Strangers in the Night

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The epileptic fit of the light show was matched only by the club’s pounding base as the latest dance sensations pumped up the crowd. Scantily clad young women writhed against lustful young men, desire and alcohol intoxicating the dance floor. Turning from the bar, scotch in hand, Scott surveys the crowd. Standing six feet tall, his five o’clock shadow and tousled hair, coupled with his long sleeved purple shirt and black trousers he matched half the men in this place.

Several women glance back at him as they pass, coy smiles peeking through layers of makeup. Scott weaves through the crowd towards his coworker’s table. At the edge of the dance floor the flick of her deep red hair catches his eyes. He turns, and sees her dancing with her a stunning blonde and an average brunette. But she stands out to him. He puts her at about five foot five, her crimson hair hanging down to her chest.

Scott cannot help but notice her figure. A curvy figure, her tight white dress shows off her ample rear and gives deep cleavage to her D-cup breasts. As she bobs her head, he catches him staring, and bits her lip just a little, before bash fully turning her head away.

A wicked grin crossed Scott’s face. Reaching his coworkers, both men having seen the redhead, Scott quickly downs his scotch, leaves the glass on huge table and bids a cocky goodnight before making his was to the dance floor and the redhead.

Turning around mid-dance, she bumps into him as he approaches. Apologizing, she looks up, a shy smile forming when she realizes who it is. He smiles at her and tells her his name. No foreplay, just one word. She responds in kind, but lacking his confidence. Scott and Jenny begin to dance; their bodies getting closer as the music become more heated. Scott can see the desire in her eyes, and is thankful not to see a drunken glaze there.

Scott sees a lot in her eyes, using his skills at reading people that advanced his corporate sales career. He sees a young girl, not too experienced, who he could teach a few tricks to, and have some fun in doing so. Jenny looks up at Scott and feels butterflies in her stomach. She cannot remember the last time a good looking man like this paid her any attention, being used to fighting off creepy middle-aged men.

By the time the club closes, both Scott and Jenny are tired, wired and sweating. Laughing, they leave the club together, his arm around her waist. The taxi journey to his apartment is a blur of wandering hands and wrestling tongues, as is the elevator ride.

Once in the door, Scott scoops Jenny up in his arms, eliciting a giddy squeal, and carries her to the couch. Laying her down gently, he kisses her deeply, his right hand cupping the back of her head, his left hand moving down her waist.

Scott runs his hands over her legs, stomach and breasts as they kiss, listening out for her muğla escort moans. Once satisfied that she is thoroughly aroused, he breaks the kiss, grinning as she almost desperately cranes her neck in an attempt to rejoin his lips.

Pulling her into up, he sits beside her, and takes her hand in his, his other hand resting at the hem of her dress, pressing lightly on her bare leg. He stares into her yes, knowing he has her full attention. His words are carefully chosen, his voice deep and commanding.

“Jenny, I want you. All of you. I want you to be mine tonight. To pleasure and explore.”

Leaning his cheek against hers he speaks right into her ear.

“I want to make you scream.”

Jenny shudders. He sees the carnal haze in her eyes and pulls her forcefully towards him, kissing her passionately. She moans into his mouth as he lies down, pulling her on top of him. Arching his groin up against hers, his hand finds the zip of her dress and slowly pulls it down before slipping inside to caress her bare back.

Throwing a large cushion onto the floor, Scott sits up, pulling her with him. Standing, he looks down at her issues his first command of the he night.

“Take it off.”

The command sparks a fire in Jenny that she was not aware she had. Looking up into his intense eyes she feels a yearning to do whatever he says. Kicking off her heels, she shimmies out of her dress and stands before him in only her underwear. She sees the lust in his eyes as he takes in the sight of her and hears a low growl in the back of his throat.

Undoing his shirt, Scott moves the cushion in front if his feet and orders her to her knees. There, she cannot helps but stare at the bulge in his trousers, biting her lip as she does. Undoing his belt, she pulls down his trousers and runs her hand over his tight, bulging boxers. Pulling them down she gasps slightly as his cock comes into view.

Standing a good six inches long, is is thicker than any she had been with before, and she worried if it could fit in her mouth.

“Suck me” Scott commands

Jenny does not waste any time, taking his cock in her hand and swirling her tongue around the thick head. Taking the head in her mouth, she has to stretch her jaw somewhat to accommodate its girth. Bobbing her he’d slowly up and down, she feels his hand on the back of her head, pressing her down as his hips begin to thrust forward. She moans as he gradually picks up the pace, fucking her mouth faster and harder, before pushing deeper, urging her throat to open.

“Open wide for Daddy!”

The sudden change in label takes Jenny by surprise. Conflicted, her mind both likes and dislikes the idea of calling Scott Daddy, while her pussy gets even wetter at the kinky idea.

Moaning, she opens her mouth wider and takes his thrusts more, allowing ordu escort the head of his cock to pierce the back of her throat. The moments where her breath is taken away she feels powerless, and finds that excites her.

