get stuck paired up with you as a roommate?” she faux whined.

“I figure it’s because neither of us have any other friends besides each other,” Sam stated bluntly.

Sighing, they stared at each other. Taryn took in every tiny detail of her face. The strange feeling she had, she suddenly felt drawn to her. It took all of her restraint to not lean over and kiss her on the lips. Never had her desire been so strong.

It felt like her willpower was being ripped from her control, and part of her wanted it to happen. The pull was so sudden, and so intense, it scared her a little.

Realizing the length of the ongoing awkward silence, she scrambled to find something to say. She bit the bullet and finally asked: “Sam? Why were you in the cafetorium that day when we first met?”


“You dropped out of high school about three or four years ago. I always wondered why I never saw you on campus before then, and I only saw you at lunch time.”

Another long pause.

“I dunno…” she replied at last. “I think I was maybe trying to figure out how to fit in, or seeing if I even could. Maybe I was trying to pick up where I left off, and pretend like the last several years never happened.”

Sam lay back onto the bed. She watched as her chest rose and fell with each slow breath.

“It was shitty at home. I was shitty at school. I guess I was trying to prove to myself that I could be a decent human being among my peers. Maybe even see what my life could have been, if I hadn’t been such an angry, hateful bitch my whole life.”

Taryn’s hand instinctively found Sam’s. She held on and squeezed without even thinking about it. “You’re not a mean person, Sam.”

“I was.”

“It doesn’t matter who you used to be. You’re not bad now. I care about you; you’re my best friend in the world.” She took in a deep breath. “I love you Samantha.” She said it. After all these months, she said it.

A look of surprise came across Sam’s face. Her eyes searched for a joke, or a hint of sarcasm, but only found a genuine smile on Taryn’s face. She squeezed her hand back.

Things were set in motion, and it was all too fast. However, she didn’t want it to stop. Ready or not, something was going to happen. Taryn prayed she didn’t just mess everything up on their first day living together. Lying back beside her, she stared up at the ceiling. She felt both terrified and liberated, having finally confessed to her.

“First time anyone’s ever said that to me,” Sam said, astounded.

“First time saying it too,” she laughed nervously. “Samantha, you’re sweet. You’ve got this tough-as-nails attitude. You’re confident, and you don’t take crud from anybody—”

“Not the vocabulary I would have used, but go ahead,” she noted with a playful snort.

“You’re cool; interesting; artistic; you’ve got your let’s play videos you make. I really like you, and I want to know more about you; good or bad. I want to know the real you underneath that cool exterior. I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while, but I never had the courage until now. So…”

“34B,” she said straight-faced without missing a beat.

“What?! That’s not—argh!” Taryn facepalmed, while Sam howled with laughter.

“You?” Sam asked, stifling her giggling.

Taryn closed her eyes and shook her head. After a few seconds, she spoke up, “same…”

“Fuckin’ nerd,” she chuckled. A few moments passed. “Lesbian,” she announced. “I’m gonna guess by this conversation, you’re either a lesbian too, or at least bi.”

“Well,” she paused, “I don’t think I ever really thought about it before.”

Among other things, she thought to herself.

“The topic never came up. When I met you, we just kind of clicked. Over time, I felt more drawn to you, and yeah, attracted. So I guess that means I am a lesbian too,” she said in her slightly nasal voice.

“We’re quite the odd couple, aren’t we?” Sam asked. “I think you’re pretty cute too. I wouldn’t mind fooling around sometime.”

Taryn’s body stiffened. She sucked in a subtle sharp breath. Her toes curled as she narrowly went over the edge of a sudden orgasm.

“Want to be my girlfriend?”

It took Taryn a moment to process the question. “Uh, mm-hmm,” was all she could muster; the sound catching partway in her throat.

“Sweet. Never had a relationship myself either, so we’ll learn the ropes together.”

Taryn’s head was swimming. Girlfriends. She had her first girlfriend. Lesbian lovers—well, that would imply they were sexually active—sex! Couples have sex! That means they would eventually—naked—touching—stuff!

Taking long calming breaths, she tried to slow down her racing thoughts.

Minutes passed before Sam spoke again, “That radio show you were listening to, about being able to change the parts of yourself you don’t like… You think it’s possible to go back and un-fuck someone’s brain, or memories, or whatever? Make it so that you forget your childhood was shit, so that you can move on without having all that hanging over you?”

“Well,” Taryn started, fishing for the right words to say. “I do have a therapist I talk to from time to time to help with my stress and anxiety. Dr. Christensen. If the past is holding you back, maybe she can help you.”

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