Pulling out of her mouth, Scott looks down at her and tells, her to take a deep breath. She does and he rams his cock back into her mouth, both hands gripping her head this time. His thrusts become more desperate as the churning in his balls grows. Jenny reaches a hand up to gently cup them and relishes the moan it causes.

“Yeah, play with Daddy’s balls! Daddy’s is gonna fill that pretty little mouth of yours with cum!”

Jenny moans at the thought of feelings his cum flood her mouth, despite having been reluctant at times in the past with exes. Feeling Scotts cock pulse in her throat, followed by heavy groans, she relishes the hot cum pouring over her tongue and coating the back of her throat, causing her to swallow rapidly to keep up with the flow.

Sighing, Scott pulls his cock from Jenny’s mouth and caresses her cheek as scheme smiles down at her, his eyes glazed over slightly. Pulling her to her feel he leads her to the bedroom, where he pulls her close and kisses her neck as his hand swiftly undoes her bra. She pulls off her bra and tosses it aside.

Scott kisses his way down to her breasts, kissing the right one as he caresses the left with his hand, before switching. Jenny moans and runs her fingers through his hair as he sucks and gently bites her nipples. Pushing her onto the bed, Scott strips off his remaining clothes and kisses his way down her stomach, swirling his tongue around her belly button. Squeezing her thighs, he lightly runs his tongue along the rim of her panties, first the waist, follower by the edges, stopping short of reaching her pussy.

Gripping the sides of her panties, he pulls them down slowly, gently blowing at the newly exposed, shaved, region north of her lips. Scott cannot help but notice she has a more attractive pussy than he is used to, and a sly smile dons his face as he is reminded that she is in her early twenties, compared to his late.

Kissing his way up her body he kissed her passionately, his hand caressing her cheek, then her neck, then putting a little pressure on her neck.

“Do you wanna be Daddy’s little fucktoy?!” he asks, half-rhetorically.

After a moments of nervous hesitation, Jenny nods, enjoying the sensation of giving in to him and letting his take control. Scott resumes kissing her, his right hand testing the waters of how much pressure she will let him put on her throat as his left moves down to her pussy.

Lightly caressing the edges of her lips he teases her before applying more pressure. She is soaking wet, and he loves that. Slipping one finger inside he revels in the soft, wet osmaniye escort warmth before adding a second. She is very tight, and he smiles at the thought of filling that tight pussy with his cock.

Jenny is thinking the same as she moves her hips up to meet the thrusts of his fingers. She is surprised to find that she likes his hand on her throat, though a little part of her is afraid, it only adds to the intensity.

As she moans loader, Scott moves down her body, replacing his fingers with his tongue. A he deftly tongues her wet folds, Jenny cries out, her hands gripping his hair as she thrusts her hips up into his face, desperate for more pleasure.

When she comes she screams and arches her back off the bed. Soft grips her waist and doesn’t stop until she collapses back onto the covers, where he begins to wind down his tonguing before moving up to lay beside her, kissing her passionately, making her taste herself.

Jenny emits a surprised moan as she finds it intoxicating to taste her cum on his lips and tongue. He takes her hand and moves it to his cock, which is rock hard in her grip. She smiles at him.

“Fuck me Daddy” she pleads, and gasps at the intense lust it evokes in his eyes.

Scott growls again and leaps on top of her, spreading her legs and taking his cock in hand as he guides it to her pussy. Easing the head in, he feels her tightness and is thankful for how wet she is. Seeing that she expects him to ease the rest in, he suddenly thrusts into her, causing her to cry out as her tight pussy is stretched to accommodate his this cock.

“You like Daddy’s cock filling your tight, young pussy?!”

“Oh Daddy!” is all she can manage before he starts thrusting hard and fast into her. Jenny’s breasts bounce with each thrust and he cannot take his eyes off them.

“Yeah, take it! Take Daddy’s cock in your tight, wet pussy!” He demands.

“Yes, Daddy! Yes!” she screams.

Scott pounds his cock into her, feeling her long nails dig into his back as her moans turn to screams and back. Feeling that familiar sensation, he starts thrusting faster and faster.

“You gonna swallow Daddy’s cum like a good little whore?!” he demands.

“Cum in my mouth Daddy!” Jenny pleads, somewhat shocked at how into it she is getting.

Scott thrusts several more times before pulling out and rapidly moving up her body before shoving his cock in her mouth and fucking her throat with no regard for he comfort. Jenny moans as he holds her breath against the onslaught of his cock in her mouth and is both aroused and thankful for the flood of cum in her throat, thought little bit of her is disappointed that she did not get to taste it.

Thrusting a couple of more times, Scott pulls out of her mouth and collapses beside Jenny as she gasps for air. Pulling her against him, he kisses the top of her head as she rests it on his chest, her breathing gradually returning to normal, a satisfied moan escapes her lips.

Jenny drifts off in Scott’s arms, still a little dazed from everything, but smiling. Scott gently caresses her back as he thinks about her potential to be the best little fucktoy he’s had yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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